REFTELIUS, CARL: Historisk och politisk beskrifning, öfwer riket och staden Algier, ifrån år 1516 til och med år 1732. Two parts in one volume. Stockholm, Peter Jör. Nyström, 1737-39.
MOLLIEN, GASPARD THÉDORE: Travels in the Interior of Africa, to the Sources of the Senegal and Gambia; Performed by Command of the French Government, in the year 1818. Edited by T.E. Bowdich. London, Henry Colburn & Co., 1820.
SKERTCHLY, J. ALFRED: Dahomey as it is; being a Narrative of Eight Months' Residence in that Country, ... Also an Appendix on Ashantee. London, Chapman and Hall, 1874.
KLEEN, TYRA: En Psykesaga. Stockholm 1902.
KUNDÍ, SAWADA (Ed.) / SAWADA, SIICHIRO (Artist): Ch sen ko t jiki-sh Collection of antique Korean ceramics. Kyoto, Uns›do, Taisho 13 (1924).
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