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120601: KENNEDY AND DISTRICT - Kennedy Reflections
120602: KENNEDY AND DISTRICT - Kennedy Reflections Volume II
109584: FRANCIS AND DISTRICT - Community Flashback
117136: EATONIA AND DISTRICT - A Past to Cherish: A History of Pioneers and Homesteaders from 1906 to 1940 in the R.M. Of Royal Canadian, the West Side of the R.M. Newcombe, the Village of Eatonia, and Hamlet of Laporte, and of Chesterfield Flats Along the South Saskatchewan River Where Traces of the Stone Age and Metis Are to Be Found - Starts at "World War II and Afterward"
121646: MILLET AND DISTRICT - Tales and Trails of Millet (Volume I and Ii)
121641: ONOWAY & DISTRICT - In Retrospect...A Century of Education in Onoway and District 1904 - 2004
123029: GLENAVON AND DISTRICT - A Backward Glance
122952: BARRETT SCHHOL DISTRICT - Barrett School District
122788: PLATO AND DISTRICT - Celebrate Saskatchewan 1905 -1980 Plato District; Memories of Plato
128046: CRANBROOK AND DISTRICT - Cranbrook and District Key City Chronicles 1898-
129134: BEAVERLODGE AND DISTRICT - Beaverlodge to the Rockies
101048: RUSSELL AND DISTRICT - Banner County: History of Russell & District 1879-1967
115294: ESTHER AND DISTRICT - Sage Brush and Sifting Sand; The History of Esther and District
119537: BIGGAR AND DISTRICT - A Harvest of Memories (Vol I Only)
100251: LACOMBE AND DISTRICT - Lacombe: The First Century
100301: MCLENNAN AND DISTRICT - Trails and Rails North: History of McLennan and District
100325: NAMPA AND DISTRICT - Turning the Pages of Time
100337: ONOWAY & DISTRICT - The Pathfinders: A History of Onoway, Bilby, Brookdale, Glenford, Goldthorpe, Heatherdown, Hillcrest, Nakamun, Rich Valley, Speldhurst, Stettin, and Sturgeon River
100391: ROCKY MOUNTAIN HOUSE DISTRICT - The Days Before Yesterday: History of Rocky Mountain House District
100420: SKIFF AND DISTRICT - Skiff in the Prairie Wind
100533: BELMONT AND DISTRICT - The Path of the Pioneers: Belmont and District 1889-1989
129631: ELBOW LAKE SCHOOL DISTRICT - Treasured Memories of the Past; A History of Elbow Lake School District and Its Early Pioneers
102325: VANSCOY & DISTRICT - They Plowed the Way & We Followed
102340: WEBB AND DISTRICT - Prairie Memories
100028: BARRHEAD AND DISTRICT - The Golden Years
100038: BLACKFOOT & DISTRICT - Forgotten Echoes: A History of Blackfoot and Surrounding Area
100050: BRETON AND DISTRICT - The Ladder of Time: A History of Breton and District
100093: CAYLEY AND DISTRICT - Under the Chinook Arch; A History of Cayley and Surrounding Areas
101718: LEROSS & DISTRICTS - Our Treasured Heritage: Leross & Districts
111758: HEPBURN AND SCHOOL DISTRICTS - Our Rich Heritage; Hepburn and Districts, Mennon, New Home, Richmond, Marion, Embury, Steele, Lakeburg, Parker, Schmidtsburg, Carson, Hudson Bay, Edenberg
111087: MILESTONE AND DISTRICTS - From Prairie Plow Till Now
122948: BRIERCREST AND DISTRICTS - Wheat Fields and Wild Roses; Briercrest and Districts
114684: BEATTY AND DISTRICTS - Memory Lane; Beatty and Districts
100404: SANGUDO AND DISTRICTS - The Lantern Era: A History of Cherhill, Rochfort Bridge, Sangudo and Surrounding School Districts
103091: ALBERTA ASSOCIATION OF MUNICIPAL DISTRICTS - Story of Rural Municipal Government in Alberta. 1909 to 1969
102249: SPRINGWATER & DISTRICTS - Memories and Milestones; Springwater & Districts
100106: COLINTON AND DISTRICTS - Yesterday and Today: Colinton and Districts
101559: FOURTH CANADIAN DIVISION, EXPEDITIONARY - Camouflage (A Reflection): The Maple Leaves Concert Party
128201: SASKATCHEWAN LABOUR; WOMEN'S DIVISION - Saskatchewan Women 1905-1980
127711: DIXON, BOB - Catching Them Young 2; Political Ideas in Children's Fiction
112959: DIXON, FRED W. - Fun Was Where We Made It: Mount Joy - Markham 1900 - 1915
