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104684: FITZGIBBON, MARY - A Trip to Manitoba; or, Roughing It on the Line
104683: FITZGIBBON, MARY - A Trip to Manitoba; or, Roughing It on the Line
119618: RIEHL-FITZSIMMONS, B.; MCDOUGALL, F.; CYR-STEENKAMP, T. (COMPILED BY) - Sifting Through Time; A History of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
118218: FLAHERTY, ROBERT - Nanoopk of the North
120162: O'FLAHERTY, PATRICK - The Rock Observed; Studies in the Literature of Newfoundland
115289: FLAIG, LLOYD (DONNA GALLANT - ILLUSTRATOR) - The Three Faces of Zook
117065: FLAMAN, BERNARD - Architecture of Saskatchewan; A Visual Journey, 1930-2011
117668: FLANAGAN, TOM; ALCANTARA, CHRISTOPHER; LE DRESSAY, ANDRÉ - Beyond the Indian Act; Restoring Aboriginal Property Rights
118862: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Louis Riel
104688: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Metis Lands in Manitoba
104689: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Metis Lands in Manitoba
104686: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Louis "David" Riel: Prophet of the New World
116785: FLANAGAN, ROBERT - The Full Round
104693: FLATT, W.D. - The Making of a Man
119555: FLAUBERT, GUSTAVE - Madame Bovary
121701: FLAVIN, MARTIN - Journey in the Dark
110953: FLAXCOMBE - Little Town in the Valley; History of Flaxcombe and Surrounding School Districts
115211: FLEMING, ARCHIBALD LANG - Archibald the Arctic: The Flying Bishop
113257: FLEMING, PATRICIA; CARPENTER, THOMAS (EDITORS) - Traditions in Wood; A History of Wildfowl Decoys in Canada
105449: HUDSON'S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. FLEMING, R. HARVEY (EDITOR) - Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Rupert Land, 1821-31
112322: FLEMING, PATRICIA LOCKHART - Upper Canadian Imprints, 1801-1841: A Bibliography
121067: FLEMING, IAN - Octopussy
121066: FLEMING, IAN - Casion Royale
120524: FLEMING, JOHN A.; CHAMBERS, JAMES A. (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840
120985: FLEMING, SANDFORD - Eight (8) Individual Monographs, Including: Time-Reckoning for the Twentieth Century
120658: FLERAS, AUGIE; ELLIOTT, JEAN LEONARD - Unequal Relations; An Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada
115857: STANWELL-FLETCHER, THEODORA C. - The Tundra World
119407: FLEURY, NORMAN - Michif Dictionary 2013
121146: FLEXMAN, S. D. ELAND - Wings and Tails
120540: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - That Wilder Image; The Painting of America's Native School from Thomas Cole to Winslow Homer
116322: FLINT, DAVID - The Hutterites; A Study in Prejudice
102473: FLINT, MAURICE. (PECK, E.J.) - Revised Eskimo Grammar; From the Work of Rev. E.J. Peck, D.D. "Apostle to the Eskimos."
203361: FLITTON, MARILYN G. (EDITOR) - An Index to the Canadian Monthly and National Review and to Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review 1872-1882
104700: FLOCK, ELIZABETH BURNETT - Wild Flowers of the Prairie Provinces
203472: FLOMEN, MICHAEL - Still Life Draped Stone
102352: WEYBURN. KAY FLURY ET AL - Hey Seeds!
119993: FLYNN, MAUREEN - Buckle My Shoe
113766: FOLEY, DOROTHY C. - When Our Ship Comes In
114354: FOLON, JEAN-MICHEL - The Eyewitness
115943: FOLSOM, JUSTUS W. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume III: Insects; Part A: Collembola; Sothern Party 1913-16
118405: FONER, PHILIP S. - American Labor Songs of the Nineteenth Century
200631: FONTAINE, JEAN DE LA - Selected Fables
120871: FONTAINE, JEAN DE LA; MAME, ALFRED (EDITOR) - Fables de Jean de la Fontaine
104705: FORAN, MAX; HOULTON, NONIE - Roland Gissing: The People's Painter
121816: FORAN, TIMOTHY P. - Defining Metis; Catholic Missionaries and the Idea of Civilization in Northwestern Saskatchewan 1845-1898
116932: FORAN, MAX - Trails & Trails
113612: FORBES, EDWARD - A History of British Starfishes, and Other Animals of the Class Echinodermata
104706: FORBES, JOSEPH C. - History of Manitoba Agricultural Extension Staff 1913-70
104708: FORBIS, RICHARD G. - The Old Women's Buffalo Jump, Alberta
104707: FORBIS, R.G.; DAVIS, L.B.; CHRISTENSEN, O.A.; FEDIRCHUK, G. (EDITOR) - Post-Pleistocene Man and His Environment on the Northern Plains: Proceedings of the First Annual Paleo-Environmental Workshop of the University of Calgary Archeological Association
115603: FORBIS, RICHARD G. - Cluny: An Ancient Fortified Village in Alberta
120203: FORD, J.E. - Fact, Fun and Fiction for Auctioneers
114053: FORD, ROBERT - Thistledown: A Book of Scotch Humour Character, Folk-Lore Story & Anecdote.
