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Aa, Hillebrand van der (1659-ca. 1721)
Allegorical frontispiece and title page to the second edition of the collection of emblems about love, by Willem Den Elger (1679-1703). The poet is seated on the right while being crowned by a muse who is pointing towards the sky, where a Fama is playing a trumpet above the clouds. On the left an obelisc with illustrations of some emblems the reader will possibly encounter in the book. Signed on the bottom right: 'H vander Aa Inv: / Del: et Fec: ' On the bottom address of the publisher: 't'AMSTERDAM by: de Wed: JAN VAN HEEKERE / en / ISAAK VAN DER PUTTE / 1725'; the first edition appeared in Leiden with this same frontispiece in 1703, as publication by Boudewijn van der Aa. The title page was entirely remade, also the small plate with a man offering a flower to the woman. :'ZINNE-BEELDEN / DER / LIEFDE, Met Puntdigten en Aan-/teekeningen. / VAN / MR. WILLEM DEN ELGER // Te AMSTERDAM, / By de Wed: J. van HEEKERE / ISAAK vander PUTTE / 1725.'l Engraving and etching on paper; letterpress and etching on paper; 1) Plate mark: 184 x 143 mm; total: 196 x 151 mm; 2) plate mark: 56 x 85 mm, total: 196 x 151; frontispiece with some soiling and dirt, especially along the margins, title page in very good
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after Matham, Jacob (1571-1631)
Winter [The four Seasons: set title]
Personification of the Winter: an old man with heavy clothes walks in a landscape with winds blowing. Lettered belo: 'Vergentis finis quanquam ... gemmea reddit.' Above to the left the zodiacal sign of Capricornus and on the right the Pisces; on the sky the Aquarius. On the verso unknown collector´s markl Engraving on paper, trimmed to platemark; total: 164 x 112 mm. Not in Hollstein, reverse copy of Hollstein 299; New Hollstein 214 in reverse
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Unknown Dutch artist (18th century)
Print study for the frontispiece of a book
An empty oval portrait cartouche surrounded by several allegorical figures: Fame (with a trumpet), Victory (with a laurel wreath), Abundance (with the Cornucopia), Wisdom (Minerva), Time (Saturn) and History (Clio). In the foreground several attributes: large medallions or coins, an hourglass, books and a pair of compasses.l Pen in black ink and wash in black and grey on laid paper, 325 x 221 mm. Within ruled brown ink border. Verso used as a practice sheet, with hatching in pen and black ink, small studies of heads and texts (such as: 'vive le roi'). Traces of folding in the
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Bella, Stefano della (1610-1664)
AER / AQUA / IGNIS / TERRA (The four elements, complete serie)
Complete serie of 'The four elements' by Stefano della Bella. 1) AER: 'air' Landscape with horsemen in the foreground lashed by the wind. On the right trees and another horseman. On the background ascending mountains towards the right and a village in the center; signed bottom left:'Stef. de la Bella jnuent fecit';lettered in the center: 'AER'; bottom right:'ex. Cum Privil. Regis Christ'. 2) AQUA: 'water'; two vessels in a rough sea, high and foamy waves and rain. Signed on the bottom left:'Stef. de la Bella jnuent. fecit.'; lettered in the center:'AQUA'; bottom right:'ex. Cum Priuil. Regis Christ.'. 3) IGNIS: 'fire'; ships on fire on a calm sea; signed bottom left:'Stefano de la Bella jnuet fecit'; lettered in the center:'IGNIS'; bottom right:'ex. Cum Priuil. Regis Christ.'. 4) TERRA: 'earth'; descending landscape from left to right. On the left high rocky mountain, descending towards the left in hill surmounted by a tower, descending further until a flat land with woods. Figures in the foreground left and center. Signed on the bottom left:'Stef. de la Bella jnuent fecit'; lettered in the center:'TERRA'; on the bottom right:'ex. Cum Priuil Regis Christ.'l Etching on paper, trimmed on and within the platemark, in passepartout; 1) total: 82 x 190 mm; slightly damaged on the corners; 2) total: 85 x 195 mm; small damages on the corners; 3) total: 81 x 190 mm; small damage on the top right corner 4) total: 86 x
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Bleyswijck, François van (1671-1746)
Frontispiece to the first edition of 'GEDICHTEN VAN JACOB ZEEUS', collection of poetry by Jakob Zeeus (1686-1718). A muse sitting on the left beside a grave, holding a lyre on her lap. Some putti at her feet playing with a book. Another putto hanging a laurel wreath on the grave. On the right a personification of a river and the ruins of a castle in the background. Above in the clouds a Fama playing a trumpet. The original plate was published as dating 1720 and bearing a different inscription on the grave. This was in fact the grave of Arnold Mooen and the frontispiece was employed for his own collection of poetry. The publisher likely modified the plate and adapted it to the new publication. Lettered below the composition: 'Te DELFT by REINIER BOITET. 1721', signed further below: 'F. Bleyswyck jnven & Fecit'. The title page is also included in this lot; Bleyswijck etched also a very nice vignette included in the title page, with a poet seated at a table, composing poems in front of a large library. l (Frontispiece) Etching and engraving on paper with some margin; plate mark: 186 x 140 mm, total: 201 x 158; paper cooked especially on the top left side, some soiling due to handling, yet interesting print. (title page) Etching and letterpress in red and
