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002520: (BOUCICAUT, ARISTIDE...FOUNDER) - Souvenir of the Bon Marché
000842: (DICKENS, CHARLES) - Dame Durden: Little Woman from the Bleak House of Charles Dickens.
002325: (PRIME, WILLIAM COWPER) - Later Years
002586: (KENNEDY, GRACE) - Dunallan : Or, Know What You Judge (Vol. II)
001531: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Together with the Apocrypha; Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised. With Canne's Marginal Notes and References.
003244: - The Amesbury Home of Whittier
002573: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and Mew Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongue; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
002574: - A Paradise of Daintie Devices. A Collection of Poems, Songs, Ballads. By Various Hands
002283: - Ricordo Di Pompei
003195: - The Manuscript Receipt Book and Household Treasury.
001719: (OUTCAULT, R.F.) - Buster Brown Goes Shooting and Other Stories
002267: - Mother Goose ABC
001233: (FOSTER, T.J., MANAGER) - Circular of Information of the International Correspondence Schools ; a System of Home Study in Steam Engineering.
002920: - The Daily Graphic, March 4, 1873 (Volume 1 Number 1)
002178: - Raemakers' Cartoons; with Accompanying Notes by Well-Known English Writers
003166: - New -England Mercantile Union Business Directory Part 6. - Connecticut. Containing a New Map of Connecticut, an Almanac for 1849, a Memorandum for Every Day in the Year, and a Business Directory for the State
001687: - A Balsamic Ditty
002799: - Von Aubérive Bis Brimont Bilder Aus Der Champagne Dritte Folge Herausgegeben Von Der Schriftleitung Der Champagne-Kriegszeitung 1918 Gedruckt IM Felde in Der Armeedruckerei Der L. Armee
002863: - Touched by Fire, a Photographic Portrait of the CIVIL War (Volume 1 and Volume 2)
002600: - Crofutt's New Overland Tourist, and Pacific Coast Guide.
003115: (ANDERSON, ELBERT) - Claims on the United-States by the Late Contractor for the State of New -York, &C.
003198: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments : Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised.
002606: INAUGURAL COMMITTEE 1953 - Official Program of the Inaugural Ceremonies Inducting Into Office Dwight D. Eisenhower President of the United States, Richard M. Nixon Vice President of the United States January 20, 1953
001815: - Steam: Its Generation and Use, with Catalogue of the Manufactures of the Babcock & Wilcox Co.
001809: (GOODRICH, S.G.) - Lights and Shadows of African History: By the Author of Peter Parley's Tales.
002931: - Charles Dickens. The Story of His Life. & Speeches, Letters, and Sayings of Charles Dickens. (2 Volumes Bound Togrther )
001476: (FLORIDA EAST COAST RAILWAY, PUBLISHER) - The East Coast of Florida. The New Florida. General Information and Hotel List 1901-1902 (Florida East Coast Railway)
001970: - A Study in Scarlet
003460: (ROPES, HANNAH ANDERSON) - Six Months in Kansas (by a Lady)
003411: (HUGH GRAHAM, PUBLISHER) - The Star Almanac a Canadian Cyclopedia of Facts and Figures with a Calendar for 1893
003108: (KNIGHT, HELEN C.) - Richard Harvey, or Taking a Stand.
003107: (JERROLD, DOUGLAS WILLIAM) - Mrs. Caudle's Curtain Lectures.
002670: - Buddha Auswahl Aus Dem Palikanon
003446: (DICKENS, CHARLES) - Dickens's Continental ABC Railway Guide
002154: - Les Grandes Heures de Rohan
002888: - Year Book Woman's Art School Cooper Union 1930
000456: (NOTES BY E.M.) - A Catechism That Is to Say an Instruction to Be Learned of Every Person , Before He Be Brought to Be Confirmed by the Bishop
000672: (VARIOUS AUTHORS) - Our Nurse's Picture Book. Containing the Babes in the Wood, Jack and the Bean Stalk, Tom Thumb, and Puss in Boots with Twenty-Four Pages of Illustrations.
001647: (SCOTT, JOHN L., EDITOR) - The Printing Art Quarterly (Volume 66, Number 1, First Quarter, 1936)
000626: (COMBE, WILLIAM) - The Tour of Doctor Syntax in Search of the Picturesque
000708: (NO AUTHOR STATED) - The Children's Bible Story-Book.
000833: (NO AUTHOR STATED) - Hop-O'-My-Thumb
000847: (NO AUTHOR STATED) - Thirty Two Scenic Views of Western Canada
003364: - A Century of Russian Ballet: Documents and Eyewitness Accounts, 1810-1910
002097: - Judge, June 18 1898, Vol. 34 No. 870
002122: (STEPHENS, JOHN LLOYD) - Incidents of Travel in Greece, Turkey, Russia, and Poland. (Volume I Only)
001973: - The American Kitchen Magazine (November 1900 Volume XIV, No. 2)
001257: (VARIOUS AUTHORS) - Die Hausfrau, April-December 1927 (9 Issues)
003241: - Eastern Branch National Home D.V. S.
003413: - The Artist's Assistant, in the Study and Practice of Mechanical Sciences. Calculated for the Improvement of Genius
001387: (MRS. OLIPHANT) - Self-Sacrifice
000768: (NO AUTHOR STATED) - Boston and Maine Railroad Rules Governing the Use and Care of Air-Brake Equipment and Air-Signal Equipment
001857: (HART, JOSEPH) - The Barren Fig-Tree.
001446: (HOFLAND, BARBARA) - Mrs. Hofland's Domestic Tales : Being the Histories of the Officer's, Merchant's, and Clergyman's Widows, and Their Young Families.
003305: (ABBOTT, JACOB) - Lucy on the Mountains (School Library Vol. XIX))
001780: - Views of the Granite City
003155: - Washington Album
003156: - Jeweler's Practical Receipt Book; Valuable Receipts, Formulae and Suggestions, Carefully Compiled from the Most Reliable Sources.