112077: WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE. DIXON, FREDERICK JOHN - Dixon's Address to the Jury: An Argument for Liberty of Opinion
101503: DIXON, ANN - Homesteading Highlights
118099: DIXON, MICHAEL - Alaska Bound, a Life of Travels and Adventure in the Far North
109076: WINNIPEG GENERAL STRIKE. DIXON, FREDERICK JOHN - Dixon's Address to the Jury in Defence of Freedom of Speech; Considered the Most Powerful Address Ever Delivered in the Courts of Manitoba; And Judge Galt's Charge to the Jury in Rex V. Dixon
129179: DIXON, BARRY M.W. BRO., GRAND MASTER (GRAND LODGE OF SASKATCHEWAN) (EDITOR) - Saskatchewan Laying the Cornerstone Our Masonic Builders
126439: DIXON, FRANKILIN W. - The Hardy Boys; The Clue of the Broken Blade
117538: DOANE, NANCY LOCKE - Indian Doctor; Nature's Method of Curing and Preventing Disease According to the Indians
200513: DOBIE, J. FRANK - Cow People
118278: DOBROWOLSKY, HELENE - Law of the Yukon; A Pictorial History of the Mounted Police in the Yukon
113448: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J. - Weaving Arts of the North American Indian
120482: DOCKSTADER, FREDERICK J. - Weaving Arts of the North American Indian
119277: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Billy Bathgate
119278: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Loon Lake
119276: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Lives of the Poets
129650: DOCTOROW, E. L. - Billy Bathgate
123452: DODD, HELEN; RICHARDS, ELLEN H. [INTRODUCTION] - The Healthful Farmhouse
129082: DODGE, MARJORIE COOK - Unto the Hills
119925: DODSON, PETER - In Their Own Land: Treaty Ten and the Canoe Lake, Clear Lake, and English River Bands
111227: DOELLE, LESLIE J. - Acoustics in Architectural Design (An Annotated Bibliography on Architectural Acoustics)
101504: DOERING, OMA (ED.) - Edwards School District No. 2535 1911-1954
111030: DOERKSEN, VICTOR G. - Ludwig Uhland and the Critics
125731: DOERN, BRUCE G. - The Peripheral Nature of Scientific and Taechnological Controversy in Federal Policy Formation
117699: CROW DOG, MARY; ERDOES, RICHARD - Lakota Woman
126083: DOHANEY, M.T. - The Corrigan Woman
124212: DOIG, IAN - Quotations of Chairman Ralph
116474: DOLGOFF, SAM - Anarchist Collectives; Workers' Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution
113796: DOLINSKY, JOHN - The Resurrected Niece
100659: DOLINSKY, JOHN - Winds of the West
128976: MAURICE F. V. DOLL, PROVINCIAL MUSEUM OF ALBERTA - The Boss Hill Site (Fdpe 4) Locality 2 : Pre-Archaic Manifestations in the Parkland of Central Alberta, Canada
104409: DOLL, MAURICE F.V., KIDD, ROBERT S., DAY, JOHN P. - The Buffalo Lake Metis Site: A Late Nineteenth Century Settlement in the Parkland of Central Alberta
104410: DOLPHIN, FRANK J. - Indian Bishop of the West; The Story of Vital Justin Grandin, 1829-1902
128499: DOLSEN, C.M. - Prairie Portraits
128673: DOMAIN - Further Down Memory Lane
104412: DONAHUE, PAUL F. - Research in Northern Alberta 1975
104413: DONAHUE, PAUL F. - Archaeology in Alberta 1979
119443: DONALD, DAVID (GENERAL EDITOR) - The Encyclopedia of World Aircraft; The Development and Specifications of Over 2500 Civil and Miltary Aircraft
202676: DONALDSON, HENRY HERBERT - The Growth of the Brain: A Study of the Nervous System in Relation to Education
111983: DONALDSON, BRUCE - York Factory Construction Phases, 1787-1845
111985: DONALDSON, BRUCE - York Factory, 1821-1870
104495: DUNLOP ART GALLERY. DONEGAN, ROSEMARY - Work, Weather and the Grid: Agriculture in Saskatchewan
104415: DONKIN, JOHN GEORGE - Trooper and Redskin in the Far Northwest: Recollections of Life in the North-West Mounted Police, Canada, 1884-1888
122992: DONLEAVY, J.P. - Are You Listening Rabbi Low
129430: DONLEAVY, J. P. - The Destinies of Darcy Dancer, Gentleman
120068: O'DONNELL, MABEL - The New Through the Green Gate