113525: FORD, CATHY - Stray Zale
111037: FORD, W.R. - Rare Old Violins
109300: FORD, ROBERT A.D. - Our Man in Moscow; a Diplomat's Reflections on the Soviet Union
112411: FORD, RICHARD - Women with Men; Three Stories
116866: FORD,THERESA M. - Road to Yesterday
202888: FORD, FORD MADOX - Great Trade Route
200634: FORD, FORD MADOX - The Good Soldier; a Tale of Passion
200635: FORD, RICHARD - Wildlife
104711: FORER, MORT - The Humback
200471: DE FOREST, ROY - A Journey to the Far Canine Range and the Unexplored Territory Beyond Terrier Pass
120677: DE FOREST, ROY (ARTIST); HUMPHREY, JOHN (CURATOR) - Roy de Forest: Retrospective
112388: FORESTER, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon. Comprising the History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Accession of Henry II. Also, the Acts of Stephen, King of England and Duke of Normandy
200636: FORESTER, C.S. - The Bedchamber Mystery
200637: FORESTER, C.S. - The Bedchamber Mystery
200638: FORESTER, C.S. - Hunting the Bismarck
101549: FORGET, HEWARD, STOUGHTON AREA - Tecumseh on the Prairies; Including Forget, Heward, Stoughton & Area
118682: FORMOSA, GERALD - The Pleasure of Seeing; Architectural Sculpture & Decorative Art in Vancouver
118570: FORSETH, GERALD; BASTER, VICTORIA (CURATORS) - Lethbridge Modern; Aspects of Architectural Modernism in Lethbridge from 1945-1970
104715: FORSTER, J.R.; SCLATER, PHILIP LUTLEY - An Account of the Birds Sent from Hudson's Bay; With Observations Relative to Their Natural History; And Latin Descriptions of Some of the Most Uncommon
202889: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton 1797-1887; a Domestic Biography
200642: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biography
200640: FORSTER, E.M. - The Hill of Devi
200641: FORSTER, E.M. - The Eternal Moment
200644: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Odessa File
120466: FORSYTH, CHAS. D.; BARRATT, JOS. T. - From Friend to Friend
119712: FORTIN, JEAN-MARIE - Notre Position Au Canada
100709: FORTIN, OCTAVE; CARRUTHERS, C. - Sixty Years and After; an Historical Sketch of Holy Trinity Parish, Winnipeg 1868-1928
100708: FORTIN, L. ALPHONSE - L'Ame de ma Soeur, Henriette Fortin; Cinquante Annees des Souvenirs Intimes
115067: PERIODICAL CANADIAN FORUM, APRIL-MAY 1970: 50TH, 1920-1970 (MAGAZINE) - Periodical Canadian Forum, April-May 1970: 50th, 1920-1970
121413: FOSHAY, SUSAN; GALIPEAU, PASCALE; TOUSLEY, NANCY - Welcome to Our World; Contemporary Canadian Folk Art
118692: FOSSETT, RENÉE - In Order to Live Untroubled; Inuit of the Central Arctic, 1550-1940
117402: FOST, H.R. (DESIGNER); BLANC, H. (POET) - Fète Des Vignerons: Vevey-1955
120197: FOSTER, J.J.; FOSTER, ETHEL M. (EDITOR) - A Dictionary of Painters of Miniatures (1525-1850); With Some Account of Exhibitions, Collections, Sales, Etc., Pertaining to Them
117999: FOSTER, CORAM - Rear Admiral Byrd and the Poplar Expediations
118393: FOSTER, HAL; KRAUSS, ROSALIND; BOIS, YVE-ALAIN; BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H.D. - Art Since 1900; Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism
116842: FOSTER, PETER - From Rigs to Riches; The Story of Bow Valley Industries Ltd.
104720: FOSTER, PETER - The Sorcerer's Apprentices; Canada's Super-Bureaucrats and the Energy Mess
116503: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - Nelly Was a Lady
116504: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - My Old Kentucky Home
104719: FOSTER, JOHN - Railway from Lake Superior to Red River Settlement, Considered in a Letter to the Hon. Wm. McDougall, C.B...
104717: FOSTER, JOHN E. - The Developing West; Essays on Canadian History in Honor of Lewis H. Thomas
102843: FOSTER, MICHAEL K. (EDITOR) - Papers in Linguistics from the 1972 Conference on Iroquoian Research
116505: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - The Swanee-River
202690: FOSTER, CHARLES - Once upon a Time in Paradise; Canadians in the Golden Age of Holywood
202691: FOSTER, MICHAEL - Claude Bernard
202372: FOSTER, VERE - Simple Lessons in Flower Painting; Twelve Facsimiles of Original Water-Colour Drawings and Numerous Outline Drawings of Flowers, After Various Artists. With Full Instructions for Drawing and Painting
200651: FOSTER, W. GARLAND - The Mohawk Princess; Being Some Account of the Life of Tekahion-Wake (E. Pauline Johnson)
121299: FOSTER, ANNIE H.; GRIERSON, ANNE - High Days and Holidays in Canada: A Collection of Holiday Facts for Canadian Schools
115959: FOUILLARD, CAMILLE - Gathering Voices; Finding Strength to Help Our Children; Innu Nation and Mushuau Innu Band Council
104721: FOULDS, JOAN (EDITOR) - Research Review
114596: FOULKS, EDWARD H. - The Arctic Hysterias of the North Alaskan Eskimo
102995: ALBERTA ART FOUNDATION - Studio Ceramics in Alberta 1947-1952
200653: FOUNTAIN, PAUL - The Great North-West and the Great Lake Region of North America
203844: FOURNIER, LUCIEN - Comment Voyagent Nos Depeches; Hier, Aujourd'hui, Demain
117510: FOWKE, V.C. - The Myth of the Self-Sufficient Canadian Pioneer
117509: FOWKE, VERNON C.; MCINTOSH, L.F. (INTO.) - In the Matter of an Application by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for the Establishment of a Rate Base and Rate of Return Before the Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada on January 5, 1953. Evidence Tendered by Dr. Vernon C. Fowke on Behalf of the Respondaents: The Province of British Columbia; The Province of Alberta; The Province of Saskatchewan; The Province of Manitoba; The Maritimes Transportation Commission
117508: FOWKE, V.C. - The Distributive Pattern in the Prairie Provinces
117512: FOWKE, VERNON C. - National Policy and Western Development in North America
117963: FOWKE, V.C. - Agricultural Policy and Economic Growth
104724: FOWKE, VERNON C. - The National Policy and the Wheat Economy
104726: FOWKE, VERNON C. - The National Policy and the Wheat Economy