001472: (VARIOUS AUTHORS) - The Youth's Magazine or Evangelical Miscellany, for the Year 1842, Vol. 5. Fourth Series
001484: - How to Use Florence Knitting Silk. No. 4
003423: (BONAPARTE, NAPLEON) - The Officer's Manual. Napoleon's Maxims of War
001502: 9 - The Fall of the Russian Empire : The Story of the Last of the Romanovs an the Coming of the Bolsheviki
001591: (MACKENZIE, ALEXANDER SLIDELL) - A Year in Spain by a Young American (2 Volume Set)
001518: - The Little Webster (Liliput Dictionary)
001535: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and Newtestaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
001532: - The Holy Bible: Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues... Together with the Apocrypha. An Index: An Alphabetical Table of All the Names in the Old and New Testaments, with Their Significations; Brown's Concordance
001579: - Heures Nouvelles, Ou Demi-Bréviaire, Contentant Les Offices de Tous Les Dimanches & Fêtes de L'Annee. Imprimée Par L'Ordre de M. L'Evéque D'Amiens, a L'Usage de Son Diocese.
002545: (JOHNSON, SUSANNAH WILLARD) - A Narrative of the Captivity of Mrs. Johnson, Containing an Account of Her Sufferings During Four Years with the Indians and French
001374: (VARIOUS AUTHORS) - The Newcomen Society in North America (46 Volumes)
003127: - The Republican Club of the City of New York
001762: - The New Biblical Atlas, and Scripture Gazetteer; with Descriptive Notices of the Tabernacle and the Temple
002637: - The Code of 1650, Being a Compilation of the Earliest Laws and Orders of the General Court of Connecticut, Also, the Constitution, or CIVIL Compact, Eneterd Into and Adopted by the Towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield in 1938-9.
001614: - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues, and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised
003443: (PITMAN, FRED) - The Pentatiuk, or Feiv Buks Ov Mozes, Riten in Fonetik Shorthand
002273: - The Natural History of Beasts.
001799: (BARBER, JOSEPH) - War Letters of a Disbanded Volunteer. Embracing His Experiences As Honest Old Abe's Bosom Friend and Unofficial Adviser.
002484: (FROST, JOHN) - Heroes and Hunters of the West : Comprising Sketches and Adventures of Boone, Kenton, Brady, Logan, Whetzel, Fleehart, Hughes, Johnston, &C.
003002: (ADDEY, H.M.) - The Royal Picturesque Hand-Book of Liverpool, a Manual for Resident and Visitor; with a Day at Birkenhead
003454: (TRUFANT, JOHN) - Trufant's Family Almanac and Daily Register for the Year of the Lord , 1811
001451: (C. SMITH & SON., PUBLISHER) - Illustrated Map of London
002365: (ROBY, JOHN) - Jokeby, a Burlesque on Rokeby. A Poem, in Six Cantos. By an Amateur of Fashion
002080: - Pinafore Rhymes: Indoor Scenes
002690: - Front Pages Presidential Election 1952
003458: - John Calvin Coolidge Notary Public
002468: - Brookline - Past and Present
000945: PAGE, CHARLOTTE A. AND ALVIN R. - Under Sail and in Port in the Glorious 1850's Being the Journal Form 1 May to 3 October 1852 Kept by Charlotte A. Page Also Excerpts from Journal and Letters Written 20 September 1856 to 30 January 1857 by Alvin R. Page, Jr.
001255: COURTNEY, M.A (WEST CORNWALL). AND COUCH, THOMAS Q. (EASTCORNWALL) - Glossary of Words in Use in Cornwall
000185: RUDOLPH, J.A. & ROSE, HOWARD N. - What You Don't Know May Hurt You
001966: ROSSEL. A. - Journaux Du Temps Passé
000101: WIETING. C.A AND DAWLEY, F.E. - Report of Director of Farmers' Institutes and Normal Institutes for the Year 1906
002625: ABBOTT, KATHARINE M. - Twentieth Century Trolley Trips; Boston
002054: ABBOTT, A. O. - Prison Life in the South at Richmond, Macon, Savannah, Charleston, Columbia, Charlotte, Raleigh, Goldsborough, and Andersonville, During the Years 1864 and 1865
002809: ABBOTT, KATHARINE M. - South Shore Trolley Trips
001642: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - Italy, and the War for Italian Independence. Containing a Brief Narrative of All the Most Interesting Events in the Past History of the Kingdom, and an Account of the Causes and the Results of the Recent Struggle for Italian Unity...
002328: ABBOTT, JOHN S.C. - Geschichte Des Bürgerkrieges in Amerika. Eine Vollständige Und Unparteiische Beschreibung Des Unsprungs Und Fortgangs Der Rebellion, Der Verchiebenen Kämpfe Zu Wasser Und Zu Land, Der Heldenthaten Von Heerenwie Von Einzelmen Und Von Ergreifenden...
003229: U.S MILITARY ACADEMY - The Howitzer 1911 Being the Year Book of the United States Corps of Cadets
001426: ACHESON, SAM - 35,000 Days in Texas; a History of the Dallas News and Its Forbears
002542: GIBBONS. HERBERT ADAMS - Songs from the Trenches - the Soul of the A.E. F.
002652: ADAMS, JOHN - America and France. The Intire Message of the President of the United States, to Both Houses of Congress : Covering the Full Powers to, and Dispatches from, the Envoys Extraordinary of the United States, to the French Republic.
001807: ADAMS, NEHEMIAH - A South-Side View of Slavery.
