Author Not Stated A Treatise on Magnetism, by Ralph Walker of Jamaica. An original essay from the Monthly Review, 1796. No author is given for this article.
T.H. McGuffie A Staff Order of the German Campaign, 1795. An original article from the Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research, 1949.
ILLUSTRATION Ossip Ivanoff Kommissaroff Kostromskoi; the Enobled Peasant who Saved the Czar's Life. An original print and accompanying article from the Illustrated London News, 1866.
Strand Magazine Rear Admiral Dewey. Portraits of Celebrities at Different Ages. An uncommon original article from The Strand Magazine, 1898.
Mr. C.V.A. Peel A Race against Death. In Marihan country with the explorer and naturalist. An uncommon original article from the Wide World Magazine, 1898.
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