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003565: LAZARE, EDWARD J. (COMPILER) - The Celebrated Collection of Americana Formed by the Late Thomas Wintrop Streeter; Index , a Dictionary Check-List of the Seven Sale Catalogues October 1966-October 1969
002379: DI SAN LAZZARO, G. [ÉDITEUR} - Les Chroniques Du Jour André Derain [No. 8, Janvier 1931]
002378: G. DI SAN LAZZARO (EDITOR) - Les Chroniques Du Jour, Henri Matisse, (No. 9, Avril 1931)
001844: VAILLAT LÉANDRE - La Danse à L'Opera de Paris
003473: LEAR, EDWARD - The Nonsense ABC's
003444: LEAR, ANNAH L. - One Little Woman
001874: LEAVITT, DUDLEY - Leavitt's Farmer's Almanack (Almanac)
003329: LEE, CAZENOVE GARDNER JR. - Lee Chronicle : Studies of the Early Generations of the Lees of Virginia
003264: LEGRAND, EDY (ILLUSTRATOR) - Voyages & Glorieuses Découvertes Des Grands Navigateurs & Explorateurs Français
003483: LEHMAN, M. - Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah (Light of the Exile)
003116: LEHMANN, JOSEPH H. - The Model Major-General; a Biography of Field-Marshal Lord Wolseley
001511: LEITCH, R.P. - A Course in Neutral Tint
001512: LEITCH, R.P. - A Course of Sepia Painting with Twenty-Four Plates
001186: LEONARD, JOHN LYNN - The Care and Handling of Dogs
003581: TINTORI, LEONETTO AND MEISS MILLARD - The Painting of the Life of St. Francis in Assisi with Notes on the Arena Chapel
001995: LEPPMANN, FRANZ - 1000 Worte Deutsch ; Ein Sprachführer Für Nachdenkliche
003109: VON SCHWEIGER-LERCHENFELD, A. - Woman in All Lands.
003499: EDSON, CHARLES LEROY AND GEORGE T. - Ballads of the Boys of Old K.U.
002475: DE LESTANG, PIERRE - Cendres
002718: LEVINSON, ANDRE - Bakst : The Story of the Artist's Life
003044: LEVY, JULIEN - Surrealism
000488: LEVY, MICHAEL H. - A Handbook of Personal Insurance Terminology
001685: LEWIS, SINCLAIR - Mantrap
002294: LEWIS, BERKELEY R. - Small Arms and Ammunition in the United States Service
000691: LEWY, JOHN H. (EDITOR-IN-CHIEF) - The Red and Blue (4 Volumes)
002969: TRUSTEES OF THE LENOX LIBRARY - The Letter of Columbus on the Discovery of America
001361: TRUSTEES OF THE MARK SKINNER LIBRARY - Proceedings at the Opening of the Mark Skinner Library
002708: LIDO, SERGE - Ballet Panorama
002932: LIDO, SERGE (PHOTOGRAPHER) - Etoiles Et Ballets Soviétiques
003579: BEARD, LINA AND ADELIA B. - What a Girl Can Make and Do : New Ideas for Work and Play
003374: LINN, JOHN BLAIR - Annals of Buffalo Valley, Pennsylvania. 1755-1855
003301: LINTON, W.J. - The Flower and the Star and Other Stories for Children
003549: LIPMAN, MICHAEL - A History of the Alphabet
001408: LIPPMANN, JULIE M. - Dorothy Day ; a Story for Girls
002286: NO AAUTHOR LISTED - Philadelphia
003397: LITTLER, GENE - Stroke Minder : The Driver
003178: LIVERMORE, S(AMUEL) T. - A History of Block Island from Its Discovery, in 1514, to the Present Time, 1876
001932: LIVNI, ZVI - Zvi Livni Landscape and Man in Israel; Eight Lithographs
002351: LLOYD, ANNE - Sight and Sound
003296: LOGAN, JAMES - The Scotish GaëL ; or, Celtic Manners, As Preserved Among the Highlanders, Being an Historical and Descriptive Account of the Inhabitants, Antiquities, and National Peculiarities of Scotland
000307: LONDON, JACK - The Faith of Men and Other Stories
001721: PHILOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF LONDON - The European Magazine, and London Review; Containing the Literature, History, Politics, Arts, Manners, and Amusements of the Age. January - June 1782
002416: LONDON, JACK - Michael Brother of Jerry
000617: LONGFELLOW, HENRY WADSWORTH - The Courtship of Miles Standish and Other Poems
000834: LOOTENS, J GHISLAIN - Lootens on Photographic Enlarging and Print Quality
003086: BRITTON, NATHANIEL LORD AND BROWN, ADDISON - An Illustrated Flora of the Northern United States, Canada and the British Possessions (3 Volumes)
000949: LORD, LOUISA - Miss Louisa Lord's Diary of a Voyage on the Ship St. Petersburg 1840
000714: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Washington and the American Republic (3 Volume Set)
000035: LOSSING, BENSON J. - Harper's (Harpers') Popular Cyclopaedia of United States History Form the Aboriginal Period in Two (2) Volumes
001841: KAUFMAN, LOUIS WITH KAUFMAN, ANNETTE - A Fiddler's Tale : How Hollywood and Vivaldi Diccovered Me
002030: FASQUELLE, LOUIS AND DUMAS, ALEXANDRE - Napoléon, Par Alexandre Dumas. For the Use of Colleges and Schools.
002563: LOVEJOY, CLARENCE E. - Lovejoy's College Guide
001356: LOW, BENJAMIN R.C. - The Pursuit of Happiness
001417: LOWE, SAMUEL E. LOWE - The Bunnies Go a'Traveling
000848: LOWELL, JAMES RUSSELL - The Poetical Works of James Russell Lowell
002821: LOWENSTEIN, M.J. (COMPILER) - Official Guide to the Louisiana Purchase Exposition
001055: MADAME TUSSAUD'S LTD. - Madame Tussaud's Exhibition Official Souvenir and Guide, Revised and Brought Up-to-Date, August, 1939
002018: DEAN'S RAG BOOK CO. LTD. - The Empire Train Book
003563: LUCAS, DEEITT B. - Handwriting and Character
003561: LUCAS, DEWITT - Handwriting Analysis in Business
003328: LUVAAS, JAY - The Military Legacy of the CIVIL War ; the European Inheritance
001334: LYNCH, FRED L. (EDITOR) - Radio City Music Hall Pictorial; Rockefeller Center, New York
003354: LYTLE, ANDREW NELSON - Bedford Forrest and His Critter Company
003027: AGGELER, PAUL M. AND LUCIA, S.P. - Hemorrhagic Disorders; a Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment
002188: SKINNER, ADA M. AND SKINNER ELEANOR L. - A Child's Book of Country Stories
003047: PAGET, H.M. AND PAGET, WALTER - Shakespeare Pictures
000258: MABIE, HAMILTON W. - Footprints of Four Centuries: The Story of the American People
002855: MACARTNEY, CLARNECE EDWARD - Grant and His Generals
001691: MACAULAY, THOMAS BABIINGTON - The History of England from the Accession of James II. (5 Volumes )
001110: MACDONALD, DONALD K. - Jest Livin'
001988: MACGILLIVRAY, W. - The Travels and Researches of Alexander Von Humboldt; Being a Condensed Narrative of His Journeys in the Equinoctial Regions of America, and in Asiatic Russia; - Togerther with Analysis of His More Important Investigations.