002927: ADAMS, JOHN COLEMAN - Santa Claus's Baby and Other Christmas Stories
002725: ADDINGTON, LARRY H. - The Blitzkrieg Era and the German General Staff, 1865-1941
001737: ACADEMY OF AERONAUTICS - Academy of Aeronautics
000003: CONNECTICUT BOARD OF AGRICULTURE - Sixth Annual Report of the Secretary of the Connecticut Bord of Agriculture 1872-73
002688: STATE OF CONNECTICUT BOARD OF AGRICULTURE - Connecticut Agriculture. List of Farms for Sale. 1914
000043: CONNECTICUT BOARD OF AGRICULTURE - Thirteenth Annual Report of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture, 1879-80
000079: COMMISSIONER OF AGRICULTURE - Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture of the Operations of the Department for the Year 1876
000080: CONNECTICUT BOARD OF AGRICULTURE - Tenth Annual Report of the Secretary of the Connecticut Board of Agriculture, 1876-7
001817: AIGNER, LUCIEN - Lucien Aigner (Icp Library of Photographers)
001271: AINSWORTH, WILLIAM HARRISON - The Tower of London; a Historical Romance
000078: ALA - Ala Automobile Green Book 1932-1933 Road Reference and Tourists' Guide of All States East of Mississippi River Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Provinces
002793: ALA - Automobile Green Book ; Road Reference and Tourists' Guide of All States East of Mississippi River, Eastern Ontario, Quebec and Maritime Provinces
003366: ALBERTI, RAFAEL - A la Pintura. Cantata de la Linea Y Del Color
000187: ALCOTT, LOUISA M. - An Old-Fashioned Girl
001116: ALDEN, CARROLL STORRS - Lawrence Kearny, Sailor Diplomat
002923: ALEX, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Masters of World Architecture : Walter Gropius, Richard Neutra, Louis Sullivan, Oscar Niemeyer and Eric Mendelsohn. (5 Volumes in Slipcase)
002924: ALEX, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Masters of World Archiitecture : Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright, Pier Luigi Nervi, Antonio Gaudi, Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, and Alvar Aalto. (6 Volumes in Slipcase)
000465: ALGER, HORATIO JR. - Hector's Inheritance; or, the Boys of Smith Institute
000310: ALGER, HORATIO JR. - From Farm Boy to Senator or the Boyhood and Manhood of Daniel Webster
002890: ALGER, HORATIO ,JR. - Joe's Luck
003227: ALLEN, IDA BAILEY - Radio Home-Makers (the Magazine of the Air) 1929, 33 Issues.
003243: ALLEN, L.M. - Little Journeys in Colorado
003096: MARVIN. GEORGE ALSON - In Litchfield Hills. An Illustrated Work of Litchfield County, in Which the Picturesque Features of Each Town in the County Are Set Forth.
003000: ALSOP-ROBINEAU, ADELAIDE, ET AL (EDITORS) - Palette & Bench, July 1910 (Vol II, No10)
001080: ALTMAN, GEORGE T. - Introduction to Federal Taxation
001848: AMBERG, GEORGE - Art in Modern Ballet
003102: AUTOMOBILE CLUB OF AMERICA - The Automobile Club of America Tour Book - 1910
002942: AMES, NATHANIEL - An Astronomical Diary ; or, Almanack for the Year of Our Lord Christ, 1764.
000319: D'AMI, RINALDO D. - Le Uniformi Piu' Belle Del Mondo Oggi; Soldati D'Europa
003363: ANDERSON, JACK - The One and Only: The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo
002496: ANDERSON, JACK - Dance
003386: ANDERSON, CHRISTOPHER - Historical Sketches of the Ancient Native Irish and Their Descendants; Illustrative of Their Past and Present State with Regard to Literature, Education, and Oral Instruction.
001918: ANDERSON, ROBERT M.(EDITOR) - Notes and Reflections on St. Vincent. With Chronology from 1498-1937.
000164: ANDREWS, TODD LEE - The Collectors Guide to Baseball Cards 1948 to 1976
001242: ANGOFF, ALLAN - American Writing Today; Its Independence and Vigor
002918: ANONYMOUS - Guide Des Plaisirs à Paris
002736: ANONYMOUS - Little Brighthope's Stories : Months and Seasons
003487: ANONYMOUS - Nursery Rhymes
001151: ANONYMOUS - Scotch Sermons 1880
001812: ANONYMOUS - Kate Thornton's Motto.
003453: ANONYMOUS - Story of Esquire Brown and His Mule
003012: JUSTUS PERTHES' GEOGRAPHISCHER ANSTALT (HRSG.) - Stielers Hand-Atlas; 100 Karten in Kupferstich Mit 162 Nebenkarten
001847: ANTHONY, GORDON - Studies of the Sadler's Wells Ballet Company at Covent Garden
002499: ANTHONY, GORDON - A Camera at the Ballet : Pioneer Dancers of the Royal Ballet
003378: ARMSTRONG, KATHRYN (EDITOR) - The White Ribbon Cook Book - a Collection of Original and Revised Recipes in Cookery and Housekeeping
001555: ARNAC, MARCEL - Thirty-Six Inches of Adventure
003448: ARNOLD, FR. - Halenza's Neuestes Rhein-Panorama Von Mainz Bis Cöln. / Panorama Du Rhin/ of the Rhine
000792: ARTHUR, T.S.(EDITOR) - The Home Magazine (Arthur's Home Magazine), Vol. II, July to December, 1853
002557: CHIEF OF FIELD ARTILLERY - Field Artillery Gunnery, 36th Edition
001615: LIBRAIRIE ARTISTIQUE ET LITTÉRAIRE - La Beauté Plastique; Ouvrage Artistique Illustré Par le Nu Photographique D'Aprês Nature Orné de 628 études.
002032: LINCOLN CENTER FOR THE PERFORMING ARTS - Opening Week of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts
001504: CONNECTICUT GENERAL ASSEMBLY - Public Documents of the State of Connecticut 1896 (2 Volumes)
002804: EVENING POST ASSOCIATION - Evening Post Annual, 1883. Biographical Sketches [with Portraits] of State Officers, Representatives in Congress, Governor's Staff, and Senators and Members of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut.
