JACKSON, JAMES GREY, ESQ.: An Account of the Empire of Marocco, and the District of Suse; Compiled from Miscellaneous Observations made During a Long Residence in, and Various Journies through, these Countries. To which is Added, an Accurate and Interesting Account of Timbuctoo, the Great Emporium of Central Africa. London, W. Bulmer and Co., 1809.gr
MARSDEN, WILLIAM: A Grammar of the Malayan Language, with an Introduction and a Praxis. London, for the author by Cox and Baylis, 1812.
JULIEN, STANISLAS: Méthode pour déchiffrer et transcrire les noms sanscrits qui se rencontrent dans les livres chinois, à l'aide de règles, d'exercises et d'un répertoire de onze cents caractères chinois idéographiques, employés alphabétiquement. Paris, L'imprimerie Impériale, 1861.
UJFALVY, KARL EUGEN VON: Aus dem westlichen Himalaja. Erlebnisse und Forschungen. Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1884.
[PHOTOALBUM - JAPAN]. TAMAMURA, KOZABURO & KIMBEI, KUSAKABE, ETC.: [A Japanese lacquer album with 50 hand coloured photographs. Ca 1880's].
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