MEDGYES, LçSZLî: [HUNGARIAN AVANT-GARDE]. Figurâk. Tiz eredeti szines litogrâfia. (Figures. Ten coloured lithographs). Budapest, Dick Man—, 1917.
LENGYEL, MENYHÉRT (LEBOVICS, MELCHIOR): Taifun (Typhoon). Budapest, A. Nyugat Kiadasa, 1909.
RETZIUS, GUSTAF (Transl.) & WELCKER, HERMAN: Om den konstgorda missbildningen af de kinesiska qvinnornas fötter. (About the artificial deformity of Chinese women's feet). Stockholm 1872.
CUMMING, ROUALEYN GORDON: Five Years of a Hunter's Life in the Far Interior of South Africa. With Anecdotes of the Chase and Notices of the Native Tribes. Two volumes. London, John Murray, 1855.
KINGDON-WARD, FRANK (FRANCIS): The Land of the Blue Poppy. Travels of a Naturalist in Eastern Tibet. Cambridge, University Press, 1913.
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