001678: AUTOMOBILE LEGAL ASSOCIATION - Automobile Green Book Road Reference and Tourist Guide; New England States, Canada and Trunk Lines West and South
002792: AUTOMOBILE LEGAL ASSOCIATION - Automobile Green Book Road and Reference Guide, Vol. 1
001142: ATWATER, FRANCIS (COMPILER) - Centennial of Meriden June 10-16, 1906; Report of the Proceedings with Full Description of the Many Events of It's Successful Celebration. Old Home Week Meriden, Conn. , the "Silver City"
002139: AUGSBURG, D.R. - The New Augsburg's Drawing First Year Book
002140: AUGSBURG, D.R. - The New Augsburg Drawing Seventh Year Book
003457: AUGUR, C.H. - Hakf-True Tales; Stories Founded on Fiction
001057: AUSTIN, JANE G. - The Shadow of Moloch Mountain
002333: NO AUTHOR - Social Etiquette of New York
000690: [NO AUTHOR] - Preview 1947
000974: NO AUTHOR - American Views
000615: NO AUTHOR - Rhymes for the Nursery, by the Author of "Original Poems" a New Illustrated Edition
000697: [NO AUTHOR] - Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupre Album
001789: VARIOUS AUTHORS - A Treasury of Old-Fashioned Fairy Tales
002933: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, Febuary 10, 1945
002935: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, August 11, 1945
002937: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, September 22, 1945
000995: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Congressional Cook Book
002934: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, April 28, 1945
000911: VARIOUS AUTHORS - St. Nicholas: And Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks. (Volume XXXV Part I. -Nov. ,1907 to April, 1908; Part II-May to October, 1908) 2 Volumes
000830: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Mermaid Theatre Review 1959
001154: VARIOUS AUTHORS - The Lamp, October 1937 (Vol. 20 No. 3)
001290: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Die Abendschule. Ein Illustriertes Familienblatt ; April 14- August 11, 1892 (18 Issues))
001797: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Harper's New Monthly Magazine. Volume XXII. December, 1860, to May, 1861.
002936: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, September 8, 1945
001761: VARIOUS AUTHORS - St. Nicholas : An Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks Volume XXXIII November 1905-1906 and May 1906-October1906 ( 2 Volumes)
001892: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Atlantic Monthly. A Magazine of Literature, Art and Politics. (November 1857- May 1858)
002938: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Saturday Review of Literature, September 29, 1945
002641: VARIOUS AUTHORS - Modern Wonder Books; the Eighty Book Classroom Library
002375: AVERY, AMOS G. - Clocks and Watches
003403: M. LE BARON DE B - Amours Secrettes de Napoléon Buonaparte (Tome Second, Volume II Only))
002523: BACHELDER, JOHN B. - Popular Resorts, and How to Reach Them. Combining a Brief Description of the Principal Summer Retreats in the United States, and the Routes of Travel Leading to Them.
000487: BACKMAN, JULES - The Economics of the Electrical Machinery Industry
003432: BACON, EDWIN M. - Rambles Arounf Old Boston
002470: BAEDEKER, KARL - Paris Et Ses Environs (Baedeker's)
002469: BAEDEKER, KARL - The Dominion of Canada with Newfoundland and an Excursion to Alaska (Baedeker's)
001411: BAILEY, ARTHUR SCOTT - The Tale of Cuffy Bear
002485: BAIRD, SPENCER F.; GIRARD, CHARLES; KENNERLY, C.B.R; HEERMANN, M.D.; HALLOWELL, EDWARD;WILLIAMSON, R.S.; ABBOT, HENRY L.; PARKE, J.G. - Reports of Explorations and Surveys, to Ascertain the Most Praciticable and Economical Route for a Railroad from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean, 1853-6. (Volume X)
001552: BAKER, GEORGE M. - A Baker's Dozen. Original Humorous Dialogues
000729: BAKER, RUSSELL - Poor Russell's Almanac
002436: BALLANTYNE, ROBERT MICHAEL - The Coral Island : A Tale of the Pacific Ocean
003030: BANKS, MURRAY - Things My Mother Never Told Me
001200: BARBER, J.W. - An Account of the Most Important and Interesting Religious Events, Which Have Transpired from the Commencment of the Christian Era to the Present Time
001304: LADY BARKER - Travelling About over New and Old Ground
001460: BARKER, C. HEDLEY - Hangman's Honeymoon
000660: A.S. BARNES & CO. - Barnes' Centenary History , One Hundred Years of American Independence
002199: BARNUM, P.T. - The Humbugs of the World. An Account of Humbugs, Delusions, Impositions, Quackeries, Deceits and Deceivers Generally, in All Ages
003023: BARNWELL, MILDRED GWIN - Cotton Magic ; the Elementary Principles of Cotton Manufacture
000015: BARON, JOSEPH L. - Stars and Sand
003161: BARRIE, J.M. - The Admirable Crichton
003486: BARROWS, MARJORIE - Muggins Mouse
000811: BARTHOLOMEW, J.G. - Miniature Atlas and Gazetteer of the World
003442: BARTLETT, DAVID W. - London by Day and Nigt; or, Men and Things in the Great Metropolis.
003181: BARTLETT, J. GARDNER (EDITOR) - John Hill of Dorchester, Mass. , 1633, and Five Generations of His Descendants Also Ancestral Lines of Some Families Intermarried with His Descendants and Colonial Records Pertaining to Them.
001633: BARTON, WILLIAM E. - The Father of His Country; How the Boy Washington Grew in Stature and Spirit and Became a Great Soldier and President
003236: BATCHELDER, ROGER - Camp Devens Described and Photographed
003407: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Land of Oz; a Sequel to the Wizard of Oz
003404: BAUM, L. FRANK - Rinkitink in Oz
003405: BAUM, L. FRANK - The Magic of Oz
003401: BAUM, L. FRANK - Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz
003020: BAUMHOFF, FREDERICK W. (MANAGING DIRECTOR) - The National Home Journal ( Vol. III, No. IV) April 1908
003019: BAUMHOFF, FREDERICK W. (MANAGING DIRECTOR) - The National Home Journal (Vol. III, No. VIII) August 1908
002512: BEALE, J.H. - Picturesque Sketches of American Progress. Comprising Official Descriptions of Great American Cities...
