BAKER, RAY STANNARD [PEN NAME DAVID GRAYSON]. (1870-1946). AMERICAN JOURNALIST, HISTORIAN, BIOGRAPHER AND AUTHOR. Signature on a Card of American Journalist, Historian and Biographer Ray Stannard Baker [David Grayson].
MATSUMOTO, TOSH (1920-2010), JAPANESE-AMERICAN PHOTOGRAPHER. A Superb Still-Life Photographic Poster by Tosh Matsumoto Depicting Luscious Mushrooms in a Saucepan.
FROMKES, MAURICE. (1872-1931). POLISH-AMERICAN ARTIST, BEST KNOWN FOR HIS PAINTINGS OF SPANISH LIFE. Magazine Portrait Inscribed and Signed by Maurice Fromkes.
COSPIN, MIGUEL ANGEL. Ydigoras Fuentes Ante la Faz de Sus Contemporaneos.
MOFFAT, ROBERT. (1795-1883). SCOTTISH CONGREGATIONALIST MISSIONARY TO AFRICA. Slip of Paper Signed by Scottish Congregationalist Missionary to Africa Robert Moffat.
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