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Prys-courant der effecten. Ao 1825. Amsterdam, Maandag, den 31sten January No. 9. [At the end:] 'Opgemaakt en uitgegeven den 22sten en den 29sten November 1824, op last van den Heer Staatsraad, Administrateur der Registratie en Loteryen...
Amsterdam, Gedrukt, en te bekomen ter Prijs - Courantdrukkerij van N.Cotray, op de Oz. Voorburgwal bij de St. Janstraat, No 184. No date [1824]. Large folio [meas. appr. 27 x 45 cm.]. Folded twice. [n2]. (IV pp.). Final page w. tax duty stamp in ink.
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Keywords: Trade prijscourant trade shares aandelen geldhandel Beurs webefemera

Reglement ter bepaling van de werkzaamheid van de collegien van Policie en Justitie, binnen de stad Middelburg, en derzelver respective ministers. Gearresteerd den 15 Augustus 1795.
Middelburg, Gedrukt by Hermanus Snel, Stadsdrukker, wonende op de Hoogstraat. No date [1795.]. 4to. Unbound pamphlet, pamphlet stitched. W. woodc. vign. on title. [A4, B4]. (16 pp.) Getekend in het 'eesrte jaar der Bataafsche Vryheid, den 15 August 1795' Ondertekend in druk J.Teissedre L'Ange en D.A. Berdenis van Berlekom.
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Reis-Beschrijvinge, Zeer gedenkwaardige en naaukeurige historische Reis-Beschrijvinge, door Vrankrijk, Spangie, Italien, Duitsland, Engeland, Holland en Moscovien: Behelsende desselfs Staaten, Steeden, Kercken, Graf-Schriften, der Geleerde, Lieden, Gods diensten, Staatkunde, Regeeringen ... Bibliotheken, Cabinetten, ... Ruinen mitsgaders haar inkomsten, Groote Koophandel door de Hollanders in Oost en West Indien, ... in de Jare 1693 - 1696.
Leyden, Boudewyn vander Aa, Boek-verkooper, op 't Rapenburg over de Academie, 1700. 4to. W. front. and 16 engr. pls. (on 15). Old hlf. vellum over marbled brds. (VI, 662, XXIV pp.). Tiele 906: Dutch translation with corrections and additions of Jourdan's "Voyages historiques de l'Europe", Paris, 1692 - 1700 [8 vols. in 12mo].
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La religion des Hollandois, representée en plusieurs Lettres écrites par un Officier de l'Armée du Roy, à un Pasteur & Professeur en Théologie de Berne.
Paris, Chez Franois Clousier l'ain, dans la cCour du Palais... Pierre Auboin, la Fleur du Lis..., 1673. Small 8vo. Nice 19th c. half green clf., over green marbled brds. Spine in compartmenst, w. red titleshield, giltlettered. Quires alternate in 8s and 4s. [a4, A8, B4, C8, D4, E8 (E8 signed F), F4, G8, H4 etc. ...P8, Q4, R6]. Half sheet imposition. (Quire R missigned R, R2, R4, R3, (R5), (R6). (VIII, 204 pp.). (Very small rest. at O1recto [p. 162], top left blank margin). The original French edition. Barbier IV, 241 f: Van der Linde, 63: Hertzberger Cat. 150 (Wolf coll.), 334 'The Original edition (v.d. Linde only mentions the edition Cologne, 1673). Author of this curious little work is Jean Baptiste Stouppe, Lieutenant of a Swiss regiment in French service during the war with the Netherlands. It was he who handed the invitation of Cond to Spinoza in 1673... Pp. 91 - 95, 152 seq. of this work deal with Spinoza about whom is said: "Cst un homme qui est n Juif, qui s'appelle Spinola [sic!] qui n'a point abjur la Religion des Juifs, ny embrass la Religion Chrtienne; aussi il est tres-mchant Juif, et n'est pas meilleur Chrstien.": : Comp. Willems, 1878: on the Cologne reprint.: Exhibition Catalogue Herzog August Bibliothek [1977], comp. item 60: '...Stoppa, ... a Swiss Calvinist who had lived in England under Cromwell, moved to France upon the death of the Lord Protector; there he won the graces of Louis XIV. He took part in the French war of conquest in the Netherlands and wrote during this war the propagandistic, anti-Dutch book 'La Religion des Hollandois', in which he attacked the diversity of philosophical and religious parties in Holland, particularly, however, Spinozism.': Freudentahl, pp. 47 - 56: 'Ein Prediger namens Hommel griff Stouppe aufs heftigste deshalb an, dass er, ein Calvinist, gegen ein calvinistisches Land die Waffen trage.': Inst. Neerlandais, Cat. Spinoza (1977), item 182: Meinsma, Life of Spinoza, pp. 433 - 466, discussing the work extensively.:
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The Religion of Nature delineated.
London, Printed by Samuel Palmer, in Bartholomew-Close, 1726. 4to. W. woodc. vign. on title, woodcut head- and tailpieces. Contemp. blind tooled panelled clf., sl. rubb. (Covers a few dam. spots; some scratches.). (219, I (blank), 6 lvs. (Index) pp.). Without the portrait. Wollaston, 1659 - 1724, was an English moral philosopher. 'Inherited fortune from a cousin, and settled in London, devoting himself to writing treatises on philological and ecclesiastical questions.; upheld the 'intellectual' theory of morality.' (DNB concise).: "The Religion..." was one of the popular philosophical books of its day. 4th edition. On good quality paper. The 1st ed. appeared in 1724, preceded by a privately printed one in 1722.
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Keywords: Theology & medicine theology philosophy philology

