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Le Rendez-vous de Madame Elisabeth, soeur du Roi avec l'Abbe de S. Martin aumonier de la Garde Nationale dans la Jardin des Tuileries
Londres, De l'Imprimerie Particuliere de Lord C.***, 1875. 16 cm, Hardcover. 20 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Bound in quarter leather binding with marbled board. Five raised bands on spine. Gilt on spine. Marbled end papers. Ex Libris (Biblioteca de Don Joannes Baptista Moens Natus Anno 1833). Bibliotheque Galante ou collection choisie d'ouvrages et de pieces du genre libre et facetieux reimprimes par les soins de Lord C***, a Cent exemplaires numerotes. This is number 2 of a limited edition of 100. Rare book. Erotica Curiosa.
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 N.A., Teuerdank. Fahrten und Traume Deutscher Maler (5 Volumes: Volume 1 to 5)
Teuerdank. Fahrten und Traume Deutscher Maler (5 Volumes: Volume 1 to 5)
Berlin, Fischer und Franke, n.d.. 33,5 cm, Hardcover (cloth). Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Original illustrated bindings. Five volumes (numbers 1 to 5) illustrated mainly in b & w, but also a few in colour. Some wear to bindings, especially First volume (linnen partially split at the spine, some loss to head and tail of spine, some leave (nearly loose) contents good. Plates blank on reverse side. Beautiful collection of plates. Band I: Allerlei Wetter. 10 Zeichnungen von Ernst Liebermann; Stimmungen: 10 Zeichnungen von Herm. Hirzel; Stürmen und Drängen. 10 Zeichnungen von Franz Müller-Münster; Götter. 10 Zeichnungen von Franz Staffen; Als-München. 12 Zeichnungen von Ernst Liebermann; Einsamkeit. 12 Zeichnungen von Horst-Schulze.
Band II: Eifelbilder. 10 Zeichnunen von Hans von Volkmann; Waldweben. 10 Zeichnungen von Georg A. Stoedel; Erwachen. 10 Zeichnungen von Hans Heise; Aus deutscher Marchenwelt. 10 Zeichnungen von Ernst Liebermann; Alemannische Bildnisse. 10 Zeichnungen von Ernst Wurtenberger; Erinnerungen und Tr?ume der Kindheit. 12 Zeichnungen von Erich Kuithan. Band III: Ein Bilderchronik der Stadte Berlin und Colln an der Spree. 10 Zeichnungen von Georg Barlosius; Meeresstrand. 10 Zeichnungen von Georg Jahn; Sonnenmarchen. 10 Zeichnungen von F. Hafs; Waldgeister. 10 Zeichnungen von Wilhelm Stumpf; Rugen. 10 Zeichnungen von Hermann Hirzel; Die Poesie der Landstrasse. 10 Zeichnungen von Ernst Liebermann. Band IV: Die blaue Blume. Eine Sage in 10 Bildern von Rudolf Koch; Ross und Reiter in Sage und Legende. 10 Zeichnungen von Fr. Muller-Munster; Vom Weibe. 10 Zeichnungen von Alois Kolb; Faust. 12 Zeichnungen zum zweiten Theile von Franz Staffen; Schubert-Lieder. 10 Zeichnungen von F. Hals; Berchtesgaden. 10 Zeichnungen von Bernhard Wenig. Band V: Leuchtende Tage. Neue Folge der Stimmungen. 12 Zeichnungen vom Herm. Hirzel; Sonne und Erde. 12 Zeichnungen vom Alois Kolb; Bildnisse Deutscher Dichter und Musiker. 10 Zeichnungen von Ernst Wuertenberger; Dietrick von Bern! Seine Heldentaten und Abenteuer sein Gl?ck und Tod. 12 Zeichnungen von Hugo L. Braune; Ekkehard. 10 Zeichnungen von Wilhelm Stumpf; Die deutsche Frau. 10 Zeichnungen von Hermann Bekgran. More photo's available upon request.
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 N.A., USSR in Construction. The Eighteenth Year of the Revolution 3-4 March-April 1935
USSR in Construction. The Eighteenth Year of the Revolution 3-4 March-April 1935
n.p., Ogis Isogis, 1935. 42 cm, Paperback. 56 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, A little wear to covers. Inside of covers also will illustration/text. Full op photographs about industry and workers, but also about agriculture and nature (Birobijan, Jewish theatre, Vladivostok, etc.). Number about the Russian far east. On the inside a map in colour of this part of Russia. USSR. More photo's available upon request.
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 N.A., USSR in Construction. The Fourteenth Year of the Revolution 7-8
USSR in Construction. The Fourteenth Year of the Revolution 7-8
n.p., The State Publishing Union of RSFSR, 1931. 42 cm, Paperback. 32 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Some wear to covers, with a little loss to the lower outer corner of the back cover. Some folds to corners. Full of photographs of industry and workers. Russia USSR. More photo's available upon request.
