[MIYAJIMA, JAPAN]. A Short Guide to Miyajima and Neighbourhood. Third edition. Hiroshima, Miyajima Hotel, 1918.
[UKIYO-E POST CARDS]. [Two sets of twelve coloured pictorial postcards after wood block prints]. Tokyo, Shimbi Shoin, early 20th century.
FORBES, DUNCAN: A Grammar of the Hindustani Language, in the Oriental and Roman Character. ... To which is added, a copious selection of easy extracts for reading in the Persi-Araic & Devanagari characters, forming a complete introduction to the Bagh-o-Bahar. London 1846.
PFEIFFER, IDA LAURA: Voyage a Madagascar. Et précédé d'une notice historique sur Madagascar par Francis Riaux. Paris, Librairie Hachette, 1862.
CASTRÉN, MATTHIAS ALEXANDER: Elementa grammatices syrjaenae. Helsingfors, ex officina typographica heredum SimeliI, 1844.
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