NO AUTHOR LISTED Geography of Ohio
COMPANY, INTERNATIONAL TEXTBOOK Mechanical Principles, Parts 1-2
RUSSELL, GLADYS TRENTHAM Call Me Hillbilly a Personal Account of Growing Up in the Smokies Near Gatlinburg
IRVING, DAVID JOHN CAWDELL The Trail of the Fox the Search for the True Field Marshal Rommel
EDWARDS, GEORGE THORNTON The Youthful Haunts of Longfellow
SWAN, WILLIAM D The District School Reader, Or, Exercises in Reading and Speaking Designed for the Highest Class in Public and Private Schools
GALLAGHER, O'DOWD Retreat in the East
HANES, B. E. Doak Family History and Genealogy
CADWELL, ROY Clearwater "a Sparkling City" (Author Signed)
TODD, LUTHER EDWARD The Call of the Forgotten Man
LAAR, MART Metsavennad
HMSO Field Service Pocket Book, Part 1- Pamphlet No 6, Intelligence Information and Security
SIMON, SANDY Remembering a History of Florida's South Palm Beach County
DOANE, MICHAEL The Legends of Jesse Dark (Author Signed)
TAMMSAARE, A. H. Tode Ja Oius I (Truth and Justice)
MCCORKLE, JILL Ferris Beach (Author Signed)
DUSTIN, DORTHY DEVEREUX Omaha and Douglas County. A Panoramic History
PAGE, THOMAS NELSON The Shepherd Who Watched By Night
HUDSON, SAM The Story of Plymouth, Michigan a Midwest Microcosm
BOSSUET, EVÊQUE DE MEAUX Oeuvres Complètes de Bossuet, Tome Cinquieme, Education-Administration, Histore de France, Catechisme de Meaux-Prieres Ecclesiastiques. -Ouvrages Pour le Diocese de Meaux, Pour le Clerge de France
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