Apollonaire, Guillaume; Jean Cassou (intr.); Giorgio De Chirico; Henri Rousseau; Picasso; Matisse; Villon; Duchamp; Braque; Leger; Severini; Gleizes; Blanchard; Herbin; Laurencin; Delaunay; Fresnaye; Lhote; Gris; Zadkine La Peinture Sous le Signe D'Apollinaire. Numbered 401 of 1000. Giorgio de Chirico Woodcut Facing Title Page. First Edition
V. S. Nechaeva Zhurnal M.M. I F.M. Dostoevskih ,,poha'' = 'Era': Dostoyevsky's Journal
Cinquini, Alain Verdet Dance
Moody, Edwin Schooner on the High Seas
Gill, Eric St. Luke on a Bookplate for Thomas Francis Esmond and Ruth Lowinsky
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