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Amarna Letters: Essays on Ancient Egypt, C. 1390-1310 Bc
. volumes 1 - 4. KMT Communications, 1991 - 2000, some editors and contributors: Percy Stuart Peache, Handcock, William L Moran, Charles Horne, Made up of KMT magazine articles they are mostly the most up to date information on the Amarnma Period. Examples of contents: CONTENTS "SOLEB RENAISSANCE: RECONSIDERING THE TEMPLE OF NEBMAATRE IN NUBIA" by William J. Murnane / "ROYAL HEIRESS SITAMEN: KING'S DAUGHTER, KING'S SISTER, KING'S WIFE & KING'S MOTHER" by Marshall F. Thompson / "RECONSTRUCTING THE BERLIN HEAD OF TIYE" by Andy Joose / "THE MNEVIS BULL AT 'HORIZON OF THE DISC'" by Lisa K. Sabbahy / "A RARE SOLAR DISPLAY DEPICTED IN THE TOMB OF MERYRE AT EL AMARNA" by Lenore O. Congdon / "CROWNED HEADS; ROYAL REGALIA OF THE AMARNA & PRE- & POST-AMARNA PERIODS" by L. Green / "WHAT AILED AKHENATEN & HIS DAUGHTERS?" by Vikas Vishnoi / "SEVEN BATTERED OSIRIDE FIGURES IN THE CAIRO MUSEUM & THE SPHINX AVENUE OF TUTANKHAMEN AT KARNAK" by Dennis C. Forbes / "PAINTINGS IN THE TOMB OF KING AY (WV23) & THE WESTERN VALLEY OF THE KINGS PROJECT" by Otto J. Schaden / "SCRIBE BEHIND A CHAIR: ANALYSIS OF THE WALTERS ART GALLERY RELIEF NO. 22.128" by Earl L. Ertman / "THE ROYAL TOMB OF HOREMHEB IN THE VALLEY OF THE KINGS: ITS DISCOVERY, DESIGN & DECORATION" by George B. Johnson In 1887 about 350 clay tablets were found at el Amarna, the site of Akhenaten's capital Akhetaten. Most of these are now in European Museums (200 in Berlin, 80 in the British Museum and twenty at Oxford). They are written in cuneiform characters in the diplomatic language of the day, Akkadian. Most of the letters are dated to the reigns of Amenhotep III (1402-1364) and Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV, 1350-1334). They reflect the lively correspondence between the Egyptian administration and its representatives in Canaan and Amurru and the state of international affairs between Egypt and the major powers of the Middle East, Babylonia, Mitanni and Assyria, and the lesser countries such as Arzawa in western Anatolia. Five cuneiform tablets were found naming Tushratta, a Mitanni king who was father-in-law to Amenhotep III and Akhenaten, another five from the Babylonian king Kadashman-Enlil and a few letters mentioning by name the Kassite king of Babylonia Burnaburiash, and the king of Arzawa. good paperback set.
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Babylonian and Assyrian Sculpture in the British Museum.
. Paris and Brussels, Les Editions G. Van Oest, 1928, large -4° volume, 35 x 28 cm, 55 pp. which contain introduction and the description of the plates, + 60 plates, publisher's cloth top edge gilt, with some light foxing to the tops of the first 8 pages . Binding split at plate XXXVII, Binding grubby with one 3 cm split to top of front external spine. Text in English. (A French edition was published in the series 'Ars Asiatica'.).£ 45.00 (Cuneiform ).
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Babylonian Boundary-Stones and Memorial-Tablets in the British Museum. . 2 Volumes
. One text volume and one plate volume. British museum 1912, original green cloth , a very good set , small ex-libris on each first paste down, spines discoloured. 107,26 photographs , partly printed on loose plates. (Cuneiform ).
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Babylonische Texte Volumes 5-9 in 2 Bound Volumes
. Leipzig, 1889-1890 . red cloth, gilt titling (Cuneiform ).
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Die Reliefs Der Assyrischen Koenige 5 Offprints from Archiv Fuer Orientforschung 1935 - 1939
. 1 from vol. X/4-5: Die asssyrischen Reliefs in England, with II: die assyrischen Reliefs im Museum der Citta del Vaticano by G. Ffurlani and F. Weidner. 32pp.34 illustr.; III from Vol. XI/3: die assyrischen Reliefs in Italien by G. Furlani and E.F. Weidner. pp. 33 - 69, 26 illustr. From vol. XI: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) pp. 69 -105, 23 illustr. From Vol. XII/4-5: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) 5. Drei Reliefs im Museum der Stadt Hove. 6. Vier releifs im Museum zu Bristol. 7. Vier Reliefs im Besitz der literary and philosophical society in Newcastle upon tyne. pp. 105 - 137. 16 illustr. From vol. XII/6: IV: die assysrischen reliefs in England (II. Teil) 9. Ein Relief im Institute of archaeology der Universitaet Liverpool. 10. Vier Reliefs im Borough museum zu Newbury. 11. Ein Relief im MUseum zu Torquay. 12. Ein Relief im Museum zu Reading. 13. Zwei reliefs in Sandon Hall. pp. 137 - 153. all uin printed wrappers, page numbers were done by hand (Cuneiform ).
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