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[ZIEGENBALG, BARTHOLOMAEUS & GRÜNDLER, JOHANN ERNST]: Thirty Four Conferences Between the Danish Missionaries and the Malabarian Bramans (or Heathen Priests) in the East Indies, Concerning the Truth of the Christian Religion: Together with Some Letters Written by the Heathens to the Said Missionaries. Translated out of High Dutch by Mr. Phillips. London, H. Clemens, 1719.
MEDGYES, LÇSZLÎ: [HUNGARIAN AVANT-GARDE]. Figurâk. Tiz eredeti szines litogrâfia. (Figures. Ten coloured lithographs). Budapest, Dick Man—, 1917.
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[CALLAWAY, JOHN] (TRANSL.): Yakkun Nattannawa: A Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Ceylon System of Demonology:... and Kolan Nattannawa: A Cingalese Poem, Descriptive of the Characters Assumed by Natives of Ceylon in a Masquerade. London, Printed for the Oriental Translation Fund, 1829.
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