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Kurze Verleichende Grammatik Der Indogermanischen Sprachen
. 1904, xxviii, 777pp. + the publisher Karl J. Trübner's catalogue of 40 pages. in new cloth binding with the original calf leather title label preserved. rare title.
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Weblists2 Wim Meeuws Linguistics Indo European

Journal of Linguisticsvolume 49, Issue 3 November 2013 to Volume 50 Issue 3 November 2014
. Cambridge University Press, 2013-2014, 4 issues, in new condition. the Annual Subscription price for volume 50 was GBP 224.00 . Journal of Linguistics (JL) has as its goal to publish articles that make a clear contribution to current debate in all branches of theoretical linguistics. The journal also provides an excellent survey of recent linguistics publications, with around thirty book reviews in each volume and regular review articles on major works marking important theoretical advances.
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Catalogue: Linguistics
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English Historical Linguistics and Philology in Japan.
. (Trends in linguistics, studies and monographs, volume 109) 1998, ix,466pp. fine hardback. [ St ].
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Book number: F355-G
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Catalogue: Linguistics
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Studien Zur Vorgeschichte Einer Romanischen Tempuslehre (Vorgelegt in Der Sitzung Am 13. 11. 1912)
. [Sitzungsberichte der Kais. Akademie der Wissenschaften in Wien. Philos.-Hist.Klasse., 6 Abhandlung]. Wien, 1913; tall 8vo; [2] + 306pp; bound in publ. paper wrappers; wrappers sl. marked with deeply chipped spine ends & sl. wear to other extremites, one small stamp on verso of t.p. unopened, otherwise the interior is good. Rare.
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Book number: F2170
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Linguistics Romance Latin

Die Suedwestlichen Dialecte D. Langue D'oil. Poitou, Aunis, Saintonge U. Angoumois.
. ( Franzoesische Studien III/2 ) Heilbronn Henninger, 1881. 135pp. disbound,, spine split, 2 cm horizontal strip cut from top of front cover. from the library of Dominica Legge with her signature on the adverts page preceding the title.
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Book number: F3171
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Keywords: French Linguistics Dialectology Langue D'oc

Pskovskii Oblastnoi Slovar' S Istorischeskimi Dannymi. Volumes 1 - 8
. Edited by Boris Aleksandrovich Larin; Leningradskii gosudarstvennyi universitet imeni A.A. Zhdanova. Mezhdkafedral'nyi slovarnyi kabinet imeni prof. B.A. Larina. Brtiish library entry ststes : sost. IU.I. Borkovskii .. [et al.] ; [red. koll. B.A. Larin .. [i dr.], redaktory L.A. Ivashko, I.S. Lutovinova, M.A. Tarasova.Leningrad : Izd-vo LGU, 1967 - 1990, a rare set of the earlier volumes 1 - 8 . bound set [Pskov Regional Dictionary with Historical Data].
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Russian Dictionaries Linguistics

General Semiotics (Russian Poetics in Translation Volume 3)
. Oxford, Holdan Books, 1976,82pp. paperback. Contents: Modelling significance of the concepts "end" and "beginning" in artistic texts / Yu. M. Lotman ; translated by Wendy Rosslyn --Logico-semiotic level of proverbs and sayings: towards a classification of the genre / G. Permyakov ; translated by Doris Bradbury --Stage setting, artistic space and time in the folk theatre / P.G. Bogatyrev ; translated by L.M. O'Toole --On the cosmological origins of early historical descriptions / V.N. Toporov ; translated by Christopher English. In the mid-1970s, with the establishment of the Neo-Formalist Circle in Britain and the publication of a number of international anthologies of and commentaries on the Russian Formalist theorists of the period 1916-1932, it became clear that this important school of literary theory and criticism was only sketchily known to scholars unable to read Russian. The editors, Ann Shukman and Michael O'Toole, published in English ten volumes (80-120pp. each) of the key Formalists: Eikhenbaum, Tynyanov, Shklovsky, Brik, Jakobson, Tomashevsky, Yarkho, Bernstein, Freidenberg, Bogatyrev and Vinogradov on poetry, prose genres, dramatic structure and cinema.Since the Soviet suppression of Formalist theorizing in the early 1930s, it was left to the Bakhtin School of discourse theory and the Prague School of Structuralists to continue the best of their enterprises until the emergence of the Russian Structuralist theorists of the 1960s to 80s, such as Lotman, Zholkovsky, Scheglov, Toporov, Gasparov, Tarlinskaya and Permyakov, who have continued to influence theories of literature, cinema, language and culture worldwide. [note; Holdan books took over Thornton's Bookshop in Oxford in 1983 ).
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Linguistics Semiotics