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Bloteling, Abraham (1640-1690) after Schellinks, Willem (1627-1678)
Geschidenissen der Vereenigde Nederlanden door M.r Jean le Clerc (vol. III) [Frontispiece]
The personification of history, with opened wings and a pyramid on the head, writing on a large book. With the left hand she is holding the mirror of truth. Two small putti on each side of the altar she is sitting at; some items on the pedestal on which the figures are, like some patents and documents; the pedestal is decorated with three elements. Frontispiece to the third volume of Jean le Clerc's 'Geschidenissen der Vereenigde Nederlanden' published between 1650 and 1679. Signed on the bottom: 'W. Schellinkx invent. / A. Blooteling Sculp.' l Engraving on paper with small margins; plate mark: 329 x 205, total: 346 x 222 mm; damaged on the left margin, some soil along the most external margins, on the corners; traces of previous mounting on the verso. Hollstein 127
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Bloteling, Abraham (1640-1690)
Titlepage to Kerckring's Anatomy book published in Amsterdam in 1670: 'Spicilegium anatomicum : continens observationum anatomicarum rariorum centuriam unam : nec non osteogeniam foetuum, in qua quid cuique ossiculo singulis accedat mensibus, quidve decedat & in eo per varia immutetur tempora, accuratissimè oculis subjicitur'. A woman is standing with a knife in her hand, in the act of removing the skin from a corpse. Two children in the foreground are offering some spikes to the woman. Signed on the bottom right: 'A. Blotelingh Sculp.' and lettered below: 'AMSTELODAMI, Sumptibus ANDREAE FRISII, MDCLXX.' l Engraving on paper, trimmed to platemark; total: 206 x 146 mm; only state; Hollstein 125; Wess 121
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Bry, Jan Theodor de (1561-1623) after Titian, or Vecellio, Tiziano (1485/90-1576)
CHRISTI TRIVMPHVS (The Triumph of Christ)
Jesus Christ sitting on the globe placed in a car drawn by Bishops, and preceded by a great number of persons, among whom are distinguished Adam and Eve, and the Sybils carrying standards; the disciples of Christ, Martyrs, Saints of both sexes are following; several Latin inscriptions, particularly on the margin above and below. Small and oblong, from left to right. On the verso collector's marks of Collection A.J. Domela Nieuwenhuis (Lugt 356B) and Museum Boymans. l Engraving on paper, trimmed within platemark; reinforced and pasted on thicker paper; total: 75 x 382 mm; state I/2; Hollstein/Wurzbach 6
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Bry, Jan Theodor de (1561-1623) after Beham, Hans Sebald (1500-1550)
The fountain of youth
Representation visually divided in two: on the one side a loggia qieh bathing people below and music making personages above. On the right a fountain where elderly and people are entering to bathe to become healthy and young again. Below a Latin inscription: 'Balnea Mundanae non ultima gaudia vitae...Circum ignem ducunt, multus quem scipio pascit.'. Signed below in the center:'Io. Theo de bry fe.' monogrammed above on the right:'HSB'. On the verso Collector's mark of D.U. Lugt 796.l Engraving on paper; total: 88 x 214 mm; only state; Hollstein 11, W 11 OMP (Old Masters Prints Black Folders) Br-Bz (4)
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Bry, Theodor de (1528-1598)
De Hoopman van weisheyt. Le capitaine prudent
Medallion with the bust of the "Merchant of Weisheit" (portrait of William of Orange, Willem van Oranje). In the border grotesques with various scenes such as the judgment of Solomon and a representation of the devout monarch, unaffected by death and destruction. Plate from series of four designs for tazzas, with a medallion within a wide border with figures, animals and vines on a dark ground. The border around the medallion and the outer edge include Dutch and French verses. Signed 'THE DE BRI F ET EX' and 'J Wolff ex', possibly Jeremias Wolff (1663-1724), German publisher of the seventeenth century. l Engraving on paper, trimmed within platemark; diameter: 123 mm; undocumented state II/2; some soiling, damaged along the border, yellowed and traces of former mounting on the verso; Hollstein 178 (second state undocumented); Guilmard 368; Atlas van Stolk
