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(Last, H.W. ?)
Collection of 16 coloured lithographs of The Hague, Scheveningen, Baarn and Soestdijk.
Ca. 1850. No place and no name ( Amsterdam, Wed. Huygens?). Oblong, half linnen. Rubbed. Plates slightly foxed and 2 waterstains throughout. Rare: not in Landwehr: Col. Plates. B2312.
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Dongheualueerde gouden ende silueren Munte van diueersche Coninckrijcken, Hertoochdommen, Graeffschappen, Heerlijcheden, Landen ende Steden, soo oude als nieuwe die noyt in prente en zijn gheweest : Ende oock eenighe Penninghen soo wel van goudt als van siluere ghemaeckt inde Munte vande landen van herwaerts ouer, die welcke niet ghenaempt oft ghestelt en zijn inde leste permissie.
Antvverpen, Plantijn, 1575. 4o. Full vellum. Complete. (430) pag. Waterstain in the bottom half throughout the first half of the book. Illustrated with numerous coins from all over Europe. Portrait of Anna of Austria and Maximillian II on the title page. With a modern index of names and places added. H118
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[THREE COIN ORDINANCES FROM THE NETHERLANDS 1610] 1. Placcaet ende ordonnantie va[n]de hooge en[de] mogende heeren de Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden, soo opten cours van t' gelt, als opte politie ende discipline betreffende d' exercitie vande munte en[de] muntslach: Midtsgaders t' stuck vanden wissel ende wisselaers, scheyders, affineurs, gout ende silver-smeden, juweliers, ende alle andere in de Vereenichde Nederlanden. [BOUND WITH] 2. Beeldenaer ofte figuer-boeck, dienende op de nieuwe ordonnantie vander munte, gearresteert ende uytgegeven by de [...] Staten Generael [...] op den sesten iulij 1610. [BOUND WITH] 3. Manvael ofte handtboeck, inhoudende die weerde vanden marck, once, engelsche, en? aes van alle ghevalueerde ende onghevalueerde munte.
Half vellum, Good copy. 1. text only, 2. and 3. with numerous illustrations of coins. 1. The Hague, Hillebrant Iacobsz, 1610. 2. The Hague, Hillebrant Iacobsz, 1610. 3. The Hague, Hillebrant Iacobsz, 1610. A very rare collection of three publication on coins in the Netherlands that belong together. The Beeldenaer and Munvael provide illustrations which accompany the text in the Placcaet.l B2292
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Book number: 60636
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Alkemade, C. van en P. v.d. Schelling;
Nederlands displegtigheden, vertoonende de plegtige gebruiken aan den dis in het houden van maaltyden en het drinken.
Rotterdam, Ph. Losel, 1732-1735. 3 volumes in full contemporary vellum. 562+557+612 pag. Illustrated with 2 frontispices and 15 engravings. Beautiful complete set.B0302.
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Bainville, Jacques [illustrator: Job].
Petite Histoire de France. Par Jacques Bainville de l'Académie française, Imagée par Job. Tours, Maison Alfred Mame et Fils, n. d. [1928].
Hardcover with blue cloth spine and a cardboard front illustrated by Job. The endpapers are decorated with red and green soldiers. The book is in good condition with the minor exception of slight damage at the edges of the cover and one loose (full-page) illustration. 22,5 x 29 cm, 160 pp. The book contains 16 polychrome lithographs and several black and white prints throughout the text. l Jacques Pierre Bainville (1879-1936) was a popular French historian. He was praised for his accurate criticism on several political decisions concerning the First World War. In 1924 he wrote the Histoire de France, in which he gives a chronological overvi
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Barrow, John
Reizen in de binnenlanden van het zuidlyk gedeelte van Afrika in de jare 1797 en 1798. Vertaald uit het Engels,
Haarlem, Bohn, 1803-1805. 4 vols. Half leather, in very good condition: a very nice set. 308+250+276+290 pag. Illustrated with 9 maps, 1 plate and 3 tables. Rare.B0252.
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Beckford, William [illustrator: Stewart, Charles W.]
Vathek, Translated by Herbert B. Grimsditch, Illustrated by Charles W. Stewart. London, The Bodley Head, n.d. [1953].
Black linen hardcover with gilded titles on front and spine (title also in Arabic). With the original dustcover. The book is in good state with some minor foxing on the edges. The dustcover shows some wear at the corners. 13,5 x 20,8 cm, [6] 7-125 [3] pp. The book contains seven full-page illustrations, title page and dustcover design by Charles W. Stewart. l Vathek is an early example of a Gothic novel by the British writer William Beckford (1760-1844). The lead character, caliph Vathek, goes on several adventures to gain supernatural powers. Instead of obtaining these powers, Vathek is doomed to live in hell
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Bekker, Elisabeth Wolff; Agatha Deken
Fabelen, uitgegeven door E. Bekker Wed. A. Wolff en A. Deken. Den Haag, Isaac van Cleef, 1784.