000051: MACGRATH, HAROLD - The Place of Honeymoons
002081: MACK, E. (ARRANGER) - Gleams of Sunshine for the Cabinet Organ Simplified and Arranged by E. Mack
000623: MACKAY, ERIC - Love Letters of a Violinist and Other Poems
001464: MACKAYE, PERCY - Saint Louis; a CIVIC Masque
003583: MACKENZIE, CHARLES - Notes on Haiti, Made During a Residence in That Republic (Volume I)
003440: MAETERLINCK, MAURICE - The Blue Bird : A Fairy Play in Six Acts
003630: PETERSON'S MAGAZINE - (Book of Engravings)
002414: LIFE MAGAZINE - Life Magazine (10 Issues April 5, 1937- June 7, 1937)
003008: METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE - Metropolitan Magazine April 1895, ( Vol. I, No. 3)
003006: METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE - Metropolitan Magazine August 1897, ( Vol VI, No. I)
003005: METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE - Metropolitan Magazine November 1897 (Vol. VI, No. 4. )
003007: METROPOLITAN MAGAZINE - Metropolitan Magazine September 1896, (Vol. IV, No. 2)
003051: MAHAN, A.T. - Makers of American History ; Admiral Farragut
003476: MAHAN, A.T. - The Life of Nelson; the Embodiment of the Sea Power of Great Britain
001967: MAILER, NORMAN - The Naked and the Dead
000927: MAITLAND, JAMES A - Sartaroe: A Tale of Norway
001908: MALONEY, TOM (EDITOR) - Camera 35 Magazine of Miniature Photography , 1957 Volume 1 Numbers 1,2 and 3. And 1958 Volume 2, Numbers 1,2 and 3 (6 Issues)
000103: MANLEY, SEON - Adventures in Making: The Romance of Crafts Aroung the World
000417: MANN, CAMERON - The Longing of Circe and Other Poems
003542: (NIXON, HOWARD M. INTRO.)(MANSFIELD, EDGAR) - Modern Design in Bookbinding, the Work of Edgar Mansfield
002651: [BARBÉ-MARBOIS, FRONÇOIS, MARQUIS DE] - Complot D' Arnold Et de Sir Henry Clinton Contre Les états-Unis D'Amérique Et Contre le Général Washington
002426: MARCUS, JACOB RADER (DIRECTOR) - American Jewish Archives, January 1954
002425: MARCUS, JACOB RADER (DIRECTOR) - American Jewish Archives (January 1952)
002939: MARESCHAL, M.A.A. - Les Faiences Anciennes & Modernes, Leurs Marques & Decors
001701: MARGERAND, J. - L'Armée Française En 1845 (Sidi-Brahim)
002458: FLACK, MARJORIE AND WIESE, KURT - The Story About Ping
002628: MARQUAND, JOHN P. - H.M. Pulham, Esquire
001710: MARRYAT, FLORENCE - A Fatal Silence
003302: MARRYAT, EMILIA - Harry at School : A Story for Boys.
002428: CAPTAIN MARRYATT - Mr. Midshipman Easy (2 Volumes in 1)
002315: MUSEÉ CANTINI MARSEILLES - Vincent Van Gogh ; Museé Cantini Marseilles - 12 Mars-28 Avril 1957
002884: MARSH, WILLIAM J. JR. - Our President Herbert Hoover
002090: JORDAN, MARSH AND COMPANY. - Jordan, Marsh & Co. 's Fall Catalogue (Catalog) for 1881
001742: GEORGE E. MARSTERS (VOL. XII, WINTER AND SPRING 1913-1914) - Travel Winter and Spring
000435: MARSTON, E. - Fishing for Pleasure and Catching It
001581: DE MONTALDO, JULES MARTIN ET RICHEBÉ, RAYMOND - Armoiries Et Décorations
001657: MARTYN, MRS. S. T. (EDITOR) - The Ladies' Wreath : An Illustrated Annual for Mdcccxlix. -L.
003519: TOKAYER, MARVIN AND RODMAN, ELLEN - Pepper, Silk & Ivory
003172: CLARK, MARY AND CRISP, CLEMENT - History of Dance
000685: KIRBY, MARY AND ELIZABETH - Aunt Martha's Corner Cupboard; or, Stories About Tea, Coffee, Sugar, Rice, Etc.
002710: CLARKE, MARY AND CRISP, CLARK - Ballet Art from the Renaissance to the Present
002233: MASEFIELD, JOHN - Melloney Holtspur or the Pangs of Love
002896: MASON, RICHARD - The Practical Farrier, for Farmers: Comprising a General Description of the Noble and Useful Animal, the Horse; with Modes of Management in All Cases, and Treatment in Disease. To Which Is Added, a Prize Essay on Mules
002085: MASON, F. VAN WYCK - Cutlass Empire
003381: MASON, CHARLES (COMMISSIONER OF PATENTS) - Report of the Commsissioner of Patents for the Year 1855. Arts and Manufactures (2 Volumes)
002522: A LADY OF MASSACHUSETTS (LYDIA MARIA CHILD) - The First Settlers of New-England : Or, Conquest of the Pequods, Narragansets and Pokanokets. As Related by a Mother to Her Children.