Rhapsodieen über die Anwendung der psychischen Curmethode auf Geisteszerrüttungen dem Herrn Prediger Wagnitz zugeeignet.
Halle, in der Curtschen Buchhandlung, 1803. [=reprint Amsterdam, J.Bonset, 1968]. Sm 4to. Original blue publ. cloth. (504 pp.). REPRINT edition!! All references that fiollow refer to original ed. 1803: G&M, 4923: Norman Coll. II, 1821: 'Reil coined the term "Psychiatry" and was the first to recognize that psychic methods of treatment belonged on an equal footing with medical and surgical therapies. He held enlightened views for his time on the treatment of mental illness, but included massage, water treatments, flaggellation, opium and the seton in his psychotherapeutics, as to him psychic treatment encompassed any method that primarily influenced the soul. He also had enlightened views on the organization of mental hospitals, to which he ascribed two functions: the safekeeping of the terminally insane, and the treatment and cure of those whose illnesses were temporary. He described what we would now call psychoneuroses, and observed cases of multiple personality and depersonalization. This work is one of the greatest rarities in the literature of psychiatry.': Norman Sale III, 1275: Zilboorg & Henry, pp. 287 - 289: Heirs of Hippocrates, comp. 1163 (ed. 1818 only): '... one of the earliest systematic works on psychotherapy. In it Reil sets forth principles and different techniques of therapy. ... he recognized the necessity of understanding the healthy personality before the pathological personality could be understood. ... he was convinced of the close relationship between mind and body. ... his work is considered by some to represent the beginnings of modern psychotherapy.': Kirchhoff, Deutsche Irrenrzte, vol. I, pp. 28 - 42: Ellenberger, pp. 127/8, 146/7, 211 ff.: Ernest Harms, "J.C.Reil", Am. Jnl. of Psychiatry, (1960), pp. 1037 - 1039: [on Reil's conception of mental illness] 'the most magnificent psychological biological philosophy I have ever encountered': Leibbrand/Wettley, pp. 387 - 399 Garrison's Hist. of Neurology, pp. 140/44:
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Rotterdamsche Manege 1839 - 1889. Feestmaal ter viering van het 50 Jarig Bestaan.
Rotterdam?, [chromolith. printing by:] S.Lankhout & Co. 's Hage, 1889. 8vo. Meas. appr. 12.5 x 19 cm. Invitation booklet consisting of 6 chromolith. leaves, bound together by the [original] white cord. The upper leaf w. the arms of the riding club, leaf 2 a chromolith. view of the old riding school, leaf 3 showing 2 'officials' of the club jumping a fence, leaf 4 w. a survey of the members of the board, leaf 5 the new premises dating 1883, leaf 6 the menu. 3 of the 5 original tissue guards remaining. Een prachtig gedrukte herinnering aan het 50 jarige bestaan van de Rotterdamsche Manege. Mooie kleurenlitho's gedrukt door Langhout Den Haag. 2 van de 6 bladen met gezichten op de oude en de nieuw gebouwde (1883) manege. Uitstekende staat.
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Keywords: jubilee herdenkingen Horses Horsemanship feestzang herdenking dining dinner party horses and horsemanship KO2649 webefemera