001138: GRAY, WILLIAM BEALL AND BALL, CHARLES B. - Sanitary Appliances
002524: BEAMISH, RICHARD J. - The Boy's Story of Lindbergh the Lone Eagle
002703: BEAUMONT, CYRIL W. - Design for the Ballet
000851: BECK, HENRY HOUGHTON - Cuba's Fight for Freedom and the War with Spain
002647: BECKER, MAY LAMBERTON (EDITOR) - Golden Tales of Canada
002977: BEEBE, LUCIUS - The Stork Club Bar Book
000306: BEECHWOOD - The Burglar's Accomplice
002673: BELKNAP, S. YANCEY - Ballet Close-Ups
002127: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY AND FITTON, CLIFFORD W. - Barnum Festival; First Annual Celebration in Honor of the Great Phineas Taylor Barnu,
002656: BEMELMANS, LUDWIG - To the One I Love Best
001768: BENHAM, WM. BURTON - Life of Osborn H. Oldroyd Founder and Collector of Lincoln Mementos
003349: BENNETT, JESSIE T. - The Dogs of Coolyn Hill and Other Stories
003060: BENNETT, PAUL A. (EDITOR) - Postscripts on Dwiggins (Volume Two) Chapbook Number 36
002838: BERNEY, SAFFOLD - Hand Book of Alabama: A Complete Index to the State; with a Geological Map, and an Appendix of Useful Tables.
002677: BERNHARD, LUCIAN - Lucian Bernhard Monographien Deutscher Reklamekünstler IM Austrage Des Deutschen Museums Für Kunst in Handel Und Gewerbe Herausgegeben Von F. Meyer-Schönbrunn - Heft 4
002245: BERTHEROY, JEAN - Les Vierges de Syracuse
000236: BEVERIDGE, ALBERT J. - Abraham Lincoln 1809-1858 (2 Volume Set)
001894: BIAGIOTTI, ALDO P. - Impact : The Historical Account of the Italian Immigrants of Ridgefield, Connecticut
002943: BICKERSTAFF, ISAAC - The New-England Almanack, or Lady's and Gentleman's Diary, for the Year of Our Lord Christ 1812
002944: BICKERSTAFF, ISAAC - The New-England Almanack, or Lady's and Gentleman's Diary, for the Year of Our Lord Christ 1800
002602: BIERCE, AMBROSE - The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (12 Volumes Complete)
003193: BILL, HENRY (PUBLISHER) - The Crystal Palace for the Great Exhibition of the World's Industry at New York : 1853. (Lithograph)
002269: BUFFALO BILL (W.F.CODY) - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Combined with Pawnee Bill's Great Far East
002788: BISHOP, JIM - A Day in the Life of President Kennedy
003121: BISHOP, MARCIA BROWN - Hawaiian Life of the Pre-European Period
003380: BISHOP, WM. D. (COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS) - Report of the Commissioner of Patents for the Year 1859 (Volume II)
000836: BLACK, WILLIAM - The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton
002372: BLACKSTONE, WILLIAM - Commentaries on the Laws of England. (4 Volumes)
002356: BLAKE, J.L. - The Historical Reader, Designed for the Use of Schools and Families, on a New Plan.
000106: BLAKE, ROBERT - The Decline of Power 1915-1964
001820: [BLAKE, ALEXANDER V.] - Anecdotes of the American Indians
003474: BLANCHARD, AMY - Daisies and Raindrops
002277: BLANCKÉ, CECIL TROUT - Verses for Children
002789: BLANDING, DON - Pilot Bails out
002865: BLAY, JOHN S. - The CIVIL War; a Pictorial Profile
000658: BLOOMFIELD, ALLEN J. (EDITOR-IN CHIEF) - The World War Book
000175: BLUM, CLARA M. - Old World Lace or a Guide for the Lace Lover
001204: G. BLUMLEIN & CO. - Berlin Potsdam Und Charlottenburg
002805: LITERARY COMMITTEE CONNECTICUT BOARD - Selections from the Writings of Connecticut Women
000264: BOCCACCIO, GIOVANNI, - Amorous Fiammetta
001222: BODEE, GEORGE A. - Bodee Schools of Mechanical Dentistry
002979: BOJUS, GUSTAV HERRMAN - Dumb Bell Exercises
000575: BOLITHO, HECTOR - Beside Galilee
003174: HASKELL, ARNOLD; CARTER, MARK BONHAM; AND WOOD, MICHAEL (EDITORS) - Gala Performance ; a Record of the Sadler's Wells Ballet over Twenty-Five Years
002990: AUTOMOBILE BLUE BOOKS, INC. - Official Automobile Blue Book 1927 Standard Touring Guide of America (Volume I)
002128: EMMET, BORIS AND JEUCK, JOHN E - Catalogues and Counters; a History of Sears, Roebuck and Company
003326: BOWERS, CLAUDE G. - The Tragic Era ; the Revoultion After Lincoln
003080: BOWLES, SAMUEL - Our New West. Records of Travel between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean.
000730: BOWLES, CHESTER - The Coming Political Breakthrough
000087: BOYD, JAMES P. - Life and Public Services of Hon. James G. Blaine, the Illustrious American Orator, Diplomat and Statesman
003240: [BRACKENRIDGE, HENRY MARIE] - North American Pamphlet on South American Affairs
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002717: GARD, ALEX - More Ballet Laughs
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003362: GUEST, IVOR - Adeline Genéem; a Lifetime of Ballet Under Six Reigns
003357: GUEST, IVOR - The Romantic Ballet in England; It's Development, Fulfilment and Decline
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002615: GUTHRIE, WILLIAM - New Geographical, Historical, and Commercial Grammar; and Present State of the Several Kingdoms of the World.
