YOKOHAMA AMATEUR ROWING CLUB. Aquatic Sports, Saturday 25th Aug., 1900. At 3 p.m. Yokohama, Japan Gazette Office, 1900.
MIZUNO HIDEKATA: Katei no Hana (Flowers at Home). Tokyo, Kokkeido, Taisho Period (1910-20's).
EKELÖF, ADOLF: Ett år i Stilla Hafvet. Reseminnen från Patagonien, Chili, Peru, Californien, Britiska Columbia och Oceanien. Stockholm 1872.
[VARANASI - PHOTOALBUM]. Views of Benares from the River Side. Presented by the Maharaja of Benares. [Varanasi about early 1900's].
BRAAM HOUCKGEEST, ANDREAS EVERARDUS VAN: An Authentic Account of the Embassy of the Dutch East-India Company, of the Court of the Emperor of China, in the Years 1794 and 1795; (subsequent to that of the Earl of Macartney), Containing a Description of Several Parts of the Chinese Empire, unknown to Europeans ... Two volumes. London, Printed for R. Phillips, 1798.
BOEHTLINGK (VON BÖHTLINGK), OTTO: Ein erster Versuch ueber den Accent im Sanskrit. St. Petersburg, Der Kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften, 1845.
HEDIN, SVEN: En färd genom Asien 1893-97. Two volumes. Stockholm 1898.
[UGGLA, ALLAN] - O'CONNOR, FREDERICK: On the Frontier and Beyond: A Record of Thirty Years' Service. [Together with hand written letters to and from Allan Uggla]. London, John Murray, 1931.
ALEXANDER, WILLIAM: Picturesque Representations of the Dress and Manners of the Chinese. Illustrated in Fifty Coloured Engravings. London, Printed for Thomas M'Lean, Haymarket; by Howlett and Brimmer, Frith Street, Soho, (about 1827).
KNAUER, LEOPOLDINE (TRANSL.): Japanische Märchen. Die zerbrochenen Bildsäulen. Tokyo, Takejiro Hasegawa, (1931).
[JESUITS]. Risposta ad alcune lettere scritte alcuni giorni addietro e sparse per l'Italia. Genova (Most likely Venice) 1759.
COTTINEAU DE KLOGUEN, DENIS LOUIS: Bosquejo historico de Goa escripto em inglez. Nova-Goa 1858.
CONCORDIA PIA CONCORDIA PIA ... in Tamil (Meyi visu varasa). Madras 1856.
NOÉ, BIANCHI: Viaggio da Venezia al S. Sepolcro, ed al Monte Sinai. Col disegno delle Città, Castelli, Ville, Chiefe, Monasteri, Isole, Porti, e Fiumi, che sin là si ritrovano. Venezia, ed in Torino, no date (about 1750).
[CHANG, THE GIANT (CHANG WOO GOW)]. [Carte de visite photo of the Chinese Giant in Bournemouth] ca 1875.
CARTER, FRANCIS: Reise von Gibraltar nach Malaga im Jahr 1772. Leipzig, Sigfried Lebrecht Crusius, 1779.
MARIGNY, ABBÉ FRANCOIS AUGIER DE: Histoire des arabes sous le gouvernement des califes. Four volumes. Paris 1750.
[VIETNAM - PHOTOGRAPHS OF HILL TRIBES]. [A Collection of thirteen postcards with images of different ethnic minority groups]. About 1920s.
DE GRANDPRÉ, LOUIS MARIE JOSEPH O'HIER COMTE: A Voyage in the Indian Ocean and to Bengal, Undertaken in the Years 1789 and 1790: Containing an Account of the Sechelles Islands and Trincomale; the Character and Arts of the people of India; with some Remarkable Religious Rites of the Inhabitants of Bengal. To which is Added, a Voyage in the Red Sea; Including a Description of Mocha, and of the Trade of the Arabs of Yemen; ... Two volumes in one. London 1803.
LANGLÉS, LOUISMATHIEU: Instituts politiques et militaires de Tamerlan, proprement appellé Timour. Ecrits par lui-même en Mogol, & traduits en francois, sur la version persane d'Abou-Taleb-al Hosseini, avec la vie de ce conquérant, d'après les meilleurs auteurs orientaux; des notes & des tables historique, géographique, &c. Paris, chezx Née, Lottin & Didot, 1787.
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