LEE YU-KUAN, SAMMY Preliminary Study of Chinese Ceramics in Blue and White (Ch'ing Hua)
BARNHART, RICHARD M. ET AL. Mandate of Heaven: Emperors and Artists of China. Chinese painting and calligraphy from The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
GRUBER, KARL Das Chinesische Schachspiel
NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY Chinese Costumes, Brocade and Embroidery
JORGE WELSH Flora & Fauna
WINKEL, M. Souvenirs from Japan - Japanese Photography at the turn of the Century
THE ORIENTAL ART GALLERY Oriental Works of Art: Monday, June 12, 1995
STRASSBERG, RICHARD E, AND CH'UNG-HSIEN, HU (PHOTOGRAPHER) Abode of Illusions: The Garden of Chang Ta-Ch'ien
BUSHELL, R. The Wonderful World of Netsuke
SZELEGEJD, BARBARA Red and Black Stoneware and their Imitations in the Wilanow Collection
BUHLER, ALFRED Ikat, batik, plangi Reservemusterungen auf garn und stoff aus vorderasien, zentralasien, sudosteuropa und nordafrika.
MACINTOCH, DUNCAN Chinese Blue and White Porcelain
N/A Das Alte China - Menschen und Gotter im Reich in der Mitte
FLACKS, MARCUS Custodians of the Scholar's Way - Chinese Scholars Objects in Precious Woods DELUXE EDITION
WELCH Netsuke, The Japanese Art of Miniature Carving
CLARK, TIMOTHY & OTHERS The Dawn of the Floating World - 1650-1765: Early Ukiyo-E Treasures From the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
SCHEEN, PIETER A. Lexicon Nederlandse Beeldende Kunstenaars 1750 - 1950
ITCHIKU KUBOTA Lumiere Brodee (with original paintbrush drawing to inner front cover by the artist)
JORG, CHR. Wisselwerkingen - Rede uitgesproken bij de aanvaarding van de ambt van bijzonder hoorgleraar Materiele Geschiedenis van Wisselwerkingen tussen Azie en Europa aan de Faculteit der letteren van de Rijksuniversiteit Leiden
SOTHEBY & CO. Catalogue of the Harari Collection of Inro. Sold by the executors of the late Mrs. Manya Harari comprising examples from 17th to the 19th centuries and including an interesting series of Inro from the Korin-Soetsu school, series from the Haritsu, Kajikawa, Koma, Toyo and other major schools. Rare inro with subjects taken from paintings and ukiyo-e woodblock prints. Inro in a comprehensive range of materials including lacquer, metal, ivory, wood and tortoiseshell.
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