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003017: GUTTERMAN, LEON (EDITOR AND PUBLISHER) - Wisdom, the Magazine of Knowledge for All America (Vol. 1 No. 2) February 1956
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001822: HAGEDORN, HERMANN - The Bomb That Fell on America
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003290: HARDY, ROBINA F. - The Lost Kite
003385: HARGRETT, LESTER (COMPILER) - The Gilcrease-Hargrett Catalogue of Imprints
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003295: HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL - The House of Seven Gables (2 Volumes)
003039: HAY, MARIE - Madame Dame Dianne de Poytiers, la Grande Seneschale de Normandie Duchess de Valentois
001620: KEREN HAYESOD - Israel Art Calendar 5717---1956/1957
001645: KEREN HAYESOD - Israel Art Calendar 1963/64
003003: MESSENGER OF THE SACRED HEART - The Messenger of the Sacred Heart, November 1890
003370: HEATTER, GABRIEL - Faith
001945: HEER, OSWALD - Die Urwelt Der Schweiz
002642: HEERMANCE, EDGAR L. (COMPILER) - The Connecticut Guide ; What to See and Where to See It
000790: CARNEGIE, LADY HELENA & JACOB, MRS. ARTHUR - The Infant Moralist
002974: WILLIAMS-HELLER, ANN - The Busy Woman's Cook Book
000767: HELLMAN, GEOFFREY T. - Mrs. De Peyster's Parties and Other Lively Studies from the New Yorker
003447: HELPS, ARTHUR (EDITOR) - Leaves from the Journal of Our Life in the Highlands, from 1848 to 1861.
003338: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
001134: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - For Whom the Bell Tolls
003384: HEMINGWAY, ERNEST - A Farewell to Arms
001483: M. HEMINWAY & SONS - Illustrated Manual of Knitting and Crochet Adapted to the Use of M. Heminway & Sons' Pure Dye Silks
002922: PETER HENDERSON & CO. - Everything for the Garden
003332: HENDRICK, BURTON J. - Lincoln's War Cabinet
003135: HENDRICKSON, WILLIAM H. - A Brief History of the First Presbyterian Church of Newtown, Long Island (1652-1902)
003212: HENDSCHEL, A. - Hendschel's Sketches from Life and Fancy
002963: HENRY, MATTHEW - Communicant's Companion; or, Instructions and Helps for the Right Receiving of the Lord's Supper.
001600: HERBERT, GEORGE B. (COMPILER AND ARRANGER) - Anecdotes of the Rebellion
001605: HIBBARD, F.G. - Palestine : Its Geography and Bible History
003498: HILL, W.E. - Among Us Cats
001527: HILL, HENRY WAYLAND (SECRETARY OF THE TERCENTENARY COMMISSION) - The Champlain Tercentenary; Report of the New York Lake Champlain Tercentenary Commission
002661: HILL, SARAH C. - A Cook Book for Nurses
001906: HILL, EBENEZER - A Sermon Delivered at Mason, July 18, 1805, at the Funeral of Mr. Luther Lawrence, Son of Stephen Lawrence, Esq. Aged 20 Years.
001332: HILL, FREDERICK TREVOR - On the Trail of Washington
003204: DUNCAN HINES - Lodging for a Night
000542: THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY - The American Museum of Natural History; an Interpretation
002820: HODGE, FREDERICK ARTHUR - The Plea and the Pioneers in Virginia
001105: HOEHLING, A.A. - Last Train from Atlanta
003398: HOFFMANN, HUGO W. - Forget-Me Not
003142: HOGGSON, NOBLE FOSTER - Banking Through the Ages
002345: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio (Vol. LVII, No. 227, January 1916)
002358: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio (Vol. LXI, No. 244, June 1917)
002357: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio (Vol LXI, No. 241, March 1917)
003064: HOLME, C.G. (EDITOR) - Lettering of Today
002346: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio (Vol. LXVII,No. 268, June 1919)
002347: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio (Vol. LXXI, No. 280, July 1920)
001920: HOLME, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The International Studio; May 1920
002344: HOLMES, OLIVER WENDELL - The Autocrat of the Breakfast Table
002864: HOLZER, HAROLD - Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: The CIVIL War in Art
003472: HANS HOLZER - The Habsburg Curse
001235: HOLZMAN, ROBERT S. - Corporate Reorganizations; Their Federal Tax Status
003081: HOMER (GEORGE CHAPMAN, TRANSLATOR) - The Whole Works of Homer; Prince of Poetts, in His Iliads, and Odysses (5 Volumes)
000009: HOOPES, HELEN RHODA (EDITOR) - Contemporary Kansas Poetry
002412: HOPE, LAURA LEE - The Outdoor Girls in a Motor Car or the Haunted Mansion of Shadow Valley
000670: HORNADAY, WILLIAM T. - The American Natural History a Foundation of Useful Knowledge of the Higher Animals of North America
002599: HORNER, J.M. - Popery Stripped of Its Garb : Or, the Work of Iniquity Checked in Its Progress.
000779: HORTON, MINNIE GETMAN - Selected Verse
003341: MODERN HOSPITAL - The Modern Hospital - February 1924
003113: HOUSTON, D.F (SECRETARY OF THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE) - Map of Oregon National Forest and Directions to Tourists and Campers
002173: HOUSTON, PEYTON - Importance of the Unicorn
001588: HOWE, HENRY - The Travels and Adventures of Celebrated Travelers in the Principal Countries of the Globe : With Brilliantly Illuminated Illustrations in Oil Colors, Mezzotint Engravings, and Wood-Cuts.
002983: HOWELLS, WILLIAM D. - The Parlor Car. Farce
002504: HOWITT, WILLIAM - Homes and Haunts of the Most Eminent British Poets. (2 Volumes Complete)
000500: HOWLEY, FRANK L. - Peoples and Policies; a World Travelogue
001959: HUBBARD, WALTER (EDITOR) - The American Art Student ; Vol. VI No. 2 October 31, 1922
001960: HUBBARD, WALTER W. - The American Art Student ; Vol V, No. 2 May-June 1922
000448: HUBBARD, CHARLES L. - Heating and Ventilation, Parts I,II and III (3 Voumes)
001961: HUBBARD, WALTER W. (EDITOR) - The American Art Student
001825: HUBBARD, ELBERT - Elbert Hubbard's Scrap Book
001958: HUBBARD, WALTER W.(EDITOR) - The American Art Student and Commercial Artist
001957: HUBBARD, WALTER W. - The American Art Student and Commercial Artist (Vol. VII, No 7 March 1924)
002576: HUBNER, JOHANN - Zveymal Zvey Und Funfzig Auserlesene Biblische Historien Aus Dem Alten Und Neuen Testamente, Versehen Mit 104 Kupferstichen, Und Den Nothigen Registern; Der Jugend Zum Besten Abgefasset Nebst Einer Vorrede Des Autors.
