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YOKOHAMA AMATEUR ROWING CLUB. Aquatic Sports, Saturday 25th Aug., 1900. At 3 p.m. Yokohama, Japan Gazette Office, 1900.
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[SMITH, BAKER & CO. / JAPANESE TEA BOX LABEL]. [A colour woodblock printed label named "Bird chop" for a large tea box for export]. Late Meiji era (ca 1890-1910).
[KOLCZYCKI, JERZY FRANCISZEK (KOLTSCHITZKY, FRANZ GEORG)]: [Head title] Curiosa relatione del viaggio fatto da quel coraggioso Soldato che portae fuori di Vienna le Lettere à S.A. di Lorena, e riportae le risposte, con tutto ciae che gli è successo in quello. Tradotta fedelmente sa una stampata in lingua tedesca. Venetia, per il Boso, 1683.
TAVERNIER, JOHN BAPTISTE: The Six Voyages ... Through Turky into Persia, and the East-Indies. Finished in the Year 1670. Giving an Account of the State of those Countries. Together with a New Relation of the Present Grand Seignor's Seraglio. London, Printed for R.L. and M.P. and are to be sold by John Starkey, and Moses Pitt, 1678. TOGETHER WITH: A Collection of Several Relations & Treatises Singular and Curious, ... Not Printed among his first Six Voyages. London, A.Godbid and J. Playford, for Moses Pitt, 1680.
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[VARANASI - PHOTOALBUM]. Views of Benares from the River Side. Presented by the Maharaja of Benares. [Varanasi about early 1900's].
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KÅHRE (KAHRE), TRULS]. SWEBILIUS, OLOF: [ Lijk-predikan wijdh ehreborne / wälwijse och wijdtförfarne / nu hoos gudh salige hr. Truls Kohres / fordom förnähm och wälförtiente rådh-mans uthi kongl. residentz och hufwudstaden Stockholm hederliga jordafärd / hållem utji stoore kyrckian / den 18 aug. anno 1672 för tå näewarande förnähmliga försambling. Stockholm, N. Wankijff, (1672).
[YU ZHI GENG ZHI TU]. La fabrication de la soie illustrée. Shanghai, Tien-shih-chai photolithographic works, Guangxu 5 (1879).
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