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Part of the engraved and manuscript text of the Diploma: 'To all Persons to whom these presents shall come, / GREETING. / The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, / established by a Law of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, at a Meeting held / the twentyfifth Day of January One Thousand Eight Hundred and thirty two / for the purpose of promoting the design of their institution, elected [in manuscript calligraphy:] Peter Barlow Esq. [engraved text:] a Fellow of their Society, and have granted unto him all the rights and privileges of / a Member. / ...' The document is duly attested with the Society's seal and signed in autograph lower righthand corner by 'Nath.l Bowditch' [President], 'Jonah Quincy'[Vice President], idem the secretaries 'Fras [Francis] C. Gray' & 'Nathan Hale' lower lefthand corner.
Boston, 1832. Large oblong folio, meas. appr. 34 x 49 cm, folded 4 times into 17 x 13 cm, engraved calligraphic text printed from 1 engr. plate meas 21.5 x 32.5 cm (platemarks clear all round, good plate tone). The blank spaces in the diploma filled out in manuscript, secretarial and autograph. Autograph signatures of President, Vice president & 2 secretaries of the Academy, see note below. Mid center lower margin a large paper and [reddish] lacquer seal, diameter 55 mm. Official diploma granting Dr. Peter Barlow an Honorary Membership of the American Society of Arts and Sciences, founded by John Adams, 2nd President of the USA, John Hancock, James Bowdoin plus 60 other scholar-patriots / Founding Fathers of the United States, in 1780 during the American Revolution. The American Society [=Academy] of Arts and Sciences is one of the oldest learned societies in the world, its purpose as described in its charter dated 4 May 1780 'to cultivate every art and science which may tend to advance the interest, honor, dignity, and happiness of a free, independent, and virtuous people.'. Early members included Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. Later members a.o. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, John James Audubon, Washington Irving, T.S.Eliot, Willa Cather, etc. International honorary members include Albert Einstein, Leonhard Euler, Peter Barlow, von Humboldt, Charles Darwin, Otto Hahn, Nehru, Picasso, Werner Heisenberg, Alec Guinness, Jacobus Henricus van 't Hoff [1911], Hendrik Antoon Lorentz [1912], Christiaan Eijkman [1921] (The last 3 members part of the so called 2nd Dutch Golden Age of science 1890 - 1930, not elected V.d Waals) etc. Current membership appr. 5700 members, among whom past en present some 250 Nobel Prize winners. DSB vol. I, pp. 459 - 460 [article by Harold I. Sharlin]: Peter Barlow [1776 - 1862], English mathematician and physicist. 'Although he was self-educated, Barlow succesfully competed for the position of assistant mathematics master at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, in 1801, [mathematical assistant in 1806] While there he wrote mathematical articles... he also published 'An elementary Investigation of the Theory of Numbers' [1811], 'A New Mathematical and Philosophical Dictionary' [1814], and 'New Mathematical Tables' [1814], later known as 'Barlow's Tables'. ... Barlow's reputation was established with the publication of his 'Essay on the Strength and Stress of Timber' [1817], the result of experiments he conducted at the Woolwich dockyard and arsenal ... Barlow was made an honorary member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in 1820. In 1819 Barlow became interested in the compass deviation by the iron in ships. He therefore investigated the action of terrestrial magnetism and conducted a series of experiments on the interaction of iron objects and compass needles. His results, [were] published as 'Essay on Magnetic Attractions' [1820], ...for his discoveries in magnetism he was made a fellow of the Royal Society in 1823 and received the Copley Medal in 1825. He also received international recognition and several awards for his contribution to navigation [2 very important international awards / honours NOT mentioned in the DSB article: His membership of the St. Petersbourg Academy of Sciences and his Foreign Honorary membership of the American Society [=Academy] of Arts and Sciences, 1832, [We offer the above original Diploma]. Barlow was also concerned with electromagnetism and unsuccessfully attempted to make