KURT GEORG WILLIAM LUDECKE I Knew Hitler: The Story of a Nazi Who Escaped the Blood Purge
MARSHALL, A.B. Mrs. A.B. Marshall's Cookery Book
VARIOUS CONTRIBUTORS The Illustrated London News - April 16, 1960
HEBERLING. W.A. Heberling's Basic Lettering and Elements of Composition, Color Harmony, Gilding, Embossing, Processes, Etc. As Used Commercially
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MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Cinemart - the Most Authoritative Mandarin Movie Magazine, June 1976, No. 78
STEWART, WILLIAM D. - EDITOR Totem 1946 - Yearbook of the University of British Columbia (Ubc)
Emerging from the Mist: Studies in Northwest Coast Culture History (Pacific Rim Archaeology,)
GARIS, HOWARD R. Uncle Wiggily and the Red Monkey (1028)
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JENKINS, ROBERT G The Port Radium Story
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Sport Truck Magazine, February [Feb. ] 1994: Home-Built Street Trucks / Michelle Thomas Cover Photo
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Nutshell News Magazine, November 1992 - Savor the Southwest
GRAHAM, THOMAS Remembering Revell Model Kits (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
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LOGAN, ANN Schools out
MULLTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Frontier Times Magazine: January 1975 *Ghost Town & Mining Special*
MULTIPLE CONTRIBUTORS Newsweek Magazine, October 24, 1988 *Steve Jobs Cover*
ELNORA HISTORY COMMITTEE Buried Treasures;: The History of Elnora, Pine-Lake and Huxley
FUCHS, DANIEL; COHEN, MRS. LEE; CARUVANA, LARRY; BUCALSTEIN, HARRY; WAGO, MRS. HANNA; WOODS, REV. DAVID; WARDELL, RUTH; HEYDT, HENRY; MILLER, ALTHEA; FEINBERG, C.L. The Chosen People, September (Sept. ), 1971 - Messianic Youth Fellowship Goes All out for Jesus
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