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000844: Hammacher Schlemmer - Hammacher Schlemmer Basic Reference Guide for Good Cooking and Serving
001393: Schlesinger, Frederick Schenck - Solitary Hours
001267: Schloss, Ruth - Ruth Schloss Paintings and Drawings
003516: Schneir, William & Miriam - Invitation to an Inquest (SIGNED)
002774: Schoeffel, Joseph (Manager) - Half a King
002888: Cooper Union Woman's Art School - Year Book Woman's Art School Cooper Union 1930
002664: Schouvaloff, Alexander - Set and Costume Designs for Ballet and Theater
004062: Schuman, William (President) - Opening Week of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts; Philharmonic Hall September 23-30, 1962
000772: Scott, Jack Denton - Journey Into Silence
004432: W. A. Scott - The Giant Judge: or the Story of Samson, the Hebrew Hercules.
004160: Scowcroft, Richard - Children of the Covenant
002701: Sedgewick, Russell and Beaumont, Cyril W. - The Swan Lake as Presented By The Sadler's Wells Ballet
004351: Segura, Pancho and Heldman, Gladys - Pancho Segura's Championship Strategy; Hot to Play Winning Tennis
004514: Madame Seignobos - Comment on forme une cuisinière; Deuxieme Partie: Les Volailles, le gibier, etc...
000704: Library War Service - Your Job Back Home; A Book For Men Leaving the Service
001098: Raymond-Whitcomb Travel Service - Independent Travel (November to April) The Raymond-Whitcomb Travel Service and Independent Trips with Hotel Accommodations
004625: Severn,Merlyn - Sadler's Wells Ballet at Covent Garden
002783: Seward, William H. (Secretary of State) - Letter from the Secretary of State, Transmitting a Report of the Commissioner of Immigration of the Foreign Immigration and the Expenditures of the Bureau for the First Three Quarters of the Year 1866.
002712: Seymour, Maurice - Ballet Portraits
003157: Shawcross, John T. (Editor) - The Complete English Poetry of John Milton (Excluding His Translations of Psalms 80-88)
003299: Shea, John Gilmary - The Children's Centennial History - Part 8
004461: Shead, Richard - Ballets Russes
004346: Sherman, Jim - Jim Sherman's Flash Lites; 40 Tricks, Tips...and Gags with Flash Paper and Flash Bills!
003216: Silliman, Benjamin - Remarks Made on a Short Tour Between Hartford and Quebec, in the Autumn of 1819
004703: Silliman, Augustus E. - A Gallop Among American Scenery : or, Sketches of American Scenes and Military Adventure
003441: Siltzer, Frank - Newmarket : Its Port and Personalities
004576: Sinclair, Arthur - Two Years on the Alabama
001507: Singer, Curt ; Meysels, Theodore F., - This Is Jerusalem ; Twelve Miniatures and Five Pen Drawings By Curt Singer, Commentary By Theodor F. Meysels
002754: Skelton, Edward Oliver - The Story of New England
004056: Slonimsky, Juri and Others - The Soviet Ballet
002555: Smalley, E.V (Editor) - The Illustrated Monthly Northwest Magazine" Vol IX. No. 4 April 1891
002052: Smith, Henry F. (Compiler) - Municipal Register of the City of Hartford (1901)
001877: Smith, Logan Pearsall - Trivia
003320: Smith, Harvey - Nine to Five
004338: Johnson Smith & Co. - 250 Parlor Tricks of Magic Made Easy
001992: Smith, Lindley Jr. (Editor) - Happy Sundays With the Bible; Arranged for Fifty-Two Sundays of the Year
001520: C. Smith & Son. - Indicator Map of London and Visitors Guide
004694: Smith, Matthew Hale - Bulls and Bears of New York, with the Crisis of 1873, and the Cause.
