CHRISTIES Fine Japanese Porcelain, Prints and Screens . The properties of Winnafreda, Countess of Portarlington; Eleanor, Lady Abercromby; Captain J. Bastard; The late A.H. Hope Dickson and from various sources.
WALTER, W. T. Oriental Collection of W.T. Walters, 65. Mt. Vernon Place, Baltimore (with gift inscription from Walters to Elizabeth Wheeler Andrew !)
VALENSTEIN, SUZANNE Ming Porcelains: a Retrospective
MEDLEY, MARGRET An Exhibition of Tang Sancai Pottery - Selected from the collection of Alan and Simone Hartman
MARK ROTHKO Mark Rothko - Retrospective Exhibition in Japan
WOLDRING, JAN Klokslag 2000 - Tentoonstelling Van Klokken Uit De Noordelijke Nederlanden (1650 - 1900) Uit De Collectie Woldring
SIWEN GALLERIES Chinese Scholars Accountrements and Collectibles
WRANGHAM, E.A. The Index of Inro Artists
VALFRÉ, PATRICE Yixing Teapots for Europe
R.A. CRIGHTON The Floating World - Japanese Popular Prints 1700 - 1900
BORN, GERALD Chinese Jade, An Annotated Bibliography
PING, JOSEPH S.P. Children of the Gods: Dress and Symbolism in China
CHRISTIES HONG KONG In Pursuit of Refinement - A Legacy of the YC Chen Collection
HILLIER, JACK Hokusai: Paintings, Drawings, and Woodcuts
JORGE WELSH Christian Images in Chinese Porcelain
BERLINER, NANCY Beyond the Screen. Chinese Furniture of the 16th and 17th Centuries
MYRTLE, HEPBURN Chinese Porcelain of the Ming and Ch'ing Dynasties
BATTERSON BOGER, H. The Traditional Arts of Japan - A Complete Illustrated Guide
THE CAMBRIDGE LIBRARY OF ORNAMENTAL ART Japanese Ornament from the 17th to the 19th Century
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