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Slovo O Polku Igoreve.
. Sbornik issled. i statei pod red. chlena - korresp. AN SSSR V.P. Adrianovoi-Perets.( Institut russkoi literatury (Pushkinskii dom) Moskva-Leningrad, Akad. Nauk, 1950, 478pp. b/w illustrations in the text and on plates. hardback.
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Book number: F3051
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Literature Slavic Russlings Thornslav Russian-Lot

Anna Akhmatova V Portretakh I Fotografiyakh. Buklet-Katalog. Vyp. 1
. Moskva: Gos. literaturnyi muzei, 1989. 12 4to sized b/w portraits and photographs by D.Bushen, Yu.Annenkov, K.Petrov-Vodkin, N. Tyrsa, G.Vereiskii, N.Kogan, A.Tyshler, M.Nappel'baum, V.Vinogradov, N.Punin, N.Glen; quarto sized collection of photographs on stiff carton in slipcase.
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Book number: WO040-R
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Weblists2 Russian Literature Slavic Thornslav Portraits Akhmatova

Stikhotvoreniya I Poemy. (Biblioteka Poeta. Bol'shaya Seriya. Vtoroe Izdanie)
. Nastoyashchee izdanie yavlyaetsya naibolee polnym i pervym nauchno podgotovlennym sobraniem proizvedenii A.Akhmatovoi (1889-1966). V nego voshli knigi "Vecher", "Chetki", "Belaya staya", "Podorozhnik", "Anno Domini", a takzhe "Trostnik" i "Sed'maya kniga", opublikovannye v sbornike "Beg vremeni", i poemy. Ryad stikhotvorenii pechataetsya vpervye po rukopisyam iz arkhiva A.Akhmatovoi. A.Surkova. Sostavlenie, podgotovka teksta i primechaniya V.Zhirmunskogo. Leningrad: Sovetskii pisatel', 1976; 557pp. frontispiece portrait, facsimiles, b/w illustrations, photographs tipped in plates, alfavitnyi ukazatel'; fine hardback. [ 4 copies ].
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Book number: TAM159-3
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Weblists2 Wim Meeuws Russian Literature Slavic Russian Poetry Akhmatova

Almanach de St-Petersbourg
0. 1913. Cour Monde et Ville 1913/14. 4me Année. St. Petersburg [& Leipzig], 1913; xv. 676, xvi-xxxiv pp.; publisher's dark green cloth, lettered in gilt, red lettering-piece on spine, red edges; spine slightly faded and slightly dull, the leather lettering piece a little rubbed, two small, almost invisible stains on front cover, contents slightly embrowned, particularly in the extreme margins; overall a very good copy, the two stains on the cover being more like small, slightly darker areas. A rare publication which contained all they wanted to know - who was who with addresses - this takes up most of the book -, services, where to get what (including perfume, champagne, automobiles, dresses, furs, jewellery, suits, pianos, furniture, but also "grottes pour aquariums", "glaces", "fruits secs", "fusils de chasse" etc. etc.), where to eat, where to stay, spas abroad, and a very great deal more. The Nabokovs head the Ns in the addresses section. Replete with advertisements, some full-page, many illustrated, two in colour. Mostly in French, though some of the advertisements are in Russian, German or English. The preface,by F.van der Hoeven, is dated "mai 1913".
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Ianweb Russian History Russian Culture Trade Catalogues Almanachs Ephemera Antiquarian Illustrated Books Russia Rare Russian Nabokov

Slovar Russkogo Yazyka Xviii Veka Volumes 1-21 , All Volumes Published So Far
. At head of title page: Institut russkogo iazyka. Akademiia nauk SSSR. / Rossiiskaia akademiia nauk, Institut lingvisticheskikh issledovanii, 1984 - 2015, [redaktsionnaya kollegiya S.G. al.].Original cloth bindings, Ex-library Hertford college, University of Oxford with the small college library stamps on the end papers, titles, reverse title pages and in some cases above the list of editors/contributors, texts darkened in part of the volumes, later volumes printed on better quality paper. Volumes 20 and 21 unmarked. A rare set complete till the present including the small Ukazatel' istochnikov issued in 1984, 144pp. STANDING ORDERS FOR FUTURE CAN BE RECORDED.
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Dictionaries