000676: MATHEWS, JOANNA H. - Harry Bradford's Crusade
003587: MATISSE, HENRI - Jazz
003284: PETERSHAM, MAUD AND MISKA - The Story of Ships
003534: MAUGHAM, W. SOMERSET - Of Human Bondage
000215: MAURAN, GRACE GOODMAN - Out of the Gathering Basket; a Series of Sketches on Gardens and Books
002308: AUNT MAVOR - Aunt-Mavor's Nursery Rhymes : Little Bo-Peep, and Other Rhymes
000543: MONTGELAS. COUNT MAX - British Foreign Policy Under Sir Edward Grey
003619: MYSTERY DIGEST MAY - Mystery Digest May 1957, Vol. I No. 1
001827: MCCALEB, WALTER F. - The Aaron Burr Conspiracy
003622: MAMES MCCALL & CO. - The Queen Illustrated Magazine of Fashion - Vol. X, No. 3 - 1883
000727: MCCARTHY, MARY - Sights and Spectacles 1937-1956
003251: MCCROCKLIN, JAMES H. - Garde D'Haiti 1915-1934 ; Twenty Years of Organization and Training by the United States Marine Corps
002208: MCCULLOCH, J.R. - A Dictionary, Geographical, Statistical, and Historical, of the Various Countries, Places, and Principal Natural Objects in the World. (2 Volumes)
002021: MCDOWEL, JOS.(MCDOWELL) (PUBLISHER) - Columbian Almanac, for 1834, Being the Second After Bissextile, or Leap Year; Containing 365 Days, and the Fifty-Eighth Year of American Independence.
002337: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Race
002583: MCFEE, WILLIAM - The Life of Sir Martin Frobisher
002582: MCFEE, WILLIAM - Command
000951: MCGOVERN, JOHN - The Fireside University for Home Circle Study and Entertainment with Complete Indexes
002058: MCGUINNESS, CHARLES JOHN - Sailor of Fortune ; Adventures of and Irish Sailor, Soldier, Pirate Pearl-Fisher, Gun-Runner, Rebel and Antarctic Explorer
002046: MCKAY, DONALD C. (TRANSLATOR AND EDITOR) - The Dreyfus Case by the Man-Alfred Dreyfus and His Son-Pierre Dreyfus
003276: MCMANUS, BLANCHE - How the Dutch Came to Manhattan
002570: RAND MCNALLY - Rand Mcnally Guide to New York City and Environs with Maps and Illustrations
003465: RAND, MCNALLY & COMPANY - Handbook of the World's Columbian Exposition with Special Descriptive Articles
002596: MCNEILL, JOHN CHARLES - Lyrics from Cotton Land
001366: MEDAIRY, JACOB H. - Proceedings of Th R.W. Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania, F. And A.M. , at Its Quarterly Communication, Held at Philadelphia, June 5, A.D. 1895, A.L. 5895. Testimonials of Respect to the Memory of R.W. Past Grand Master Richard Vaux.
002770: MEHL, B. MAX - The Star Coin Book Junior, Sixth Edition of American and Foreign Coins
000702: BARTHOLDY, PAUL MENDELSSOHN AND BARTHOLDY, CARL MENDELSSOHN - Letters of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, from 1833 to 1847.
002151: THE MENTOR - The Mentor (Nos. 1-120, 5 Volumes Plus Index - 3 Years) 1913-1916]
001279: THE GIFT BOOK COMMITTEE OF THE MILITIA OF MERCY (EDITED BY) - Defenders of Democracy, President's Edition
003552: MEYER, FRANZ SALES - A Handbook of Ornament
000396: MEYER, F. B. - Memorials of Cecil Robertson of Sianfu, Medical Missionary
002203: MEYER, BALTHASAR HENRY - Railway Legislation in the United States
002707: PETO, MICHAEL & BLAND ALEXANDER - The Dancer's World
002768: MICHENER, JAMES A. - Tales of the South Pacific
001513: MILES, GEORGE C. (EDITOR) - Archaeologica Orientalia in Memoriam Ernst Herzfeld
003273: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRE - Come Play with Me
002758: MILLER, AARON DAVID - The End of Greatness
001377: SEWELL & MILLER - The Little Corporal. Fighting Against Wrong; and for the Good, the True, and the Beautiful (Vol XI, July 1870-December 1870, Nos. 1-6)
003274: MILLER, OLIVE BEAUPRÉ (ILLUSTRATOR) - Nursery Friends from France
001181: MILLS, JOHN - The Magic of Communication. A Tell-You-How Story.
001986: MILNE, A.A. - Now We Are Six
002373: MILNER, JOHN - The End of Religious Controversy, in a Friendly Correspomdence, between a Religious Society of Protestants, and a Roman Catholic Divine. In Three Parts.
000387: MINCHIN, H. COTTON - The Mercury Book, Being Selections from Volumes I & II of the London Mercury, Made by H.C. M.
002631: MINES, JOHN FLAVEL - A Tour Around New York and My Summer Acre Being the Recreations of Mr. Felix Oldboy
001486: MINGOS, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Aircraft Year Book for 1941
001821: MINNIGH, L.W. - Gettysburg: "What They Did Here"; Profusely Illustrated Historical Guide Book
001667: MITCHELL, S. AUGUSTUS - A System of Modern Geography, Designed Fot the Use of Schools and Academies; Illustrated by Twenty-Three Copper-Plate Maps
003575: MITCHELL, S. AUGUSTUS - Mitchell's Ancient Geography, Designed for Academies, Schools, and Families
003599: MITCHELL, S.AUGUSTUS - Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps of the Various Countries of the World, Plans of Cities, Etc. Embraced in Ninety-Three Quarto Maps. Forming a Series of One Hundred and Forty-Seven Maps and Plans. Together with Valuable Statistical Tables.
002515: MITCHELL, O. M. - Popular Astronomy. A Concise Elementary Treatise on the Sun, Planets, Satellites and Comets.