002662: HUGHES, MARY B. - Everywoman's Canning Book
001622: HUGHES, RUPERT - The Old Home Town
003275: HUGHES, THOMAS - Tom Brown's School-Days
003009: HULL, HAMILTON - Our Trip Through Field's
002368: HUMPHREY, GRACE - The Story of the Elizabeths
002367: HUMPHREY, GRACE - The Story of the Marys
002362: HUNGERFORD, EDWARD - The Story of Louis Sherry and the Business He Built
003417: HUNT, URIAH - The Book of Commerce by Sea and Land, Exhibiting the Connection with Agriculture, the Arts, and Manufactures. To Which Are Added a History of Commerce, and a Chronological Table.
002350: HURD, DETH T. - Grammatical Corrector; or, Vocabulary of the Common Errors of Speech
000855: HURLIMANN, MARTIN - Athens
000867: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - Eyeless in Gaza
000868: HUXLEY, ALDOUS - On the Margin: Notes and Essays
003158: IBSEN, HENRIK - The Master Builder
003159: IBSEN, HENRIK - Hedda Gabler
002398: ICKES, HAROLD L. (ADMINISTRATOR) - Pwa - Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works
002153: GUEST INFORMANT - Guest Informant Greater New Orleans 1968-69 Edition
000900: INGELOW, JEAN - Poems
002092: INGERSOLL, ERNEST - The Crest of the Continent : A Record of a Summer's Ramble in the Rocky Mountains and Beyond
002200: MITCHELL INN - A Catalogue of the Peter H. Mitchell Clock Collection
002681: EDISON INSTITUTE - Menlo Park- Edison Institute
002680: THE EDISON INSTITUTE - Edison Institute Museum and Village
000555: TAX INSTITUTE, INC. - How Should Corporations Be Taxed?
002554: UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR - Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
001564: INTOURIST - Seeing the Ussr
001729: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Tales of a Traveller (2 Volumes)
001506: IRVING, WASHINGTON - Bracebridge Hall or the Humourists (2 Volumes)
002778: IRWIN, WALLACE - The Teddysee
003164: ELDAD, ISRAEL AND AUMANN, MOSHE (EDITORS) - Chronicles, News of the Past (3 Volumes)
002486: IVES, JOSEPH C. - Report Upon the Colorado River of the West, Explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives... Under the Direction of the Office of Explorations and Surveys
002834: HALE, SARAH J. AND GODEY, L.A. - Godey's Lady's Book, October 1854 (Vol. XLIX)
002831: HALE, SARAH J. AND GODEY, L.A. - Godey's Lady's Book. June 1863
002832: HALE, SARAH J. AND GODEY, L. A. - Godey's Lady's Book, June 1856 (Vol. LII)
001063: TOLCHIN, SUSAN J. AND TOLCHIN, MARTIN - Dismantling America: The Rush to Deregulate
000184: WHITE J.J. - More Funabout Fords
001399: COHEN, JACOB AND COHEN, PATRICIA - Applied Multiple Regression/Correlation Analysis for the Behavioral Sciences
002618: JACOBS, WILBUR R. (EDITOR) - Letters of Francis Parkman (2 Volumes)
001050: JACOBS, FRANCINE - The Legs of the Moon
001009: JACOBUS, MELANCTHON W. - The Catechetical Question Book; Genesis
002353: MORGAN, JAMES AND [FLETCHER, JOHN] - The Life and Death of Thomas Walsh. To Which Is Added an Extract from John Nelson's Journal
002755: JAMES, HENRY - The Awkward Age
002275: JAMES, HENRY - The Awkward Age
003177: JAMES, JULIET - Palaces and Courts of the Exposition
002329: JAPHET, J.M. - Haggadah Für Pesach
003110: JARRY, ALFRED - The Garden of Priapus
003211: JEANROY, A. - Poemes Et Recits de la Vieille France : La Legende de Guillaume Fierbrace Et de Rainouart Au Tinel, VI
002728: JENKINS, BRIAN - Britain & the War for the Union (Volume One)
002911: JENNINGS, ROBERT - The Horse and His Diseases; Embracing His History and Varieties, Breeding and Management and Vices; with the Diseases to Which He Is Subject, and the Remedies Best Adapted to Their Cure.
001669: JEPSON, GEORGE - Cams and the Principles of Their Construction
001145: RINGROSE, JEROME AND COUNTESS DE BERNY - The Arms and Origin of American Colonial Families.