104723: FOWKE, VERNON C. - Canadian Agricultural Policy: The Historical Pattern
104722: FOWKE, VERNON C. - Canadian Agricultural Policy. The Historical Pattern
118249: FOWKE, VERNON C. - The National Policy and the Wheat Economy
200654: FOWKE, EDITH; GLAZER, JOE - Songs of Work and Freedom
119563: FOWLER, D.B.; GEDDES, W.E.; JOHNSTON, A.M.; PRESTON, K.R. (EDITORS) - Wheat Protein Production and Marketing
112731: FOWLER, O.S. - Woman on the American Frontier
104727: FOWLER, MARGUERITA - The Story of St. Faith's
115412: FOWLES, JOHN - The Ebony Tower
200656: FOWLES, JOHN - Poems
113104: FOX, REV. JOHN - The Book of Martyrs. Or: The Acts and Monuments of the Christian Church. Being a Complete History of Martyrdom from the Commencement of Christianity to the Present Time. Revised and Improved by the Rev. John Malham. Embellished with Engravings.
109302: FOX, WILLIAM T. R. - A Continent Apart: The United States and Canada in World Politics
114127: FOX, GAIL - Houses of God
102721: FOX, CH. L. - 100 Years of Yiddish and Hebrew Literature in Canada
119863: WHITE FOX - Where Trails End and Rivers Meet; White Fox and Districts
120940: FRAAS, ARTHUR P. - Aircraft Power Plants
113836: FRAEGNER, WILHELM - Hieronymus Bosch
200659: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL - Death in a Room; Poems, 1927-1930
100713: FRAME, EDNA LAURA - The Buffalo Trail
111863: FRANCE] - France Via French Line
104728: FRANCHERE, GABRIEL - Journal of a Voyage on the North West Coast of North America During the Years 1811, 1812, 1813 and 1814; The Journal of Gabriel Franchere.
117628: FRANCIS, DANIEL - The Imaginary Indian; The Image of the Indian in Canadian Culture
117613: FRANCIS, E.K.; MORTON, W.L. (FOREWORD) - In Search of Utopia; the Mennonites in Manitoba
113076: FRANCIS, RENE - The Story of the Tower of London
109303: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Frank R. Underhill: Intellectual Provocateur
118950: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; KITZAN, CHRIS (EDITORS) - The Prairie West As Promised Land
112578: FRANCIS, DICK - Break In
119192: LAKE FRANCIS, BONNIE DOON, GRASSFIELD, GLENNIE - Along the Mission Trail; Lake Francis, Bonnie Doon, Grassfield, Glennie
104735: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; PALMER, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Prairie West; Historical Readings
104733: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Images of the West; Changing Perceptions of the Prairies, 1690-1960
104732: FRANCIS, E.K. - In Search of Utopia; the Mennonites in Manitoba
104731: FRANCIS, DANIEL; MORANTZ, TOBY - Partners in Furs; a History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870
104736: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; PALMER, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Prairie West; Historical Readings
116951: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Iscovery of the North: The Exploration of Canada's Arctic
202692: FRANCIS, W.W. - W.W. Francis; Tributes from His Friends on the Occasion of the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Osler Society of McGill University
120788: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Copying People; Photographing British Columbia First Nations, 1860-1940
116803: FRANICS, R.D.; GANZEVOORT, H. (EDITOR) - The Dirty Thirties in Priairie Canada
114595: DAVEY, FRANK AND FRED WAH (EDITORS) - The Swift Current Anthology
114415: CASSIDY, FRANK AND ROBERT L. BISH - Indian Government: Its Meaning and Practice
121830: CHALK, FRANK AND JONASSOHN, KURT - The History and Sociologyof Genocide; Analyses and Case Studies
114134: BELL-FRANKEN, MARCIA - Tangled Flames
121798: FRANKENFIELD, HENRY - Block Printing with Linoleum
120820: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN - Helen Frankenthaler
118400: FRANKL, PAUL - Gothic Architecture
115232: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1825, 1826 and 1827
119859: FRANKLIN, R.M. OF - Saskatchewan's 100th Anniversary 1905 - 2005 - Willow Bunch's 135 Anniversary 1870 - 2005 (Cover-Title); Willow Bunch Historical Sites & Buildings - 2005 - by Numerous Residents (Spine-Title); Summary of Saskatchewan History, Coupled with Historical Sites & Buildings of Willow Bunch, to Include Old & New Residences, Businesses and Churches (Title-Page)
111306: FRANKLIN, JOHN; DAVIS, RICHARD C. - Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence: The Second Arctic Land Expedition 1825-1827
118216: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Narrative of a Journey to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1819, 20, 21, and 22
111668: FRANKLIN, WAYNE - Discoverers, Explorers, Settlers; the Diligent Writers of Early America
202968: FRANKLIN, JOHN; DAVIS, RICHARD C. (EDITOR) - Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence
104741: FRANSEN, P.B. - Face of My People
115964: FRANSEN, BERNARD - Memories from Nunavut
104742: FRANTZ, DONALD G. - Blackfoot Grammar
121593: FRANTZ, DONALD G.; RUSSELL, NORMA JEAN - Blackfoot Dictionary of Stems, Roots, and Affixes
121592: FRANTZ, DONALD G. - Blackfoot Grammar: Second Edition
121674: FRASER, SANDRA; SLATE FINE ART GALLERY - Zachari Logan; A Strange Cultivation
118681: FRASER, SANDRA; LONG, TIMOTHY; BOVEY, PATRICIA - David Thauberger: Parcours Et Autres Déviations
118680: FRASER, SANDRA; LONG, TIMOTHY; BOVEY, PATRICIA - David Thauberger: Road Trips & Other Diversions
114706: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114705: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114704: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114703: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
104744: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
104745: FRASER, ESTHER - Wheeler
111612: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - McAuslan in the Rough; and Other Stories