003114: MOLLOY, LEO T. (COMPILER) - Commodore Isaac Hull, U.S. N. His Life and Times
001576: MONK, MARIA - Awful Disclosures of Maria Monk of the Hotel Dieu Convent of Montreal; or, the Secrets of the Black Nunnery Revealed. Revised, with an Appendix. Also, a Supplement Giving Every Particular
002471: MONMARCHÉ, - Les Guides Bleues : Provence
002782: MONROE, JAMES (PRESIDENT) - Message from the President of the United States, Transmitting Statements from the Treasury Department, in Relation to the Annual Receipts and Expenditures of the Marine Hospital Money, Collected Under the Acts of Sixteenth July,1798, and Second March,1799
002002: MONROE, HARRIET EARHART - Washington : Its Sights and Insights
000304: MONROE, LEWIS B. - The Sixth Reader
003367: MONTAGNÉ, PROSPER - Larousse Gastronomique
001810: MONTGOMERY, CHARLOTTE - Handbook for the Woman Driver
003011: EV'RY MONTH - Ev'Ry Month, an Ilustrated Magazine of Literature and Popular Music Vol. VI, No. I. April 1, 1897
001478: DE MONZIE, A. (PREFACE), RAMBOSSON, YVANHOE (INTRODUCTION) - Les Batiks de Madame Pangon
002785: DAMRELL MOORE AND GEORGE COOLIDGE - The Boston Almanac for the Year 1852
000418: MOORE, MARIANNE - Nevertheless
003071: MOORE, JOSEPH WEST - Picturesque Washington: Pen and Pencil Sketches
000251: MORALES, BALTASAR GRACIAN Y - Gracian a Selection of Wise, Witty, Moral and Satyrical Maxims, Pluck'd from the Writings of Th Spanish Philosopher & Monk
000909: MOREHEAD, GEORGE - Madame Dubarry: The King's Mistress
001875: MORGAN, JANE (EDITOR) - Your Weekly Guide to Cape Cod June 25 1949 (Vol. IV, No. 2)
001703: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - Ex Libris Carissimis
002721: MORLEY, CHRISTOPHER - John Mistletoe
003255: MORLEY, F.V. - East South East
003439: MORRISON, SARAH E. - Chilhowee Boys in Harness
003436: MORSE, JEDIDIAH - Geography Made Easy : Being an Abridgement of the American Universal Geography. Containing Astronomical Geography... Discovery and General Description of America... . .
001450: MORSE, HORACE J. (ADJUTANT-GENERAL) - Catalogue of Connecticut Volunteer Organizations, with Additioal Enlistments and Casualties to July, 1, 1864. Compiled from Records in the Adjutant-General's Office and Published by Order of the Legislature
000439: MORSE, SIDNEY E. - System of Geography for the Use of Schools. Illustrated with More Than Fifty Cerographic Maps , and Numerous Wood-Cut Engravings
000516: MORTENSEN, WILLIAM - Projection Control
000421: MORTON, CHARLES W. - Dahl's Boston
001835: MOSCHELES, FELIX - Letters of Felix Mendelssohn to Ignaz and Charlotte Moscheles Translated from the Originals in His Possession, and Edited by Felix Moscheles
003350: MOZART, W. A. - Sonaten Für Pianoforte Solo
001924: MÜHLBACH, L. (PSEUDONYM OF MRS. LUISE MUNDT) - Marie Antoinette and Her Son. An Historical Novel.
001695: MUIR, JOHN - A Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf
001473: MUKERJI, DHAN GOPAL - Gay-Neck the Story of a Pigeon
003278: MÜLLER, J.P. - Le Livre Du Plein Air
003093: MUNN, CHARLES CLARK - Boyhood Days on the Farm; a Story for Young Boys
002444: MURPHY, JOHN FRANCIS - Up-to-Date Guide Book of Greater Boston
001728: MURRAY, W.H.H. - How John Norton the Trapper Kept His Christmas
001867: MURRAY, CHARLES - Hamewith
003083: MURRAY, GILBERT - The Foreign Policy of Sir Edward Grey 1906-1915
003572: MURRAY, LINDLEY - The English Reader: Or Pieces in Prose and Poetry, Selected from the Best Writers.
001375: MURRAY, LOUISE WELLES - Notes from Craft Collection in Tioga Point Museum on the Sullivan Expedition of 1779 Including Order Book of General Sullivan Never Before Published
000862: MUSICK, JOHN R. - Cuba Libre; a Story of the Hispano-American War
002423: STATNI ZIDOVSKE MUZEUM - Judaica Bohemiae XXII 1 and 2
001256: WETTON. G.N. - Wetton's Guide-Book to Northampton, and Its Vicinity;with and Historical an Descriptive Account of the Town and Neighbourhood.
003560: BASU, B.N. AND GHOSH, S.L. - Kama-Sutra or Vatsyayana the Hindu Art of Love
000016: NASH, WALLIS - A Lawyer's Life on Two Continents
000814: NATHUSIUS, MARIA (TRANSLATED BY MRS. HERMAN PHILIP) - Above Her Station: The Story of a Young Woman's Life.
002781: SECRETARY OF THE NAVY - Letter from the Secretary of the Navy, Transmitting Sundry Statements in Relation to the Privateer Pension Fund, Rendered in Obedience to a Resolution of the House of Representatives, of the 15tth Instant. March 28, 1820.
003360: NEALE, WENDY - Ballet Life Behind the Scenes
000075: O'NEILL, EUGENE - Desire Under the Elms, "the Hairy Ape", Welded
003327: NEVINS, ALLAN - The Emergence of Lincoln (2 Volume I and II)
003334: NEVINS, ALLAN - Ordeal of the Union (2 Volume Set)
003312: NEWELL, D. - The Life of Rev. George Whitefield
000446: NICHOLS, EDWARD, BELDEN, EDGAR S.,POST, CHESTER L. - Building Superintendence, Parts I, III, and IV (3 Volumes)
001816: NIN, ANAÏS - The Early Diary of Anaïs Nin, Volume Two 1920-1923
002686: WEINSTOCK-NOEL, G. - La Bonne Pâtisserie Chez Soi
002529: NORDHOFF, CHARLES - California for Health, Pleasure and Residence. A Book for Travellers and Settlers. New Edition, Thoroughly Revised
000880: NORRIS, KATHLEEN - Maiden Voyage
000925: NORRIS, MARY HARRIOTT - The Gray House of the Quarries
003429: NORTH, SAMUIEL - The Family Physician and Guide to Health,Together with Some Remarks on Surgery: Containing a Familiar and Accurate Description of the Symptoms of Most Diseases Incident to Mankind;Together with Their Gradual Progress, and Methods of Cure... A Medical Herbal
001155: NORTHEND, CHARLES - Exercises for Dictation and Pronunciation
002813: NUMEROUS - Current History, a Monthly Magazine of the New York Times
000534: OFRY, DAN - The Yom Kippur War
003196: OGDEN, H.A. - George Washington ; a Book for Young People
000554: ONCKEN, HERMANN - Napoleon III and the Rhine; the Origin of the War of 1870-1871
002429: OPPEL,KARL - Das Alte Wunderland Der Pyramiden. Geographische, Geschichtliche Und Kulturhistoriche Bilder Aus Der Vorzeit, Der Periode Der Blüthe Sowie Des Verfalls Des Alten Aegyptens.
