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001799: (Barber, Joseph) - War Letters of a Disbanded Volunteer. Embracing His Experiences as Honest Old Abe's Bosom Friend and Unofficial Adviser.
002484: (Frost, John) - Heroes and Hunters of the West : Comprising Sketches and Adventures of Boone, Kenton, Brady, Logan, Whetzel, Fleehart, Hughes, Johnston, &c.
003939: (Barrow, John) - A Family Tour Through South Holland; Up the Rhine' and Across The Netherlands, o Ostend.
001233: (Foster, T.J., Manager) - Circular of Information of The International Correspondence Schools ; A System of Home Study in Steam Engineering.
003859: (Stoddard, William O.) - The Volcano Under the City
001387: (Mrs. Oliphant) - Self-Sacrifice
003621: - Oliver Optic's Magazine - 1867 - 2 Issues
004601: (Garno, Benjamin) - Modern Billiards. A Complete Text-Book of the Game.
001970: - A Study in Scarlet
004242: (J.C. Thompson, Publisher) - Balloon and Panoramic Views of Narragansett Bay and Its Border.
003155: - Washington Album
001815: - Steam: Its Generation and Use, With Catalogue of the Manufactures of The Babcock & Wilcox Co.
001484: - How to Use Florence Knitting Silk. No.4
003305: (Abbott, Jacob) - Lucy On the Mountains (School Library Vol. XIX))
002365: (Roby, John) - Jokeby, A Burlesque on Rokeby. A Poem, In Six Cantos. By an Amateur of Fashion
003446: (Dickens, Charles) - Dickens's Continental ABC Railway Guide
003413: - The Artist's Assistant, In the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences. Calculated for the Improvement of Genius
003156: - Jeweler's Practical Receipt Book; Valuable Receipts, Formulae and Suggestions, Carefully Compiled from the Most Reliable Sources.
002080: - Pinafore Rhymes: Indoor Scenes
002267: - Mother Goose ABC
001719: (Outcault, R.F.) - Buster Brown Goes Shooting and Other Stories
003778: Samuel Ward (Publisher0 - Phillips Brooks Appointment Calendar - 1943
004068: (Anburey, Thomas) - Journal d'un voyage fait dans l'intérieur de l'Amerique septentrionale .(Volume I only. Includes Autograph letter.)
002863: - Touched By Fire, A Photographic Portrait of The Civil War (Volume 1 and Volume 2)
003107: (Jerrold, Douglas William) - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures.
003108: (Knight, Helen C.) - Richard Harvey, or Taking a Stand.
003244: - The Amesbury Home of Whittier
003115: (Anderson, Elbert) - Claims On the United-States By the Late Contractor for the State of New -York, &c.
002670: - Buddha Auswahl Aus Dem Palikanon
002799: - Von Aubérive bis Brimont Bilder aus der Champagne Dritte Folge Herausgegeben Von der Schriftleitung der Champagne-Kriegszeitung 1918 Gedruckt im Felde in der Armeedruckerei der l.Armee
004435: (Pullen, Henry William) - The Fight at Dame Europa's School
002283: - Ricordo Di Pompei
004084: (Burke, Andrew) - Burke's Descriptive Guide; or, the Visitors' Companion to Niagara Falls: Its Strange and Wonderful Localities.
003127: - The Republican Club of the City of New York
004393: (Johnson, Samuel) - Rasselas, A Tale by Doctor Johnson
003909: (Hamilton, Thomas) - Men and Manners in America
002586: (Kennedy, Grace) - Dunallan : Or, Know What You Judge (Vol. II)
003640: (Baret, Paul) - L'homme ou le tableau de la vie; histoire des passions, des vertus et des evenemens de tous les ages. (6 Tomes / Volumes)
003546: (Donaldson, Alexander, Printer) - The Complete Letter-Writer. Containing Familiar Letters on the Most Common Occasions in Life. Also a Variety of Elegant Letters for the Direction and Embellishment of Style, On Business, Duty, Amusement, Love, Courtship, Marriage, Friendship,.....
004568: - Bar Mitzvah: A Selection of Confirmation Speeches in Hebrew, YIddish and English
001973: - The American Kitchen Magazine (November 1900 Volume XIV, No.2)
001857: (Hart, Joseph) - The Barren Fig-Tree.
004605: - The Psalms of David with Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Also, the Catechism, Confession of Faith, and LIturgy
002574: - A Paradise of Daintie Devices. A Collection of Poems, Songs, Ballads. By Various Hands
003241: - Eastern Branch National Home D.V.S.
004391: (Hutchinson, Orren) - Anecdotes from Ancient History
002545: (Johnson, Susannah Willard) - A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, Containing an Account of Her Sufferings During Four Years With the Indians and French
000456: (Notes By E.M.) - A Catechism That is to Say an Instruction to be Learned of Every Person , Before He be Brought to be Confirmed By the Bishop
001472: (Various Authors) - The Youth's Magazine or Evangelical Miscellany, for the Year 1842, Vol. 5. Fourth Series
004594: (Hoyle, Edmond) - Hoyle's Games: Containing the Established and Practice of.......