104753: FRASER, W.P.; RUSSELL, R.C. - An Annotated List of the Plants of Saskatchewan
116591: FRASER, MORRIS - The Death of Narcissus
115493: FRASER, C. MCLEAN - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc.; Part I: Hydroids
118979: FRASER, JOHN - Historic Canadian Ground; The la Salle Homestead of 1666 and Other Old Landmarks of French Canada on the Lower Lachine Road
115461: FRASER, MALCOLM - Extract from a Manuscript Relating to the Siege of Quebec in 1759
121508: FRASER, KEATH - As for Me and My Body: A Memoir of Sinclair Ross
112622: FRAYNE, TRENT - The Queen's Plate
200661: FREAR, MARY DILLINGHAM - Hawaiian Days and Holidays and Days of Long Ago
118220: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
118219: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
115240: TIBBOTT, FRED AND REX, GEORGE - The Land of Yesterday: Waltz Ballad
115794: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
116308: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116307: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116016: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116017: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
120494: FREDRICKSON, N. JAYE; GIBB, SANDRA - The Covenant Chain: Indian Ceremonial and Trade Silver
117932: FREEBURN, LAURENCE, EDITOR (EDITOR) - The Silver Years of the Alaska Canned Salmon Industy
102844: FREEDMAN, JIM; BARKOW, JEROME H. - Proceedings of the Second Congress, Canadian Ethnology Society
200665: FREELING, NICOLAS - The Pretty How Town
104758: FREEMAN, J.M. - Biggest Sellout in History!: Foreign Ownership of Alberta's Oil and Gas Industry and the Oil Sands
200666: FREILICH, MORRIS (EDITOR) - Marginal Natives: Anthropologists at Work
104770: FREMONT, DONATIEN - The Secretaries of Riel; Louis Schmidt, William Henry Jackson, Phillipe Garnot
104767: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Monseigneur Provencher et Son Temps
104769: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Les Francais dans l'ouest Canadien
104765: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Sur le Ranch de Constantin-Weyer
200059: FRENKEL, VERA - Raincoats Suitcases Palms; the Bar Report
115815: FREUCHEN, PETER - Peter Freuchen's Book of Eskimos
203509: FREUD, SIGMUND - Neue Folge Der Vorlesungen Zur Einfuhrung in Die Psychoanalyse
200667: FREUD, ANNA; BURLINGHAM, DOROTHY T. - War and Children
202694: FREUD, ANNA - Difficulties in the Path of Psychoanalysis: A Confrontation of Past with Present Viewpoints
202693: FREUD, ANNA - Introduction to the Technic of Child Analysis
200669: FREUD, SIGMUND - Wit and Its Relation to the Unconscious
200668: FREUD, SIGMUND; JUNG, C.G.; MCGUIRE, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - The Freud / Jung Letters: The Correspondence Between Sigmund Freud and C.G. Jung
121217: FREUD, SIGMUND - Civilization and Its Discontents
113900: FREY, CECILIA - The Nefertiti Look
117675: FRIDERES, JAMES S. - Canada's Indians; Contemporary Conflicts
117705: FRIDERES, JAMES S. - First Nations in the Twenty-First Century
114318: FRIDERES, J.S. - Canada's Indians; Contemporary Conflicts
113972: FRIDMAN, SUSAN A. - Glimpse of the Present: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Alberta Painting
120276: FRIED, FREDERICK - Artists in Wood; American Carvers of Cigar-Store Indians, Show Figures, and Circus Wagons
203864: FRIEDMAN, W. - Legal Theory
109486: FRIEDMANN, W. - Legal Theory
109617: FRIEDMANN, W. - Law in a Changing Society
111819: FRIEND, J.; THRELFALL, D.R. (EDITOR) - Biochemical Aspects of Plant-Parasite Relationships
203797: FRIES, ALFRED - The Blue Book of American Dishes
116879: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Interim; Essays & Meditations
117121: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
114012: FRIESEN, RUDY P. - Building on the Past
118702: FRIESEN, GERALD; POTYONDI, BARRY - A Guide to the Study of Manitoba Local History
111527: BLUMENFELD. PETKAU, IRENE FRIESEN & PETER A. - Blumenfeld: Where Land and People Meet
113276: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Sayings of the Elders
104779: FRIESEN, PATRICK - The Lands I Am
114824: FRIESEN, ELEANOR PALMER - From Soul to Soul; Five Generations of Palmer Geaology
114637: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
114620: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
113288: FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL - Where the River Runs
104776: FRIESEN, GERALD; POTYONDI, BARRY - A Guide to the Study of Manitoba Local History
104777: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
104778: FRIESEN, GERALD - River Road; Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History
104780: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Bluebottle
119994: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Flicker and Hawk
117752: FRIESEN, E.A. (CHAIRMAN) - Grace Mennonite Church; 20th Anniversary Yearbook
116328: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Mennonite Through the Centuries from the Netherlands to Canada
121663: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
116882: FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL; HARRIOT, TREVOR - Forever Home; Good Old Days on the Farm
117258: FRIESEN, PAUL - A Rabbit Is Not a Ferrari
116242: FRIESSEN, JOSEPHINE - Three Generations of Monnonite Women in the Canadian West
200671: FRIIS, ACHTON - Im Gronlandeis Mit Mylius-Erichsen: Die Danmark Expedition 1906-1908
116264: FRIMER, LINDA SPANER DAYAN - A Wilderness Journey
112660: FRITZ, FLORENCE - The Unknown Story of Sanibel and Captiva (Ybel Y Cautivo)
101564: FROBISHER - Frobyshire to Frobisher
115250: FROST, ROBERT - A Further Range
112754: FROST, ROBERT - A Further Range
120561: FROST, ROBERT; LATHEM, EDWARD CONNERY (EDITOR) - The Poetry of Robert Frost
109049: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. FRY, PHILIP - The Legend of Asessippi: Space Drawings by the Opthalmia Co. Of Inglis, Manitoba
