MEDLEY, M. Illustrated Catalogue of Ming Polychrome Wares
DUNCAN MACINTOSH Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
REV. YIMEN Dreams of Spring - Erotic Art in China
AYERS, J. Chinese Ceramics - The Koger Collection
KEYNES, GEOFFREY / WILLIAM BLAKE Water Colour Designs For The Poems Of Thomas Gray. A Facsimile with Introduction and Commentary by Sir Geoffrey Keynes
N/A George Chinnery - His Pupils and Influence
GENG, BAOCHANG Early Ming Porcelains in the Palace Museum, Beijing (2 Volumes) - Gugong Bowuyuan Cang Ming Chu Qinghua Ci
RYOSUKE, TOKUNO Dai-Nippon Kahei Seizu (Superb Illustrations of Japanese Coins)
MILLIER, TONY & HUI, HUMPHREY Elegance in Relief: Carved Porcelain from Jingdezhen of the 19th to Early 20th Centuries
RUITENBEEK, KLAAS Discarding the Brush. Gao Qipei 1660-1734 and the Art of Chinese Finger Painting
CAHILL, JAMES Complete Series: Chinese Painting Hills Beyond a River - Chinese painting of the Yuan Dynasty (1279-1368) Parting at the Shore - Chinese painting of the early and middle Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1580) The Distant Mountains - Chinese painting of the late Ming Dynasty ( 1570-1644)
LIANGYOU, LIU A Survey of Chinese Ceramics - 5 Volumes
N/A The Story of Silk & The Story of Rice
THE TRUSTEES OF BURGHLEY HOUSE The Wrestling Boys. Chinese and Japanese Ceramics from the 16th to the 18th Century in the Collection at Burghly House. An inventory of the Goods in Burghley House belonging to the Right Honble John Earl of Exeter and Ann Countesse of Exeter Taken August 21th 1688
LIN, JAMES C.S. The Immortal Stone: Chinese Jades from the Neolithic Period to the Twentieth Century
JÖRG, C.J.A. 14 magazines with articles by Prof. Christiaan Jörg relating to Chinese porcelain and the interaction between Chinese, Japanese and Dutch trade.
POLY AUCTION The Yun Shui Shan Fang Collection of Important Tambac
BOGEL, CYNTHEA J. Hiroshige: Birds and Flowers
GORER Collection D'anciennes Porcelaines De Chine Et Pierres Dures.
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