Schwizer-Dütsch. Sammlung Deutsch-Schweizerischer Mundart-Literatur. Issues 1, 3 - 33, 35 - 45.
. Orell-Fuessli, 1882-1889, each 40 to 80pp. 12mo size. Contain poetry, small theatre pieces, stories etc. in Swiss German. Spines often damaged, some split, all covers present but with various minor damage. 46 fascicules in 38 issues. Scarce.
¶ Friedrich Gottlieb Otto Sutermeister ( 1832 - 1901 ) was a Swiss folklorist and professor at the University of Berne who collected and revised numerous folk tales, legends, fables, and proverbs. Strongly influenced by the Brothers Grimm, Sutermeister emphasized the didactic aspect of Swiss folklore and rewrote many of the tales to suit young readers He also was editor of the works of Jeremias Gotthelf and of the Swiss Idioticon.
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Catalogue: Linguistics
Keywords: Auctiongerman Weblists2 Swiss German Switzerland Folklore Linguistics Dialects Dialectology

On the Nature of Time a Biopragmatic Perspective on Language, Thought, and Reality
. ( Acta Universitatis Upsaliennsis - Studia Slavica Upsaliensia volume 48. ) Uppsala, 2014, 480pp. illustrated hardback.
¶ This book is a synthesis of more than three decades of research into the concept of time and its semiotic nature. If traditional philosophy - and philosophy of time should be no exception - in the shadow of advancing biology can be said to have reached an impasse, one important reason for this, in harmony with Wittgenstein's vision, appears to have been its lack of appropriate tools for explicating language. The present theory of time proceeds, accordingly, from the exploration of temporal expressions in language as an evolutionary fact. It derives in a hypothetical, coherent feedback process of hierarchically or dered distinctions the semantics of time from its biologically dictated perceptual and cognitive-pragmatic origins. The corresponding abductive-regulative model is anchored in the assumption of biological rhythmization as the very foundation of perception and mental/physical action. Under- stood to originate in space and spatial perspective, time reveals itself as an instrument for temporal perspective on motion (events and situations) in a process of analysis, i.e. discontinuation of chaos made divisible and continuous by the rhythmical screen. Whereas tradition- al philosophy of time paid attention almost exclusively to the temporal category of tense , the biopragmatic model sees strong evidence in the perspectival nature of time for ascribing the decisive, and probably universal, role in temporal analysis to the linguistic category of aspect . Aspect may, according to the present findings, be assumed to partake already of change- of-state and cause-effect analysis without which man's adaptation to new situations - and precondition for survival - would be inconceivable. The proposed model of space/time cogni-tion, inspired by Hegelian dialectics, Heidegger-Gadamer's hermeneutic circle and Peircean logic, makes Kantian a priori superfluous and liberates time from its enigmatic appearance. For the first time in temporal studies it thus appears possible to derive hypothetically linguistic expressions of time all the way from pre-temporal, homogeneous continuity effected by biological rhythmization, via pre-temporal metonymic (Gestalt), chunk-wise partitioning - as a general precondition for the perception and, based on primary metaphorization, the cognition of things, space and motion - to temporal analysis/discontinuation proper, primarily by aspectual perspective, and the subsequent synthesized, heterogeneous continuity of temporally ordered events. The conception of time, so disastrous for modern temporal logic, i.e. as moving object assigned extension, divisible continuity ( ? linearity') and direction, can be shown to have emerged as a result of secondary metaphorization.
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Catalogue: Linguistics
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Iz Istorii Leksikologii
. (Doklady i soobshcheniya inst. yazyk. AN SSSR 1956, number 10 ) 28pp. no covers. WITH THE AUTHOR'S AUTOGRAPH DEDICATION, INITIALLED and DATED 1957.24.1.
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Catalogue: Linguistics
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