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Innere Sekretion.
Wien, Urban & Schwarzenberg, 1910. Hlf. cloth (1 outer hinge partly split.). (XI, 538 pp.). (Stamp & inscr. in ink on title.). Fischer vol. I, p. 114: G&M1123 & G&M3794: 'Biedl showed that the adrenal cortex is essential for life. His book ... includes an exhaustive bibliography.': Medvei, 374: '... the first complete textbook on physiology, pathology and therapy of internal secretion.': Comp. Waller vol. I, 1043:
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Keywords: medicine Doos9

Exposé de la théorie, des propriétés, des formules de transformation, et des méthodes d'évaluation des intégrales définiés. 2) Idem, Over eenige gevallen bij de theorie van onstadige (discontinuë) functiën, waarmen te onderscheiden heeft, of het oneindige van een 'even' of 'oneven', een geheele of gebroken vorm zij.
Amsterdam, C.G. van der Post, 1862. Ibid., id. 1859. Modern brown half clf., w. modern gilt spine label. (XII, 702; IV, 52 pp.). (Published in 'Verhandelingen Kon. Ak. d. Wetenschappen, vol. 8 & 7.). (Offered are the complete 'Verhandelingen', parts 7 and 8 for the years 1859, 1862, w. plates.). Bierens de Haan's article comprises the entire vol. 8, the dutch article on discontinued functions forms the first of 6 articles of part 7. NNBW VII, 512/13: 1) Containing the general principles on which the author's tables of definite integrals are based. First edition. rare. Further articles in vol. 7 by van der Hoeven [2x], Bosquet, Badon Ghijben, Stamkart.
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Keywords: mathematics geometry behandelen W77

Anatomisch-chirurgische Abbildungen nebst Darstellung und Beschreibung der chirurgischen Operationen nach den Methoden von v. Graefe, Kluge und Rust.
Berlin, Fr.A.Herbig, 1827. Atlas volume. Large in folio. W. 55 lithogr. col. pls. and 3 outline pls. (a few plates some watersp.). Mod. hlf. mor. portfol. (II pp.). Hirsch I, 530: Waller 1045: Vorzusausgabe auf Velin mit ausgeführter Illumination der Muskeln, Gefässe, Eingeweide, Häute..
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Keywords: medical topography surgery handbooks topographical anatomy Toon history of medicine

A treatise on the the materia medica, intended as a a sequel tot the pharmacopoeia of the United States.: being an account of the origin, qualities and medical uses of the articles and compounds, which constitute that work, with their modes of prescription and administration.
Boston, published by Charles Ewer, no 51. Cornhill, 1822. Contemp. full clf., w. red spine label, gilt. (Binding overall some rubb.) (Endp. browned, somewhat frayed and a bit loosening.). (424 pp.). (Occasional foxing.). Kelly & Burrage 97/8: '...a perspicuous commentary on current remedies.': Kramers & Urdang 374 'In this category (Dispensatories for physicians) the first place in every respect, belongs tot the 'Treatise....1822' by J. Bigelow'.
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Keywords: 1850 1930 medicine pharmacology pharmacy Toon therapy

A treatise on the sun's radiation and other solar phenomena in continuation of ....atmospheric circulation and radiation.
New York, J. Wiley & Chapman & Hall, 1918. W. 44 fig. Orig. blue publ. cl., spine giltlett. (X, 385 pp.). First edition. Author's presentation copy signed 'Dr.N. Bohr with the author's compliments.' on upper free endpaper. Idem in purple ink a stamped owner's signature 'N.Bohr' on same first flyleaf. Ex Bibliotheca Niels Bohr.
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Book number: 6217
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Keywords: astronomy atmosphere library W66

Van het letterschrift. IDEM, Beginsels der woordvorsching
Rotterdam, Leeuwarden, J.Immerzeel, G. Suringar, 1820. & 1831. 8vo. 2 vols. in 1. W. engraved title, 1 lith. plate and some textills. Contemp. hlf. clf. (Some rubb.). (IV (added blank)lvs., XVI, 208; II, 66, IV (blanks) pp. (Blindst. name Lion Cachet) on title. First 4 added blank lvs. with annotations in ink (linguistic commentary) on B's publications. NNBWII, 146/65: Bilderdijk's fascination and preoccupation with language is described on pp. 159/61. He wrote some 30 publications on the subject of which the 'letterschrift' (in which he sought to explain the form of letters in relation to the speech organs) and the 'woordvorsching' are of major importance. This copy from the library of Lion Cachet, see Braches, 'Het boek als nieuwe Kunst', pp 299 - 306: V.d. Boom, Lion Cachet. Very good copy.
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Keywords: etymology letterform association W73

