MELSENS, ALFRED-MAURICE FSC Bouwkundig Teekenen. Dessin d Architecture
ECONOMAKIS, RICHARD Leon Krier. Architecture & Urban Design 1967-1992
GUTKIND, E(RWIN) A(NTON) The International History of City Development. Complete set of 8 volumes. Vol. I: Urban Development in Central Europe, Vol. II: Alpine and Scandinavian Countries, Vol. III: Southern Europe: Spain and Portugal, Vol. IV: Southern Europe: Italy and Greece, Vol. V:Western Europe: France and Belgium, Vol. VI: Western Europe: The Netherlands and Great Britain, Vol. VII: East-Central Europe: Poland, Czechoslovakia and Hungary, Vol. VIII: Eastern Europe: Bulgaria, Romania and the USSR
KOOLHAAS, REM & MAU, BRUCE S, M, L, Xl Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large
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