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London. Penguin Books,1970., A Pelican Original paperback. 12 authorities in biology contributed essays ... on Protozoan populations; Population Biology of Plants; Population growth & control of animals; Bird Populations; Population control large animals; Population; Growth World Population; Population & food supplies; Population regulation & Primitive societies; Contraception today; Family Limitation in various countries; Economic & social implications of population control. 240 pages including notes on contributors & bibliography. Many diagrams or figures. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks. Cover near fine but previous owner put on each end of spine a small square of sellotape to re-enforce them. These are hardly visible & neatly done. 1970
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Book number: 6223
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: population growth contraception protozoan biology

The Ecological Web. More on the Distribution & Abundance of Animals.
Chicago. University of Chicago Press, 1984., Ex Reference Library. A new analysis of how environment influences animals. Andrewartha (from the Waite Agricultural Research Institute, University of Adelaide), and Birch ( School of Biological Sciences, University of Sydney), follow on from their classic 'The Distribution & Abundance of Animals.' published 30 years before. 506 pages including a 3 page appendix ' The formal Definition of the Environment of an Animal.' ; 33 pages of References & Author Index, & 11 page subject Index. Liverpool Reference Library bookplate, 'Cancelled' stamp, label, signs of old sellotape etc., o/w near fine condition, near fine d./w. inside clear sleeve. 10" x 7" (priced £36.75 ) ISBN 0226020339. Thick & heavy. 1984
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Book number: 385
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: Ecology environment biology animals ecological

ANTARCTICA A Continent For Science
Cambridge. British Antarctic Survey & Natural Environment Research Council, circa 1985, No date given. A 32 page softback booklet. 30cm. x 21cm. Published to accompany an exhibtion, sponsored by Esso, with financial support from others. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Colour and black & white photographs, diagrams & illustrations on every page. 1985
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Book number: 9054
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: antarctic antarctica icebergs Polar Front South Pole Gondwana

London. Her Majesty's Stationery Office, 1981., 2nd impression of 2nd edition. First pub.1962. 208 pages. 86 diagrams, & 20 b. & w. photographs. Near fine in near fine d./w. which isn't price clipped (£5.90) 10" x 6½". ISBN 0114003122 1981
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Book number: 3407
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: weather atmosphere clouds rain storm snow ice fog temperature hail frost wind hurricane May20

Proposal To Build A Nuclear Structure Facility. Volume 1, The Physics Case.
Daresbury. Science Research Council,1972, Softback. 30cm. x 21cm. 41 pages. Contents near fine, no inscrition or marks. White stiff card cover is very good, but edges are slightly dusty & faint spots of damp stain on spine. These are hardly noticeable. 1972
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Book number: 9398
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: Physics Nuclear Daresbury

London. Arnold / Hodder, 1998., Softback. 734 pages, with over 300 colour and black & white photographs. Over 450 line drawings, maps & diagrams. Near fine stiff card cover. Contents near fine, no inscription. 27.5cm. x 20cm. ISBN 0340584319 1998 ISBN: 0340584319
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Book number: 7828
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: glacier glaciers glaciation climate ice geology Quaternary

Einstein's Theory of Relativity.
New York. Dover Publications, 1962., Paperback. On back cover is printed "This new Dover 1962 edition has been greatly revised and enlarged by Dr. Born, to cover modern developments". 376 pages, plus 15 pages of Dover Publications at end. 143 figures. 8" x 5.5 1962
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Book number: 6526
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: Einstein physics Max Born laws of motion inertia momentum

FLYING SAUCER REVIEW. September -October 1965. Vol. II, No. 5.
London. Flying Saucer Review, 1965., 11th year of publication. 36 pages & 4 illustrations, that is a b. & w. photograph, map & charts. Card cover has 2 slightly rusty staples, is slightly faded near spine, previous owner's details in top corner of front, and cover is a bit 'handled'. Contents very good, almost near fine. 9½" x 7¼". 1965
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Book number: 4221
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Keywords: flying saucer UFO U.F.O. science fiction ufonauts

FLYING SAUCER REVIEW. Vol. 13, No. 5. September/October, 1967.
London. Flying Saucer, 1967., 13th year of publication. 32 pages. 23 drawings, charts, maps & b. & w. photographs. Stiff paper cover, with 2 staples. Cover is white & a little bit grubby, previous owner's name front top corner. Corners slightly bumped o./w. contents almost near fine. 9¾" x 7¼". 1967.
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Book number: 4222
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: UFO U.F.O. flying saucer Warminster flight space ufonauts ufologist Marliens