an electric telegraph [the insulation failed]... Around 1827 Barlow became interested in the calculation for the curvature of achromatic object glasses, and in the course of his research he developed a telescope lens consisting of colorless liquid [= carbon disulfide] between two pieces of glass. The "Barlow lens", a modification of this telescope lens, is a negative achromatic combination of flint glass and crown glass.': His work on this achromatic lens that uses liquid carbon disulfide was executed in the years 1827 - 1832 in collaboration with the optician and instrumentmaker George Dolland. Book of Members American Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1780 - 2019, Dr. Peter Barlow [1776 - 1862], p. 33. Election, 1832; FHM [=Foreign Honorary Member]; Affiliation: Royal Military Academy Woolwich; Woolwich; Career description: mathematician; Physicist; Educator. President Nathanial Bowditch [1773 - 1838], Book of Members, p. 66. Election, 1799, [Fellow]. Affiliation at election: Salem, MA. Residence at election: Salem, MA. Career description: Mathematician; Astronomer; Company executive; Actuary;' Idem Vice President Josiah Quincy [1772 - 1864], Book of members, p. 496. Election, 1803; Fellow. Boston, MA. Lawyer, Member of the House of Representatives; Academic Administrator. Idem secretary Nathan Hale [1784 - 1863], Book of Members, p. 254. Election, 1819. Fellow. Boston, MA; Affiliation at election: Boston Daily Advertiser; Journalist, businessperson. Idem secretary Francis Calley Gray [1790 - 1856], Book of Members, p. 239. Election, 1819. Fellow. Boston, MA; Government official (state legislature); Peter Barlow's last resting place is the Charlton cemetery in London where his headstone specifically mentions 'The Royal Academy, Woolwich', his memberships of the Institut de France, the Academy of Brussels, St. Petersburg. The document carries 4 autograph signatures: President Nathaniel Bowditch [1773 - 1838], famous mathematician and chiefly remembered for his work on ocean navigation. President of the AAAS in the period 1829 - 1838. Bowditch is seen as the father of modern marine navigation, publishing his 'The New American practical Navigator' in 1802. Elected to the Academy himself in 1799. He published many important works on mathematics and astronomy, translated Laplace's 'Traité de mécanique céleste', published in 1818. America's first insurance actuary as President of the 'Essex Fire and Marine Insurance Company'. Member of the Royal Societies of Edinburgh and London and the Royal Irish Academy. Investment manager 'avant la lettre' for wealthy individuals. Vice President Josiah Quincy [1772 - 1864], lawyer, Member of the US House of Representatives; Academic administrator. Elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1803. Secretary Francis C[alley] Grey [1790 - 1865], politician from Massachusetts who graduated from Harvard University in 1809 and who became John Quincy Adams private secretary. Member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives and president of the Boston Athanaeum. Also a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, elected in 1819. Member of the American Antiquarian Society in 1820 and a passionate collector. Secretary Nathan Hale [1784 - 1863], American Journalist and newspaper publisher, known for introducing 'editorial comment' as a newspaper feature. Elected member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 1819. Apart from his interest in newspaper publishing, he was actively involved in promoting industrial improvement, published a map of New England in 1825 and published numerous pamphlets on railroads, canals etc. Nathan Hale Senior was the nephew of the Revolutionary War hero Nathan Hale, who was hanged by the British as a spy in 1776.
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Chimie Photographique, contenant les élements de chimie expliqués par des exaples empruntés a la photographie; ... Deuxième edition, entierement refondue et ornée de figures dans la texte.
Paris, Mallet-Bachelier, imprimeur libr. no date [1860 - 1870]. W. 1 fold. table and 31 textills. Fine recent half brown mor., spine ribbed, gilttooled and w. 2 titleshields in a darker brown, giltlettered. (XX, 412 pp.). (Some light foxing.). 2nd edition, depot legale for the first edition 1858
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Vasa Lymphatica, nuper Hafniae in animantibus inventa, et hepatis exsequiae.