000098: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Double Traitor
001947: OPPENHEIM, E. PHILLIPS - The Quest for Winter Sunshine
003547: W.H. VAN ORDEN - Boys' Handy Book of Sports, Games, Pastimes,Magic, Experiments, Etc. - "the Make and Mend Club"
003131: CENTENNIAL COMMITTEE OF ORFORD - Centennial Celebration of the Town of Orford, N.H. , Containing the Oration, Poems and Speeches, Delivered on Thursday, September 7, 1865, with Some Additional Matters Relating to the History of the Place.
002869: OSBORN, H.S. - The Metallurgy of Iron and Steel, Theoretical and Practical: In All Its Branches; with Special Reference to American Materials and Processes
000273: OSGOOD, SAMUEL - American Leaves: Familiar Notes of Thought and Life
001312: OTIS, JAMES - Defending the Island; a Story of Bar Harbor in 1758
002311: OTTLEY, C.R. - Tobago Legends and West Indian Lore
001354: EISENSCHIML. OTTO - Reviewers Reviewed; a Challenge to Historical Critics
002091: HALL, OWEN (PSEUDONYM OF JIMMY DAVIS) & STUART, LESLIE AND DOUGLAS, MALCOLM - (Floradora) the Superb Musical Comedy Florodora/ the Sleeping Beauty and the Beast
001686: CROSS. WILLIAM P. - Floods in Ohio Magnitude and Frequency
000673: PAGE, THOMAS NELSON - Among the Camps or Young People's Stories of the War
000443: PAKULA, MARVIN( TEXT) - Uniforms of the United States Army, Second Series
000505: PALGRAVE, MARY E. - A Promise Kept
001609: PALIN, HERB - Bits of Versatile Verse
001383: PALLUCCHINI, RODOLFO - Gli Impressionisti Alla XXIV Biennale Di Venezia
002257: PAPE, WM. J. PAPE - History of Waterbury and the Naugatuck Valley Connecticut (Volume I)
002488: PAPEGHIN - Album Souvenir Villandry
003004: GRAND MAGASINS DU PARIS - Plan D'Ensemble Et Concordances Avec Lignes En Couleurs Des Réseaux Métropolitain Et Tramways de Paris
003321: PARKER, GILBERT - Embers; Being a Book of Verses
003515: PARKER, DOROTYY - Enough Rope
003514: PARKER, DOROTHY - Sunset Gun
003188: PARKER, DOROTHY - Death and Taxes
000769: PARRY, WILLIAM EDWARD - Journal of a Second Voyage for the Discovery of a North-West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific; Performed in the Years 1821-22-23, in His Majesty's Ships Fury and Hecla
002952: PARTRIDGE, BELLAMY - Excuse My Dust
003052: PATCH, JOSEPH DORST - The Battle of Ball's Bluff
002381: BROOKS, PAUL AND UPTON, T. GRAYDON, EDITORS - Mondays at Nine or Pedagogues on Parade
000754: PAUMGARTNER, BERNHARD - Die Schubertianer; Ein Beitrag Zur Jahrhundertfeier
003315: PEABODY, GEORGE AUGUSTUS - South American Journals 1858-1859
003518: PEABODY, GEORGE AUGUSTUS - South American Journals 1858-1859
002041: PEARSON, EDMUND LESTER - The Librarian at Play
003283: PEARY, MARIE AHNIGHITO - Muskox ; Little Tooktoo's Friend
002872: PECK, J.M. - A New Guide for Emigrants to the West, Containing Sketches of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Michigan, with the Territories of Wisconsin and Arkansas, and the Adjacent Parts.
000484: PELLARD, ALFRED S. - Lawyer's Tax Manual; Procedure, Transactons, Forms
002397: PELOUBET, FRANCIS N. - The International Question Book on the Uniform Series of the Sabbath School Lessons Adopted by the International Committee for 1879
002575: PENDERGAST, ELLA WORTH - Over the Sea : Travel Letters
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000704: LIBRARY WAR SERVICE - Your Job Back Home; a Book for Men Leaving the Service
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002712: SEYMOUR, MAURICE - Ballet Portraits
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003441: SILTZER, FRANK - Newmarket : Its Port and Personalities
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003620: AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY - Fashionalbe Amusements, Interesting History of Mrs. Tooly and to the Inhabitants of New Settlements (3 Pamphlets)
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003451: STEINWAY AND SONS - Royal Appointments and Decorations Conferred in Appreciation of the Steinway Piano
003117: SOULAVIE, JEAN-LOUIS (L'AINÉ) - Mémoires Historiques Et Politiques Du Règne de Louis XVI, Depuis Son Mariage Jusqu'a Sa Mort. (Tome 1, 2)
002559: GENERAL TELEPHONE COMPANY OF THE SOUTHEAST - Telephone Directory Durham and Creedmoor, January 1958
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001190: SPAETH, SIGMUND - Read 'Em and Weep; the Songs You Forgot to Remember
002014: SPARKS, JARED - The Life of John Ledyard, the Ameircan Traveller; Comprising Selections from His Journals and Correspondence
000777: SPEER, EDWARD JAMES - The Village Post Office
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003266: SPENCER, P.R. - Spencerian System of Penmanship
003265: SPENCER, P.R. - Spencerian System of Penmanship
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003594: I.C.S. STAFF - Rendering in Water Color
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002164: STANDISH, BURT L. - Lefty O' the Big League
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001671: STARBUCK, C.W. - Country Plumbing; Pumps-Wells-Septic Tanks
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001791: NO AUTHOR STATED - Mother Goose Jingles and Rhymes
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003237: (WHITNEY, A.D.T.) NOT STATED - Boys at Chequasset; or "a Little Leaven"
001589: NO AUTHOR STATED - The Devotional and Practical Polyglott Family Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments, with the Marginal Readings, and a Full and Original Selection of References to Parallel and Illustrative Passages, Arranged in a Manner Hitherto Unattempted.
003210: STEARNS, DAVID M. - Sniffy ; the Story of a Skunk
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003511: STEARNS,MARSHALL - Just Memories
002759: VERITY-STEELE, QUEENIE - The Book on Pekingese; the Acknowledged Standard Work
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000605: STEINBECK, JOHN - The Moon Is Down
002597: STEINBECK, JOHN - Burning Bright
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001068: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy
003235: STERNE, LAURENCE - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, by Mr. Yorick and the History of a Good Warm Watch-Coat &C. A Political Romance .