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Bry, Jan Theodor de (1561-1623) after Amman, Joost (1539-1591)
Marching soldiers
Marching soldiers: at the center a soldier with a huge flag and a couple with musical instruments. Signed on the bottom right: 'Ioa Theodor de Bry', From the collection M. Paulme (Lugt 1910) and R. Ph. Goldschmidt (1840-1914) (Lugt 2926)l Engraving on paper with margins; platemark: 47 x 286 mm; total: 54 x 292 mm; only state Hollstein 26, Wurzbach 20; OMP (Old Masters Prints Black Folders) Br-Bz (4)
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Clouwet, Peter (1629-1670) after Quellinus, Erasums (1607-1678)
Engraved frontispiece to the second volume of a collection of works by Baltasar Gracián y Morales (1601-1658), known as Baltasar Gracián. The author was a Spanish Jesuit and baroque prose writer and philosopher. Before a niche seven characters surround a stone on which the title of the collection is engraved: 'OBRAS / DE / LORENZO / GRACIAN. / Tomo II.' Among these figures are Athena on the left, Mars, Justice and Rebecca with the camel. In the foreground the three ages of men. Signed on the bottom left: 'E. Quelinus delin. P. Clouwet sculp.' address of the publisher and year follow: 'En AMBERES, en casa de Geronijmo ij Iuanbautista Verdussen, 1669' l Engraving on paper, mounted on thicker paper; trimmed to plate mark; total: 223 x 167 mm; traces of glue have surfaced, especially above on the left; traces of inked letters [AE or F] on the bottom left, probably due to the storing of the pages with fresh
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Collaert, Adriaen (c.1560-1618) after Vos, Maarten de (1532-1603)
AMERICA (The Four Continents)
From the set of the Four Continents, here is the personification of sitting on the back of a huge phantasized armadillo. On the left background primitives hunting animals along with cannibals preparing their meal... On the right foreground Spaniards engaging battles with American natives. On the bottom four lines of Latin in two columnes:'Illa quidem nostris... praetendit AMERICA clavam.' Signed just above the margin:'M. de Vos invent. / Adrian Collaert / scaps. et excud.'l Engraving on paper with small margins, trimmed below on platemark; total: 213 x 267 mm; evenly yellowed paper; state I/3; New Hollstein 1317 OMP (Old Masters Prints Black Folders) C (5)
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 copy after Vos, Maarten de (1532-1603) after Sadeler, Raphael I (1560-1632), AMOR (four allegorical prints)
copy after Vos, Maarten de (1532-1603) after Sadeler, Raphael I (1560-1632)
AMOR (four allegorical prints)
First print of the series: Love. In the foreground a young man playing a lute under a tree with Cupid aiming an arrow at him; beyond is a park with a loggia and figures making music, eating and drinking at a table in the open air; at left is a Diana fountain, a female torso spurting water from her breasts atop a turtle; by the musician's feet are various musical instruments, a sport racket, a sword, gloves and a moneybag. Inscribed on the bottom:'Dum mihi... foelix qui potuit dicere talis eram.'; number '253' added with brown ink, titled above:'AMOR' Inscription Content: Lettered above with “AMOR”. Below left “Martin de vos inventor / Raphael Sadeler scalpsit et excudit” and date “1591”. In the margin two columns of Latin, each four lines “Dum mihi … eram”.l Engraving on paper, pasted on cardboard, rimmed within paltemark; total: 216 x 251; Hollstein 1462, copy c
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Dagley, Richard (ca. 1765-1841)
The Antiquary [Death's Doings (publication title), 1828]
Plate from Richard Dagley's book: 'Death's Doings; Consisting of Numerous Original Compositions, in Verse and Prose, the Friendly Contributions of Various Writers: Principally Intended as Illustrations of Thirty Copper-plates Designed and Etched by R. Dagley.' The poem dedicated to the Antiquarian is composed by Cheviot Tichburn and it extends from page 199 to 201, introduced by this etching. The expresses a sort of criticism towards this profession that rather than looking at the present and take action is totally devoted to the past. Yet when death shows up in his shop, holding a shield bearing the antiquarian's name he cannot do anything but leave is life along with all the treasures he collected and was about to sell. Monogrammed on the bottom right: 'RD', inscribed on the shield held by death: 'HIC / JACET / JONATHAN / OLDBUCK / F.A.S. / Obit'l Etching and engraving on paper, cut on the right side on plate mark; total: 209 x 126 mm; some stains on the plate and along the margins, pencil annotations within plate and on he verso, referring to the provenance of the plate, mounted in passepartout
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