002914: THOMAS. JERRY - The Bar-Tender's Guide or How to MIX All Kinds of Plain and Fancy Drinks
002121: JEWETT, ISAAC APPLETON - Passages in Foreign Travel. (Volume I Only)
002447: JOANNE, P. - Dauphiné Et Savoie, Guide Diamant
001843: LAZZARINI, JOHN AND ROBERTA - Pavlova : Repertoire of a Legend
000221: DURANT, JOHN AND RICE, EDWARD - Come out Fighting
003471: COSTELLO, JOHN AND HUGHES, TERRY - Jutland, 1916
000791: JOHNSON, BURGES - Sonnets from the Pekinese and Other Doggerel
003106: JOHNSON, E.PAULINE (TEKAHIONWAKE) - Legends of Vancouver
003016: JOHNSON, THOMAS - Tricot Fabric Design
001901: JOHNSTON, KEITH - The Half-Crown Atlas of British History
000959: JONES, FORTIER - With Serbia Into Exile; an American's Adventures with the Army That Cannot Die
000274: JONES, HENRY ARTHUR - Dolly Reforming Herself: A Comedy in Four Acts
002094: JONES, THEODORE FRANCIS (EDITOR) - New York University 1832 : 1932
000445: JONES, ELIOT N. - The Architect in His Legal Relations; Instruction Paper
003425: BASSERMANN-JORDAN, ERNST VON - Uhren Ein Handbuch Für Sammler Und Liebhaber, Mit 120 Abbildungen
000513: JORDAN, FRANKLIN I. - Photographic Control Processes
001698: HICKOX, C.V. JR. AND OTHERS - Hickoxy's Army
001854: MARION, GEORGE JR. AND HEATH, PERCY - Let's Go Native : A Colorful Romance of the Theatrical World Stranded on a Tropical Isle
002953: JUDD, ORANGE (EDITOR) - American Agriculturalist, for the Farm, Garden, and Household. (January 1864 - December 1864)
000110: AN AMERICAN JURIST - America After the War
001001: KARK, NORMAN (PUBLISHER) - To-Day (Photo World) Picturing Today. Vol. 14-No. 1
002604: KASER, ARTHUR LEROY - Humorous Monologues for Women
001930: KATZ, SHEMUEL (SHAHAM, NATHAN, TEXT) - Shemuel Katz; Paintings and Drawings
002699: KAULBACH, WILLIAM - Schiller-Gallery. From the Original Drawings
001338: KAZNELSON, RIVKA (INTRO.) - Milia Laufer; Israeli Landscapes
003308: KELLER, HELEN REX - The Dictionary of Dates (2 Volumes Complete)
001293: KELLOGG,J.H. - Practical Manual of Health and Temperance : Embracing the Treatment of Common Diseases, Accidents and Emergencies, the Alcohol and Tobacco Habit, Useful Hints and Recipes
003270: KEMBLE, EDWARD W. - Kemble's Coons ; a Collection of Southern Sketches
002040: KEMBLE, FRANCES ANNE - Further Records 1848-1883; a Series of Letters
000580: KENDALL, EZRA - Good Gravy; a Pure Tonic of Wit and Humor
002902: KENT, J.E. - The Farmer's Hand-Book, or Chemistry Applied to Agriculture, the Only Profitable Mode of Tilling the Soil.
002427: FREDERICK KEPPEL & CO. - Illustrated Catalogue of Etchings & Engravings Published by Frederick Keppel & Co.
000146: KERFOOT, J.B. - American Pewter
001301: KEY, WILHELMINE E. KEY - Heredity and Social Fitness; a Study of Differential Mating in a Pennsylvania Family
000719: KHAYYAM, OMAR - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
002750: KHAYYAM, OMAR, EDWARD FITZGERALD (TRANSLATOR) - The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
001917: KING, MOSES - King's How to See New York
000050: KING, BASIL - The Way Home
002205: KING, JOSEPH - Sermons by the Late Joseph King with Memoir
001997: T. KINGSFORD & SON - Recipes for the Use of Kingsford's Oswego Corn Starch or Prepared Corn, Also, Instructions in Carving, and Other Useful Recipes.
002120: KINGSTON, H. G. - Round the World
001773: KIPLING, RUDYARD - Abaft the Funnel
003419: KIPPIS, A. - A Narrative of the Voyages Round the World Performed by Captain James Cook. With an Account of His Life During the Previous and Intervening Periods. (2 Volumes in 1)
002696: KIPPIS, A. - Captain Cook's Voyages' with an Accounr of His Life,During the Previous and Intervening Periods
000166: KIRBY, NORM H. - Crowns of France, Louis XVI to Degaulle
002867: KIRKPATRICK, JOHN (EDITOR) - Charles E. Ives Memos
002526: KIRSCH, C.W. - How to Drape Your Windows
001978: LARKIN KITCHEN - Larkin Housewives' Cook Book
003128: KNICKERBOCKER, DIEDRICH (WASHINGTON IRVING) - A History of New -York, from the Beginning of the World to the End of the Dutch Dynasty
003260: KNIGHT, WILLIAM ALLEN - A Bedouin Lover
001286: KNIGHT, CHARLES - Cyclopaedia of the Industry of All Nations
003335: M. KNOEDLER & CO. - Mezzotinters of the 18t & 19th Century; Prominent Mezzotinters of the XVIII Century; Some Information Regarding Eighteenth Century Mezzotinto Engravers and Their Work. (3 Volumes)
002449: KNOX, S.H. - Views of Buffalo
003055: KOCH, RUDOLF - Das ABC Buchlein. Zeichnungen Von Rudolf Koch Und Berthold Wolpe in Holz Und Metellachnitten Von Fritz Kredel Und Gustav Eichenauer.
000231: KRAVI, A. (EDITOR) - Histoire de L'Armee D'Israel; the History of the Israel Armed Forces
000739: KRIEGHBAUM, HILLIER - Facts in Perspective; the Editorial Page and News Interpretation
003281: KUBASTA, V (ILLUSTRATOR) - Puss in Boots
002588: KUECHLER, O. - 'Cooning with 'Cooners
002726: GENERAL VON KUHL AND GENERAL VON BERGMANN - Movements and Supply of the German First Army During August and September, 1914
003467: PHILIP B. KUNHARDT - A New Birth of Freedom: Lincoln at Gettysburg
000479: KUPRIN, ALEXANDRE - Yama: [the Pit] a Novel in Three Parts
003373: LABAUME, EUGENE - A Circumstantial Narrative of the Campaign in Russia, Embellished with Plans of the Battle of the Moskwa and Malo-Jaroslavitz
003336: LACOSTE, JEAN RENÉ - Lacoste on Tennis
001994: LAFOND, PAUL - Goya
002309: LAGUARDIA, F.H. - New York Advancing; a Scientific Approach to Municipal Government
003118: DE LAMARTINE, A - History of the French Revolution of 1848. (2 Volumes in 1)
000891: LAMB, MRS. MARTHA J. - Souvenir of the Centennial Anniversary of Washington's Inauguration April 30, 1789 As First President of the American Republic with the Program of Ceremonies
003313: HUMBLE, LANCE AND COOPER, CARL - The World's Greatest Blackjack Book
002017: LANDSEER, JOHN - Lectures on the Art of Engraving, Delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain
002145: LANIER, HENRY WYSHAM - Secret Life of a Secret Agent; the Strange Training and Adventures of a Man Whose Work Was Melodrama
002070: LANSON, GUSTAVE - Histoire Illustrée de la Littérature Française (2 Volumes)
003462: LARGE, HECTOR - Le Costume Militaire a Travers Les Ages

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