City of St. Petersburg, 4½% Viii Loan, 1913,
. bond for £100, no.12952, attractive piece with coat of arms at top, green, olive and pink with black text, text in Russian, English, French and German,
¶ created in virtue of the decision of the council of ministers sanctioned by H.I. Majesty on the 25 February 1913. 12 coupons left. tear in one of these repaired with a bit of sellotape. size: small A-3.; TOGETHER WITH: Troitzk Railway 1913 Loan, bond for £20, ornate border, brown, blue and red respectively, with 10 coupons left, same size.
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Book number: F3140
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Russian

Vladimir Mayakovsky : A Tragedy
. (Russian literary profiles) Oxford, 1979, 127 pages, paperback
¶ with the author's dedication in ink , signed, dated April 1979. (ISBN: 0902672355) .
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Book number: F2290
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Literature Weblists 0902672355

Chagall, Kandinsky, Malewitsch Und Die Russische Avantgarde
. Hamburger Kunsthalle. Kunsthaus Zuerich, 1998; 287pp. bound, profusely illustrated, quarto, d/j. Artists: Mark Chagall, Alexandra Exter, Pavel Filonov, Nataliya Gontcharova, Vasilii Kandinskii, Ivan Klyun, Mikhail Larionov, Vladimir Lebedev, Aristarkh Lentulov, Kazimir Malevich, Il'ya Mas hkov, Lyubov' Popova, Aleksandr Rodchenko, Ol'ga Rozanova, Vladislav Strsheminski, Vladimir Tatlin. Authors: Ch.Heinrich, E.Petrova, Andrei Belyi, Nikolai Punin, Kazimir Malevich, original documents - protocols, manifests etc. Texts in German. [ DL - 2 ].
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Book number: 091851
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Art Avant-Garde

Voyage Dans la Russie Méridionale & la Crimée Par la Hongrie, la Valachie & la Moldavie Exécuté En 1837. . . Par Mm. De Sainson, le Play, Hout, Léveillé, de Nordmann, Rousseau Et Du Ponceau
. Dédié ą Sa Majesté Nicolas Premier, Empereur de toutes des Russies. Dessiné d'aprčs nature et lithographié par (Auguste) Raffet. With 100 tinted lithographs printed on India paper, by Auguste Raffet and printed by Auguste Bry (including additional lithographed title, and 9 other lithographed section titles), all with tissues. Half-title, illus. lithogr. title to face the title-page, with a plate list on verso numb. 1-100. 2 unn. pp. (half title), pp. 3- 64 with descriptive text for the plates nos. 1-87 (no description for the text of the plates 88-100 as usual, so complete). Large folio (530 x 350 mm). Contemp. black half chagrin, back gilt. With heraldic bookplate Louis Mondanton. Paris: Publié par Gihaut Frčres, [1838-1848 ] First edition of this rare and complete album of an expedition through Hungary to southern Russia, returning by way of Constantinople and Smyrnia. Plates nos. 1 (frontispiece) - 8, Hungary; nos. 9- 19, Wallachia; nos. 20- 24, Moldova; nos. 25- 30 Bessarabia; nos. 31- 54 Crimea, 1st part; nos. 55- 68, Camp of Vosnessensk, inter alia portrait of Nicolas I; nos. 69- 80; Crimea, 2nd part; nos. 88- 100 show the portraits of the members of the expedition. The present huge work describes and illustrates scenery and exotic architecture, not only of the Russian meridional region, and depicts also uniforms, military camps, costumes, professions, festivities, trade, custom and manners of Armenians, Cossacks, Gipsies, Jews, Russians, Tartars, Turks, etc. An interior of a coffee shop is shown. This scientific journey to southern Russia and the Crimea, etc. was organized by Count Demidoff (1812-70) on behalf of the government. 22 scholars (of which Jules Janin wrote the descriptive text), and artists (of which Raffet was the most important one) accompanied the expedition. Opposite plate 93, (portrait of J. J. Huout) is a 3- page A.L.S. by his son Paul dated Colmar, 1 July 1868 . Prince Demidoff was a famous art collector. His collection was sold in Paris in 1870.- 2 small stamps and stamped number on title, a few slight spots, and some light smudging to margins at the beginning. A nice association copy on large paper. Brunet II, 583; Vicaire III, 167; NBG 13/14, p. 559 & NBG 25/26, p. 578; cf. Atabey 337 (later ed.); not in Blackmer.
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Book number: F2901
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russia Rare Russian History Travel