Hafniae, G.Holst, 1653. Facsimile reprint edited for the tercentenary of the birth of Thomas Bartholinus by V.Maar. Copenhagen, Gyldendalkse Bokhandel, 1916. 4to. W. portr. and 2 pls. Privately bound in brown mor., gilt by Kirsten Falck. (spine some rubb., in slipcase.). (II, XIII; 30, I; 11 pp.). See G&M 1097 and Thesaurus librorum Danicorum, 366 for the original edition.: Fine facsimile edition after the first edition of 1653. W. biography and extensive notes. Printed by Chr. Christensen and published in a lim. ed. of 250 copies only, this is copy 41.
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Anatome ex omnium veterum recentiorumque observationibus. Imprimis institutionibus b.m. parentis C. Bartholini, ad circulationem Harvejanum, et vasa lymphatica quartum renovata. Cum iconibus novis, & indicibus.
Leiden, Hackius, 1673. W. engr. front. title (Dated 1674), engr. portr., 103 engr. pls. (Pls. 53/4 cancels overpasted with correct plate), 12 fold. pls. (Some tears on folds strength.) & 9 engrs. in the text. Contemp. overlapping vellum (some soiling). (XXXII (incl. engr. t. & portr.), 807, XVI (index) pp.). DSB vol. I, pp. 482 - 483: Hirsch vol. I, pp. 356 - 359: Wellcome II, 107: Krivatsy, 781: Bibl. Dan. I, 764: Thesaurus Libr. Dan., 350: Enlarged edition of the 'Anatomia' (1641) based on the work of his father Caspar Bartholinus. One of the best and most widely used anatomical handbooks of the 17th century. A good, clean copy with very good impressions of the plates.
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BARTHOLINUS, CASP.- Ducts & glands.- 1684
De ductu salivali hactenus non descripto observatio anatomica.
Hafniae, Joh. Phil. Bockenhoffer [Below this a cancel 'Apud Christian. Hauboldt & Johan. Liebe. reg. Accad. Bibliop., 1684. (Impressum a cancel, 2 lines of type, overpasting the text 'Sumptibus Christian Hauboldt & Johan. Liebe.'). 4to. W. woodc. vign. on printed title & 1 plate (IN FINE FACSIMILE on old paper.). Modern vellum. [A - C4]. (VI, 16, II [laudatory verse by Jacobaeus] pp.). (Medium browning / yellowing throughout.). (Date of publ. in blue ink on title.). Hirsch vol. I, pp. 358 - 359: Bartholinus was professor of anatomy at Copenhagen.: G&M 974.2: 'Bartholin's duct and gland, the sublingual salivary gland and ducts.': Krivatsy, 744: Not in Wellcome or Thesaurus Librorum Danicorum 17th century: Haller, Bibl. Anat. vol. I, p. 596: Dobson, 18 (1685 ed. only): Comp. Heirs of Hippocrates, 288: 'Caspar gave the family name to the major sublingual duct ...': 'The Bartholinus family ... made many contributions to Danish medicine during the 17th century when ducts, glands, and blood vessels were recognized as conduits for body fluids rather than as static tubes or reservoirs.'
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De ductu salivali. hactenus non descripto observatio anatomica. Editio secunda.
Ultrajecti, Apud Franciscum Halma, Academiae Typpgraphuum Ordinarium, 1685. W. (2 figs. on)1 engr. fold. plate [IN FACSIMILE]. Contemp. vellum. (27, III pp.). (Some 50 blank leaves added to 'fill out' the binding.). (Bookplate on upper paste down 'Bibliothecae Petri Buoninsegni' Senis 1805.). Krivatsy, 745: Collation mentions 6 pp. at the end, being the laudatory verse by Olig Jacobaeus. When compared to the first edition, however, there is nothing missing from the poem.
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Lexicon Medicum Graeco - Latinum, A Bartholomaeo Castello Messanense inchoatum. Nunc verò in commodum publicum opera et studio Adriani Ravesteini ...