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003247: STEVENS, F.C. - Catalogue of the Maplewood Herd of Holsteins
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003469: STIEVE, FRIEDRICH - Isvolsky and the World War: Based on the Documents Recently Published by the German Foreign Office
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000486: STODDARD, GEORGE D. - The Dual Progress Plan; a New Philosophy and Program in Elementary Education
002430: STODDARD, R.H. (EDITOR) - Half-Hours with the Humorists; or, Treasure-Trove. (the Choicest Humor by the Great Writers. ) (2 Volumes in 1)
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002727: STUCKEY, CHARLES F. (EDITOR) - Great Masters of Art: Monet: A Retrospective
001583: WALT DISNEY STUDIO - Mickey Mouse Stories
003586: SULLIVAN, M.F. - Ireland of to-Day : The Causes and Aims of Irish Agitation
002324: SUMNER, G. LYNN - Lincoln and His Books
001252: THE SUN - United States Commemorative Notes 1893. -1938
003408: SUNTER, J. PAULINE - A Year of Good Wishes
001550: SWAIN, SANA - The Secret of Married Happiness
001578: SWAINE, JOHN - Memoirs of Osney Abbey Near Oxford. Collected from the Most Authentic Authors; Together with Various Observations and Remarks.
001587: SWAN, KAY (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Humpty Dumpty Mother Goose Rocker Book
003111: SWEETSER, M.F. - Here and There in New England Among the Mountains.
001221: SWENSON, MERRILL G. - Outline of Full Denture Prosthesis
003358: SWINSON, CYRIL - Svetlana Beriosova (Dancers of to-Day)
001475: SZYK, ARTHUR (ILLUSTRATOR) - The Ten Commandments
001368: TAFT, J. - A Practical Treatise on Operative Dentistry
001744: TALBOYS, W.P. - West India Pickles. Diary of a Cruise Through the West Indies in the Yacht Josephine.
003239: TALLEYRAND, M. - Memoir Concerning the Commercial Relations of the United States with Great Britain. (Read at the National Institute)
001339: TALPHIR, GABRIEL (PREFACE) - Israel Painters
003369: TARBELL, HARLAN - The Tarbell Course in Magic
002593: TARKINGTON, BOOTH - The Show Piece
002571: TAYLOR, KATHRYN S. (EDITOR) - A Traveler's Guide to Roadside Wild Flowers, Shrubs and Trees, of the U.S.
002795: TAYLOR, COLEY B. - Mark Twain's Margins on Thackeray's "Swift"
002396: TAYLOR, FITCH W. - A Voyage Round the World, and Visits to Various Foreign Countries, in the United States Frigate Columbia; Attended by Her Consort the Sloop of War John Adams, and Commanded by Commodore Geroge C. Read (Volumes I and II)
002796: TAYLOR, COLEY B. - Mark Twains' Margins on Thackeray's "Swift"
000072: TAYLOR, FRANK J. - High Horizons: Daredevil Flying Postmen to Modern Magic Carpet-the United Air Lines Story
003530: TEGETMEIER, W.B. - Pheasants Their Natural History and Practical Managemen
002210: BELFAST TELEGRAPH - Bombs on Belfast
001722: AMERICAN TELEPHONE & TELEGRAPH CO. - Victory Calling; the Telephone in the War
002234: TEMPLE, J.H. - History of Framingham, Massachusetts, Early Known As Danforth's Farms, 1640-1880 with a Genealogical Register
002322: TENNYSON, ALFRED - The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson, Poet Laureate
000461: THIERS, M.A. - The History of the French Revolution
002743: THOMAS, JOHN - Obstruction - Danger ; Stories of Memorable Railway Disasters
002326: THOMAS, LOWELL - The First World Flight ; Being the Personal Narratives of Lowell Smith, Erik Nelson,Leigh Wade, Leslie Arnold, Henry Ogden, John Harding
003070: THOMPSON, ZADOC - History of Vermont, Natural, CIVIL and Statistical, in Three Parts, with an Appendix. 1853.
003406: THOMPSON, RUTH PLUMLY - Grampa in Oz
000530: THOMPSON, JAMES - The American Tutor's Guide; Being a Compendium of Arithmetic
001805: THOMPSON, CONSTANCE E. - He Loveth All.
002083: THOMPSON, THOMAS - Range Drifter
001842: THOMPSON, ADELE KELLEY - Men in Procession
003162: THOMSON, JAMES - The City of Dreadful Night and Other Poems by James Thomson
002237: THORPE, FRANCIS NEWTON - The Government of the People of the United States and of the State of Pennsylvania.
002636: THRASHER, S.P. - Laws of Connecticut Relating to Intoxicating Liquors, Gambling, Duties of Officials, Etc.
003101: TILDEN, WILLIAM T. - "the Kid" a Tennis Lesson
002157: TODD, JOSEPH P. TODD - Tricks Every Boy Can Do
001273: TODD, WILLIAM - The Seventy-Ninth Highlanders New York Volunteers in the War of Rebellion 1861-1865
000753: DE TOLEDANO, RALPH - One Man Alone: Richard Nixon
003148: TORCZYNER, HARRY - Un Coin Désert
002982: TORNQUIST, KARL GUSTAF - The Naval Campaigns of Count de Grasse During the American Revolution 1781-1783
003104: TOUSSAINT, FRANZ - Le Jardin Des Caresses
000399: TOWER, RODERICK - The Defense of Fort Sumter
002740: TOWNSEND, GEORGE FYLER ( NOTES AND REVISIONS BY) - The Arabian Nights' Entertainments (2 Volumes in One)
003449: DEPARTMENT OF OVERSEAS TRADE - Guide to the British Pavilion- United Kingdom Section
002623: COMMISSION ON WHITE SLAVE TRAFFIC - Report of the Commission for the Investigation of the White Slave Traffic, So Called.