Seeing Further." The Story of Science & the Royal Society.
London. Harper Press, 2010., 20 distinguished writers have each contributed a chapter. Among them are Margaret Atwood, Richard Dawkins, James Gleick and Simon Schaffer. Introduced by Bill Bryson and Martin Rees concludes with "Looking 50 years ahead." 490 pages. 24cm. x 17.5cm. Contents clean, no inscription or marks. Near fine red cover. D./w. is slightly damaged on the back, a patch (5cm. x 2.5cm.) of the surface is rubbed off, possibly from something accidentally stuck to it, its also slightly rubbed on edges and corners, otherwise very good. Priced £25.00. ISBN 9780007302567. 2010
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Book number: 8188
GBP 5.00 [Appr.: EURO 5.75 US$ 6.25 | JP¥ 671]
Keywords: science The Royal Society scientists Richard Dawkins Margaret Atwood James Gleick Simon Schaffer

Introductory Text-Book of Meteorology.
Edinburgh: William Blackwood, 1871., Hardback. Appears to be the first edition. 218 pages followed by 3 pages illustrated with charts of maps illustrated with Isobaric Lines showing the mean atmospheric temperature, and 3 other maps illustrated with Isothermal Lines showing temperature etc. Sadly pages 193 to 208 ( ie. 8 pages) are missing. Also illustrated with a weather chart for Europe in Nov. 1863, a weather chart for West Indies in Oct. 1866, and 55 figures within text. 19.5cm. x 12.25cm. Contents very good but some pages were unopened, & then opened roughly along edges of some pages. On the half-title page is written "To Dr. Crichton With compliments of the Author." ...but he hasn't actually signed his name! Some minor marks within text. Brown cover is slightly marked or soiled & has a small stain on front. No d./w. 1871
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Book number: 9740
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Catalogue: Science
Keywords: meteorology weather atmosphere atmospheric pressure mists fogs clouds winds monsoons storms temperature solar & terrestrial radiation

London. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1967., First edition. 224 pages including bibliography & index. 8 colour plates and 130 in black & white. Contents near fine, no inscription or marks, but dark brown front endpage faintly marked where a book mark was left in. Gold coloured cover is near fine. D./w. near fine, priced 50/- (£2.50). Scanned to show condition of cover under d./w. 25.5cm. x 18.5cm. 1967.
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Book number: 7625
GBP 7.00 [Appr.: EURO 8 US$ 8.74 | JP¥ 940]
Catalogue: Science
Keywords: alchemy chemistry psychology mysticism gold transmutation philosopher's stone

Man And The Cosmos. The Nature of Science Today.
London. Penguin Books, 1970., A Pelican paperback, first published by The Pall Mall Press in 1968. 285 pages. Contents clean, no inscription or marks. Card cover near fine but back corners slightly bumped. 1970
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Book number: 7219
GBP 2.00 [Appr.: EURO 2.25 US$ 2.5 | JP¥ 268]
Catalogue: science
Keywords: science cosmos cosmology Einstein nuclear radiation relativity satelites

The Faber Book of Science.
London. Faber & Faber, 1996., Paperback. An anthology .... everything from Leonardo da Vinci to the Chaos Theory. 528 pages. 8.5" x 5" Cover slightly creased on spine, & bottom front corner creased. ISBN 0571179010 1996
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Book number: 732
GBP 2.50 [Appr.: EURO 3 US$ 3.12 | JP¥ 336]
Catalogue: Science
Keywords: science biology botany astronomy zoology physics chemistry genetics

THE GREATEST POWER ON EARTH. The Story of Nuclear Fission.
London. Sidgwick & Jackson, 1980, First edition. Foreword by Lord Zuckerman. 342 pages including bibliography, notes & references, and index. 22 b./w. photographs on 16 pages. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w., but price clipped. ISBN 0283987154 1980
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Book number: 5969
GBP 4.50 [Appr.: EURO 5 US$ 5.62 | JP¥ 604]
Catalogue: Science
Keywords: nuclear fusion atomic bomb nuclear power Daisy168 Marie Curie Ernest Rutherford Cavendish Laboratory physics Enrico Fermi

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