001321: 15 - Stories of the Last Battles of the American Revolution
000842: (Dickens, Charles) - Dame Durden: Little Woman from The Bleak House of Charles Dickens.
004255: (Burke, Edmund) - An Account of the European Settlements in America. - 2 Volumes
004241: (Ruggles, Edward) - A Picture of New York in 1848
003715: (Goodrich, Frank B.) - Tricolored Sketches in Paris, During the Years 1851-2-3
001579: - Heures Nouvelles, ou Demi-bréviaire, contentant les offices de tous les Dimanches & fêtes de l'annee. Imprimée par l'ordre de M. l'Evéque d'Amiens, a l'usage de son diocese.
004488: - A Confession of Faith Owned and Consented to by the Elders and Messengers of the Churches in the Colony of Connecticut in New-England, Assembled by Delegation at Say Brook September 9th, 1708.
002600: - Crofutt's New Overland Tourist, and Pacific Coast Guide.
004127: (Norman, Benjamin Moore) - Norman's New Orleans and Environs: Containing a Brief Historical Sketch of the Territory of the State of Louisiana, and the City of New Orleans
003443: (Pitman, Fred) - The Pentatiuk, or Feiv Buks Ov Mozes, Riten in Fonetik Shorthand
002325: (Prime, William Cowper) - Later Years
000847: (No Author Stated) - Thirty Two Scenic Views of Western Canada
001780: - Views of the Granite City
004094: (Carroll, Lewis) - Alice in Wonderland
003992: (Davison, Gideon M.) - The Fashionable Tour, In 1825. An Excursion to the Springs,Niagara, Quebec and Boston.
002606: Inaugural Committee 1953 - Official Program of the Inaugural Ceremonies Inducting Into Office Dwight D. Eisenhower President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon Vice President of the United States January 20, 1953
003166: - New -England Mercantile Union Business Directory Part 6.- Connecticut. Containing a New Map of Connecticut, an Almanac for 1849, a Memorandum for Every Day in the Year, and a Business Directory For the State
004331: - [The Egyptian Dream-Book and Fortune-Teller, Containing an Alphabetical List of Dreams,....
002328: Abbott, John S.C. - Geschichte des Bürgerkrieges in Amerika. Eine Vollständige und Unparteiische Beschreibung des Unsprungs und Fortgangs der Rebellion, der Verchiebenen Kämpfe zu Wasser und zu Land, der Heldenthaten von Heerenwie von Einzelmen und von Ergreifenden ...
002054: Abbott, A. O. - Prison Life in the South at Richmond, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Goldsborough, and Andersonville, During the Years 1864 and 1865
001426: Acheson, Sam - 35,000 Days in Texas; A History of the Dallas News and Its Forbears
002927: Adams, John Coleman - Santa Claus's Baby and Other Christmas Stories
002652: Adams, John - America and France. The Intire (sic) Message of The President of the United States, to Both Houses of Congress : Covering The Full Powers To, and Dispatches from, the Envoys Extraordinary of the United States, to the French Republic. April 3, 1798.
003027: Aggeler, Paul M. and Lucia, S.P. - Hemorrhagic Disorders; A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
002688: State of Connecticut Board of Agriculture - Connecticut Agriculture. List of Farms For Sale. 1914
003731: Ainsworth, Ed (and W.Parker Lyon) - Pot Luck; Episodes in the Life of W. Parker Lyon
001271: Ainsworth, William Harrison - The Tower of London; A Historical Romance
003366: Alberti, Rafael - A La Pintura. Cantata de la linea y del color
003152: Allen, Gay Wilson and Davis, Charles T. - Walt Whitman's Poems
003096: Marvin. George Alson - In Litchfield Hills. An Illustrated Work of Litchfield County, In Which the Picturesque Features of Each Town in the County are Set Forth.
001080: Altman, George T. - Introduction to Federal Taxation
004451: McCoy Amasa - Funeral Orration on the Death of Hon. Daniel Webster, Delivered at a Commeroation in the Presbyterian Church, Ballston Spa, N.Y., Monday Evening, November 8, 1852.
001848: Amberg, George - Art in Modern Ballet
000319: D'Ami, Rinaldo D. - Le Uniformi Piu' Belle Del Mondo Oggi; Soldati d'Europa
001107: Andersen, Hans Christian and Others - The Darning Needle and Other Stories
004428: Andresen, Albert - Charles Dickens's Levned
001242: Angoff, Allan - American Writing Today; Its Independence and Vigor
001812: Anonymous - Kate Thornton's Motto.
004353: Anonymous - The Ninepenny-Piece, and the Little Basket-Maker.
