OTTO, JAN MICHIEL. Sharia and national law in Muslim countries : tensions and opportunities for Dutch and EU foreign policy.
BELING, ERNST VON. Retorsion und Kompensation von Beleidigungen und Körperverletzungen.
MCDANIEL, DANA Methods for Assessing Children's Syntax.
SCHOUWINK, GERRIT. De hepato-cerebrale degeneratie : (met een onderzoek van de zinkstofwisseling).
INGELSE, CHRIS. The UN Committee against Torture : an assessment.
KUMAR, NAGESH (ED.) Technology, Market Structure and Internationalization: Issues and Policies for Developing Countries.
CAPPS, LISA Constructing Panic: The Discourse of Agoraphobia.
HAVERMANS, A.J.E. Artikel 12 - gemeenten : de werking van de Financiële Verhoudingswet 1960 onderzocht vanuit de toepassing van artikel 12 van die wet.
WILLIAMS, DOUGLAS. The specialized agencies and the United Nations : the system in crisis.
O'GRADY, WILLIAM Principles of Grammar and Learning.
SKINNER, E. BENJAMIN Mensenhandel op klaarlichte dag.
REIDING, HILDE. The Netherlands and the Development of International Human Rights Instruments.
HESSE, EVA. Eva Hesse : One More than One.
ROBBE, H.W.J. Influence of marijuana on driving.
HUPPES, TJERK. The Western Edge: Work and Management in the Information Age.
ROSENTHAL, LAURA J. Infamous Commerce: Prostitution in Eighteenth-Century British Literature and Culture.
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