Een Sermoon, ghepredickt in tgenwoordicheyt van sijne Conincklijke Maijesteeyt van Groot Britannien/ in zijn Hoff tot Hampton. aengaende t' Recht ende de Macht om Vergaderingen by een te roepen, ende dat men naeme, Kerckelijcke ; als Synoden, & c. door den Bischop van Chichester, op den 28. Septemb. 1606. uyt het Enghels overgheset, ende met een Latynsche Copye gheconfereert.
Leyden, Thomas Basson, 1610. 4to. Modern light col. paper covers. W. woodc. vignet on title. (VIII, 28 pp.). (Lower righthand corner a group of 5-7 small pinhole wormh., mostly in the blank margin.). Rare Dutch translation. Knuttel 1789: Tiele, 898: Van Dorsten, bibliography item 164: idem, pp. 54 & 98: 'Some current English news-pamphlets were of considerable theological interest: various aspects of the Hampton Court conference were immediately relevant to the increasing need for a Dutch national synod... he [Thomas Basson] was certainly responsioble for 'Een Sermoon..., in which 'the power and the right to convene such meetings'which 'had been exhaustively treated by Doctor Andrewes Bishop of Chichester'was now presented to Dutch readers, 'translated out of English and Latin', to help solve the present dilemmas.': From the printing press of Thomas Basson, active at Leiden between 1585 - 1613. Pollard and Redgrave STC 615 (the original english ed. 1606).:
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Keywords: Theology sermons theology Sermons 17th

Soupis dél J.A. Komenského v. Ceskoslovenských knohovnách, archivech a museích.
Prague, Universitni Knihovny Praze, 1959. W. 16 pls. Orig. (469, III pp.). A very good and detailed bibliography of the works of Comenius.
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Book number: 4575
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Keywords: Amos

Spiegel der Weereld of geheime waernemingen van ... J. Ch. Ludeman ... in 12 brieven ... aen Meester Franciscus van Rotterdam. B.u.w. 2) IDEM, Nieuws tyding uit de andere waereld of samenspraek tusschen Jacob Campo Weyerman; ... en ... Ludeman.
Rotterdam, Den Haag, G. van Rooye, Bakhuysen a.o, 1758. & 1768. 4to. 2 vols. in 1. Contemp. half vellum, dam. Marbled paper on covers virtually all gone. 1 woodc. in the text. (Engr. front. wanting); (IV, 430; 168 [page 168 as 142]; 48 pp.). (Inner hinges loosening; needs binder's attention). Poor copy. Waller, 922: not in Buisman: 2) Waller 920: not in Buisman
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Book number: 2865
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Keywords: popular literature Toon

Suite de la civilité françoise ou traité du point d'honneur, et des regles pour converser & se conduire sagement avec les incivils & les fâcheux. Seconde édition.
Paris, Chez Helie Josset, ru S. Jacques, la fleur-de-lys d'Or, 1680. 8vo. W. woodc. device on title. Contemp. full clf., spine in compartments, gilt. (Spine ends dam., headbands preserved; edges rubb., corners bumped.; Upper outer hinge weakening.). (XXII, 354, VI [Book catalogue] pp.). (Sign. in ink on title.). Barbier vol. IV, 574d: Biogr. Univ. C. p. 276: Gnral to Louis XIV, confidant of Queen Christina of Sweden and Karl-Gustaf, whose personal envoy he was in France. Courtin died in 1685. His publications include 'sur la jalousie' 1674; 'sur le point d'honneur'1675; 'sur la civilit', 1695. Furthermore he translated de Groot 'sur la droit de la guerre et de la Paix'. Second edition of General Courtin's manual of good manners and sense of honour in civilian-, professional and married life.
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Keywords: rules regulations values education behaviour etiquette

