FRYER, JANE EAYRE Easy Steps in Cooking for Big and Little Girls, or, Adventures Among the Kitchen People
HILTON, JAMES Good-Bye, Mr. Chips
RALL, GÜNTHER (AND KURT BRAATZ) My Logbook: Reminiscences 1938 - 2006 (Signed)
JONES, E. LESTER Report of Alaska Investigations in 1914
BUKOWSKI, CHARLES Dangling in the Tournefortia
GREER, HOWARD Designing Male
PAPINI, GIOVANNI Gog (En Francais)
ROBERTS, CHARLES G.D. Kings in Exile
DUKE, GENERAL BASIL W. Reminiscences of General Basil W. Duke, C.S. A.
EFFENDI, SHOGHI Baha'i Institutions a Compilation
MOULTON, JAMES HOPE & WILBERT FRANCIS HOWARD A Grammar of New Testament Greek, Vol II, Accidence and Word-Formation with an Appendix on Semitisms in the New Testament
GOETHE, JOHANN WOLFGANG (VON) The Complete Works of Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe (in Ten Volumes)
WINTERBERG, FRIEDWARDT The Physical Principles of Thermonuclear Explosive Devices
SYNGE, JOHN M. Four Plays
BARRETT, JOHN PAUL How to Make a Book: An Illustrated Guide to Making Books by Hand
BOOTS, GYPSY (BOOTZIN, ROBERT) Bare Feet and Good Things to Eat (Signed)
GANAPATHY, V. Steam Plant Calculations Manual
BARNHART, EARL W. Elements of an Educational Program for Laundry Salesmen; Bulletin No. 119 : Commercial Series No. 6
CLOVER, CAROL J. AND JOHN LINDOW Islandica, Volume XLV: Old Norse-Icelandic Literature, a Critical Guide
CAMP, RAYMOND R. (ED.) The Hunter's Encyclopedia
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