104786: FRY, ALAN - How a People Die; a Documentary Novel About the Tragedy of the North American Indian
120348: FRY, PHILIP (CURATOR) - Manitoba Mainstream; People's Art/Fine Art / le Grand Courant Du Manitoba; Arts Populaires/Beaux Arts
114758: FRYE, NORTHROP - Words with Power: Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature
200674: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Modern Century: The Whidden Lectures 1967
200676: FRYE, NORTHROP - By Liberal Things; Address by H. Northrop Frye, M.A., F.R.S.C., Ll.D., D.D. On the Occasion of His Installation As Principal of Victoria College University of Toronto October 21, 1959
200673: FRYE, NORTHROP (EDITOR) - Design for Learning: Reports Submitted to the Joint Committee of the Toronto Board of Education and the University of Toronto
117469: FRYER, HAROLD - Stops of Interest in Alberta; "Wild Rose Country"
117791: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK; HUMBER, CHARLES J. (EDITORS) - Loyal She Remains: A Pictorial History of Ontario
104788: FRYER, HAROLD - Frog Lake Massacre
104789: FRYER, HAROLD - Ghost Towns of Alberta
203210: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - The Mary Frances First Aid Book; with Ready Reference List of Ordinary Accidents and Illnesses, and Approved Home Remedies
117739: FUCHS, VIVIAN - Antarctic Adventure; The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958
200679: FUERTES, LOUIS AGASSIZ; BROOKS, ALLAN - Portraits of New England Birds
114380: FUGLEM, KARILEE - Cumulous
104790: FULHAM, STANLEY A. - In Search of a Future: A Submission on the Migration of Native People
119395: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Critical Path
200680: FULLER, CYNTHIA - Man's Moment: Poems Provoked by Francyn's Paintings
119763: FULTON, MURRAY E. (EDITOR) - Co-Operative Organizations and Canadian Society; Popular Institutions and the Dilemmas of Change
200682: FULTON, FRANCIS I. SIMS - To and Through Nebraska: By a Pennsylvania Girl
104792: FUMOLEAU, RENE - As Long As This Land Shall Last. A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 1870-1939
116565: FUNG, KA-IU; GAGE, STUART H. - Atlas of Saskatchewan Agriculture
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110406: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Rielisms
110235: KENDERDINE GALLERY - The Symons Trail; a Retrospective Exhibition of the Art and Books of Robert David Symons (1898-1973); with Contributions by Family Members
109059: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Artists' Prints and Multiples
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115072: THE BEAVERBROOK ART GALLERY - Wallace S. Bird Memorial Collection
115061: THE ART GALLERY - Graphics Atlantic
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115042: GLENBOW-ALBERTA ART GALLERY - Ranjan Sen / Tommie Gallie
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114095: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Fishing Trip; or, The Good Luck He Had with the Clothes Hook and How the Pip and Skee Were Stuck by the Chestnut Burrs. Also the Good Time at the Marshmallow Roast
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113628: GARIS, ROGER - My Father Was Uncle Wiggily
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112402: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Funny Auto; Or, How the Skillery Skallery Alligator Was Bumped; And, Uncle Wiggily and His Snow Plow; Also, How the Bunny Rabbit Gentleman Watered the Garden
112401: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Daddy Takes Us Camping
203887: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Tuftoo the Clown
116332: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Goat
116331: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Deer
202450: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Fishing Trip; or, The Good Luck He Had with the Clothes Hook and How the Pip and Skee Were Stuck by the Chestnut Burrs. Also the Good Time at the Marshmallow Roast
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111531: KILLARNEY. GARLAND, AILEEN - Trails and Crossroads to Killarney; the Story of Pioneer Days in the Killarney and Turtle Mountain District
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104814: GARRIOCH, ALFRED CAMPBELL - The Far and Furry North; a Story of Life and Love and Travel in the Days of the Hudson's Bay Company
117573: GARRIOCH, ALFRED CAMPBELL - The Far and Furry North; a Story of Life and Love and Travel in the Days of the Hudson's Bay Company
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200698: GAVIN, THOMAS - King Kill
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118144: GEDALOF, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Paper Stays Put, a Collection of Inuit Writing
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112159: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
111744: GEDDES, GARY - Letter of the Master of Horse
104828: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
116705: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
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102060: REGINA. GEREIN, FRANK - Outline History of the Archdiocese of Regina; 1911-1961
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203729: GERSTER, ARPAD G. - The Rules of Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery; a Practical Treatise for the Use of Students and the General Practitioner
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102479: GILBERG, AAGE - Eskimo Doctor
110301: WESTERN CANADA ART CIRCUIT; GILBERT, HERBERT - A One-Man Exhibition Being Circulated ... April 1960 to April 1961
114485: GILBERT, LARRY - Entitlement to Metis Status and Membership Codes in Canada
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203363: GILBERT, A.G. - From Montreal to the Maritime Provinces and Back..
