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London. Reed's Nautical Books, 1992., Foreword by Prince of Wales. 3 generations of the Beken family have photographed sailing ships & yachts, starting in 1888 with 10 year old Frank, then his son Keith, & eventually his grandson Kenneth joined the family firm in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. 208 pages. Illustrated with beautiful photographs in colour and b. & w., taken around the world of over 100 sailing ships, along with a short description & specifications. (Some material already appeared in "A Century of Tall Ships" pub. Harrap 1985.) 12.5" x 9.75". Near fine except a tiny, hardly visible dent on front cover. Near fine d./w. except top edge slightly curling. Original 1994 bill for 32 enclosed ! A heavy book. 1992
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Book number: 2498
GBP 9.00 [Appr.: EURO 10.75 US$ 11.82 | JP 1294]
Keywords: ships sailing ships yachts Beken Cowes photography Tall Ships Isle of Wight

Toledo, Ohio. Naval Records Club, 1975, One volume only out of 4. Softback with card covers. Pages 110-199, illustrated with b.& w. photographs, drawings, plans & a 3 page folded plan of S.S. Ostfriesland, printed on both sides of the pages, showing inside & out. Bottom corner of front cover is creased & starting to curl, top front corner has 2 slight faint creases, spine slightly worn, o./w. very good. Contents near fine, except bottom corners slightly bumped. 1975
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Book number: 2846
GBP 2.00 [Appr.: EURO 2.5 US$ 2.63 | JP 288]
Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: warship submarine destroyer torpedo navy warfare maritime frigate

A History of Seafaring. Based on Underwater Archaeology.
London. Book Club / Thames & Hudson, 1974., First published 1972 by Thames & Hudson. 12 chapters by experts in their fields, such as Earliest Seafarers in the Mediterranean, Greeks, Etruscans etc., Romans at Sea, Greek & Roman Harbours, Ships of Roman Period in Britain, Byzantium, Scandinavians, Vikings, Medieval & Renaissance in Italy, British Navy design, Atlantic Traders & Privateers, Waterways in the New World, for fur trade etc.. 320 pages. 150 colour and 219 black & white photographs. 137 drawings. Bottom of spine faded & bumped, bottom edge of cover faded, o./w. near fine. D./w. bumped top & bottom, o./w. near fine. 11" x 8". 1974
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Book number: 1321
GBP 3.00 [Appr.: EURO 3.75 US$ 3.94 | JP 431]
Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: seafaring maritime history navy archeology shipwrecks underwater archaeology

THE SEA. It's History And Romance. Vols. 1-4 in 2 books.
London. Halton & Truscott Smith, no date., Very good set. 4 volumes in 2 books. Not dated, but probably published between 1930 & 1939. The first book contains volumes 1 & 2. Volume I has 295 pages, illustrated with a colour frontispiece, 15 colour plates, many in b./w., woodcuts and a folded map in colour. Vol. 2 has 278 pages, with frontispiece in colour, a folded sea chart of 1700, 12 plates in colour, & many in black & white. The 2nd book contains volumes 3 & 4. Volume 3 has 282 pages, volume 4 has 282 pages including bibliography & index. Both volumes are nicely rebound in dark green cloth with gilt lettering, but bottom corner of title page on vol. 1 is slightly, faintly dusty, or discoloured. 28cm. x 22cm. Heavy books. 1935
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Catalogue: Naval / Maritime
Keywords: sea navy naval ocean ships boats Nelson

London. Adlard Coles / William Collins, 1986., Reprint of third edition which was published 1980. First published 1967. 358 pages including index. 44 b./w. photographs, 61 maps & diagrams. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Endpapers illustrated with b./w. photograph of freak waves in the Atlantic. Near fine d./w. is priced 18.95. ISBN 0229116469. 1986
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Book number: 5631
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Catalogue: Naval / Maritme
Keywords: sailing ocean storms yacht sailboat weather hurricane

Wilton, Cork. The Collins Press, 2002., Soft back. Preface by John de Courcy Ireland. History of an Irish Shipping Line which began in Galway, Ireland, in the late 1850's, but failed in 1864. 225 pages plus 2 pages at end of other titles from this press.18 b./w. photographs & illustrations.23.5cm. x 15.5cm Near fine, no marks, no inscription, but top front corner faintly creased. ISBN 190346420X. 2002
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Keywords: Galway Ireland Irish shipping ships transatlantic

