CHAPBOOK The Famous and Renowned History of Valentine and Orson, (the Two Sons of the Emperor of Greece) or, the Wild Man of Orleans...
SCOTT, WALTER Waverley; or, 'Tis Sixty Years . Volume 1 of Novels and Tales
M. L'ABBE BOLLE REDAT Visite Ronchamp
PLATEK, STEVEN M; SHACKELFORD, TODD K [EDS.] Female Infidelity and Paternal Uncertainty. Evolutionary Perspectives on Male Anti-Cuckoldry Tactics
KELLY Kelly's Directory of Durham and Northumberland. 1897
HOYLE, R W; CALDICOTT, C E J; &C. [EDS.] Camden Miscellany XXXI. Royal Historical Society: Camden Fourth Series Volume 44
BRONTMAN, L On the Top of the World. The Soviet Expedition to the North Pole 1937
STACPOOLE, H DE VERE Love on the Adriatic
TENNYSON, ALFRED; DORE; GUSTAVE [ILLUS.] Idylls of the King: Enid; Vivien; Guinevere; Elaine
BROOKS, C E P The Weather. Benn's Sixpenny Library No. 145
COTTIN, M; MICHAUD, M Mathilde Ou Memoires Tires de Lhistoire Des Croisades. Tome Second
MACILWAIN, GEORGE Memoirs of John Abernethy. Two Volume Set
DEANE, SONIA Husband on Approval
INGELOW, JEAN Poems by Jean Ingelow. The Muses' Library
GALLOWAY CATTLE SOCIETY OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND The Galloway Herd Book, Containing Pedigrees of Pure-Bred Galloway Cattle. Volume LXIX [69]. 1949
LEMPRIERE, J Universal Biography (Abridged from the Larger Work)
THOMAS, JOHN; TURNOCK, DAVID The North of Scotland. A Regional History of the Railways of Great History. Volume 15
DEEDES, HENRY Sketches of the South and West or Ten Months Residence in the United States
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