202995: GILBERT, JOSIAH - Landscape in Art Before Claude & Salvator
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121831: GILL, JERRY H. - Native American Worldviews; An Introduction
121479: GILLAN, DR. JAMES GRAHAM - Through Northern Eyes
120831: GILLESPIE, BILL - A Class Act; An Illustrated History of the Labour Movement in Newfoundland and Labrador
120142: GILLETT, CHARLES RIPLEY (EDITOR) - Catalogue of the McAlpin Collection of British History and Theology [5 Volumes]
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118519: GINN, DAVID - Nearly Unpublished; Another Unusual Conglomeration of Comedy and Magical Stuff
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112866: GINZBURG, RALPH - Avant Garde
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119870: GISLASON, I. - Prairie Panorama; A Brief Study of the Prairie Provinces
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115961: GLUBOK, SHIRLEY - The Art of the Eskimos
115962: GLUBOK, SHIRLEY - The Art of the Eskimos
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118588: GODWIN, TED - Lower Bow; a Celebration of Wilderness, Art & Fishing
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200731: GORGES, ARTHUR - The Olympian Catastrophe
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118814: GORMAN, JACK - Pere Murray and the Hounds; the Story of Saskatchewan's Notre Dame College
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121340: GORMLEY, JOHN - I'm Right & You Know It
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111895: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Going Through the Motions
111473: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Random Descent
104933: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Hearts of Flame
104934: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery; and Other Stories
104932: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Between Men
104931: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Going Through the Motions
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111919: GOWANLOCK, THERESA; DELANEY, THERESA - Two Months in the Camp of Big Bear; the Life and Adventures of Theresa Gowanlock and Theresa Delaney
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121250: GRACE, SUSAN ANDREWS - Water Is the First World
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117338: GRAHAM, JIM - Metropolis
116802: GRAHAM, ELIZABETH - Medicine Man to Missionary; Missionaries As Agents of Change Among the Indians of Southern Ontario, 1784-1867
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112217: GRANDVILLE, J.J. - Comical People
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119465: GRASS, GUNTER - Cat and Mouse
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101761: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Compiled Plan of Gravelbourg
101760: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Gravelbourg; Being a Subdivision of Part of...
101759: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Addition to Gravelbourg; Plan of the Subdivision...
115363: GRAVELBOURG - Heritage; Gravelbourg-District, 1906-1985
101586: GRAVELBOURG - Croquis Historiques des Paroisses du Diocese de Gravelbourg, Sask.; A l'Occasion de son Jubile d'Argent 1930-1955
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121630: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
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114056: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; ARTLEY, A. STERL; ARBUTHNOT, MAY HILL - The New More Streets and Roads
109310: GRAY, J.M. - Thro the Vision of the Night: A Study of Source, Evolution and Structure in Tennyson's "Idylls of the King"
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104969: GRAY, JAMES H. - Booze; the Impact of Whisky on the Prairie West
104966: GRAY, JAMES H. - Men Against the Desert
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116836: GRAY, EARLE - The Great Canadian Oil Patch
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104970: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Roar of the Twenties
119948: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
119949: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
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119906: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
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120246: GRAY, WILLIAM S. (ET AL) - The New People and Progress
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102725: GREAVES, IDA - The Negro in Canada
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121753: GREEN, GERALD - The Last Angry Man
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203910: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN - Little Lady Val; a Tale of the Days of Good Queen Bess
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118656: GREEN, JOHN - On the Track of the Sasquatch
121258: GREEN, JIM - Beyond Here
121006: GREEN, JIM - North Book
113689: GREENAWAY, KATE - A Apple Pie
109912: GREENAWAY, KATE - Tired Out
203923: GREENAWAY, KATE - Language of Flowers
119157: GREENAWAY, KATE - Marigold Garden
203189: GREENAWAY, KATE - Almanack for 1886
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121735: GREENBERG, JOANNE - A Season of Delight
102280: SWIFT CURRENT. GREENBLAT, JIM - "Those Were the Days" in Swift Current; a Saskatchewan "71 Homecoming Event" - 50 Years of Reminiscence of the Frontier City and District
119368: GREENE, ALMA (FORBIDDEN VOICE) - Reflections of a Mohawk Indian
115276: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the Bomb Party
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114828: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Captain and the Enemy
