[UKIYO-E POST CARDS]. [Two sets of twelve coloured pictorial postcards after wood block prints]. Tokyo, Shimbi Shoin, early 20th century.
BAINES, THOMAS: The Gold Regions of South Eastern Africa. London & Cape Colony, 1877.
[KIRKBY, CHARLES MAJOR]: A Forced March from My Home in Old England, to My Home in the Regiment. Bangalore, Printed at the Columbian Press, by Thomas Beare, 1848.
PIGNORIA, LAURENTIUS (LORENZO): Mensa Isiaca, qua sacrorum apud aegyptios ratio & simulacra subjectis tabulis aeneis simul exhibentur & explicantur. AND: Magnae deum matris idaeae & attidis initia. Ex vetustis monumentis nuper Tornaci Nerviorum erutis. Parts I-III. Two works in one volume. Amsterdam, Andreas Fries, 1669-70.
MARTINI, MARTINO: De bello tartarico historia. Antverpiae, ex officina Plantiniana Balthasaris Moreti, 1654.
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