002194: COMPAGNIE GÉNÉRALE TRANSLANTIQUE - Une Grande Compagnie de Navigation
000495: TRAPPER, EMMA L. - The Musical Blue Book of America 1918 War and Patriotic Edition
002548: AN OLD TRAVELLER - The Romance of Travel : Comprising Adventures in Foreign Countries, and Descriptions of Manners, Customs, and Places
001342: SECRETARY OF THE TREASURY - Report from the Secretary of the Treasury, on the Warehousing System. February 28, 1849
003589: JAMES TREGASKIS & SON - Printing : The 1017th Caxton Head Catalogue
002874: TRIPP, ANNE HUBER - The I.W. W. And the Paterson Silk Strike of 1913
002062: TROLLOPE, ANTHONY - The Golden Lion of Granpere
002980: TRUMBULL, JAMES HAMMOND - List of Books Printed in Connecticut 1709-1800
003185: TUCKERMAN, HENRYT. - America and Her Commentators. With a Critical Sketch of Travel in the United States
003032: TULLY, GRACE - F.D. R. My Boss
000444: TURNBULL, ROBERT - The World We Live in; or, the Home and Foreign Traveler
002334: TURNER, GRACE (EDITOR) - The Celebrities' Cookbook
001864: TUTHILL, L.C. - The Boarding-School Girl
003584: TWAIN, MARK - The Prince and the Pauper: A Tale for Young People of All Ages
003422: TWAIN, MARK (SAMUEL L. CLEMENS) - Following the Equator; a Journey Around the World
001292: TWEEDIE, W.K. - Jerusalem and Its Environs
002165: TWICHELL, J.H. (EDITOR) - Memorial of Samuel Mills Capron
003179: TYLER, W.S. - History of Amherst College During Its First Half Century. 1821-1871
003258: TYRRELL, FREDERICK - The Lectures of Sir Astley Cooper, Bart. F.R. S. Surgeon to the King, &C, on the Principles and Practice of Surgery; with Additional Notes and Cases. (3 Volumes Complete)
003609: JOHN GREGORY; ALEXANDER UKLADNIKOV - Leningrad's Ballet: Maryinsky to Kirov
003089: UNDERDOWNE, THOMAS (TRANSLATOR); WRIGHT, F.A. (EDITOR) - Heliodorus an Aethiopian Romance
001965: BRYANT LITERARY UNION - Panorama of the Hudson ; Showing Both Sides of the River from New York to Albany
003322: AMERICAN SU NDAY-SCHOOL UNION - The History of Thomas Brown and Little Susan and Her Lamb (2 Titles)
003206: RHODE ISLAND WOMAN'S CHRISTIAN TEMPERANCE UNION - W.C. T.U. Cook Book - Health and Comfort for the Home
002001: UNKNOWN - Cinderalla
002274: UNKNOWN - Yosemite Valley
001985: UNKNOWN - Questions for Self_examination ; Designed Primarily for the Use of Young Persons.
000481: UPTON, GEORGE P. - Standard Concert Repertory and Other Concert Pieces
003533: URBAN, PAUL (BOOK LAYOUT) - Das Werk Des Malers Diego Rivera
002117: H.J. USINA (PUBLISHER) - Seeing St. Augustine, Fla. By the Photograph Route
002957: EMBASSY OF USSR - Ussr Illustrated Monthly, September 1959
003372: WELLS. WILLIAM V. - Walker's Expedition to Nicaragua; a History of the Central American War; and the Sonora and Kinney Expeditions, Including All the Recent Diplomatic Correspondence, Together with a New and Accurate Map of Central America,
002249: VAILLAT, LÉANDRE - La Société Du Xviiie Siècle Et Ses Peintres
002698: VALE, CHARLES (EDITOR) - The Spirit of St. Louis
002730: VALENTINE, D.T. - Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, for the Years 1845-6.
003069: VALENTINE, D.T. - Manual of the Corporation of the City of New York, for the Year 1847.
002437: VALLAS, LÉON - Vincent D'Indy : La Maturité, la Vieillesse (1886-1931)
002246: DE LA VARENDE - Contes Sauvages I, Contes Fervents II, Contes Amers III (3 Volumes)
003623: VARIOUS - U.S. Geological Survey Bulletins - Alaska - 6 Books
001760: VARIOUS - Yale Daily News (February 18, 1913, March 18, 1913, April11, 1913 ) 3 Issues
001007: VARIOUS - The Parables of Our Lord for the Use of Schools and Families
002827: VARIOUS - The Atlantic Monthly, Devoted to Literature, Science, Art, and Politics. September 1865.
002826: VARIOUS - Arthur's Home Magazine Illustrated, February 1895
002910: VARIOUS - The Galaxy of Entertaining and Useful Reading
003418: VARIOUS - Standard History of Essex County, Massachusetts, Embracing a History of the County from Its First Settlement to the Present Time, with a History and Description of Its Towns and Cities
002825: VARIOUS - Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine, August 1876
002605: VARIOUS - The Womans Library (5 Titles)
002840: VARIOUS - Everybody's Magazine, November 1900
003223: VARIOUS - The Holy Bible, Containing the Old and New Testaments: Translated out of the Original Tongues; and with the Former Translations Diligently Compared and Revised, by His Majesty's Special Command.
002837: VARIOUS - Everybody's Magazine, December 1908
001593: VERNE, JULES - The Tour of the World in 80 Days
003230: VILLON, FRANÇOIS - Le Grant Testament Villon le Petit. Son Codicille. Le Jargon Et Ses Balades. Aussi le Rondeau Que le F. Villon Fit Quant IL Fut Iugie a Mort : Et la Requeste Qu'IL Bailla a Messeigneurs de Parlement Et à Monseigneur de Bourbon. .
002643: VOLTAIRE - Candide
002828: BARBER, JOHN W. AND HOWE, HENRY - Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey; Containing a General Collection of the Most Interesting Facts, Traditions, Biographical Sketches, Anecdotes, Etc. Relating to Its History and Antiquities
003167: WAHL, RAY F. (COMPILER) - Northampton--the Town That Wants You
000960: WALDRON, WILLIAM WATSON - Huguenots of Westchester and Parish of Fordham
002819: WALKER, JOHN BRISBEN - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, October 1892
002816: WALKER, JOHN BRISBEN (EDITOR) - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, September 1898
003437: WALKER, JOHN - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language:... To Which Is Annexed a Key...
002817: WALKER, JOHN BRISBEN - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, January 1895
003532: WANDERER (ELIM H. D'AVIGDOR) - Fair Diana
002421: WARNER, CHARLES DUDLEY - Backlog Studies
000700: WARREN, T.R. - White Hat Leadership; How to Maximize Personal and Employee Productivity
001149: WARREN, GEORGE A. - The Banner Boy Scouts on a Tour or the Mystery of Rattlesnake Mountain
000276: WAUGH, ALEC - Kept; a Story of Post-War London
003430: WAXMAN, PERCY - The Black Napoleon ; the Story of Toussaint Louverture
003509: WEBBER, FRANK MARTIN - Peter Painter
003510: WEBBER, FRANK MARTIN - Peter Painter's Mery-Go-Round
002292: WEBSTER, WILLAM G. - A Sequel to Webster's Elementary Spelling Book : A Speller and Definer; Containing a Selection of 12,000 of the Most Useful Words in the English Language
001548: WEIL, SHRAGA - Ecclesiastes
002616: WELLS, JAMES M. - The Chisolm Massacre : A Picture of "Home Rule" in Mississippi
003259: WELLS, SAMUEL - How to Read Character: A New Illustrated Hand-Book of Phrenology and Physiognomy, for Students and Examiners; with a Descriptive Chart.