120066: O'DONNELL, MABEL; CAREY, ALICE - Day in and Day Out
107145: O'DONNELL, JOHN H. - Manitoba As I Saw It from 1869 to Date; with Flash-Lights on the First Riel Rebellion
123748: DONNELLY, MURRAY - Dafoe of the Free Press
123696: DONNELLY, MURRAY - Dafoe of the Free Press
128163: COBURN-DONNELLY, K.; THE WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - K. Coburn-Donnelly Graphics
104418: DONNELLY, M.S. - The Government of Manitoba
126662: DONOHUE, PATRICK - The Erwin Story
200517: DONOVAN, DICK; (MUDDOCK, J.E.) - A Detective's Triumphs
127500: DOOLEY, MONTANA - Dooley Days 1913 - 1987
120640: DOOLING, PETER J. (EDITOR) - Parks in British Columbia; Emerging Realities
102461: DORAIS, LOUIS-JACQUES - The Inuit Language in Southern Labrador from 1694-1785
104419: DOREY, STEVE - Free Trade on the Prairies
104420: DORGE, LIONEL - Louis Riel: Manitoban 1844-1885
104421: DORGE, LIONEL - Introduction a l'etude des Franco-Manitobains; Essai Historique et Bibliographique
125398: DORION, LEAH MARIE (TEXT; ILLUS.); FLEURY, NORMAN (MICHIF TRANSLATION) - The Giving Tree; A Retelling of a Traditional Metis Story
128625: DORION, LEAH MARIE - The Story of the Tamarack Tree
114658: UNITT, DORIS AND PETER - Canadian Silver, Silverplate & Related Glass
122582: BRY, DORIS AND CALLAWAY, NICHOLAS - Georgia O'Keefe; In the West
203947: DORMER, ERNEST W. (EDITOR) - The Story of the Royal Berkshire Hospital 1837-1937
120419: DORNBUSCH, C. E. (COMPILED BY) - The Canadian Army, 1855-1958: Regimental Histories and a Guide to the Regiments
113715: DORO, EDWARD - Parisian Interlude
110191: SHIELDS, CAROL; BOWERING, GEORGE; LIVESAY, DOROTHY ET AL; AMABILE, GEORGE - The Far Point, No.1 (Fall / Winter 1968), No, 2 (Spring / Summer 1969, No. 4 (Spring / Summer 1970), No. 5 (Winter / Spring 1971), No. 6 (Winter / Spring 1972), No. 7 / 8 (Fall 1972 and Sping 1973)
127449: DORPAT, PAUL [EDITOR] - Heliix; Oct. 30, 1969 Vol. 10, No. 4
127365: DORPAT, PAUL; CROWLEY, WALT [EDITORS] (EDITOR) - Heliix Arts and Drama
129459: DORST, DOUG; ABRAMS, J.J.; STRAKA, V.M. - S. / Ship of Theseus
114880: DOSMAN, EDGAR J. - Indians: The Urban Dilemma
115128: DOSMAN, EDGAR J. (EDITOR) - The Arctic in Question
129702: DOSTOEVSKY, FYODER - Crime and Punishment
117062: DOUAUD, PATRICK C. (EDITOR) - The Western Metis
104422: DOUAUD, PATRICK C. - Ethnolinguistic Profile of the Canadian Metis
109287: DOUCETTE, LEONARD E. - Theatre in French Canada: Laying the Foundations 1606-1867
119621: CANADA; DOUGHTY, ARTHUR (ARCHIVIST) - Index to Reports of Canadian Archives from 1872-1908
113499: DOUGLAS, WILLIAM - Freemasonry in Manitoba 1864-1925
113082: DOUGLAS, R.ALAN (EDITOR AND INTRODUCTION) - John Prince; A Collection of Documents
101505: DOUGLAS, T.C - T.C. Douglas 1987 Commemorative Calendar
110137: DOUGLAS, THOMAS CLEMENT - 1978 Convocation Address
110132: WATSON, SHEILA; SCOBIE, STEPHEN; BARBOUR, DOUGLAS ET AL (EDITOR) - White Pelican; a Quarterly Review of the Arts
128565: DOUGLAS, T.C.; THOMAS, LEWIS H. - The Making of a Socialist; The Recollections of T.C. Douglas
128566: DOUGLAS, T.C.; LOVICK, L.D. - Tommy Douglas Speaks
106373: DOUGLAS, THOMAS [LORD SELKIRK]; BUMSTED, J.M. (ED., INTRO.) - The Collected Writings of Lord Selkirk, 1799-1809; Volume I
126669: DOUGLAS, JACK - Never Trust a Naked Bus Driver
125284: DOUGLAS, JAMES; SMITH, DOROTHY BLAKEY [INTRODUCTION / EXPLANATORY NOTES] - James Douglas in California 1841; Being the Journl of a Voyage from the Columbia to California
104424: DOUGLAS, GEORGE W.; ARGUS, GEORGE W.; DICKSON, H. LONEY; BRUNTON, DANIEL F. - The Rare Vascular Plants of the Yukon / Les Plantes Vasculaires Rares du Yukon
125615: DOUGLAS, CHRIS - Inuktut Essentials - a Phrasebook; Includes an Inuktut-English Dictioonary Plus Notes on Inuktut Grammar, Syllabics and Dialects.