003620: American Tract Society - Fashionable Amusements, Interesting History of Mrs. Tooly and To the Inhabitants of New Settlements (3 Pamphlets)
001367: Rehoboth Antiquarian Society - Historic Rehoboth; Record of the Dedication of Goff Hall, May 10th A.D.1886
002879: American Water Color Society - Catalogue of the Fifthieth Annual Exhibition of the American Water Color Society
000664: The National Historical Society - The Journal of American History, Vol. 17, No. 1- Jan-Feb.-Mar 1923; No.2-April-May-June (2 Volumes)
002020: Johann Bär's Sohnen (Editor) - Neuer Gemeinnütziger Pennsylvanisher Calender Auf Das Jahr Unseres Heilandes Jesu Christi 1876
004237: Soldini (Publisher) - Little Guide to Geneva
003451: Steinway and Sons - Royal Appointments and Decorations Conferred in Appreciation of the Steinway Piano
003856: Sorrel, G. Moxley - Recollections of a Confederate Staff Officer
003117: Soulavie, Jean-Louis (l'ainé) - Mémoires historiques et politiques du règne de Louis XVI, depuis son mariage jusqu'a sa mort. (Tome 1, 2)
004339: Spayth, Henry - The American Draught Player : Or the Theory and Practice of the Scientific Game of Checkers
000777: Speer, Edward James - The Village Post Office
003702: Spencer, Albert J. - Spencer's Book of Comic Speeches and Humorous Recitations
000010: Spielman, M.H. - The Hitherto Unidentified Contributions of W.M. Thackeray to "Punch"
001082: Spirer, Herbert F. - Business Statistics: A Problem-solving Approach
003595: I.C.S Staff - Wash Work, Brush, and Perspective Drawing
002164: Standish, Burt L. - Lefty O' the Big League
004712: Standish, Marjorie - Cooking Down East
001477: Stanley, Henry M. - Im Dunkelsten Afrika, Aufschung, Rettung Und Rückzug Emin Pascha's, Gouverneurs Der Aequatorial Provinz (1. Band, Erster Band)
003955: Starr, F. Ratchford - Farm Echoes.
002415: Secretary of State - Manual for the Use of the Legislature of the State of New York, 1867
002066: Office of the Secretary of State - The Connecticut Register : A State Calendar of Public Officers and Institutions for 1878
001125: No Author Stated - The Faithful Little Girl
000987: No Author Stated - Fireside Dreams for Youngest Readers
001251: No Author Stated - The Washington Monument Illustrated Complete Guide and History; Authentic Facts and Figures
001791: No Author Stated - Mother Goose Jingles and Rhymes
002835: Stearns, Jonathan F. - Historical Discourses, Relating to the First Presbyterian Church in Newark
004572: Steeh, Judith - History of Ballet and Modern Dance
003820: Steinbeck, John - The Wayward Bus
004755: Steinbeck, John - Sweet Thursday
003818: Steinbeck, John - The Moon is Down
003235: Sterne, Laurence - A Sentimental Journey Through France and Italy, By Mr. Yorick and the History of a Good Warm Watch-Coat &c. A Political Romance .
002084: Stevens, James - Big Jim Turner
004202: Stevenson, Robert Louis - Napa Wine, a Chapter from "The Silverado Squatters"
004638: Stewart, A.M. - The History and Romance of the Paisley Shawl
001115: Still, Bayrd - Mirror for Gotham; New York as Seen By Contempories from Dutch Days to the Present
004418: Stillman, Samuel - A Discourse Delivered Before the Members of the Boston Female Asylum, Friday, Sept. 25, 1801, Being Their First Anniversary
002627: Stockli, Albert - Splendid Fare
002255: Stockton, Frank R. - The Rudder Grangers Abroad and Other Stories
000486: Stoddard, George D. - The Dual Progress Plan; A New Philosophy and Program in Elementary Education
000501: Stoddard, George D. - The Meaning of Intelligence
002015: C. Stone (Publisher) - The Mother's Assistant and Child's Friend May, 1857
000687: Stuart, Elizabeth Billings - Runaway Jerry
004687: Stuart, William - Sketches of the LIfe of William Stuart, the First and Most Celebrated Counterfeiter of Connecticut
004623: Stuart, William - Sketches of the Life of William Stuart, the First and Most Celebrated Counterfeiter of Connecticut
003586: Sullivan, M.F. - Ireland of To-Day (Today) : The Causes and Aims of Irish Agitation
003408: Sunter, J. Pauline - A Year of Good Wishes
004002: Sutcliff, Robert - Travels in Some Parts of North America, in the Years 1804, 1805, & 1806
004475: Svetlov, Valerian - Thamar Karsavina
001550: Swain, Sana - The Secret of Married Happiness
003111: Sweetser, M.F. - Here and There in New England Among the Mountains.
