WILLIAMS, CLEMENT: Through Burmah to Western China. Being Notes of a Journey in 1863 to Establish the Practicability of a Trade-Route Between the Irawaddi and the Yang-tse-kiang. Edinburgh and London, W. Blackwood, 1868.
[BURMA - PHOTOGRAPHS]. A collection of Twenty-five Original Gelatin Silver Photographs. About 1895.
[CHINA - BOARD GAME]. Jeu Nouveau le Voyage a Pékin par Air, par Fer, par Terre et par Mer (title on lid). Paris, H. Jannin, ca 1861.
CRUICKSHANK, BRODIE: Eighteen Years on the Gold Coast of Africa. Including an Account of the Native Tribes, and their Intercourse with Europeans. Two volumes. London, Hurst and Blackett, 1853.
KOSUGI, SUGIMURA & YOKOI, TOKIFUYU: Dai Nihon Bijutsu Zufu (Illustrations of Japanese Decorative Arts). Eight volumes. Tokyo, Yoshikawa Hanshichi, Meiji 34 (1901).
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