BILFINGER, G.B.- NEWTON.- (G.B.Bilfinger),
De causa gravitatis physica generali disquisitio experimentalis. Quae praemium à Regia Scientiarum Academia promulgatum, retulit; anno 1728.
Paris, Cl. Jombert, 1728. 4to. W. 2 fold. engr. pls. containing 15 figs. [placed at the end foll. p. 40]. Recent full [hand] marbled paper brds. [n1, A - E4]. (II, 40 pp.). Ample blank margins, lower and front margin to 5 cm. (Edges some chips and fraying.). (Printed title light yellowing). First edition: DSB vol. II, p. 42 [under Bernouilli] 'Prizes of the Paris Academy ... The subject of the 1728 contest was was the cause and nature of gravity, on which Bernouilli prepared a mansucript, but the prize went to the Cartesian G.B.Bilfinger... : Eisler, pp. 64 - 65: Not in Barbier: Not in Holzmann-Bohatta.: Pogg. vol. I, pp. 189 - 190 (ed. St Petersburg 1729): Bilfinger was a.o. professor of mathematics at Tübingen and St. Petersburg. He won the prize of the 'Academie des Sciences' with this study on gravity. Not in Babson, not in Wallis.
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Keywords: gravitation physics maths zwaartekracht ordner43

Die Allgemeine Chirurgische Pathologie und Therapie in fünfzig Vorlesungen. Ein Handbuch für studirende und Aerzte. Mit Holzschnitten
Berlin, Verlag von Georg Reimer, 1863. Large 8vo. W. 77 figs. in the text. Contemp. half clf., over green marbled brds. (Spine ends, edges and covers some rubb.). (XX, 712 [711-12 errata] pp.). (Occasional sl. foxing and evenly some yellowing/browning throughout; (upper &) righthand margin in places a vague thin watersp., first 15 lvs. more so.). First edition. G&M 5608.: 'Billroth, professor of surgery at Zürich and Vienna, was the founder of the Vienna School of Surgery. He has also been called the founder of modern abdominal surgery, and he was one of the first to introduce antisepsis into the Continental operating room. The above work, which placed him in the front rank, was translated into ten languages...' : DSB vol. II, pp. 129 - 131: Norman, 235: Heirs of Hippocrates, 1952: 'Billroth may be regarded as the founder of modern abdominal surgery through his pioneering workin resection of the esophagus and removal of the upper part of the stomach and portions of the bowel. ... he must probably be considered the most important single influence on the development of modern surgery...':
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Keywords: army camps lazareth pathological anatomy hospital medicine patholog. anatomie pathology therapy W21

Chirurgische Briefe aus den Kriegs-Lazarethen in Weissenburg und Mannheim 1870. Ein Beitrag zu den wichtigsten Abschnitten der Kriegschirurgie, mit besonderer Rücksicht auf Statistik.
Berlin, Verlag von August Hirschwald. Unter den Linden No. 68., 1872. 4to. W. a small number of woodengr. textills. Original red and gilt publ. cloth, yellow endp. (Top of spine, 2 cm, very skillfully restored in a matching red cloth.). (VI, 349, I (blank) pp.). (all edges gilt.). G&M i.l.c.: 'Billroth, professor of surgery at Zürich and Vienna, was the founder of the Vienna School of Surgery. He has also been called the founder of modern abdominal surgery, and he was one of the first to introduce antisepsis into the Continental operating room.' [5608,note]: DSB vol. II, pp. 129 - 131:
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Book number: 1783
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Keywords: anatomy army camps lazareth hospital medicine Vilia

Responso ad monitiones di Johannis ab Horne
Rotterodami, A. Leers, 1661. 4to. w. woodc. vign. on title, 2 engr. pls. (of which 1 fold., 2 small tears rep.). Modern vellum. (80 pp.). Bayle & Thillaye vol. II, pp. 84 - 86: In his "Responsio" 'il y avance plusieurs paradoxes ... il soutient que la lymphe coule du canal thorachique dans les extrémités du corps. Il fait tout cela avec un air si imposant et un ton si décisif, qu'il ose dire que les connaisseurs verront qu'il a copié la nature, et que van Horne n'a consulté que son imagination.': NNBW vol IV, pp. 150/1: DMB c. 148 - 150: Bils, Lodewijk de (1624 -1669): ' amateur anatomist, who caused considerable sensation in the scientific world ... De Bils claimed to have a method by which corpses could be preserved for many years... De Bils also had a theory on the movement of the chylus and the lymph and assumed an exentric movement of it. He denied the existence of valves in the lymph vessels as had been proved by Ruysch and Swammerdam. This contention provoked a vehement polemic by pamphlets.'BMN vol. I p. 96: Krivatsy, p. 1268: (mentioning 1 plate only): Waller 1072: Not in Wellcome:
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Keywords: pathology medicine Lymphatics internal secretion Anatomy surgery Vilib

