ROTH, H. LING Great Benin: Its Customs, Art and Horrors
O'REILLY, PATRICK La Nouvelle Calédonie au temps des cartes postales
REGNIER, HENRI DE Binding - La Pecheresse
N.A. Ecole du Soldat et de Peloton Destinée à lusage et à l'instruction des milices du Canton de Vaud, ensuite de l'Arrête du Petit Conseil du 17 Novembre 1803
LANDER, RICHARD Records of Captain Clapperton's Last Expedition to Africa: By Richard Lander, his faithful attendant, and the only surviving member of the expedition: with the subsequent adventures of the author. In two volumes
AUGOYAT, A.-M. Instruction sur les campemens, avec tentes ou baraques
N.A. Beeches Press Prospectus Six
LYONS, EUGENE Assignment in Utopia
HOLMBOE, KNUD Desert Encounter. An Adventurous Journey Through Italian Africa
GWYNN, STEPHEN Mungo Park and the Quest of the Niger
HEADLY, LAWRANCE C. The Queen - Rare Play King Arthur and Queen Guinevere
HINDLEY, CHARLES The Old Book Collector's Miscellany or, a collection of readable reprints of literary rarities illustrative of the history, literature, manners and biography of the English nation during the sixteenth and the Seventeenth centuries
HOLE, WILLIAM Quasi Cursores. Portraits of the High Officers and Professors of the University of Edinburgh at its Tercentenary Festival. Drawn and etched by William Hole
KUCZYNSKI, J?RGEN The Condition of the Workers in Great Britain, Germany and the Soviet Union 1932-1938
MUSSET, ALFRED DE Binding - Contes et Nouvelles
JOHNSTON, R Travels through part of the Russian empire and the country of Poland; along the Southern shores of the Baltic
ABLAING VAN GIESSENBURG, W.J. D' De ridderschap van Veluwe, of geschiedenis der Veluwsche jonkers, opgeluisterd door hunne acht stamdeelen, huwelijken, kinderen en wapens. Hoofdzakelijk getrokken uit de verzameling van handschriften van wijlen den Rijks-vrijheer W.A. van Spaen
THIERS, M.A. Histoire de la Revolution Francaise
MILNE, J. HOGARTH Great Britain in the Coronation Year. Being a historical record of the crowning of Their Imperial Majesties King George the Fifth and Queen Mary together with a chronicle of the various clerical noble naval military diplomatic and civil personages attendant thereat illustrated by scenes and portraits from contemporary photographs
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