Translaat uyt het Latijn ... Provisioneel ende particulier tractaat, ...tusschen de Heer Francisco de Zousa Coutinho, Raedt en Ambassadeur vanden ... den Koningh van Portugaal ... ende heeren gedeputeerden van de Hoog Mog. Heeren Staten Generaal ...aangaande de controversie over de Jurisdictie en Territorie van
's Gravenhage, By de Weduwe en Erfgenamen van wylen Hillebrandt Jacobsz van Wouw, ordinaris druckers van de Hoogh Mog. Heeren Staaten Generaal, 1654. 4to. Unbound pamphlet. W. large woodc. device. [A4]. (8 pp., paged 11 - 14, (15). Knuttel 5202, with the year 1645, however. Our copy a later variant of Knuttel 5202: In the process of taking Ceylon from the Portuguese that ended in 1658, here is a provisional treaty dealing with the area around Fort Galle on the South coast.
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Typographia: of Betoog, dat de Boekdrukkunst eene uitvinding der Duitschers is. Uitgegeven, bij gelegenheid van de viering van het vierde eeuwfeest dier kunst, te Haarlem. Uit het Hoogduitsch. Met een ophelderend naschrift van den Nederduitschen Vertaler.
Franeker, Bij G. Ypma, 1823. 8vo. End of the 19th early 20th c. full polished private clf. binding, spine some gilt. (Original blue printed wrs. preserved and bound in.). (Upper wr. a few foxed spots.). (IV (Half title and title), VIII, 55, I (blank) pp.). (Half title some soiling, a few spots.). (Else a clean and uncut copy.). Dutch translation of the originally German booklet in which the author tries hard to convince the reader that the Germans were the true inventors of printing w. moveable type. At the end a 'Naschrift' or postscriptum by the Dutch translator [Delprat?] in which the arguments are strongly in favour of Haarlem. A nice and early 'Costeriana' item. Very good copy with the original blue printed wrappers bound in.
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Book number: 7288
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Keywords: typefounding specimen printers history founding types typespecimen Coster Legend Gutenburg

Vente publique d'estampes à Vienne...une riche collection de gravures et d'eaux-fortes tant anciennes que modernes et contenant les maîtres : A - L, .......
Vienna, Artaria & Comp., 1842. [December 1842]. 8vo. Unbound. Spine w. contemp. simple paper strip. (II, 89, I (blank) pp.). (Lower blank margin towards the end a vague watersp.). The second auction was to take place March 1843. Lugt 16768: 2nd auction not mentioned. Among the artists : Aldegrever, Bartolozzi, Bega, Berghem, Drer, Goltzius, Lucas v. Leijden etc.
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Book number: 8709
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Keywords: Art art history engravings woodcuts etching sale

Veterinarus oder theoretisch-praktischer Unterricht von der Behandlung , Kur und Wartung der Pferde und des Hornviehs. Nebst einem Anhange von chymischen experimentirten Kunststücken und ökonomischen neuen Erfindungen, in Beziehung auf die Equipagen, zum Reiten und Fahren. B.u.w. volum I: IDEM, Anhang verschiedener Arzneymittel, die durch vielfache Proben sehr bewährt gefunden worden, ... AND: VETERINARIUS... Zweyter Theil.
Gotha, bey Carl Wilhelm Ettinger, 1779. - 1780. 8vo. 2 vols. in 1 with a supplement. W. (fold.) engr. front. [Unsigned; w. silhouette portrait & large heraldic emblem]. Contemp. hlf.clf., over speckled marbled brds., spine w. red titleshield, giltlettered. Spine in compartments w. gilt floral ornaments. (Lower edges and corners some rubb.). [*7, **8, ***2, A-I8, K4; L-Z8, 2A-2M8; a-c8, d7; *8, **4, A8 [-A1]-Z8, 2A-2I8]. (XXXIV, 568; 61,I; XXIV, 512 pp.). (Lower blank margin of first 8 lvs. a wormtrace (1 x 1 cm); a pinhole up to page 48; last 5 lvs. and endp. a straight wormtrace of 1 cm; no text affected.). Holzmann, Bohatta, 10112:
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Keywords: Horses Horsemanship medication materia medica Artsenijmiddellen Artzneymittel paarden veterinary medicine cattle rundvee horses horsemanship

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