002918: Anonymous - Guide des Plaisirs à Paris
003799: Anonymous - Stories of Popular Voyages and Travels; with Illustrations. Containing Abridged Narratives of Recent Travels of Some of the Most Popular Writers on South America. With a Preliminary Sketch of the Geography of that Country.
002736: Anonymous - Little Brighthope's Stories : Months and Seasons
003453: Anonymous - Story of Esquire Brown and His Mule
004042: Anonymous - America and the Americans From a French Point of View
001847: Anthony, Gordon - Studies of the Sadler's Wells Ballet Company at Covent Garden
002499: Anthony, Gordon - A Camera at the Ballet : Pioneer Dancers of the Royal Ballet
003788: Gordon Anthony - Dancers to remember: The photographic art of Gordon Anthony
004596: Anthony, Gordon (Photographer) - Russian Ballet. Camera Studies by Gordon Anthony With an Introduction by Arnold Haskell
004500: Anthony, Gordon - Thr Sleeping Princess : Camera Studies
004581: Anthony, Gordon - Studies of Dancers in Colour and Monochrome
004582: Anthony, Gordon - Ballerina; Further Studies of Margot Fonteyn
001555: Arnac, Marcel - Thirty-six Inches of Adventure
004392: Arthur, T.S. - Advice to Young Ladies on their Duties and Conduct in Life.
002824: Arthur, T.S. And Townsend, Virginia E. (Editors) - Arthur's Home Magazine, October 1865
002804: Evening Post Association - Evening Post Annual, 1883. Biographical Sketches [With Portraits] of State Officers, Representatives in Congress, Governor's Staff, and Senators and Members of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut.
002792: Automobile Legal Association - Automobile Green Book Road and Reference Guide, Vol. 1
003634: Aubenas, J.-A. - Histoire de Fréjus Forum JUL II Ses Antiquités - Son port
004487: d'Auborn, A. - The French Convert: Being the True Relation of the Happy Conversion of a Noble French Lady from the Errors and Superstitions of Popery to the Reformed Religion, by Means of a Protestant Gardener, Her Servant.
003646: Aubry, Octave - Napoléon III
003457: Augur, C.H. - Half-True Tales; Stories Founded On Fiction
000690: [No Author] - Preview 1947
000697: [No Author] - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Album
000974: No Author - American Views
002934: Various Authors - Saturday Review of Literature, April 28, 1945
000830: Various Authors - The Mermaid Theatre Review 1959
000911: Various Authors - St. Nicholas: And Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks. (Volume XXXV Part I.-Nov.,1907 to April, 1908; Part II-May to October, 1908) 2 VOLUMES
001154: Various Authors - The Lamp, October 1937 (Vol. 20 No. 3)
002936: Various Authors - Saturday Review of Literature, September 8, 1945
002937: Various Authors - Saturday Review of Literature, September 22, 1945
002938: Various Authors - Saturday Review of Literature, September 29, 1945
002375: Avery, Amos G. - Clocks and Watches
004188: Ayres, Harry Morgan - Carroll's Alice
003403: M. le baron De B*** - Amours Secrettes De Napoléon Buonaparte (Tome Second, Volume II only))
000487: Backman, Jules - The Economics of the Electrical Machinery Industry
003432: Bacon, Edwin M. - Rambles Around Old Boston
004333: Bailey, James M. - The Danbury Boom! With a Full Account of Mrs. Cobleigh's Action Therein!
001552: Baker, George M. - A Baker's Dozen. Original Humorous Dialogues
004379: Ball, Isaac - An Analytical View of the Animal Economy. Calculated for the Students of Medicine, as Well as Private Gentlemen Interspersed with Many Allegories, and Moral Reflections, Drawn from the Subject, to Awaken the Mind to an Elevated Sense of the Great Authjor of Nature
002436: Ballantyne, Robert Michael - The Coral Island : A Tale of the Pacific Ocean
004371: de Balzac, Honoré - Eugénie Grandet
004317: Balzac, Honoré de - La Cousine Bette
000748: Clive Barda (Photography), Graham Hughes (Introduction), Bob Gill (Design) - The Sculpture of David Wynne 1968/1974
001460: Barker, C. Hedley - Hangman's Honeymoon
000660: A.S. Barnes & Co. - Barnes' Centenary History , One Hundred Years of American Independence
003023: Barnwell, Mildred Gwin - Cotton Magic ; The Elementary Principles of Cotton Manufacture
000015: Baron, Joseph L. - Stars and Sand
003574: Barrett, Solomon - A New Inductive Grammar of the English Language, Founded Entirely on the Principle of Relations
000811: Bartholomew, J.G. - Miniature Atlas and Gazetteer of the World
003181: Bartlett, J. Gardner (Editor) - John Hill of Dorchester, Mass., 1633, and Five Generations of His Descendants Also Ancestral Lines of Some Families Intermarried with His Descendants and Colonial Records Pertaining to Them.
003442: Bartlett, David W. - London By Day and Night; or, Men and Things in the Great Metropolis.
