WILLIAMSON, G. C. The Book of Famille Rose
AYERS, JOHN Far Eastern Ceramics - in the Victoria and Albert Museum
MEDLEY, M. Illustrated Catalogue of Ming Polychrome Wares
SOTHEBY & CO. The Betty Jahss Collection of Netsuke - Part I
AUBOYER, J. ET AL. Oriental Art - a Handbook of Styles and Forms
WELCH Netsuke, The Japanese Art of Miniature Carving
NISHIKAWA SUKENOBU All Things Made of Bamboo (Japanese title: Ehon Take Ni Yorumono )
WILLEM R. VAN GULIK, INGE KLOMPMAKERS, JOHN FIORILLO, MARK POYSDEN Japan Tattoo, Tattoos in Japanese prints (Andon 87, special issue)
CHINA GUARDIAN The Lana Cheung and Jim Kinoshita Collection of Chinese Art
HOBSON, R.L. The Wares of the Ming Dynasty
VARIOUS AUTHORS Königliches Dresden. Höfische Kunst im 18. Jahrhundert
MAK, PHILIP The Master Enameller You Fenghua
BORSTLAP, S. Japans and Chinees Cloisonné. Japanese and Chinese Cloisonné. Enamel Works of Art from the Catharina Collection.
KOPPLIN, MONIKA Russische Lackkunst - Von Peter den Grossen bis zur Grossen Revolution
LOUIS PRANG Chromolithograph LV of a Wine Pot
DUNCAN MACINTOSH Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
TOLEDO MUSEUM OF ART Exhibition of East Asiatic Glass
N/A The Design Heritage of Noren - Signs and Symbols in Japan
KYUSHU CERAMIC MUSEUM Shibata Collection of Japanese Ceramics (8 Volumes + general index volume)
DEAN, M. & H. Japanese Lacquer - an Exposition by M. & H. Dean
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