Bayley, Denis A Londoner in Rupert's Land: Thomas Bunn of the Hudson's Bay Company
DICKENS, Charles All the Year Round. A Weekly Journal / Volume XIX from Dec. 14, 1867, to June 6, 1868 / Volume XX from June 13 to Nov. 28, 1868
Pickering, John A Vocabulary, or Collection of Words and Phrases Which Have Been Supposed to Be Peculiar to the United States of America. To Which Is Prefixed an Essay on the Present State of the English Language in the United States
SULLY, Maximilian de Bethune, Duc de Svitte de la Premiere Partie Des Memoires Ov Oeconomies Royals de'Estat, Domestiqves, Politqves, Et Militaires de Henry Legrand
Lindal, Walter (Valdimar) Jacobson The Saskatchewan Icelanders; a Strand of the Canadian Fabric
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