004567: Swindon, Walter L. - All About Buenos Aires and the Beauty Spots of the Argentine Republic
003358: Swinson, Cyril - Svetlana Beriosova (Dancers of To-Day)
002176: Swinton, Eilliam - Word-Primer. A Beginner's Book in Oral and Written Spelling.
001368: Taft, J. - A Practical Treatise on Operative Dentistry
004337: Talbert, William F. and Old, Bruce S. - The Game of Doubles in Tennis
003239: Talleyrand, M. - Memoir Concerning the Commercial Relations of the United States with Great Britain. (Read at the National Institute)
004352: Tanner, T.H. - A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Infancy and Childhood.
002796: Taylor, Coley B. - Mark Twains' Margins On Thackeray's "Swift"
002795: Taylor, Coley B. - Mark Twain's Margins On Thackeray's "Swift"
004657: Teasdale, Sara - Rainbow Gold; Poems Old and New
002210: Belfast Telegraph - Bombs On Belfast
001722: American Telephone & Telegraph Co. - Victory Calling; The Telephone in the War
004617: Tennyson, Alfred - Locksley Hall
000461: Thiers, M.A. - The History of the French Revolution
002743: Thomas, John - Obstruction - Danger ; Stories of Memorable Railway Disasters
000530: Thompson, James - The American Tutor's Guide; Being A Compendium of Arithmetic
002083: Thompson, Thomas - Range Drifter
001842: Thompson, Adele Kelley - Men In Procession
001805: Thompson, Constance E. - He Loveth All.
004219: Thompson,Maurice - Milly; or, At Love's Extremes
004665: Thompson, Ruth Plumly - Pirates in Oz
002237: Thorpe, Francis Newton - The Government of the People of the United States And of the State of Pennsylvania.
002636: Thrasher, S.P. - Laws of Connecticut Relating to Intoxicating Liquors, Gambling, Duties of Officials, Etc.
003101: Tilden, William T. - "The Kid" A Tennis Lesson
004668: John Toland - Adolf Hitler
001063: Tolchin, Susan J. and Tolchin, Martin - Dismantling America: The Rush to Deregulate
003148: Torczyner, Harry - Un Coin de Désert
003104: Toussaint, Franz - Le Jardin des Caresses
000399: Tower, Roderick - The Defense of Fort Sumter
003746: Townsend, Charles J. - Practical Wood Carving; A Simple Treatise on the Rudiments of Wood Carving
002194: Compagnie Générale Translantique - Une Grande Compagnie de Navigation
000495: Trapper, Emma L. - The Musical Blue Book of America 1918 War and Patriotic Edition
002548: An Old Traveller - The Romance of Travel : Comprising Adventures in Foreign Countries, and Descriptions of Manners, Customs, and Places
003589: James Tregaskis & Son - Printing : The 1017th Caxton Head Catalogue
002062: Trollope, Anthony - The Golden Lion of Granpere
004509: Tucker, Ethel & Catherine F. - Glimpses of Bermuda
003185: Tuckerman, HenryT. - America and Her Commentators. With a Critical Sketch of Travel in the United States
002334: Turner, Grace (Editor) - The Celebrities' Cookbook
001864: Tuthill, L.C. - The Boarding-School Girl
004382: Twain, Mark - Roughing It
004524: Twain, Mark - The Prince and the Pauper; A Tale for Young People of All Ages
004278: Twain, Mark - Paine, Albert Bigelow (Compiler) - Mark Twain's Notebook
004611: Twain, Mark - Mark Twain's Autobiography; With an Introduction by Albert Bgelow Paine - 2 Volumes in Slipcase
004313: Twain, Mark - Mark Twain's Date..1601 Conversation as it Was by the Social Fireside in the Time of the Tudors
004312: Twain, Mark - An Unexpected Acquaintance
004291: Twain, Mark - The £1,000,000 Bank-Note
004270: Twain, Mark - Mark Twain's (Burlesque) Autobiography and First Romance
004398: Twain, Mark - 1601 or Social Fireside Conversation In Ye Time of Ye Tudors
004279: Twain, Mark - How to Tell a Story and Other Essays
004280: Twain, Mark - The £1,000,000 Bank-Note (Million Pound)
004439: Twain, Mark - Mark Twain's Sketches, New and Old.
