HORNE, MARILYN In-Person Autograph. Signed by the Great Mezzo-Soprano
OSTRENG, WILLY. Okonomi Og Politisk Suverenitet: Interessespillet Om Svalbards Politiske Status.
PLEASANT, GEORGE; EDITOR. The Joy of Streaking: A Guide to America's Favorite Pastime.
WILSON, COLIN. The Outsider.
WINTER, WILLIAM. Ada Rehan: A Study,
THORNTON, EDWARD. (1817-1906). PROMINENT BRITISH DIPLOMAT. MINISTER TO AMERICA FROM 1867 TO 1881. Signature on a Card of British Diplomat and Minister to America Edward Thornton.
MERIAM, LEWIS; METZ, HAROLD W. Suggested Standards for Determing Un-American Activites. (Cover Title).
LEVITZKI, MISCHA. Piano Recital by Mischa Levitzki. Unity Concert Course of Unity Institute. (Cover Title).
METZDORF, ROBERT F., EDITOR. The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America. Volume Fifty-Five, Third Quarter, 1961.
PARKER, JOHN; COMPILER; GAYE, FREDA; EDITOR. Who's Who in the Theatre: A Biographical Record of the Contemporary Stage.
PORTER, ALLAN. Josef Sudek: Photothek.
REINKENDORFF, EMIL. REGIMENTAL BAND LEADER. Fragment of an Autograph Letter Signed by Erich Reinkendorff, Director of the Grand Army Republic Band of Canton, Ohio.
HORGAN, PAUL. (1903-1995). AMERICAN PULITZER PRIZE-WINNING AUTHOR. Typed Letter to E. Harold Hugo Signed by American Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author Paul Horgan.
BROWN, DAN. The Da Vinci Code.
FARRINGTON, BENJAMIN. Francis Bacon: Philosopher of Industrial Science.
ROBINS, EDWARD. Twelve Great Actresses.
MANN, WILLIAM PICKARD. Disestablishment and Confiscation. A Letter to the Right Hon. Gathorne Hardy, M.P. For the University of Oxford and Secretary of State for the Home Department. By W.P. Mann.
ANTHONY, HENRY B. (1815-1884). NEWSMAN, 21ST GOVERNOR OF RHODE ISLAND, AND PRESIDENT PRO TEMPORE OF THE U.S. SENATE. Signature on a Card of the 21st Governor of Rhode Island and President Pro Tempore of the Senate Henry B. Anthony.
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