003560: Basu, B.N. And Ghosh, S.L. - Kama-Sutra or Vatsyayana The Hindu Art of Love
004544: Bauer, Edward Louis - Doctors Mase in America
003405: Baum, L. Frank - The Magic of Oz
003020: Baumhoff, Frederick W. (Managing Director) - The National Home Journal ( Vol. III, No. IV) April 1908
003019: Baumhoff, Frederick W. (Managing Director) - The National Home Journal (Vol. III, No. VIII) August 1908
003946: Baxter, William E. - America and the Americans
003523: Beadle, Delos W. - The American Lawyer, and Business-Man's Form-Book; Containing Forms and Instructions Together with the Laws of the Various States and a Map and Seal for Eacj State in the Union.
002512: Beale, J.H. - Picturesque Sketches of American Progress. Comprising Official Descriptions of Great American Cities...
003579: Beard, Lina and Adelia B. - What a Girl Can Make and Do : New Ideas for Work and Play
004376: Beaton, Cecil - Ballet
004360: Beaumont, Cyril W. - Margot Fonteyn
004457: Beaumont, Cyriil W. - Five Centuries of Ballet Design
004499: Beaumont, Cyril W. - The Swan Lake as Presented by The Sadler's Wells Ballet
004240: Beebe, L.N. - A Descriptive Geography of New York State, with Historical and Educational Notes.
004252: Beecher, H.W. (Mrs.) - Motherly Talks with Young Housekeepers
004213: Bellamy, Daniel The Elder - Ethic Amusements
004516: Berenger, Jean Pierre (Editor) - Collection de tous les voyages faits autour du monde para les différent Nations de l'Europe - 10 VOLUMES
001894: Biagiotti, Aldo P. - Impact : The Historical Account of the Italian Immigrants of Ridgefield, Connecticut
004254: Birkbeck, Morris - Notes on a Journey in America, from the Coast of Virginia to the Territory of Illinois.
003377: Bivona, Ginnie - Dirty Dining, A Cookbook and More for Lovers - SIGNED BY AUTHOR
002356: Blake, J.L. - The Historical Reader, Designed for the Use of Schools and Families, on a New Plan.
003474: Blanchard, Amy - Daisies and Raindrops
003863: Bland, T.A. - Life of Benjamin F. Butler
004482: Bland, Alexander - Fonteyn and Nureyev: The story of a partnership
002789: Blanding, Don - Pilot Bails Out
000658: Bloomfield, Allen J. (Editor-in Chief) - The World War Book
004434: Blot, Pierre - Hand-Book of Practical Cookery, for Ladies and Professional Cooks. Containing the Whole Science and Art of Preparing Human Food.
001204: G. Blumlein & Co. - Berlin Potsdam Und Charlottenburg
004614: Blunt, Charles F. - The Beauty of the Heavens. A Pictorial Display of the Astronomical Phenomena of the Universe. Exhibited in One Hundred and Four Scenes, Accompanying and Illustrating A Familiar Lecture on Astronomy.
002805: Literary Committee Connecticut Board - Selections From the Writings of Connecticut Women
001222: Bodee, George A. - Bodee Schools of Mechanical Dentistry
000575: Bolitho, Hector - Beside Galilee
004602: Bonnycastle, John - An Introduction to Mensuration and Practical Geometry to Which is Added A Treatise on Guaging(sic) by James Ryan
003690: Automobile Blue Books - Official Automobile Blue Book 29th Year Vol I New England, Long Island, Quebec and Maritime Canada
004347: Booth, John - Forging Ahead in Magic
003949: Bowen, Benjamin F. - America Discovered By the Welsh in 1170 A.D.
003712: Bowers, David - Adventures with Rare Coins
000730: Bowles, Chester - The Coming Political Breakthrough
003240: [Brackenridge, Henry Marie] - North American Pamphlet on South American Affairs
003464: Braden, Charles - Condensed History of the United States
003936: Bradford, Wm. J.A. - Notes On the Northwest, or Valley of the Upper Mississippi
003517: Braider, Donald - Putnam's Guide to the Art Centers of Europe (SIGNED)
000038: Brandt, Lilian - How Much Shall I Give?
002968: Brewer, William Morton (Frank Talmadge Phelps, Edito - The Real "Wild West"
003368: Brile, L.M. - Sidelights on Aluminum and Non-Ferrous Metals
004033: Briloff, Abraham J. - The Truth About Corporate Accounting
003279: Bringer, Rodolphe - La mère Michel
003219: Brink, Benjamin Myer (Editor) - Olde Ulster - Volume I, Nos. 1-12 (January to December) - FULL YEAR 1905
003394: Broaker, Mrs. Frank - The Younger Mrs. Courtney ; A Novel
002609: Brockedon, W. - Finden's Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord Byron. With Original and Selected Information on the Subjects of the Engravings ( 2 Volumes)
004626: Brockett, L.P. - Handbok of the United States of America, and Guide to Emigration; Giving the Latest and Most Complete Statistics
002156: Bronson, J.&R. - The Domestic Manufacturer's Assistant, and Family Directory, in the Arts of Weaving and Dyeing :Comprehending a Plain System of Directions
003434: Brookes, R. - The General Gazetteer: or, Compendious Geographical Dictionary. Containing a Description of All the Empires, Kingdoms,States, Republics, Provinces, Cities, Chief Towns,Forts, Fortresses, Castles, Citadels, Seas, Harbours, Bays, Rivers, Lakes, etc.