003584: Twain, Mark - The Prince and the Pauper: A Tale for Young People of All Ages
004273: Twain, Mark - The Innocents Abroad or the New Pilgrims' Progress
002165: Twichell, J.H. (Editor) - Memorial of Samuel Mills Capron
003609: John Gregory; Alexander Ukladnikov - Leningrad's Ballet: Maryinsky to Kirov
003089: Underdowne, Thomas (Translator); Wright, F.A. (Editor) - Heliodorus an Aethiopian Romance
003322: American Su nday-School Union - The History of Thomas Brown and Little Susan and Her Lamb (2 Titles)
004446: Columbia University - Catalogue of an Exhibition at Columbia University to Commemorate the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Birth of Lewis Carroll (Charles Lutwidge Dodgson) 1832-1898
001985: Unknown - Questions for Self-Examination ; Designed Primarily for the Use of Young Persons.
003975: Unknown - Bright Rays for Golden Days.
002001: Unknown - Cinderella
004577: Unknown - Everyman a Morality
001687: Unknown - A Balsamic Ditty
003741: Author Unknown - A Mother in Exile
004484: Unknown - The Letter Writer's Own Book: or, the Art of Polite Correspondence.
003533: Urban, Paul (Book Layout) - Das Werk Des Malers Diego Rivera
002957: Embassy of USSR - USSR Illustrated Monthly, September 1959
002249: Vaillat, Léandre - La Société du XVIIIe siècle et ses Peintres
002698: Vale, Charles (Editor) - The Spirit of St. Louis
002730: Valentine, D.T. - Manual of the Corporation of The City of New York, for the Years 1845-6.
002437: Vallas, Léon - Vincent d'Indy : La Maturité, La Vieillesse (1886-1931)
004375: De Valois, Nanette; Ashton, Frederick; Money, Keith and Fonteyn Margot - The Art of Margot Fonteyn
004593: de Valois, Ninette; Schäfer, Walter Erich; Schneiders, Heinz Ludwig; Höver, Frita and Barnes, Clive - John Cranko und das Stuttgarter Ballett
002246: De La Varende - Contes Sauvages I, Contes Fervents II, Contes Amers III (3 Volumes)
001760: Various - Yale Daily News (February 18, 1913, March 18, 1913, April11, 1913 ) 3 Issues
001007: Various - The Parables of Our Lord for the Use of Schools and Families
002825: Various - Arthur's Illustrated Home Magazine, August 1876
002910: Various - The Galaxy of Entertaining and Useful Reading
004489: Various - The Little Wanderer's Friend: The Quarterly Issue of the Howard Mission and Home for LIttle Wanderers (oct. 1870)
004739: Various - St. Nicholas an Illustrated Magazine for Young Folks.(Volume XXXV Part I - November 1907-April 1908)
004458: Van Vechten, Carl; Padgette, Paul - Dance Photography of Carl Van Vechten
004725: Verdy, Violette - Giselle: A role for a lifetime : with the text of the ballet scenario adapted from The?ophile Gautier ([The Dance program)
001593: Verne, Jules - The Tour of the World in 80 Days
004079: Victor, Frances Fuller - The River of the West. Life and Adventure in the Rocky Mountains and Oregon; Embracing Events in the LIfe-time of a Mountain-Man and Pioneer: With the Early History of the North-Western Slope....
003230: Villon, François - Le Grant Testament Villon le petit. Son codicille. le jargon et ses balades. Aussi le rondeau que le F. Villon fit quant il fut iugie a mort : et la requeste qu'il bailla a messeigneurs de parlement et à monseigneur de bourbon..
004394: Wagner, Richard (Armour, Margaret, Translator) - The Ring of the Niblung: The Rhinegold & the Valkyrie
004453: Wagner, Richard - Tannhauser
004083: Waite, Otis F.R. - Editor - Guide Book for the Eastern Coast of New England
000960: Waldron, William Watson - Huguenots of Westchester and Parish of Fordham
002819: Walker, John Brisben - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, October 1892
003437: Walker, John - A Critical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Expositor of the English Language:...To Which is Annexed a Key...
003683: Walker, Kathrine Sorley - De Basil's Ballets Russes
002817: Walker, John Brisben - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, January 1895
002816: Walker, John Brisben (Editor) - The Cosmopolitan an Illustrated Monthly Magazine, September 1898
004506: Walker, Donald - Exercises for Ladies; Calculated to Preserve and Improve Beauty, and to Prevent and Correct Personal Defects....
