, Brief Deductions Relative to the Aid and Supply of the Executive Power, According to the Law of England. In Cases of Infancy, Delirium, or Other Incapacity of the King. Second Edition
, An Act to amend and render more effectual, in His Majesty's Dominions in America . . . An Act for punishing Mutiny and Desertion, and for the better Payment of the Army and their Quarters [5 Geo III c.33]
NEWELL, MARTIN L. The Law of Libel and Slander in Civil and Criminal Cases As Administered in the Courts of the United States of America. Second Edition
, De Termino Michaelis Anno primo [through De termino Hillarii Anno xxii] Eduardi Quarto [1461-1482]. S.T.C. 9776; 9783; 9788; 9794; 9801; 9811; 9817; 9824; 9830; 9835; 9843; 9849; 9854; 9858; 9864; 9869; 9875; 9880; 9887; 9893. Folio
HUNTER, SYLVESTER JOSEPH The Act to Amend the Law of Property and to Relieve Trustees, (22 & 23 Vict. c.35,) with Introductions and Practical Notes
COLQUHOUN, PATRICK A Treatise on the Police of the Metropolis; Containing a Detail of the Various Crimes and Misdemeanors By which Public and Private Property and Security are . . . injured and endangered: and Suggesting Remedies for Their Prevention. Sixth Edition
FIENNES, NATHANIEL A Speech . . . in answer to the Third Speech of the Lord George Digby. Concerning Bishops and the Citty of Londons Petition . . . In which is plainly cleared the severall objections that are made against the Londoners Petition [etc.]. Wing F880
, First [through Fourth] Annual Report[s] of the Board of Managers of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, June 2, 1826 [through 1829]
AVINS, ALFRED (ED.) Open Occupancy vs. Forced Housing Under the Fourteenth Amendment: A Symposium on Anti-Discrimination Legislation, Freedom of Choice, and Property Rights in Housing
LILLY, JOHN A Continuation of the Practical Register [of William Style], in Two Parts. Wherein are contained Many Rules of Court, and also Practical Cases [with] a Table of all the Acts of Parliament mentioned in both these Parts. Two Volumes [complete]. Cowley 198
MAINE, HENRY SUMNER Ancient Law, Its Connection With the Early History of Society, and Its Relation to Modern Ideas
, Anno Primo Reginae Elizabethe. At the Parliament begunne at Westminster, the xxiii of Januarie, in the fyrst yere [1559] of the raigne of our Soueraigne Lady Elizabeth . . . were enacted as foloweth. S.T.C. 9460; Beale S274. Folio in 6's
, The Tryal of Thomas Colley . . . For the cruel and inhuman Murder of Ruth Osborne . . . by ducking her in Marlston-Mere . . . under Supposition of her being a Witch [together with the accounts of several other trials]
GORDON, THOMAS] Francis, Lord Bacon: Or the Case of Private and National Corruption, and Bribery, Impartially Considered [etc.]. Fifth Edition. Gibson 411
HALHED (ED. AND TRANS.), NATHANIEL BRASSAY A Code of Gentoo Laws, or Ordinations of the Pundits. From a Persian Translation, Made From the Original, Written in the Shanscrit Language
BURN, RICHARD The Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer. Two Volumes [complete]
PYE, HENRY JAMES Summary of the Duties of a Justice of the Peace Out of Sessions. With Some Preliminary Observations. Second Edition
WADE, JOHN A Treatise on the Police and Crimes of the Metropolis; Especially Juvenile Delinquency, Female Prostitution, Mendicity, Gaming, Forgery . . Also an Account of the Courts of Justice and Prisons of London; And . . . the Causes of the Increase of Crime &c.
, London's Roll of Fame: Being Complimentary Notes and Addresses From the City of London, on Presentation of The Honorary Freedom of that City, and on Other Occasions...
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