GAY, FRANCIS The Friendship Book. 2007
DE CHEMANT, M DUBOIS A Dissertation on Artificial Teeth in General. Exposing the Defects and Injurious Consequences of All Teeth Made of Animal Substances, the Corruptibility and Dangers . .
LANG, ANDREW [TR.] Helen of Troy
DUNNET, JAMES Blenheim over the Balkans
URQUHART, DAVID [ED.] The Portfolio; or a Collection of State Papers, Illustrative of the History of Our Times. Volume I, No II. December 1835
CAMPBELL, HARRY The Causation of Disease: An Exposition of the Ultimate Factors Which Induce It
KNOX, E V [ED.] Punch, or the London Charivari. Volume 215. October 13th 1948. No. 5626
HALLEY, JAMES [ED.] The Victor Book for Boys 1979
KIPLING, RUDYARD Twenty-One Tales. 1974
WAUGH, AUBERON The Foxglove Saga
STEVENS, W G [ED.] The Journal of the Fell & Rock Climbing Club of the English Lake District. Vol 15 No. 47. No. 3
STAMPA, G L; JOHNSON, A E [INTRO.] Ragamuffins
HYND, D Tommy Spiers
MEYNELL, MARY Week-End at Green Trees
GIBBS, ANTHONY In My Time. An Autobiography
KUINOEL, D CHRISTIANI THEOPHILI Novi Testamenti Libri Historici Graece. Textui Recepto Appositae Sunt Lectiones Griesbachianae. 3 Volume Set
BAXTER, BERTRAM; BAXTER, DAVID [ED.] British Locomotive Catalogue 1825 - 1923. Volume 2b. Lnwr
KINGSLEY, CHARLES Yeast: A Problem. Macmillan Edition
TINSLEY, DAVID Short-Sea Bulk Trades. Dry Cargo Shipping Within European Waters
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