Letopis' Zhizni I Tvorchestva F.I. Tyutcheva. 3 Volumes.
. I: 1803-1844; II,1844-1860; III: 1861-1873). M.:Indrik; Muzei-usad'ba "Muranovo", 1999 - 2012, 341,408, 592pp. Fine hardback set
¶ details of the 3rd volume: Tret'ia kniga, zavershaiushchaia "Letopis' zhizni i tvorchestva F.I. Tiutcheva", okhvatyvaet poslednie 13 let zhizni poeta s 1861 po 1873 g. Eto vremia sozdaniia podlinnykh liricheskikh shedevrov poeta, otklikov na sobytiia russkoi i zapadnoevropeiskoi obshchestvenno-politicheskoi zhizni, a takzhe aktivnoi deiatel'nosti Tiutcheva na postu predsedatelia Komiteta tsenzury inostrannoi. V 1868 g. vykhodit v svet vtoroe prizhiznennoe izdanie stikhotvoreniia Tiutcheva. Zavershaetsia kniga otklikami sovremennikov na konchinu F.I. Tiutcheva.
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Book number: F3082
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Loft All Russian Literature

Detskaya Illyustrirovannaya Kniga V Istorii Rossii. 1881-1939. Iz Kollektsii Aleksandra Lur'e. 2 Volumes in Slip Case
. Moscow, Samolet; Ulei, 2009. 382; 471pp. small folio format: 330x277 mm, weight 8 KG .Book Illustration is a a complex art form, and many famous artists have been book illustrators at some stage during their career especially during first third of the twentieth century . For painters children's book illustration was just a way to somehow survive . Like Petrov-Vodkin, Chekhonin , Boris Kustodiev , Mstislav Dobuzhinsky, Vladimir Konashevich This massive and richly illustrated two-volume set, which includes more than 500 entries of Russian children's picture books during the years 1881-1939 years , contains an index of more than 190 names of artists . with brief biographical information and numerous references. The text is divided into nine chapters . The two volumes contain 1,800 illustrations and a glossary and is the result of many years of research . Many artists are listed here for the first time not only in Russia but also in the world. In addition to the rare illustrations one has added a list of all pre-revolutionary and Soviet children's book publishers . Fine set in slip case HEAVY Please ask for correct postage quote before ordering. ABE's postage estimate is wrong as usual. (ISBN: 978591529-006) .
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Book number: F2975-10
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Children's Books 978591529006

V Polnyi Rost. Novaya Kniga Stikhov I Poemy.
. Moskva, Sovremennik, 1977, 155pp. WITH THE POET'S AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION FOR MAX HAYWARD. PAPERBACK, covers creased, small size.
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Book number: F2915
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Literature Signed Poetry