001224: WELSH, GLENNA M. - The Proprietors of Ridgefield Connecticut
000532: HOLMES. OLIVER WENDELL - One Hoss Shay and Other Poems
000503: WERSTEIN, IRVING - July, 1863
002077: WESLEY, CHARLES - Jesus, Lover of My Soul
003490: WEST, NATHANIEL - The Complete Analysis of the Holy Bible: How to Comprehend Holy Writ from Its Own Interpretation, Containing the Whole of the Old and New Testaments... .
001171: WEST, RICHARD S. JR. - Mr. Lincoln's Navy
002853: WEST, RICHARD S., JR. - The Second Admiral : A Life of David Dixon Porter 1813-1891
001128: WHALEN, GROVER - A Trip to the World's Fair with Bobby and Betty
002457: WHARTON, EDITH - The House of Mirth
001175: SAPPHO; WHARTON, HENRY THORNTON(TRANSLATOR); BUNNER ANNE (PARAPHRASES IN VERSE) - Sappho Memoir, Text, Selected Renderings and a Literal Translation
003340: WHEELER, RICHARD - Sherman's March
003543: WHEELER, OLIN D. - The Trail of Lewis and Clark 1804-1904 (2 Volume Set)
003477: WHELPLEY, J.D. - British-American Relations
001213: WHIPPLE, CHARLES H. (COMPILER) - Genealogy of the Whipple-Wright Wager Ward-Pell Mclean-Burnet Families Together with Records of Allied Families
002635: WHITE, ANNIE R. - Polite Society at Home and Abroad (Salesman's Dummy)
001927: WHITE, TRUMBULL - Our New Possessions. Four Books in One
001223: WHITE, JAMES W. (EDITOR) - The Dental Cosmos: A Monthly Record of Dental Science. Devoted to the Interests of the Profession (Volume XXIX)
001230: WHITE, JIM - The Discovery and History of Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico
002364: WHITING, NATHAN (PUBLISHER) - The Guardian, or Youth's Religious Instructor (7 Issues: January, February ,March, April, May, July and November 1824)
001899: WHITNEY, ALBERT W. - Man and the Motor Car
002228: WHITTEMORE, EDWIN CAREY - Colby College 1820-1925; an Account of Its Beginnings, Progress and Service
000338: WHITTIER, JOHN GREENLEAF - Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier
003582: KRONPRINZ WILHELM - Aus Meinem Jagdtagebuch
000434: WILHELMINA, FREDERICA SOPHIA - Memoirs of Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Princess Royal of Prussia, Margravine of Baireuth, Sister of Frederick the Great. (Volume I Only)
002511: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years. The Autobiography of an American Woman
001914: WILLARD, FRANCES E. - Glimpses of Fifty Years : The Autobiography of an American Woman
003516: SCHNEIR, WILLIAM & MIRIAM - Invitation to an Inquest
001378: WILLIAMS, JOHN H. - Yosemite and Its High Sierra
002171: WILLIAMS, TENNESSEE - In the Winter of Cities
001523: WILLIAMS, SHERMAN - New York's Part in History
002859: WILLIAMS, KENNETH P. - Lincoln Finds a General ; a Military Study of the CIVIL War (2 Volume Set)
003120: COLONIAL WILLIAMSBURG - The Official Guidebook of Colonial Williamsburg
003197: WILSON, EARL - Pikes Peek or Bust
002722: WILSON, PETER MITCHEL - Southern Exposure
001188: WILSON, JOS. S. (COMMISSIONER) - Report of the Commissioner of General Land Office, for the Year 1867. Abridged and Published by Order of the Senate of the United States. (Includes Map)
001828: WILSON, H.L. (HARRY LEON) - Zigzag Tales from the East to the West
003152: ALLEN, GAY WILSON AND DAVIS, CHARLES T. - Walt Whitman's Poems
000392: WINCH, FRANK - Thrilling Lives of Buffalo Bill, Colonel Wm. F. Cody Last of the Great Scouts and Pawnee Bill, Major Gordon W. Lillie White Chief of the Pawnees
001681: WINEBERGER, J.A. - The Home of Washington at Mount Vernon, Embracing a Full and Accurate Description, As Well As of the Birthplace, Genealogy,, Character, Marriage, and Last Illness of Washington
002296: WINKLER, GERSHON - Dybbuk
002682: WINTER, MILO - The Wonderful ABC Book
001634: WISTER, OWEN - The Seven Ages of Washington
003421: WODEHOUSE, P.G. - Mike : A Public School Story
001654: WOLFE, SAML. M. - Helper's Impending Crisis Dissected
002747: WOLFE, THOMAS (MAXWELL GEISMAR, EDITOR) - The Portable Thomas Wolfe
002221: WOOD, STANLEY - Over the Range to the Golden Gate. A Complete Tourist's Guide
002928: WOODBRIDGE, WILLIAM C. - Rudiments of Geography on a New Plan. Designed to Assist the Memory of Comparison and Classification
001058: WOODRUFF, HIRAM - The Trotting Horse of America: How to Train and Drive Him. With Reminiscences of the Trotting Turf
001469: WOODRUFF, HELEN S. - The Lady of the Lighthouse
002010: S.S. WOODS & COMPANY - Wood's Household Magazine, November 1871 (Vol. 9, No. 51)
002170: WOOLF, VIRGINIA - Beau Brummell
002226: LYCOMING COUNTY UNIT OF PENNSYLVANIA WPA - A Picture of Lycoming County
002787: WRIGHT, FANNY - Nellie's Christmas Eve
003503: VON WURTHENAU, ALEXANDER - Terracotta Pottery in Pre-Columbian Central and South America
003136: WWITKOWSKI, G.J. - Les Licences L'Art Chrétien
003402: WYER, HENRY S. - My Isle of Dreams
001909: WYNDHAM, HENRY SAXE - Arthur Seymour Sullivan
002124: CHIANG YEE - Chinese Painting ; the Faber Gallery of Oriental Art
002005: OLD GUARD OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK - Old Guard of the City of New York One Hundredth Anniversary 1826-1926
002560: THE NEW YORKER - The New Yorker Magazine (September 19, 1931)
002702: ZHDANOV, LEONID - The Dancing of Maya Plisetskaya
002709: DOMINIC, ZOË AND GILBERT, JOHN SELWYN - Frederick Ashton, a Choreographer and His Ballets

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