203346: DOUGLASS, H. PAUL - The Springfield Church Survey; a Study of Organized Religion with Its Social Background
116447: DOWNES,ROBERT P. - Life's Eventide
109288: DOWNIE, MARY ALICE; HAMILTON, MARY - "And Some Brought Flowers"; Plants in a New World
118086: DOWNING, DAVID LEONARD, TERRY FENGE (EDITOR) - Northern Lights Against Pops, Combatting Toxic Threats in the Arctic
123863: DOWNS, ART (ED.) - Banff; Parks of All Seasons
123864: DOWNS, ART (ED.) - Incredible Rogers Pass
129649: DOYLE, RODDY - The Dead Republic
200527: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN; SMITH, EDGAR W. (EDITOR) - The Baker Street Journal: An Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana
200528: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN; SMITH, EDGAR W. (EDITOR) - The Baker Street Journal: An Irregular Quarterly of Sherlockiana
126546: DOYLE, SIR ARTHUR CONAN - The Complete Sherlock Holmes (In Two Handsome Volumes)
123049: DOYLE, RODDY - Oh, Play That Thing; Volume Two of the Last Roundup
126299: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN - The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
126298: DOYLE, ARTHUR CONAN; MOSLEY FRANCIS [ILLUSTRATED] - The Case-Book of Shelock Holmes
124549: DRABBLE, MARGARET - The Middle Ground
104439: DRACHE, HIRAM M. - The Challenge of the Prairie; Life and Times of Red River Pioneers
120622: DRAKE, EARL G. - Regina; The Queen City
101507: DRAKE - Drake Past and Present; Making Memories
128588: DRAPER, PENNY - Peril at Pier Nine
104443: DRAPER, HERBERT LEIGHTON - The Alberta Coal Problem
112306: DRECHSLER, WOLFGANG; MAYER, M.E. - Introduction to the Fiber-Bundle Approach to Gauge Theories [with] Gauge Theory of Strong and Electromagnetic Interactions Formulated on a Fiber Bundle of the Cartan Type
104444: DREGER, A.F. - A Most Diversified Character
100137: DREGER, A.F - A Most Diversified Character
126205: DREIDGER, WILLIAM - Jakob Out of the Village
200533: DREISER, THEODORE - The Titan
122828: DREVER, JOHN ROBERT - From Sanger to Saskatchewan
120492: DREW, BERNARD A. - Lawmen in Scarlet: An Annotated Guide to Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Print and Performance
115679: DRIBEN, PAUL; AUGER, DONALD J. - The Generation of Power and Fear: The Little Jack Fish River Hydroelectric Project and the Whitesand Indian Band
119590: DRIEDGER, DIANE - The Mennonite Madonna
127988: DRINNAN, THELMA - Heather Amang the Lilies
102462: DRISCOLL, BERNADETTE (EDITOR) - The Inuit Amautik: I Like My Hood to Be Full
101508: DRIVER, VICTORY, TEO LAKE - Along the Buffalo Coulee
114465: DRIVER, HAROLD E. - Indians of North America (Second Edition, Revised)
110359: DRIVER, CHRISTOPHER - The British at Table 1940-1980
124641: SASKATOON GERMAN DAYS COMMITTEE; DRIVER, DEANA - Egg Money; A Tribute to Saskatchewan Pioneer Women
116922: DRIVER, DEANA - Just a Bunch of Farmers; The Story of the Weyburn Inland Terminal 1976-2001
123336: DRIVER, DEANA J. (COMPILED AND EDITED BY) - Cream Money; Stories of Prairie People
125782: WAWOTA. LINCOLN, VERA; MARY DRIVER & PHYLLIS HALDENBY (COMPILERS) - Remember When; A History of the United Churches of Wawota and Adjacent Districts
114215: DROSTE, MAGDALENA - Bauhaus
118114: DROUIN, EMERIC O. - Joyau Dans la Plaine, Saint-Paul, Alberta: Colonie Metisse 1896-1909, Paroisse Blanche 1909-1951