Glagol. Vypusk 3.
. Digest including works by Russian writers and poets as well as their short biographies. This volume contents following works: Katerli, N. "Treugol'nik Barsukova"; Aksenov, V. "Pravo na ostrov"; poetry by Kenzheev, B.; Savitskii, D.; Kublanovsky, Yu.; Shvarts, E.; Nabokov, V. "Blednyi ogon'"; Peili, G. "Vospitateli poderzhanykh mal'chikov"; Mandel'shtam, O. "Perevody iz starofrantsuzskogo eposa"; Tsvetaeva, M. "Poety s istoriei i poety bez istorii" (Stat'ya o B. Pasternake) (First edition in Russian!); dnevnik G. Benislavskoi o S. Esenine; Mandel'shtam, O. "Pyat' neopublikovannykh pisem"; Babel', I. "Aktovaya zapis' o rozhdenii". Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1981; 302pp. fine paperback.[x 4].
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Book number: F048-B
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Emigreall Russian Literature Slavic Russian Poetry First Edition Russian-Lot

Slovo O Polku Igoreve (the Tale of Igor's Campaign)
. Slovo o pl'ku Igoreve, Igora syna Svat'slavlavnuka Ol’gova / drevnerusskij tekst, podgotovlennyj k pechati V. Rzgoj i S. Shambinago, pisannyj i illustrirovannyj palekhskim masterom Ivanom Golikovym ; [khudozhestvennaa? redaktsia? M. P. Sokol’nikova]. [The Tale of Igor's Campaign and Palekh miniature ] Edition de Luxe of the medieval epic of the Kievan Rus' - The Tale of Igor's Campaign . about h 43.2 cm x w 29.8 cm x d 2.0 cm. Moscow, Academia, 1934. 49 [3] pp. Chromolithographed title page. Elephant Folio sized hardback. In near fine condition. Complete with the brown wrapper and original slip case Title and text in Church Slavonic. Beautiful edition of this anonymous epic poem originally written in the Old East Slavic language. With 10 mounted colour plates by the Master of Palekh, Ivan Golikov, ornamental borders, tissue guards. Original cloth overlaid with Palekh style illustration. Illustrated title page and endpapers. 49 pages, pictorial boards, brown cloth spine and edges, untrimmed. Decorative head-, tailpieces and initials. Ribbon page marker. The notes promise a second volume containing Modern Russian parallel text translations in prose and verse, but this was never published. A well-known work of the Soviet lacquer painter, stage designer and illustrator Ivan I. Golikov (1886-1937). Issued in a limited edition de luxe of 3300 copies. Not many copies survived WW II. (see: Vollmer II, 269), edited by V. Oschigoi and S. Schamvinag, published by A.N. Tikhinov and M.P. Sokolnikov. The poem has 218 verses and was discovered in 1795 and published for the first time in 1800. Palekh miniatures are a Russian folk handicraft of miniature painting, which are done with tempera paints on varnished articles made of papier-māché and are named by the Russian town Palekh. Very rare in this fine condition, even the brown wrapper is present.
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Book number: F3052
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Slavonic Medieval Palekh Illustrated

O Russkikh - Po-Russki (Russkaya Kul'tura)
. Sankt-Peterburg:, Mezhdunarodnaya Assotsiatsiya "Russkaya kultura" (2015), 512pp. ISBN:978-5-905618-09-3, Tirage 1000 Fine hardback .(Biblioteka zhurnala "Russkii mir'") Novaia kniga izvestnogo sobiratelia i khranitelia unikal'noi kollektsii russkogo iskusstva za rubezhom frantsuzskogo slavista Rene Gerra maksimal'no shiroko raskryvaet vse storony ego kollektsii. Sobrannye v nei dokumenty, avtografy, pis'ma, knigi, kartiny, ogromnoe kolichestvo unikal'noi grafiki i pr. - svidetel'stva nezatukhaiushchei tvorcheskoi zhizni poslerevoliutsionnoi emigratsii russkikh vo Frantsii, - a takzhe predel'no otkrovennoe povestvovanie avtora, vpervye vedushcheesia ot pervogo litsa, pozvoliaiut glubzhe poniat' otnoshenie frantsuzskogo sobiratelsia k fenomenu edinstva russkogo mira kak faktu istoriko-geograficheskogo prostranstva.
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Book number: F3095
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Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Russian Art