Roterodami, Apud Arnoldum Leers, 1657. 8vo. W. small woodc. printer's mark on title. Title in red and black. Nice contemp. full vellum, title in ink on spine. ( XVI, 517, XVIII (index) I (Blank) pp.). (pp. 1 - 50 righthand side a vague waterst.;). (Signature in ink on title 'Petrus Bartolinus'). BMN vol. I, p. 8: Hirsch vol. I, p. 852: 'Italienische Arztfamilie. ... Endlich stammt auch Bartolomeo C. aus der gleichen Familie, welcher in Messina in der zweiten Hälfte des 16. Jahrhunderts geboren wurde. ... Professor and d. Universität in Messina, wo er auch 1607 starb. Das einzige Werk, das unter seinen zahlreichen Schriften erhalten blieb, ist das "Lexicon medicum graecolatinum"...': Krivatsy, 2223: Arnold Leers first published this Lexicon in 1644 in 8vo. In 1651 an amended and corrected version appeared, enlarged by nearly 200 pages. An unchanged reprint followed in 1657 [here offered]. The earliest printed versions of Castelli's book date back to Messina 1598 and Venice 1607. Copy from the Library of Petrus Bartholinus. On the renowned family of Bartholinus (Caspar [the elder and the younger], Thomas [the elder and the younger], Erasmus, etc) see Thesaurus Librorum Danicorum 17 århundred, pp. 27 - 59: Krivatsy item 731 - 851: Hirsch vol. I, pp. 356 - 359: A very good copy.
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De nivis usu medico observationes variae . Foll. by: 2) E. Bartholinus, De figura nivis dissertatio; ...
Copenhagen, P. Haubold, 1661. W. 1 engr. pl. Nice recent limp overlapping vell. (XXIV,232, VIII; VIII, 42 pp.). (Overall some browning; ++1-4 lower margin a visible watersp.; idem quire 'I'; some soiling; titlepage w. a small patch of the surafce of the paper rubbed off, w. loss to 4 letters). (Operum auth. cat. (XVI pp.) missing.). DSB vol. I, pp. 481-483: Thorndike vol. VIII, 323: ' 1661 a dissertation by him on the figures of snowflakes accompanied the work of Th. Bartholinus on the medical use of snow': Wellcome II, 107: Waller 726: Not in Pauly.
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Ontleedinge volgens den omloop des Bloeds en nieuw gevonden Watervaten. In het Latijn beschreven door den Heer Thomas Bartholin Caspars Zoon. Vertaald dooor A.H.S.V.P.M.D.
Amsterdam, By de wed: van Johannes van Someren, Boekverkooper, ... en zijn te bekomen by Abraham van Someren, in de Kalver-straat, 1688. 4to. W. engr. pictorial title, lower left corner a small tear. & 115 textills. & 7 fold. engr. plates [of which 1 w. the top margin torn off [some loss of printed surface] & 2 further w. a tear, both restored. (Pls. on pp. 536, 644, 702]. Contemp. full vellum, spine age darkened, covers some soiling. [n2, A - 5D4]. (Tt signed Ss3). (IV, 769, III (Index) pp.). Good copy.
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Opuscula nova anatomica, de lacteis thoracicis et lymphaticis vasis, uno volumine comprehensa...
Copenhagen, Amsterdam, D. Paullus, J. Blaeu, 1670. W. 3 fold. pls. (Portr. wanting). Contemp. vellum binding (reimboittage.). (XIV, II, 726 pp.). (Small strip cut from titlepage; with stamp.). Collection revised by the author of 14 treatises on ducts and glands. Contains: de lacteis thoracicis; Vasa lymphatica; Duba anatomica; Vasa lymphatica in homine; Defensio contra Riolanum; Examen judici novi; Defensio vasorum contra Riolanum; Defnsio dubiorum; De lacteis ...Harvu expensa; Spicilegium I and II; Responsio ... Bilsianis ... Nic. Zasium; Dissertatio novis Bilsianorum experimentis opposita ad Ant. Deusingium; De hepatis; 11 of these have special title pages. (8 with a Frankfurt imprint, 3 with Hafniae imprint.). Krivatsy, 773: Waller, 724: This edition not in BMN: Comp. G&M 1096/7: Comp. Keynes, Harvey, 125: Rare.
