LIFE MAGAZINE Life Magazine April 23, 1956
LIFE MAGAZINE Life Magazine April 12, 1948
ELDER, LINDSEY EDITOR Early Embraces Ii More True-Life Stories of Women Describing Their First Lesbian Experience
IRWIN, INEZ HAYNES Maida's Little Island
RINGER, ROBERT Restoring the American Dream
FRANKLIN, M. AND MARYANN J. DOTTS Clues to Creativity: A-I Providing Learning Experinces for Children
SOAP OPERA DIGEST Soap Opera Digest October 26, 1982
CHRISTMAS Vintage Best Christmas Wishes Card with Snowy Town
WOMAN'S DAY Woman's Day Magazine December 2015/January 2016
LIFE MAGAZINE Life Magazine August 11, 1961
GOURMET MAGAZINE Gourmet Magazine January 1979 the Magazine of Good Living
SHEET MUSIC Baby Elephant Walk Piano Solo
SHEET MUSIC This Year's Kisses
TERREY, JOHN Antique Radio Classified February 1986
ADVERTISEMENT 1940 Golden Wedding Whiskey Magazine Advertisement
BROWN, BRIAN Separatism a Positive Response from English Canada
ADVERTISEMENT Victorian Trade Card for Mclane's Pills with Young Girl Traveling for Christmas
MOORE, BEN Instantaneous Personal Magnetism Debunked
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