Sprach- Und Kulturkontakte Im Polnischen. Gesammelte Aufsaetze Fuer A. De Vincenz Zum 65. Geburtstag
. ( Specimina Philologiae Slavicae. Supplementband 23. ) 1987; 621pp. bound , portrait. (reduced from GBP 55.00 ) Contrib. in German ; English ; French ; Polish .
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Book number: F3058
GBP 38.00 [Appr.: EURO 42.5 US$ 48.39 | JP„ 5352]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Loft All Wim Meeuws Slavic Linguistics Polish Poland

Krninski Damaskin.
. Institut za Makedonski jazik). Izd-vo <>, Skopje, 1972; 561pp. with the facsimile and 230 pages of text , bound, folio Krninski damaskin od krajot na XVI vek, sozdaden vo manastirot Sv. Preista, s. Krnino (Kirevsko), na crkovnoslovenski jazik so silen prodor na elementi od narodniot makedonski jazik, vo slu~ajov od ohridsko-demirhisarskiot govor (Institut za makedonski jazik Krste Misirkov - Skopje, M 1, Publichna biblioteka - Kiev br.33). Procesot na dobli`uvawe na pismeniot i narodniot jazik zavruva vo po etokot na XIX vek vo knigite na makedonskite prerodbenici Joakim Krovski i Kiril Pejinovi} see: Library of Congress Z115.2 .S55 t. 3.
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Book number: RW352
GBP 35.00 [Appr.: EURO 39.25 US$ 44.57 | JP„ 4929]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Macedonia Balkans

Recherches Sur L'histoire de la Langue Osmanlie Des Xvie Et Xviie Siècles: Les éléments Osmanlis de la Langue Hongroise.
. (Near & Middle East Monogr. XVII). Mouton, 1973, 660pp. bound , no d/j.
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Book number: F2956
GBP 15.00 [Appr.: EURO 16.75 US$ 19.1 | JP„ 2113]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Weblists2 Eelings Thornslav

500 Ekslibrisov/500 Ex Libris
. First edition, 16mo, (165 x 105 mm). Moskva, Evrika, 1993; 576pp. - 52pp. text - introductory essays by W.E.Butler & Gr.Navtikov in English, Italian, German and Russian, and 500 pages of bookplate specimens (some in colours), index; as new in original cloth & dust wrapper: a remarkable canon of work. The book is devoted to the book-plates of the distinguished contemporary Russian wood-engraver, A.I.Kalashnikov.
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Book number: F3055
GBP 34.50 [Appr.: EURO 38.5 US$ 43.94 | JP„ 4859]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Art Ex Libris Russian Wood-Engraving