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De ovariis mulierum et generationis historia epistola anatomica, antea Romae edita. Cui jam accessit alia ejusdem argumenti. Bound before: IDEM, De inauribus veterum syntagma. Accedit Mantissa ex Thomae Bartholini miscellaneis medicis de annulis narium.
Amstelaedami, Sumptibus JHenr. Wetstenii, 1678. - 1676. 12mo. 2 vols. in 1. W. woodc. and etched/engr. vign. on title. The "De Inauribus" with 1 fold. engr. plate & 10 ills. (4 full page engrs., 3 engr. textills., 3 woodc. text ills.). Contemp. full clf., spine in 6 comp., gilt. (Top of sp. some dam.; upper edges and corners dam. & badly rubb.). (Inner hinges weakening/split.). (B.: 69, II, I (blank); A.: XVI, 148; II, 17, I, VIII (Index) pp.). BMN I, 135: Waller, 707: Truman Blocker, comp. p. 23 (First ed. Rome 1677): Cushing Coll. B 98 and B 99: Osler, 1922 'De Ovariis': Krivatsy, 746, 747: Eales, Cole Libr. I, 795 (De Inauribus) & comp. 798 (3rd ed. of De Ovariis 1679 Nuremberg only): Dobson, anatomical eponyms, p. 18/19: Bartholinus, Caspar Secundus ... succeeded his father as Professor of Medicine, Anatomy and Physics at Copenhagen (1675 - 1701).' This publication is the source for the anatomical eponym "Bartholin's Glands". Hirsch I, p. 358/9: 'Obgleich er besonders die von seinem hochberühmten Lehrer und Landsmann Steno ermittelten Thatsachen bearbeitete, kann man seinen anatomischen Arbeiten nicht eine gewisse Selbständigkeit absprechen, und seine Darstellung war gewandt und klar. Der "Ductus Bartholianus" der Sublingualdrüse und die den Cowper'schen Drüsen des Mannes entsprechenden Glandulae Bartholinianae sind nach ihm benannt.': Thesaurus Librorum, item 343 (De Inauribus), the original ed. Amsterdam 1675 and this impression w. a new imprint Wetstein.: Bibl. Dan. II, 446: The 'De Inauribus' is an archaeological work on ancient ear rings, a 19th chapter was added by Thomas Bartholinus called 'De Morbis biblicis'. Dedicated to his father Thomas Bartholinus.
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Twee hondert Getal Van Thomas Bartholyns Seltsame ondervindingen ofte Geschiedenissen, omtrent de Anatomia. Uyt de Latijnsche in de Nederlandtsche tael overgeset door L.V.B. [Lambert van den Bosch].
Dordrecht, voor Jacobus Savry, woonende in 't Kasteel van Gent; [at the end:] Gedruckt by Nicolaes de Vries 1657, 1657. Sm 8vo. W. woodc. vign. on printed title, 9 woodc. ills. in the text [1 full page], 8 single page engr. pls. & 2 fold. engr. pls. [one of which righthand margin frayed and w. a tear]. [Engr. portr. wanting). Contemp. full overlapping vellum, recased at an early date. [*3 [of 4, without the engr. portr.], A - R8, S4]. (VI, 275, V (index) pp.). (Small red heraldic & crowned owner's stamp on pr. title, unidentified.). (Inserted part of a torn envelope addressed to a Dr. D.H. Zeeman, Runstraat 17 [Amsterdam], dispatched by Scheltema & Holkema Booksellers.). BMN vol. I, 96: Comp. H. of H. 324 (Latin ed. 1654): '... this little volume, the first edition of which was published in 1641, was one of several of his collections containing descriptions and illustrations of anatomical anomalies (including a superb illustration of a horseshoe kidney), monsters (i.e. human freaks), and normal structures, together with some brief case histories of unusual anatomical and clinical structures.': V.d. Velde, p. 142:
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Columna cochlis M. Aurelio Antonino Augusto dicata eius rebus gesitis in Germanicâ, atque Sramaticâ expeditione insignis , ex S.C.Romae ad viam Flaminiam erecta, ac utriusque belli imaginibus anaglyphice insculpta: brevibus notis Io. Petri Bellorii illustrata et a Petro Sancte Bartolo. Iuxta delineationes in Bibliothecâ Barberinâ asservatas...