004164: Water Committee of the City of Brooklyn - Documents and Plans Submitted By the Water Committee to the Common Council of the City of Brookyn for the Year 1854
002381: Brooks, Paul and Upton, T. Graydon, Editors - Mondays At Nine or Pedagogues on Parade
003475: McLoughlin Bros. - Pleasure Book for Little Folks
001661: McLoughlin Bros. - Watt's Songs Against Faults
000499: Brosterman, Robert - The Complete Estate Planning Guide For Professional Men and Women and Their Advisers
001948: Obpacher Brothers - From Cliff and Mountain Side
002607: Harper & Brothers - Harper's Round Table (Vol. II No.16, February 1899)
002456: Johnston Brothers - Johnstons' Dental Miscellany (1880, Vol. VII (9 Monthly Issues) A Monthly Journal of American and Foreign Dental, Surgical, Chemical and Mechanical Literature.
003300: Harper & Brothers - Books for Boys and Girls
003480: Harper & Brothers - The New Yorker 1950-1955 Album
004243: Taintor Brothers & Co. (Publisher) - Saratoga Illustrated: The Visitor's Guide of Saratoga Springs.
002132: McLoughllin Brothers - Animal Friends Picture Book
002608: Harper & Brothers - Harper's Round Table (Vol. I No. 10, August 1898)
003057: Brown, Bolton - Lithography
002481: Brown, William H. - The History of the First Locomotives in America
003834: Browning, Robert - Lyrics, Idyls, and Romances from the Poetic and Dramatic Works of Robert Browning
003134: Browning, Robert - Soliloquy of the Spanish Cloister
000552: Browning, Robert - The Poetical Works of Robert Browning; Complete from 1833 to 1868 and the Shorter Poerms Thereafter
004536: De Brunhoff, Jean - Babar and Zephir
003927: Bryant, William Cullen - Letters of a Traveller; or, Notes of Things Seen in Europe and America.
003793: Buckle, Richard and Massine, Léonide (Intro and Preface) - Costumes and Curtains from the Diaghilev and de Basil Ballets
002491: Buckle,Richard - George Balanchine : Ballet Master
002558: Buckley, M.B. - Diary of a Tour in America
004114: Bullock, Helen - The Williamsburg Art of Cookery or Accomplish'd Gentlewoman's Companion: Being a Collection of Upwards of Five Hundred of the Most Ancient & Approv'd Recipes in Virginia Cookery.
002057: Bunyan, John - The Pilgrim's Progress
003339: American Railway Bureau - American Railway Review February 23, 1860. (Newspaper)
003180: Burgess, Thronton W. - Peter Rabbit Has Hard Work to Believe His Eyes
003455: Burgess, Thornton W. - Cubby Bear Has a Mind of His Own
000471: Burgess, Thornton - Milk and Honey
003143: Burgess, Thornton - The Adventures of Bob White
002479: Burkitt, William - The Poor Man's Help, and Young Man's Guide.
002411: Burlingame, Roger - I Have Known Many Worlds
004619: Burroughs, John - Under the Maples
003900: Burroughs, John (Clara Barrus, Editor) - The Poem "Waiting"
003153: Burt, Henry M. - Burt's Illustrated Guide of the Connecticut Valley, Containing Descriptions of Mount Holyoke, Mount Mandfield, White Mountains. Lake Memphremagog, Lake Willoughby, Montreal, Quebed &c.
002404: Burt, Struthers - War Songs
001091: Bush, Julian S.; Lacovara, P. Philip; Schlesinger, Edward S. - The Best of Trusts and Estates; Estate Planning (SIGNED by Abraham Briloff)
003988: Butler, Frances Anne (Fanny Kemble) - Journal By Frances Anne Butler
004332: Van Slyck D.W.C. - The "Golden Days" Puzzlers Directory
003642: Cadet, Coquelin - Le Monologue Moderne
002822: Cady, John H. - Arizona's Yesterday Being the Narrative of John H. Cady Pioneer
000498: Cahn, Edmond - The Moral Decision; Right and Wrong in the Light of American Law
000020: Campbell, Thomas - The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell Including Theodric
003231: Campbell, Donald - A Narrative of the Extraordinary Adventures, and Sufferings By Shipwreck & Imprisonment, of Donald Campbell, Esq. Of Barbeck. With the Singular Humors of His Tartar Guide Hassan Artaz. Comprising The Occurrences of Four Years, and Five Days...