Book block without binding. The first page has the name H. Duin written in pencil. The contents until page V suffer from water- and bookworm damage. The book is in fair state. 14 x 22,5 cm, [2] [xxxxi][3] 1-172 pp. With the medallion portraits of Wolff and Deken in front of the title page. The book contains 40 emblem-like Illustrations after J. Buys, engraved by A. Cardon. Only the title page illustration is signed, but the other illustrations show the same characteristics.
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Campe J.H.
Le nouveau Robinson, pour servir a l'amusement et a l'instruction des enfants.
London & Versailles & Paris, 1785. 2 volumes, 12°. 24+405+391 pag. Half leather. Backs a bit damaged. Translated from German. Ilustrated with 30 engravings (of which two are frontispices).
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Catalany, Myriam
On recherché une jeune fille. Paris, Bonne Press, n. d. [1931].
Hardcover with illustrated paper covered boards and red linen spine. The book and his contents are in very good state. 19,5 x 26,5 cm, unpaged [105 pp. ]. With illustrations throughout the text in different monochrome prints (green, red, purple, blue and sepia). l This book is written and illustrated by Marie Barrčre-Affre (1885-1963) under the alias Myriam Catalany. Barrčre-Affre illustrated many books for publishers in France and Morocco, she also did a lot of work illustrating for newspapers. On recherché une je
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Cats, Jacob
Alle de wercken van den heere Jacob Cats (...) De laatste druck.
Amsterdam, Ratelband, Van Heekeren, Uytwerf, Van der Putte; The Hague, Van Thol, Busson. 1726. 2 volumes in 1. Folio, full leather with gold decorated spine. Good copy. One hinge cracked but intact. (26)+666+(9)+(20)+608+68 pag. Illustrated with frontispice, 2 portraits of the author, portrait of A.M. v. Schurman, 3 double-page illustrations and about 400 engravings in the text.B0384.
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Cats, Jacob
Alle de wercken van den heere Jacob Cats (...) De laatste druck.
Amsterdam, Ten Hoorn, Hasebroek, Van Damme, De Groot, J. Ratelband; The Hague, Van Thol, 1712. 2 Volumes. Full leather with gold decorated spines and red title shields. Edges rubbed and hinges of volume II weak but intact. Illustrated with a frontispice, three portraits of Cats and one of Schurman and three double page engravings. Furthermore some 400 illustrations in the text. B2296.
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Commelin, I
Fredrick Hendrick van Nassauw, Prince van Orangien, zyn leven en bedryf. [on French title: Frederick].
Utrecht, wed. Snellaert en G. Nieuwenhuisen, 1652 [colophon: Dordrecht, J. Braat, 1652]. 2 volumes in 1. Folio, modern full leather. (8)+276+(6)+216+(4) pag. Illustrated with frontispiece, portrait and 32 (of 34) double historical prints. B0354.
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Crane, Walter
The Baby's Opera, A Book of old Rhymes with new Dresses. Walter Crane; Engraved & Printed in colours by Edmund Evans; the Music by the earliest Masters. London/New York, Frederick Warne & Co. , n. d. [ca. 1890].
Hardcover with brown cloth spine and orange-red laminated boards. The book is in good condition (the edges of the front cover and spine are a little worn). Size: 18,5 x 18,5 cm, 56 pp. 11 full-page coloured illustrations by Walter Crane (engraved on wood by Edmund Evans) and margin decorations, in different styles and color schemes, on every page. The front cover shows a pictorial scene of the song Hey did-le did-le!, while the back shows a crane (bird) holding the musical scores of the same song. The music for the Baby's Opera was collected and arranged by Lucy Crane, Walter's sister. The first edition of the Opera was published in 1877 by George Routledge & Sons.l Walter Crane (1845-195) was one of the great innovative British book illustrators, along with Kate Greenaway and Randolph Caldecott. In the early years he got his main inspiration from illuminated medieval manuscripts, Japanese prints and the pre-Raphaeli
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Delcourt, Pierre [illustrator: Maurel, Jules]
Vacances de Bébés. Par Pierre Delcourt, illustrations en couleurs d ápres les aquarelles de Jules Maurel. Paris, Émile Guérin, n. d. [ca. 1890].
Hardcover in red linen with black decoration and gilded title and illustration on front. The cover and spine are worn at the bottom. Gilded edges. The contents are slightly loose but in good state. Light foxing on title page. 25 x 32,5 cm, unpaged [48 pp. ]. With engravings after watercolours by Jules Maurel. The illustrations by Jules Maurel can be seen as a transition between traditional French illustration and the early British style. The soft colours and genteel costumes show the influence of illustrators like Kate Greenaway. The book contains twelve lovely stories in French. l B2346
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