Romae, Ex Chalcographiā Dominici de Rubeis ad Templum S. Mariae de Pace cum Privil. Sum. Pont., 1704. Obl. Folio. Near contemp. 18th cent. hlf vellum., over marbl. brds, w. brown spine label, gilt. (Edges rubb. and some dam.). Engr. title, engr. dedication, 77 + 3 engr. pls. (pls 2 and 3 together as 1 folding plate depicting the entire column). Second edition. Thieme-Becker, II, pag. 555: Pietro Santo Bartoli, painter and engraver, born in Perugia 1635, pupil / student of P. Lemaires and Nicolas Poussin, best known for his large output of copper engravings reproducing classical works of art, in the words of Kristeller ['Kupferstich und Holzschnitt', 1905] he was described as 'der Hauptvertreter dieser archaeologischen Richtung des römischen Kupferstichs'. 'Bartoli war "Antiquar" des Papstes u. der Königin Christine von Schweden'. Bartoli died in Rome 1in 1700.: Berlin 3623 [not mentioning the three extra plates]. Meyers Lexikon for a survey of the engraved oeuvre of Bartoli [where the engrs. of the column of Marcus Aurelius can be found under the nrs. 275 - 352 and 353 - 380): Cicognara, 3605: Christina, Queen of Sweden, Exhibition catalogue, 1966, see note at item 1067: 'The engraver Pietro Santo Bartoli (1635 - 1708 [!!!] was employed in Christina's service, which meant that he was familiar with her collections.': The beautifull pls. show each section of the reliefs of the columns of Marcus Aurelius. The last 3 plates depict the lettering at the base of the Antonine column. These plates are not always present in the copies encountered. G.P. Bellori (1615 - 1696), archaeologist and art historian, was responsible for the engraved texts accompanying the plates.
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BASIRE, J.- ENGRS.- Domenichino.-
Engraving printed in red of a drawing by Domenichino from the collection of George Knapton Esq.
1770. Folio. Original engr. meas. appr. 44 x 34 cm. Signed in the plate 'il Domenichino del. t J.Basire sculp.t 1770'. Good platemarks. James Basire, engraver and master of William Blake. Basire [London 1730 - 1802]. According to J. Herbert Slater ' artist of great ability...': Domenichino or Domenico Zampieri, Rome 1581 - 1641.
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BASS, H.- [H.Ulhoorn, transl.]
Grondig bericht van de verbanden, behelzende eene naauwkeurige beschrijving om bij alle uitwendige gebreken en heelkundige handgrepen ... te verbinden. In het Nederduits vertaald door H.Ulhoorn ... 2e druk.
Amsterdam, S.Schouten, 1746. W. engr. front. and 20 engr. fold. pls. 18th c. half clf. over speckled marbled brds.(some dam. to bottom of spine.). (XXIV, 262, XLVI pp.). (Beginning and end some watersp.). (Uncut.). DMB, 2011/12: Ulhoorn. 2nd edition (First =1734): Miyasita, item 296. Translated into Japanese as: 'Bass bakutai-zu', copyist and date unknown. This work kept in the Seikadō Library is a handwritten copy of Bass's plates. Only 20 pages.
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