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112825: GREENER, W. W. - The Gun and Its Development
121524: GREENER, W. W. - The Gun and Its Development
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115307: GREENHILL, PAULINE - Lots of Stories: Maritime Narratives from the Crieghton Collection
200759: GREENHILL, RALPH; BIRRELL, ANDREW - Canadian Photography: 1839-1920
109927: GREENING, W.E.; MACLEAN, M.M. - It Was Never So Easy 1908-1958; a History of the Canadian Brotherhood of Railway, Transport and General Workers
109312: GREENLEE, JAMES G. - Sir Robert Falconer; a Biography
200760: GREENLY, ALBERT H. - Camels in America
110634: GREENWOOD, J. ARTHUR; HARTLEY, H.O. - Guide to Tables in Mathematical Statistics
119923: GREER, GERMAINE - Sex and Destiny; The Politics of Human Fertility
119922: GREER, GERMAINE - The Female Eunuch
200761: GREG, W.W. - The Variants in the First Quarto of "King Lear": A Bibliographical and Critical Inquiry
105003: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba 1: Red River to 1897
105004: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba 2: 1897-1982
105005: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba
113776: GREGORY, KENNETH (COMPILED BY) - Your Obedient Servant
200764: GREGORY, WILLIAM K.; RAVEN, HENRY C. - In Quest of Gorillas
200763: GREGORY, JACKSON - Mysterious Rancho
102726: GREIG, HUGH - The Hope and the Promise
113473: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Labrador Looks at the Orient
102484: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Labrador: The Country and the People
116711: GRENIER, FERNAND, EDITEUR (EDITOR) - Quebec; Studies in Canadian Geography
114911: AGNES ETHERINGTON ART CENTRE; GRENVILLE, BRUCE - The Allegorical Image of Recent Canadian Painting
120334: GRENVILLE, BRUCE - Mapping the Surface; The Process of Recent Toronto Sculpture
120901: GRESCHNER, DONNA (CHIEF COMMISSIONER) - Renewing the Vision: Human Rights in Saskatchewan; Report of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, 1996
120737: GRESCHNER, MARK; HAVERSTOCK, LYNDA M. (FOREWORD) - Mark Greschner: One Hundred Years of Heart
118015: GRESSLEY, EVERETT G. - Alaska Trails 'N' Tales
119194: GRETNA - Gretna
115267: GREY, ZANE - Wanderer of the Wasteland
118602: GREY, ZANE - King of the Royal Mounted and the Ghost Guns of Roaring River
111521: GREY, ZANE - The Vanishing American
200770: GREY, ZANE - Arizona Ames
200771: GREY, ZANE - To the Last Man
200769: GREY, ZANE - The Shepherd of Guadaloupe
200768: GREY, ZANE - To the Last Man
116449: GRIERSON, HARRIET - A Willing Victim
118963: GRIES, GOODMAN - Preparation for a Death Trip
116547: GRIFFIN,D.L. - The Devonian Slave Point, Beaverhill Lake and Muskwa Formations of Northeastern British Columbia and Adjacent Areas
202898: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT - Japanese Fairy Tales
203825: GRIFFITH, JERRY; MINER, L.E. (EDITOR) - The First Lincolnland Conference on Dialectology
109313: GRIFFITHS, FRANKLYN (EDITOR) - Politics of the Northwest Passage
116466: GRIFFITHS, RUDYARD; CARDINAL, TANTOO; HIGHWAY, TOMSON; JOHNSTON, BASIL; - Our Story; Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past
119867: GRIFT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Heritage of the Grift Family 1846 - 1985
100201: GRIMSHAW - Land of Hope and Dreams; a History of Grimshaw and Districts
114847: GRINNEL, JOSEPH - Gold Hunting in Alaska
113268: GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD - When Buffalo Ran
110072: GRINNELL, IOWA - The Grinnell Cyclone
116154: GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD - Alaska 1899; Essays from the Harriman Expedition
112301: GRIOLI, GIUSEPPE - Mathematical Theory of Elastic Equilibrium (Recent Results)
112243: GRISWOLD, DON L.; GRISWOLD, JEAN HARVEY - The Carbonate Camp Called Leadville
120220: GROCE, GEORGE C.; WALLACE, DAVID H. - The New-York Historical Society's Dictionary of Artists in America, 1564-1860
110523: BAILLIE-GROHMAN, WILLIAM A. - Sport in Art; an Iconography of Sport During Four Hundred Years from the Beginning of the Fifteenth to the End of the Eighteenth Centuries
121770: GROOM, PERCY - Trees and Their Life Histories
106442: MANITOBA. GROSE, R.E. (EDITOR) - Industrial Resources of Manitoba
105015: GROSS, RENIE - Dinosaur Country; Unearthing the Badlands' Prehistoric Past
121370: GROSS, HENRY - Pure Magic: The Sleight-Of-Hand Book of Dazzling Tricks and Captivating Routines
200777: GROSZ, GEORGE - 30 Drawings and Watercolors
200776: GROSZ, GEORGE - Uber Alles die Liebe
119144: ZAP COMIX. GROTH, GARY (EXECUTIVE EDITOR) - The Complete Zap Comix
118545: GROUARD, EMILE-JEAN-BAPTISTE-MARIE (TRANS.) - Prières, Catéchisme Et Cantiques Dans la Langue Des Indiens Castors
105017: GROUARD, EMILE JEAN BAPTISTE MARIE - Souvenirs de mes Soixante Ans d'Apostolat dans l'Athabaska-Mackenzie
117953: WARMAN AND DISTRICT CONCERNED CITIZENS GROUP - Why People Say No to a Uranium Refinery at Warman, Saskatchewan
113394: WASCANA WRITERS GROUP - Short Grass; Scintillating Stories, Sparkling Poems
110140: RURAL DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY GROUP - Report of the Rural Development Advisory Group
102074: REGINA. SENIORS' UNIVERSITY GROUP - Remembering One-Room School Days
102075: REGINA. SENIORS' UNIVERSITY GROUP - Fibs, Facts & Fancies
113614: THE PROVINCIAL COMMITTEE ON MIORITY GROUPS - Between Her Majesty, Queen Victoria and the Indians of British North America
116171: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - A Search for America
111238: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - It Needs to Be Said
105030: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - In Search of Myself
111948: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Turn of the Year