YANGTSE INCIDENT. The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst. April 20 1949 to July 31 1949
London. Harrap, 1950., First edition. Foreword by Commander J.S. Kerans.199 pages. 25 b./w. photographs on 15 pages & 2 maps. 20.5cm. x 13.75cm. No d./w. Top edge of front endpaper has been torn off, removing the previous owner's name, o./w. contents near fine. Top & bottom of spine and corners slightly bumped & a little worn, o./w. near fine. 1950
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Book number: 4653
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Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: Yangtse H.M.S. Amethyst Chinese Liberation Army Commander J.S. Kerans Lieutenant Chu Wei Nanking Tachung Admiral Kwei Shanghai

The Romance of Tall Ships.
London. Gallery Books (W.H.Smith), 1990., The history, both past & present of the magnificent Tall Ships. 96 pages, with over 100 colour photographs of beautiful sailing ships and clippers from all over the world, some over 100 years old, and also modern day schooners. Near fine, no inscription or marks. Near fine d./w. 30cm. x 22.5cm. ISBN 0831774614. 1990
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Book number: 1322
GBP 3.00 [Appr.: EURO 3.75 US$ 3.94 | JP 431]
Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: Tall ships naval history maritime sailing ships barques square-riggers

Steam At Sea. Two Centuries of Steam-powered Ships.
London. Conway Maritime Press, 2000., Hardback. Reprint, first published 1997. 242 pages, with 315 b./w. photographs & drawings. 2000
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Book number: 9533
GBP 4.00 [Appr.: EURO 5 US$ 5.25 | JP 575]
Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: steam steamship steam-power

London. Hutchinson, 1953, About deep sea diving. 256 pages. 26 b./w. photographs. No d./w. Top of spine, edges of spine & corners are worn, with " split in cloth on top of spine. Very interesting account of diving for the Navy and Admiralty Salvage. Not a common book. 8" x 5". 1953
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Book number: 2627
GBP 17.50 [Appr.: EURO 21 US$ 22.98 | JP 2516]
Catalogue: Naval History
Keywords: Thetis divers diving decompression ship salvage Lyness underwater Scapa Flow Raglan Affray

THE TALL SHIPS ARE SAILING. The Cutty Sark Tall Ships Races.
Newton Abbot. David & Charles, 1982., First edition. 191 pages including bibliography & index. Illustrated with a double page map of the route the tall ships took, and about 120 b./w. photographs. 25cm. x 17.5cm. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine cloth cover. Near fine d./w. ISBN 0715380281 1982
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Book number: 6645
GBP 4.00 [Appr.: EURO 5 US$ 5.25 | JP 575]
Catalogue: Maritime / Naval
Keywords: Cutty Sark tall ship sailing ship sailing windjammer clipper Sea cadet

Ocean Odyssey. A Record Of The Fighting Merchant Navy.
London Eyre & Spottiswoode, 1945, Hardback. Reprint, first published 1944. 220 pages, with 17 b./ w. photographs. 8" x 5". No d./w. Back cover has a faint white mark, and endpapers are slightly foxed, o./w. very good. 1945
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Book number: 2797
GBP 3.00 [Appr.: EURO 3.75 US$ 3.94 | JP 431]
Catalogue: Naval History
Keywords: Merchant Navy W./W.2 Naval History Malta

SAILS. (Third Edition I.O.R. Mark III )
London. Adlard Coles, 1973, 2nd impression of 3rd edition, which was revised for I.O.R. Mark III." 415 pages. 54 b./w. photographs, 146 figures, & in the 75 page Appendix another 20 pages of diagrams & figures. Near fine, no inscription or marks, in near fine d./w. 9" x 6". ISBN 022997368x. 1973
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Book number: 6471
GBP 4.50 [Appr.: EURO 5.5 US$ 5.91 | JP 647]
Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: sails sailing rigging yacht sailmaker spinnaker sailcloth International Offshore Rule I.O.R.

London.Cassell & Co., 1922, 212 pages including index. 5 b & w.photographs. 8" x 5". No d./w. Near fine in navy cloth with gilt lettering, but top & bottom of spine & corners slightly worn or bumped. Contents clean & tight, no inscription or marks, but back free e.p. has a faint crease. 1922
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Book number: 3500
GBP 4.00 [Appr.: EURO 5 US$ 5.25 | JP 575]
Catalogue: Naval History
Keywords: ships boats tramp ship seamen

Famous Fighting Ships.
London. Hamlyn, no date., Not dated but probably published between 1960-75. Describes 10 ships over 400 years, from Drake's flagship "Revenge" which fought the Spanish Armada, to the USS "Enterprise" in 2nd W./W. Recounts the battles the 10 ships 160 pages including index. Well illustrated in colour & black & white. 12" x 9". Near fine except '2.50' written on f.e.p., erased but still visible. Near fine d./w. but price clipped. ISBN 0600354865. 1975
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Catalogue: Naval
Keywords: Drake USS Enterprise Old Ironsides Ark Royal Spanish Armada Royal Navy sea battles

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