MARTY, ANDRE; SEPET, MARIUS [INTRO.] L'Histoire de Jeanne D'Arc D'Apres Les Documents Originaux Et Les Oeuvres D'Art Du XV Au XIC Siecles. Limited Edition
PERRIOT, F [ED.] L'Ami Du Clerge. Paroissial. Tome Dix-Septieme. Janvier a Decembre 1905
FIELDING, HENRY The Life of Jonathan Wild
ZALOGA, STEPHEN J; PALMER, IAN [ILLUS.] Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Robotic Air Warfare 1917-2007. Osprey New Vanguard Series No. 144
CARLYLE, THOMAS The Life of Frederick Schiller. Comprehending an Examination of His Works + Latter-Day Pamphlets. 2 Volumes Bound As 1
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