Ford, E. B.; Brian Vesey-Fitzgerald,; R. S. R. Fitter; L. Dudley Stamp; John Gilmour; Max Walters; F. Fraser Darling; John Ramsbottom; A. D. Imms; A. W. Boyd; W. B. Turrill The New Naturalist: Volumes 1-10 [Ten Volumes in Slipcase]
Kalleo, Josephine Taipsumane; a Collection of Labrador Stories
Gray, Susan Elaine I Will Fear No Evil; Ojibwa-Missionary Encounters Along the Berens River, 1875-1940
McNICHOL, Donald (three titles) and Louis Casper (two titles) Duplex & Quadruplex Telegraphy; Telegraph Lines & Repeaters; Printing Telegraph Systems; Telegraph Switchboards; Testing of Telegraph Circuits W/ Regulating of Telegraph Circuits; Duplex & Quadruplex Telegraphy, W/ Duplex & Quadruplex Repeaters; Telegraph Lines & Repeaters W/ Telegraph Repeaters Parts 1-2; Printing Telegraph Systems Parts 1-2; Telegraph Switchboards Parts 1-2; Testing of Telegraph Circuits W/ Regulating of Telegraph Circuits: A Lot of Five Scarce Titles Dealing with Telegraphy
Mitchell, James [a.k.a. James Munro] A Magnum for Schneider
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