J. W. MALLET. Revision of the Atomic Weight of Gold. A rare original article from the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London, 1889.
INGWERSEN, A. The Big Voyage of The Little Shanghai. A yacht voyage from Shanghai to Copenhagen. 1927. This is an original article from the Wide World Magazine.
GOUGH, HENRY The Territorial, Corporate, & Local Armory of Buckinghamshire. An original article from the Records of Buckinghamshire, or Papers & Notes on The History, Antiquities, & Architecture of The County, 1885.
CHILDE, V. GORDON Horses, Chariots and Battle-Axes. An original article from the Antiquity journal, 1941.
TURNER, W. Eighteenth Century Adams Ware (pottery). An original article from The Connoisseur, 1904.
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