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The Isles That Wait
London, Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1912. Hardcover (cloth). 128+8 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Binding with some white flecks. Titlepage with name and reference to a bibliography written with pencil. With map and illustrations all present as indicated on list. . More photo's available upon request.
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Mansfield, Charles Blachford
1877, Macmillan and Co., 1877. 20 cm, Hardcover (cloth). xxiii, (1), 513 pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, A little wear to the binding, black spot to the spine affecting the last letter of the author's name, some fainter black spots and white spots to front and back boards. A few small bumps to the edge op the back board, top and foot of spine with some bumps as to be expected from a copy of this age. A little foxing. Pages unopened! In the rear a small label indicating the book was bound by Spottiswood & Co London. Very rare title, especially in the original publishers cloth. Also never read as the pages are still unopened. Aviation.
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Book number: 3527
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Al-Sulami, Nusa
Kitab Tabaqat Al-Sufiyya
Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1960. 24,5 cm, Paperback. No images. Conditie: Very good, Abu Abd Al-Rahman Muhammad B. Al-Husain, B. Muhammad B. Nusa Al-Sulami.
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French Presence in the South Pacific 1842-1940
Houndmills & London, MacMillan Press Ltd, 1990. Hardcover (cloth). xi+387 pp. No images. Conditie: Very good, Dustjacket a bit smudged but otherwise still very good, binding and contents also still good or better.
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Boyd Alexander's Last Journey. With a Memoir by Herbert Alexander
London, Edward Arnold, 1912. Hardcover. vii+296 pp. Color Illustrations. Conditie: Good, Beautiful binding with gilt illustration of a radiating sun which sets behind mountains and a man on horseback. There is a fold out plan in colour in the back. Boyd Alexander (1873-1910) was a British officer, explorer and ornithologist. He joined an expedition which travel from the river the Niger to the Nile in Africa in 1904. Some of the expedition members died from diseases.
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The Secret Fraternities of the Middle Ages
London, Rivingtons, 1865. Paperback. 89 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Spine strengthened.
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Religion in Communist Lands. Vol. 18 no. 2 Summer 1990
n.p., Keston College, 1990. Paperback. No images. Conditie: Good. Subjects: Courtesy towards God: Religion and Change in Eastern Europe. John Anderson. The Polish Catholic Church and the Elections of 1989. Krzysztof Kosela. The Church and Change in the GDR. Arvan Gordon. The Baltic Churches and the National Revival. Marite Sapiets..
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The Great Illusion 1933
London, William Heinemann Ltd., 1933. Hardcover (cloth), met stofomslag. xiii+387 pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Dustjacket missing parts as well as strengthened with tape on the inside.. With letter by the publisher to a reviewer which also mentions the publication date (june 26 1933) and a letter from The Saturday Review : "With compliments from Miss Armstrong." Originally published in 1909 with the title Europe's Optical Illusion. Angell argues that in modern industrialised societies war is contra-productive as all countries are interdependent. In this revised edition of 1933 he urges countries bordering Germany to form an alliance. Although the book received a lot of critisism after the First World War this was unfair. Angell did not argue war would be impossible, only that it would not be in the best interest of countries.
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Les Causeries de Lucine. Etudes de Psychologie Sexuelle. Preface du Docteur Minime
Paris, Lucien Gougy, n.d.. 24,5 cm, Hardcover. 172+(8) pp. No images. Conditie: Good, Half vellum binding (spine and corners) with marbled boards. Some foxing on end papers. Printed in a limited edition of 525, this is number 46 of 500 printed on "papier vergé". Not dated. With decorations at the start and end of the chapters with a mixture of Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences.
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Six Publications on Africa: Notes on Nassarawa Province Nigeria (1920); Gazetteer of Zaria Province (1920); Gazetteer of Ilorin Province (1921); Gazetteer of Kano Province (1921); Gazetteer of Muri Province (1922); Gazetteer of Yola Province (1927)
London and Lagos, Waterlow & Sons; Government Printer Lagos, 1920-1927. Paperback. No images. Conditie: Fair, Six publication on Africa. The first five printed by Waterlow and Sons, the last printed by the Government Printer Lagos. With maps, charts, etc. Three (Ilorin, Kano and Yola) are missing pieces of the cover. Backcover of the Kano copy (partly) loose. With exception of the Yola copy contents in good condition. The Yola copy has some damage in the margin, not affecting the text. Rare set of publications on the northern regions of Nigeria.
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Oriental and Western Siberia: A narrative of Seven Years' Explorations and Adventures in Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghis Steppes, Chinese Tartary, and Part of Central Asia
Philadelphia, .W. Bradley, 1859. Different. 483+(13) pp. Black & White images. Conditie: Good, Hardcover. Spine renewed with large part of the original spine reused. Inscription on blank end paper. With titleplate and other illustrations. Atkinson was a British architect and artist who travelled through Siberia and adjoining countries between 1847 and 1853, accompanied by his wife. During this time Siberia was largely unknown to Europeans.
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