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Henry Peach Robinson - Master of photographic Art 1830-1901
Oxford, Basil Blackwell Ltd, 1988, 1. Paperback. 119. Zwart/wit illustraties. ISBN/EAN: 0631161724. Conditie: Redelijk, Kaft aan de hoeken gevouwen, wat verkleurd op de band. Binnenkant prima. This books brings together the work of one of the foremost of Victorian photographers. In it she tracesHenry Peach Robinson's development as artist, photographer and leading exponent of photographic art theory during one of the most interesting periods in British history. His emergence as an impostant pioneer in photography as an art form is revealed by reference to his own works, pictorial and literary, as well as to appraisals by art critics of his day..
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Keywords: Victorian, photographic art theory, pictorial photography

Psychoanalytic Explorations in Art
New York, International University Press, 1965, 3. Hardcover (linnen). 342. Zwart/wit illustraties. Conditie: Redelijk, Geplakt artikel binnen de titelpagina, plus ex-libris 1974 H.F.J. Riebinga, verder tot pagina 41 onderstrepingen en aantekeningen in potlood. Based on more than 25 years of research in psycholy of art aswell as clinical psychoanalysis, these explorations afford a rare oppurtunity to follow the development of the author's thought and to experience with him the unfolding of his ideas. The central question he poses is: "What are those things like which, by contempories or (under changed conditions) by posterity, tend to be endowned with the specific aura which the word ART conveys? What must the men have been like who made these things, and what did their work mean to themselves and to their public?".
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Keywords: geschiedenis kunst psychology patholgie

The quest for the Grail - Arthurian legend in British Art 1840-1920
Manchester, Manchester University Press, 1999. Paperback. Kleurenillustraties. ISBN/EAN: 0719055377. Conditie: Zeer goed, Zeer goede conditie, geen ezelsoren, kleine vouw in softcover. This book offers a wide-ranging survey of the use of Arthurian legends in Victorian and Edwardian art, and explains the source of their popularity. This book explores for the first time connections between the treatment of the Grail Legend in the visual arts and the fascination with spiritualism and the occult around the fin de siecle. Based on original research, this highly accesible and well-illustrated book is a fund of information about the ways in which the legends were transformed through Victorian eyes. 353 pagina's
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Keywords: Pre-Raphaelieten, Legends, Burne-Jones, Rossetti

The legends of King Arthur in Art
Suffolk, St. Edmundsbury Press Ltd, 1995, 2. Paperback. Kleurenillustraties. ISBN/EAN: 0859914860. Conditie: Goed, Aan de rug van het boek zie je dat het gelezen is, binnenkant gaaf. A study of works of art inspired by legends of King Arthur and his knights and produced over a period of nine centuries in Western Europe and North America. It covers illuminated manuscripts. printed books, sculpture, pavements, wall paintings etc. Muriel Whitaker surveys this wide array of material as a specialist in Arthurian texts from the Middle ages to the present day; her emphasis on content, rather than form, offers an original perspective, different from that of the art historian. Her purpose is to explain the social, political, religious and aesthetic conditions which influenced representations of Arthurian legends in various historical periods, and she has consulted a wide variety of sources to explain the legends' enduring attraction for artists from the middle ages to the Pre Raphaelites, and for patrons ranging from the Duc de Berry to the trustees of Boston Public Library.
258 pagina's
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Keywords: rosetti, Burne-Jones

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