003713: The International Nickel Co. of Canada, Limited - Nickel Coins
003545: Canson et Montgolfier - Canson et Montgolfier Paper Specimen Book
002159: Carco, Francis Carco - à l'amitié
000790: Carnegie, Lady Helena & Jacob, Mrs. Arthur - The Infant Moralist
003567: Carpenter, G.R. (Editor-in-Chief) - The Harvard Monthly - June 1886
002553: Carr, Marie Josephine - The Charm of Color ; Expressing Your Personality in Home and Wardrobe
002500: Carr, John - A Northern Summer; or Travels Round the Baltic, Through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, Prussia, and Part of Germany, in the Year 1804
004151: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland
004119: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004171: Carroll, Lewis - Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland
004210: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004147: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004149: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004150: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland
004141: Carroll, Lewis - Useful and Instructive Poetry
004595: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland (Bulgarian Language)
004174: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004177: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004167: Carroll, Lewis - Alicja U Zemli Cudesa (Alice in Wonderland)
004089: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004200: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass )2 Volumes)
004099: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
004087: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
004206: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass
004445: Carroll, Lewis - Magic Fairy Tales: Alice in Wonderland
004344: Carroll, Lewis - Father Tuck's Alice in Wonderland
004268: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland (Shorthand)
004326: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004324: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004309: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004308: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004295: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004287: Carroll, Lewis - Alice nel Paese delle Meraviglia
004289: Carroll, Ludovici (Carroll. Lewis) - Alicia in Terra Mirabili
004106: Carroll, Lewis - The Wasp in a Wig
004267: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004259: Carroll, Lewis - Alices Aventyr I Sagolandet och Bakom Spegeln
004285: Carroll, Lewis - Alis Harikalar Ulkesinde
004180: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
004193: Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland
004158: Carroll, Lewis - Alice au pays des merveilles
004170: Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
004265: Carroll, Lewis - Through the Looking-Glass and What Alice Found There
004086: Lewis Carroll - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (Children's Classics)
004120: Carroll, Lewis - Alice's Adventures Under Ground; Being a Facsimile of the Original Ms. Book Afterwards Developed Into "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland"
003347: Carryl, Guy Wetmore - Mother Goose for Grown-Ups
001238: Carse, Robert - Blockade; The Civil War at Sea
004005: Carter, Robert - A Summer Cruise on the Coast of New England.
003103: Carter, C.F. - Katooticut
004110: Carver, J. - Travels Through the Interior Parts of North-America, in the Years 1766, 1767, and 1768.
004537: Case, Victoria and Case, Robert Ormond - We Called it Chautauqu: The Story of Chautauqua
001585: Caton, John Dean - A Summer in Norway ; with Notes on the Industries, Habits, Customs and Peculiarities of the People, the History and Institutions of the Country, Its Climate , Topography and Productions. Also, and Account of the Red-Deer, Reindeer and Elk.
004038: Catton, Bruce - Grant Moves South
003580: Catullus, Caius Valerius; Burton, Richard F.; and Smithers, Leonard C. - The Carmina of Caius Valerius Catullus
002992: James Cawley; Margaret Cawley - Exploring the Little Rivers of New Jersey
004545: Cawley, James and Margaret - Exploring the Little Rvers of New Jersey
004415: Célimène - Mille Secrets de Beauté
003787: Chamot, Mary - Goncharova: Stage Designs and Paintings
002579: Channing, Blanche M. - The Balaster Boys; A Story
002704: Charbonnel, Raoul - La Danse ; Comment on Dansait ,Comment on Danse
004113: Chastellux, François-Jean - Voyage de M. Le Chevalier de Chastellux en Amérique
004108: Chastellux, François Jean marquis de - Voyages de M. le marquis de Chastellux dans l'Amérique Septemtrionale dans les années 1780, 1781, & 1782. (Volumes 1 and 2)
003979: Chateaubriand, Vicomte de - Atala, René
004341: Cheney, E.D. - Patience : A Series of Thirty Games With Cards
004592: Chesini, Luciano - Carla Fracci
001989: Art Institute of Chicago - Catalogue of the Art School of the Art Institute of Chicago 1921-1922
004539: Chidsey, A.D., Jr. - A Frontier Village; Pre-Revolutionary Easton (Pennsylvania)
003991: Child, Maria - Letters from New-York.
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001947: Oppenheim, E. Phillips - The Quest for Winter Sunshine
003547: W.H. Van Orden - Boys' Handy Book of Sports, Games, Pastimes,Magic, Experiments, Etc. - "The Make and Mend Club"
003131: Centennial Committee of Orford - Centennial Celebration of the Town of Orford, N.H., Containing the Oration, Poems and Speeches, Delivered on Thursday, September 7, 1865, with Some Additional Matters Relating to the History of the Place.
