PEARSON, T. GILBERT Preliminary Catalogue of the Birds of Chapel Hill, N.C. , with Brief Notes on Some of the Species
JOHN D. MACDONALD The Green Ripper
LEWIS VICTOR HELBRUNN Studies in Artificial Parthenogenesis IV. Heat Parthenogenesis
HANNAH, A.M. Radiation-Mutations Involving the Cut Locus in Drosophila
DAVENPORT, CHARLES B. Heredity and Mendel's Law
TISCHLER, G. Zellstudien an Sterilen Bastardpflanzen
KLABUND Moreau: Roman Eines Soldaten
MCCLINTOCK, BARBARA The Suppressor-Mutator System of Control of Gene Action in Maize
SHULL, A. FRANKLIN A Color Sport Among the Locustidae
FILICAJA, VINCENZIO DA Poesie Toscane Di Vincenzio Da Filicaja Senatore Fiorentino E Accademico Della Crusca Coll' Aggiunta Della Vida Dell' Autore in Questa Nuova Edizione
BAUR, ERWIN Mutationen Von Antirrhinum Majus
WINKLER, HANS Solanum Tubingense, Ein Echter Pfropfbastard Zwischen Tomate Und Nachtschatten
DRINKWATER, CAROL The Olive Farm a Memoir of Life, Love and Olive Oil in the South of France
MULLER, H.J.; ALTENBURG, LUOLIN S.; MEYER, HELEN UNGER; EDMONSON, MARGARET; ALTENBURG, EDGAR The Lack of Proportionality between Mutation Rate and Ultraviolet Dose in Drosophila
TOWER, WILLIAM LAWRENCE The Determination of Dominance and the Modification of Behavior in Alternative (Mendelian) Inheritance, by Conditions Surrounding or Incident Upon the Germ Cells at Fertilization
DAVENPORT, C.B. Defects Found in Drafted Men
EPHRUSSI, BORIS AND BEADLE, G.W. La Transplantation Des Ovaires Chez la Drosophile
UNIFEM: UNITED NATIONS DEVELOPMENT FUND FOR WOMEN Oil Extraction: Food Cycle Technology Source Book 1
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