'Plan van het Nieuwe Kanaal door de Eertyds Bylandsche nu Hollandsche Waard, zo als het zelve Gesitueert was by de Opneming door de Landmeeters, Mart.s Beijerinck en Hendrik van Straalen, in het laatst van December 1774, volgens het Rapport van den 7 den January1775, zynde deze verkleint en Getekent op order van Hun Ed: Mog: De Heeren Gecommitteerde Raaden enz: enz: in het laatst van December 1776. en in het begin van January 1777, Door Hendrik van Straalen, Geadmitteerd Landmeeter.'
No Publ., 1778. Large folio. Folded once. Engr. surface meas. 63 x 40 cm. Full sheet meas. appr. 75 x 55 cm. Excellent quality paper, very ample blank margins. Paper watermarked w. crowned heraldic lily, countermark 'D&cBlauw'. Signed lower left 'Leon d.Schenk Jansz.: sculpsit 1778' Idem lower left inside engr. border 'Resol. 7 Mey 1777.' Also upper left outside border signed 'G.' see also item C10046 signed 'G'variant on paper watermarked 'ARogge'.
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Book number: 10076
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Keywords: 18th Maas Waal Merwede improvements rivers and canals river rotterdam webmaps

ALINARI.- Binding.-
Eglises et Convents de Florence.
Alinari Freres editeurs [printed in Florence]. No date [ca 1920?]. 8vo. W. numerous b/w single page pls. depicting chuches, convents, architecture. In a medieval style full polished clf binding, w. clasps and bevelled edges. Thong laced binding, the thongs extended onto the covers, ending in a blindst. leaf motif. (287 pp.). (All edges coloured green.). Well executed binding, unsigned.
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Book number: 10630
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Keywords: Virec

Signed and dated binding in full polished clf. on: DEFOE, D., La Vie et Les Aventures de Robinson Crusoé... Traduits de l'Anglais. Edition abrégée a l'usage des enfants. Avec 40 gravures.
Paris, Librairie Hachette et Cie. 79 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 79, 1873. 8vo. W. 40 engr. textills. In a very nice and accomplished dark full polished clf. binding, spine in compartments, single giltruled lines on the 'ribben', 3 floral handstamps; Upper part of spine a double giltruled line, lower part of spine idem in combination w. a fleur de lis roll. Both covers w. a central fleur de lis / floral gilttooled ornament, the 4 corners w. a larger floral ornament in gilt. [The binding signed in blind at lower [blindruled] turn in of lower cover. 'Gebroken schutblad constructie'. Nice handmarbled endp. The binding finished with what seems like a varnish in order to obtain a glossy appearance. Also signed in ink on blank recto of lower free marbled endp. 'Ingeb. door Joh Looijenga / 's - Gravenhage. / 1932.'. Upper free endp. signed in pencil 'A.J. Looijenga'. [...]. ( ... pp.). (All edges gilt, upper and lower edge some fading of the gilt.). Binder's particulars not [yet] known.
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Book number: 10201
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Keywords: banden binden binders band bandontwerpen bindatelier Virec

SIX van VROMADE.- F.C. WIEDER.- Binding.-
Utrecht, Bij Johannes Altheer, 1827. 8vo. 4to. Meas. ... x ... cm. In superb contemp. full 'diamond' grained red mor., rounded spine w. light grey titleshield, giltlettered. Spine w. elaborate mainly floral gilttooling. Both covers w. a small gilt handtool of a vase, the outer border w. a single floral roll, each of the corners w. a small floral handstamp. Inside dentelles. Edges of covers (partially) giltruled. [A - H8]. (II (binder's blanks), (1 - 3), 4 - (128, IV (binder's blanks) pp.). (Endpapers in blue. white yellow, ... Beautiful and superb quality paper.). (All edges gilt.). (Ex bibl. SIX van VROMADE, 1926, auction vol. II, lot 2757, sold to 'Broeze' for Dutch guilders 13,- probably buying on behalf of a client [Wieder?].) On the amazing auction of the Six van Vromade collection, Amsterdam, ... 2 parts and supplement [1925, 1926, 1930], please see the recently published volume of the 'Nederlandse Vereniging van Bibliofielen', contribution 1, pp. ... '.... ' by Peter Pruimers, longstanding auctioneer and director of van Stockum's Veilingen BV, The Hague. In our reference library we have a set of the sale catalogues, including the 3rd part, once belonging to Kerling, head of the antiquarian bookdepartment of ...Nijhoff?? w. his personal annotations and prices in ink and pencil, testifying to his personal attendance of the sale.
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Keywords: behandelen Doelen bdrb literature copper morocco rood marokkijn

Die pathologische Histologie der Grosshirnrinden-Erkrankung bei der allgemeinen progressiven Paralyse mit besonderer Berücksichtiging der acuten und frühformen .
Jena, no publ., 1893. w. 1 fold. pl., 1 ill. Pr. wr. (186 pp.). Fischer I, 120/1: Puschmann III, 711: '...fasst die Paralyse als chronischen Entzündungsprozess auf, der erst zum Untergang der Nervenzellen, dann der Fasern führe.': See Haymaker/Schiller, 171: Berger, Brodmann and Oskar Vogt were his assistants.
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Book number: 1817
€  280.00 [Appr.: US$ 300.58 | £UK 249.75 | JP¥ 39708]
Keywords: histology histopathology paralysis neurology nervous system nerve cells medicine brain neuropathology neurophysiology Toon doos20

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