SEBASTIANI, GIUSEPPE DE SANTA MARIA: Seconda speditione all' Indie Orientali. Roma, nella stamperia di Filippo M. Mancini, 1672.
CRUICKSHANK, BRODIE: Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast of Africa. Including an Account of the Native Tribes, and their Intercourse with Europeans. Two volumes. London, Hurst and Blackett, 1853.
KANDINSKY, WASSILY: Kandinsky. Om konstnären (About the Artist). Stockholm, Gummesons Konsthandel, 1916.
[NIPPON YUSEN KAISHA]. Plan of Passenger Accommodation Motor Ships "Atsuma Maru" & "Tatsuta Maru". The Orient-California Fortnightly Service N.Y.K. Line. Tokyo 1930s.
SCHOPENHAUER, JOHANNA HENRIETTE: Resa ifrån Paris genom Södra Frankrike till Chamouny. Two parts in one volume. Mariefred, Collin & Comp., 1826-27.
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