111241: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND - Frederick Philip Grove
111240: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND (EDITOR) - The Letters of Frederick Philip Grove
105029: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Master of the Mill
105027: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Fruits of the Earth
105026: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - It Needs to Be Said
105021: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Over Prairie Trails
119206: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND - Frederick Philip Grove
112830: GROVER, EULALIE OSGOOD - The Sunbonnet Babies' Primer
200780: GRUBE, A.W. - Ch. Oeser's Briefe an Eine Jungrau uber die Hauptgegenstande der Aesthetik; Ein Weihgeschent fur Frauen und Jungfrauen
116333: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Raggedy Ann Stories; Raggedy Ann's Wishing Pebble; Raggedy Ann and Betsy Bonnet String; Raggedy Ann in the Deep Deep Woods; Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy's Friendly Fairies; Raggedy Ann and the Hobby Horse; Rageddy Ann in the Magic Box; Raggedy and and the Golden Butterfly
200781: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Johnny Gruelle's Golden Book
117607: GRUENDING, DENNIS (INTRO.) - The Middle of Nowhere
114643: GRUENDING, DENNIS (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Middle of Nowhere; Rediscovering Saskatchewan
105036: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Emmett Hall; Establishment Radical
105035: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Gringo. Poems and Journals from Latin America
105037: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Promises to Keep; a Political Biography of Allan Blakeney
118806: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Emmett Hall; Establishment Radical [Revised and Updated]
120502: GRUENDING, DENNIS - The First Ten Years
120367: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Promises to Keep; a Political Biography of Allan Blakeney
105039: GRUHN, RUTH - Archaeological Research at Calling Lake, Northern Alberta
121019: GRUSKIN, EDWARD I. - Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland; The Story of Their Rise to Fame and Fortune in the Movies
105040: GRYBA, EUGENE M. - Sibbald Creek; 11,000 Years of Human Use of the Alberta Foothills
105041: GRYZ, DR. ZBIGNIEW JAN - Heritage Preservation Among Ethnocultural Communities
115922: GUEDON, MARIE FRANCOISE - Shamans and Spirits; Myth and Medical Symbolism in Eskimo Art
115942: GUEMPLE, LEE - Inuit Adoption
101600: GUENTER, JACOB G. - "Men of Steele": Saskatchewan Valley Mennonite Settlers and Their Descendants
119530: GUENTER, J.G. (EDITOR); BOLDT, KATHERINE E. (INTRODUCTION) - Osler...The Early Years and the One Room School #1238, (1905-1947); Reminiscences Past and Present
101604: HAGUE-OSLER RESERVE. GUENTER, DOREEN - Hague-Osler Mennonite Reserve 1895-1995
109959: "HELIOTYPIES"; GUERINET, ARMAND (EDITOR) - L'Architecture Francaise; le Chateau de Chambord (59 Planches); le Chateau de Chaumont-Sur-Loire (Pl.60 a 72); le Chateau de Maucreux (Pl.73 a 76), Restaures Par M. Samson, Architecte a Paris. Exterieurs - Interieurs - Details de Sculpture, Phototypies D'apres Nature
114144: GUERMAN, MIKHAIL (COMPILED BY) - Art of the October Revolution
118319: GUEST, EDNA M.; CHAPMAN, ETHEL - An Experiment in Applied Nutrition for Canadian Communities; Summary Report of the Swift Fellowship
203382: GUIART, JEAN - L'Organisation Sociale et Politique du Nord Malekula; Rapport General d'une Mission aux Nouvelles-Hebrides Effectuee au Cours de l'Ete 1950-1951
114379: GUIART, JEAN - Oceanie
106535: GUICHON, SOEUR MAY - Developement des Oeuvres des Souers Grises au Manitoba depuis Leur Fondation a Saint-Boniface 1844-1944
113699: BROMSGROVE GUILD - The Blessed Jeanne D'arc Maid of Orleans
109314: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Travel in Upper Canada
202482: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Life in the County of York
113940: GUIMOND, PIERRE S.; SINCLAIR, BRIAN R. - Calgary Architecture: The Boom Years 1972-1982
121030: GUIZOT, [FRANÇOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME]; HAZLITT, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR) - History of the English Revolution of 1640: From the Accession of Charles I. To His Death.
202707: GULLETT, D.W. - A History of Dentistry in Canada
200783: GULLETT, D.W. - A History of Dentistry in Canada
110782: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - Early Printers and Printing in the Canadas
109315: GUNN, J.A.W. - Beyond Liberty and Property: The Process of Self-Recognition in Eighteenth-Century Political Thought
105053: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - The Prowler
119710: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Zero Hour
105049: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Settlement Poems 1
105050: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Settlement Poems 2
121344: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Exiles Among You
121298: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - The Prowler
110451: GUNTER, ARCHIBALD CLAVERING - Mr. Potter of Texas; a Novel
112456: GUPTA, SANKAR SEN - A Survey of Folklore Study in Bengal; West Bengal and East Pakistan
200785: GURGANUS, ALLAN - White People: Stories and Novellas
118584: GURSTEIN, ALEXANDER - Man and the Stars
111995: GUSSET, GERARD - Stoneware Containers from Some Canadian Prairie Sites
116364: GUSTAFSON, PAULA (EDITOR) - Craft Perception and Practice; A Canadian Discourse; Volume 1
116365: GUSTAFSON, PAULA (EDITOR) - Craft Perception and Practice; A Canadian Discourse; Volume 2

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