003814: Orloff, Alexander - Russian Ballet On Tour
001312: Otis, James - Defending the Island; A Story of Bar Harbor in 1758
001686: Cross. William P. - Floods in Ohio Magnitude and Frequency
000945: Page, Charlotte A. and Alvin R. - Under Sail and In Port In the Glorious 1850's Being the Journal Form 1 May to 3 October 1852 Kept By Charlotte A. Page Also Excerpts from Journal and Letters Written 20 September 1856 to 30 January 1857 By Alvin R. Page, Jr.
004269: Paine, Albert Bigelow - Moments With Mark Twain
001609: Palin, Herb - Bits of Versatile Verse
001383: Pallucchini, Rodolfo - Gli Impressionisti alla XXIV Biennale di Venezia
002488: Papeghin - Album Souvenir Villandry
003540: Parker, Captain H. and Bowen, Frank C. - Mail and Passenger Streamships of the Nineteenth Century; The Macpherson Collection with Iconographical and Historical Notes
002127: Partridge, Bellamy and Fitton, Clifford W. - Barnum Festival; First Annual Celebration in Honor of the Great Phineas Taylor Barnu,
003052: Patch, Joseph Dorst - The Battle of Ball's Bluff
004007: Paulding, John Kirke - John Bull in America or, The New Munchausen.
000754: Paumgartner, Bernhard - Die Schubertianer; Ein Beitrag Zur Jahrhundertfeier
004574: Payne, Charles - American Ballet Theatre
003315: Peabody, George Augustus - South American Journals 1858-1859
002041: Pearson, Edmund Lester - The Librarian at Play
002872: Peck, J.M. - A New Guide for Emigrants to the West, Containing Sketches of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, With the Territories of Wisconsin and Arkansas, and the Adjacent Parts.
002575: Pendergast, Ella Worth - Over the Sea : Travel Letters
002400: Pennell, Joseph - Etchers and Etching
004508: Perry, William - The Royal Standard English Dictionary.
002487: Perthes, Justus - Justus Perthes' Taschen-Atlas
003284: Petersham, Maud and Miska - The Story of Ships
001443: Peterson, Charles J. - Peterson's Magazine, August 1892 (Volume CII)
004498: Petitjean, Pierre - Backstage
003904: Peto, S. Morton - Resources and Prospects of America
004553: Humphrey Phelps - The Great Metropolis. Phelps' New York City Guide...With Street Directory
004466: Phelps, James Andrew (Compiler) - Heroic Willards of '76; Lif ena Times of Captain Reuben Willard
000680: Phillips, Charles - Recollections of Curran and Some of His Cotemporaries
002784: Pierce, Franklin (President) - Message from the President of the United States,Transmitting the Despatch of the United States Minister Resident at the Court of Naples,Relative to the Saving of the Crew of the American Barque Parana from Shipwreck By the Officers of the Neapolitan Navy
001139: Pierce, Dana - Underwriters' Requirements for Safe Electric Installations , Parts I and II (2 Volumes)
004414: Pike, Nicolas - A New and Complete Ssystem of Arithmetick, Composed for the Use of the Citizens of the United States.
002323: Pleasanton, Louise M. - The Fairyland of Opera
004621: Podwal, Mark (Illustrator0, Bikel, Theodore (Introduction) - Let My People Go; A Haggadah
003375: Poe, Edgar Allan - Poe's Tales - A Selection
004275: Poindexter, C. - Richmond: An Illustrated Hand-Book and Guide with Notices of the Battle-Fields.
004471: Pokrovskii, Boris Aleksandrovich and Grigorovich, Yuri - The Bolshoi: Opera and Ballet at the Greatest Theater in Russia
003078: Pollard, Cecil V. - The Key to Rapid Translation of German
004538: Pope, Alexander - The Poetical Works of Alexander Pope
000335: Potter, Beatrix - The Tale of Peter Rabbit (Retold for Little Children to Read By Edna Aldredge and Jessie McKee
004321: de Potter, Armand - Editor and Proprietor - The Old World Illustrated and European Guide - Spring Edition Volume VIII, No. 1
003882: Poulsson, Emilie - Through the Farmyard Gate; Rhymes and Stories for Little Children at Home and In Kindergarten
004190: La Prade, Ernest - Alice in Orchestralia
002424: Statni Zidovske Muzeum Praha - Judaica Bohemiae, XXIII ,Vol.1
003041: Pratt, John Barnes - A Century of Book Publishing 1838-1938 Historical and Personal
003916: Prentice, Archibald - A Tour In the United States; With Two Lectures On Emigration, Delivered in the Mechanics Institution, Manchester
003123: Presbrey, Frank - Acadia and Thereabouts.
003059: Winson Press, Inc. - The Green Book of Type
003331: Taunton Press - Fine Wood Working Techniques and Fine Wood Working (2 VOLUMES)
003215: Kingsport Press - The Kingsport Book of Types - 3 VOLUMES - (Volume I Linotype, Volume II Monotype and Display, Volume III Supplement)
002013: New York Protestant Episcopal Press - The Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America : Together with the Psalter, or Psalms of David.