Costume Ball in the Winter Palace. 2 Volumes. (Kostiumirovannyi Bal V Zimnem Dvortse ) Bi-Lingual English-Russian Edition.
. 2003. Volume 1: Album with photographs with biographical references / Al'bom s fotografiiami i biograficheskimi stat'iami. 464pp. 198 photographs, some in colour Volume 2: Research, documents, materials with added notes and a coloured section of the garments worn which moved through various museums in the 1930-ies. Also added a supplement with photographs of the guests at the ball not included in the album as separate pictures. This 2nd volumes is in English only 128pp. Edition of 4000 copies One hundred years ago the office in charge of editing the State papers started work on the creation of a unique album : that of photogravures and photographs of the guests at the costume ball that took place in the winter Palace on 11 and 13 February 1903. The participants all wore 17th century clothing. In the end it was the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna herself who became the editor-in-chief of this album. Only a few copies of the original album survive in libraries and private collections. This edition is not a reprint of that rare 1904 volume, but it is an attempt by the publishers to show the guests of the ball as we see them today, one hundred years later. It is the scene of a bygone era, the last such event in the history of the House of Romanov. Over one hundred photographs have been traced and these have been provided with full biographical details, although many of these notes finish with the lines "fate after 1917 unknown". A number of photographs not included in the 1904 edition have been added here. The main volume contains the photographs with texts in Russian and English. The photographs measuring 140 x 260 mm are magnificent. The 2nd volume, entirely in English, contains the newly found photographs and editorial materials, modern photographs of some of the uniforms, dresses, clothing surviving in some museums in full colours. Fine hardbacks in slip case. forwarding costs vary from country to country, the weight is 6 KG. Please ask for details of shipping (DHL + insurance) before you order. the set is in pristine condition. Many pictures available on our site. NOW OUT OF PRINT. PAYMENT BY BANK TRANSFER ONLY, NO PAYPAL.
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Book number: 092504-17
GBP 395.00 [Appr.: EURO 440.75 US$ 503.05 | JP„ 55631]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Weblists2 Romanov Russian History Costume Photography Royalty

Istoriya Peterburgskoi Prostitutsii
. Spb. Iits. Baltika, 2003, 452pp and numerous photographs (phallic, pornographic, erotic) and other illustrations on 160 plates. (edition limited to 1000 copies ) hardback [ the history of prostitution in St. Petersburg in Russian ].
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Book number: F1309-H
GBP 17.50 [Appr.: EURO 19.75 US$ 22.29 | JP„ 2465]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Loft All Weblists2 Whote Prostitution Prostitutie Prostitution Brothel Bordeel Bordello

Globusnyi Chelovechek.
0. 1954. Paris, 1954; 4to (approx. 21 x 28 cm.); 68, [ii] pp. with illustrations in colour and in black-and-white, some full-page, by F.Rozhankovskii; publisher's boards, illustrated in colour. First edition of this Russian children's book, with Russian text, printed in Paris. The colour lithographs were printed by Mourlot Freres. An excellent copy.
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Book number: IS002321
GBP 150.00 [Appr.: EURO 167.5 US$ 191.03 | JP„ 21126]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Ianweb Russian Children's Books Children's Illustrated Books French Children's Books Natalie Codray Natalia Kodryanskaya

Probleme Der Shvejk-Uebersetzungen in Den West- Und Suedslavischen Sprachen.
. Linguistische Studien zur Translation literarischer Texte. ( Specimina Philologiae Slavicae. Supplementband 13 ) 1986; 686pp. bound, with halftones (original price GBP 65.00 ).
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Book number: 091397
GBP 18.50 [Appr.: EURO 20.75 US$ 23.56 | JP„ 2605]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Loft All Wim Meeuws Eelings Thornslav

Satira 60-Kh Godov.
. Redaktsiya i predislovie N.Bel'chikova. S 39 illyustratsiyami v tekste. Pereplet, super-oblozhka i forzats V.Milasheskogo. Moskva-Leningrad, Academia, 1932; 385pp. bound, spine rubbed, corners bumped, boards evenly sl.soiled, d/j. missing, library pocket neatly pasted to the front end-paper (ed. of 5250 copies).
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Book number: F048-C
GBP 15.00 [Appr.: EURO 16.75 US$ 19.1 | JP„ 2113]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Wim Meeuws Russian Literature, Russian Periodicals, Russian History, Poetry, Satire, Caricature, Cartoon

Kryl'ya: Povest' V Trekh Chastyakh.
. Reprint S.-Peterburg: Petropolis, 1923. / Ann Arbor: Ardis, 1979. 120 pp, small-sized volume, fine hardback.
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Book number: F048-E
GBP 7.50 [Appr.: EURO 8.5 US$ 9.55 | JP„ 1056]
Catalogue: Slavic
Keywords: Emigreall Russian Literature Slavic

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