003708: Wallis, Edward T. (Editor) - The National Catalog of United States Coins
004201: Walsh, Christy - Baseball's Greatest Lineup
003532: Wanderer (Elim H. d'Avigdor) - Fair Diana
003816: Warden, William - Letters Written on Board His Majesty's Ship the Northumberland, and Saint Helena; In Which the Conduct and Conversations of Napoleon Bonaparte, and His Suite, During the Voyage and the First Months of His Residence in That Island, are Faithfully Described
002421: Warner, Charles Dudley - Backlog Studies
004612: Watson, J. Madison - Watson's Manual of Calisthenics:A Systematic Drill-Book Without Apparatus, for Schools, Families, and Gymnasiums
000276: Waugh, Alec - Kept; A Story of Post-War London
003510: Webber, Frank Martin - Peter Painter's Mery-Go-Round (SIGNED)
004762: Webster,Noah - The American Spelling Book; Containing the Rudiments of the English Language, for the Use of Schools in the United States.
001548: Weil, Shraga - Ecclesiastes
004520: Official Tourist Bureau Weltevreden - Come to Java
001171: West, Richard S. Jr. - Mr. Lincoln's Navy
003340: Wheeler, Richard - Sherman's March
003477: Whelpley, J.D. - British-American Relations
001213: Whipple, Charles H. (Compiler) - Genealogy of the Whipple-Wright Wager Ward-Pell Mclean-Burnet Families Together with Records of Allied Families
001223: White, James W. (Editor) - The Dental Cosmos: A Monthly Record of Dental Science. Devoted to the Interests of the Profession (Volume XXIX)
003775: White, Margaret L. and Hanthorn, Alice - Interesting Things to Know - Third Year/Second Half
002228: Whittemore, Edwin Carey - Colby College 1820-1925; An Account of Its Beginnings, Progress and Service
000338: Whittier, John Greenleaf - Poems of John Greenleaf Whittier
003933: Whittier, John Greenleaf - Home Ballads and Poems
003582: Kronprinz Wilhelm - Aus Meinem Jagdtagebuch
000434: Wilhelmina, Frederica Sophia - Memoirs of Frederica Sophia Wilhelmina, Princess Royal of Prussia, Margravine of Baireuth, Sister of Frederick the Great.(Volume I only)
001523: Williams, Sherman - New York's Part in History
004003: Williams, William - Journal of the Life, Travels, and Gospel Labours, of William Williams, Dec. a Minister of the Society of Friends. Late of White-Water, Indiana.
004357: Williamson, Audrey - Ballet of 3 Decades
001828: Wilson, H.L. (Harry Leon) - Zigzag Tales From the East to the West
003197: Wilson, Earl - Pikes Peek or Bust
003952: Wilson, Thomas - Transatlantic Sketches; or, Travelling Reminiscences of the West Indies and United States.
002640: Connecticut Historical Society and the Towns of Windsor, Hartford, and Wethersfield - Birthday of the State of Connecticut. Celebration of the Two Hunred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Adoption of the First Constitution of the State of Connecticut
001681: Wineberger, J.A. - The Home of Washington at Mount Vernon, Embracing a Full and Accurate Description, as Well as of the Birthplace, Genealogy,, Character, Marriage, and Last Illness of Washington
002682: Winter, Milo - The Wonderful ABC Book
001634: Wister, Owen - The Seven Ages of Washington (Signed By Harry Ogden)
003136: Witkowski, G.J. - Les licences l'art Chrétien
001654: Wolfe, Saml. M. - Helper's Impending Crisis Dissected
003811: Wolseley, Field Marshall Viscount - The American Civil War; An English View
004381: William Wood & Company - The Prescriber's Memoranda
003753: Worman, H.A. - How to Get Workmen
004606: Van Wyck, William - A Treatise on Fishing with a Hook; Attributed to Dame Juliana Berners, Printed in the Book of Saint Albans by Wynkende Worde, MCCCLXXXXVI and Rendered Into Modern English by William Van Wyck
001909: Wyndham, Henry Saxe - Arthur Seymour Sullivan
004660: Youmans, Eleanor - Skitter Cat
004364: Zolotov, Andrei; Gusev, Alexander; Zonina, Yelena - The Bolshoi Theatre History-Opera-Ballet
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