GAFFNEY, PAUL LAWRENCE Ronald Dworkin on Law and Interpretation. A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the School of Philosophy Of the Catholic University of American In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements For the Degree Doctor of Philosophy
STORY, JOSEPH A Discourse Pronounced at the Funeral Obsequies of John Hooker Ashmun, Esq., Royall Professor of Law in Harvard University, Before the President, Fellows, and Faculty, in the Chapel of the University. Cohen 1925
, An Act For turning the Books of the Law, and All Process and Proceedings in Courts of Justice into English [with] An Additional Act Concerning the Proceedings of the Law in English. Neither in Wing. Folio
COOKE, EDWARD Chronica Juridicalia: Or, A General Calendar of the Years of . . . the several Kings of England . . . Together with A Chronological Table of the Names of all the Lord Chancellors . . . Justices of the Kings-Bench and Common Pleas [etc.]. ESTC R10158
, American Book-Prices Current. A Record of Literary Properties sold at Auction in the United States and in London, England, from September 1960 through [August 1978] [Title Varies]. Nineteen Volumes
PHAYER, THOMAS A Booke of Presidentes exactly written in maner of a Register, newlye Imprynted and corrected . . . mete for all such persons to knowe, as desire to learne the forme and maner howe to make al maner of euydences and instrumentes [etc.]. STC 3329; Beale T430
LENOBLE, JACQUES AND MARC MAESSCHALCK Toward a Theory of Governance, The Action of Norms
ST. GERMAIN, CHRISTOPHER] The Dialogus de fundamentis Legum Angliae et de conscientia [etc.]. S.T.C. 21560
, The Duke of Norfolk's Case: With Reasons for Passing his Bill. Wing D2514
SUTTON, ROBERT A Complete Guide to Landlords, Tenants, and Lodgers, Being a Methodical Arrangement of the Whole Law . . . Respecting the Taking or Letting of Lands, Houses, or Apartments . . . Notices to quit; Ejecting . . . Distress for Rent [etc.]. Fourth Edition
, The Trials Of all the Prisoners Who Were Try'd at the Assizes held at Maidstone, for the County of Kent . . . before the Hon. Sir Thomas Denison, Knt. one of the Judges of the Court of King's Bench [etc.]. Second Edition
BLACKSTONE, WILLIAM An Analysis of the Laws of England. To Which is Prefixed an Introductory Discourse on the Study of the Law. Third Edition. Eller 219; Lauechli 522
JACOB, GILES Every Man His Own Lawyer: Or, A Summary of the Laws of England in a New and Instructive Method [under seven heads] . . . so plainly treated of, that all Manner of Persons may be particularly acquainted with our Laws and Statutes [etc.]
, An Act (Passed 20th June 1800.) For the Better Ascertaining and Collectiong the Duties Granted by Several Acts Passed in the Last Session of Parliament Relating to the Duties on Income, and to Explain and Amend the Said Acts [39 & 40 Geo III c.49]
, Photograph of the Court, the frame measuring some 14 x 18 inches, the image 9 x 13 inches, a formal pose, all of the justices in their judicial robes, five standing with four behind, with the embossed stamp of Harris & Ewing in the lower left-hand corner
COKE, EDWARD Les Reports de Edward Coke . . . de diuers Resolutions, & Judgements donnes auec graund deliberation, per les tresreuerendes Iudges, & sages de la ley, de cases & matters en ley [etc.]. Parts 1-13 in seven volumes [complete] [titles vary]. Folio
STORY, JOSEPH Commentaries on the Law of Promissory Notes, and Guaranties of Notes, and Checks and Banks and Bankers. With Occasional Illustrations from the Commercial Law of the Nations of Continental Europe. Second Edition. Cohen 2562
HUDSON, JOHN The Oxford History of the Laws of England, Volume II, 871-1216
LEY, JAMES Reports of Divers Resolutions in Law, Arising upon Cases in the Court of Wards, And other Courts at Westminster, in the Reigns of the late Kings, King James and King Charles [with] A Learned Treatise Concerning Wards & Liveries [etc.]. Wing M688. Folio
, An Act for naturalizing such foreign Protestants, and others therein mentioned, as are settled, or shall settle in any of His Majesty's Colonies in America [13 Geo II c.7]. Folio
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