004504: Prévost, Mrcel - Chonchette
003912: Price, Major Sir Rose Lambart - The Two Americas; An Account of Sport and Travel. With Notes On Men and Manners in North and South America.
003998: Prime, E.D.G. - Around the World : Sketches of Travel Over Many Lands and Over May Seas
003942: The Printemps - Little Guide to Paris and the Battle Fields of France
003004: Grand Magasins du Printemps - Plan d'ensemble et Concordances avec LIgnes en Couleurs des Réseaux Métropolitain et Tramways de Paris
000608: Proctor, C.H. - The Life of James Williams, Better Known as Professor Jim, for Half a Century Janitor of Trinity College
001904: Osterreichisches Propagandaburo - Salzburger Festspiele 1947 Salzburg Festivals
004502: Propert, W.A. - The Russian Ballet in Western Europe, 1909-1920
004622: Proust, Marcel - Swann's Way
002206: Presbyterian Board of Publication - Learning to Act
002306: Long Player Publications - The Long Player (May 1958)
004424: Fox & Company PUblishers - The Cuisine Containing Household Cooking Recipes Prepared Under the Supervision of an Eminent Caterer
004296: Haskell & Moore Publishers - Views from the Bunker Hill Monument (1846 Guide Book)
001604: Pym, Michael - The Power of India
000402: Stroppa-Quaglia, R. - The European War: The Powers
001716: Quintard, Edward - Extra Muros and Other Essays
004455: Rackham, Arthur - The Arthur Rackham Fairy Book: A Book of Old Favourites with New Illustrations
003424: Radke, Ernst F. - New Angles to Bass Fishing
002158: Vallery-Radot, René - The Life of Pasteur
001376: Raferty, Frances - Stroock's Animal Kingdom
004444: Denver & Rio Grande Railway - Tourist's Handbook Descriptive of Colorado, New Mexico and Utah.
004440: Florida East Coast Railway - Florida's East Coast (Season 1902-1903)
004081: Rand, McNally & Co. - Rand, McNally & Co.'s Indexed Map of Ohio Showing the Railroads in the State, and the Express Company Doing Business Over Each. Also, Counties, Islands and Rivers,....
003122: Rand, McNally - World's Columbian Exposition.. Rand, McNally & Co.s Sketch Book Illustrating and Describing the Principal Buildings, with Their Locations, Dimensions, Cost, Etc.
003720: Randall, J.G. - The Civil War and Reconstruction
001284: Rankin, Rebecca B. (Editor) - New York Advancing: World's Fair Edition
004551: Rankin, Edward S. - Indian Trails and City Streets
001813: Ray, G. Whitfield - Through Five Republics on Horseback: Being an Account of Many Wanderings in South America
004557: Regelson, Abraham - The Haggadah of Passover
002252: de Régnier, Henri - Les Médailles d' Argiles
004029: O'Rell, Max - A Frenchman in America (The Anglo-Saxon Race Revisited)
002442: O'Rell, Max - A Frenchman in America
003169: Members of the House of Representatives - Selections from Journals of the Honourable House of Representatives, Of His Majesty's Province of the Massachusetts-Bay in New -England
001516: Rey, Robert - Choix de Soixante-quatre Dessins de Edouard Manet (Dessins et Peintures des Maitres du XIXe Siècle a Nos Jours)
004585: Reyna, Ferdinando - Histoire du ballet
004426: Reynolds, Charles B. - Standard Guide WAshington Arlington Mt. Vernon (The Nation's Capital)
003154: Reynolds, Charles B. - The Standard Guide Washington; A Handbook For Visitors
004454: Rhead, Louis - The Psalms of David Including Sixteen Full-Page Illustrations and Numerous Decorations in the Text Depicting the Life of David as Shepherd-Poet -Warrior & King
004417: Rhett, R. Barnwell - Speech of R. Barnwell Rhett, on the Resolution Submitted by Mr. Foot, of Mississippi, In Relation to the Compromise Measures: Delivered in the Senate of t he United States, December 15th &16th, 1851.
004603: Rice, William E. and Cox, William E. - Squabs for Profit
001066: Rice, Franklin P. - Vital Records of Phillipston, Massachusetts, To the End of the Year 1849
001951: Richards, George M. - The Fairy Dictionary
002565: Richardson, H.W. - The National Banks
001145: Ringrose, Jerome and Countess De Berny - The Arms and Origin of American Colonial Families.
001643: Ritch, John W. - The American Architect Comprising Original Designs of Cheap Country and Village Residences, with Details, Specifications, Plans and Directions and an Estimate of the Cost of Each Design. (2 VOLUMES)
002779: Committee on Roads and Canals - Canal - Boston Harbor to Narraganset Bay, May 15, 1826
001112: [Robbins, Sarah Stuart] - Butterfly's Flights; Philadelphia
004218: {Roberts, Margaret} - A Child of the Revolution

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