118942: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY - Phil-O-Rum's Canoe and Madeleine Vercheres; Two Poems
110880: CANADA. DRUMMOND, GEO. P. (COMPILER) - Descriptions of the Townships of the North-West Territories, Dominion of Canada, Between the Third and Fourth Initial Meridians. Compiled and Arranged from the Field Notes, Plans and Reports of the Surveyors
121801: DRUMMOND, JACK - A Chronicle of War and Life; A Memoir
116362: DRUMMOND, WILLIAM HENRY - Johnnie Courteau and Other Poems
129301: DRUMMOND, HENRY - The Greatest Thing in the World
103703: CANADA. DRUMMOND, GEO. P. (COMPILER) - Descriptions of the Townships of the North-West Territories, Dominion of Canada, Between the Second and Third Initial Meridians. Compiled and Arranged from the Field Notes, Plans and Reports of the Surveyors
103704: CANADA. DRUMMOND, GEO. P. (COMPILER) - Descriptions of the Townships of the North-West Territories, Dominion of Canada, Between the Third and Fourth Initial Meridians. Compiled and Arranged from the Field Notes, Plans and Reports of the Surveyors
104451: DRURY, CLIFFORD MERRILL - First White Women Over the Rockies: Diaries, Letters and Biographical Sketches of the Six Women of the Oregon Mission Who Made the Overland Journey in 1836 and 1838: Volume III: Diary of Sarah White Smith (Mrs. Asa B. Smith), Letters of Asa B. Smith and Other Documents Relating to the 1838 Reenforcement to the Oregon Mission
121031: DRYDEN, JOHN - The Satyrs of Decimus Junius Juvenalis: And of Aulus Persius Flaccus. / Translated into English Verse by Mr. Dryden, and Several Other Eminent Hands. / to Which Is Prefix'd a Discourse Concerning the Original and Progress of Satyr.
104452: DRYDEN, JEAN E. - Some Sources for Women's History at the Provincial Archives of Alberta
104453: DRYDEN, KEITH - Salute to Saskatchewan Farm Leaders: Saskatchewan Agricultural Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary
115701: DRYER, MATTHEW S. - Grammatical Relations in Ktunaxa (Kutenai)
123717: DUBÉ, JEAN-CLAUDE - Claude-Thomas Dupuy; Intendant de la Nouvelle-France, 1678-1738
124672: DUBINO, ANDREW; SCHWING, NED [FOREWARD] - Gunsmithing with Simple Hand Tools
101509: DUBUC - From Here to Yesterday; Dubuc 1905-1980
104461: DUCHAUSSOIS, PIERRE - Hidden Apostles: Our Lay Brother Missionaries
104457: DUCHAUSSOIS, PIERRE - Aux Glaces Polaires: Indiens et Esquimaux
104460: DUCHAUSSOIS, PIERRE - Apotres Inconnus
100143: DUCHESS - Duchess and District Memories
200539: DUCKETT, MARGARET - Bret Harte and the Indians of Northern California
200538: DUCKETT, MARGARET - Plain Language from Bret Harte
126508: FUDDLE DUDDLE - Fuddle Duddle: Hansard of the Common People; Volume 1, Number 1
202503: DUDEK, LOUIS - Collected Poetry
128584: DUECK, ADELE - Racing Home
111743: DUERDEN, DENNIS - The Invisible Present; African Art & Literature
127616: DUFF, WILSON - Images Stone B.C.; Thirty Centuries of Northwest Coast Indian Sculpture; An Exhibition Originating at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria
113329: DUFF, LOUIS BLAKE - The County Kerchief
112326: DUFF, WILSON; TAYLOR, WILLIAM E.; DEMPSEY, HUGH A. - Chefs-D'oeuvre Des Arts Indiens Et Esquimaux Du Canada - Masterpieces of Indian and Eskimo Art from Canada
109744: DUFF, E. GORDON - The Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of Westminster and London from 1476 to 1535
128353: DUFFEK, KAREN; TOWNSEND-GAULT, CHARLOTTE (EDITOR) - Bill Reid and Beyond; Expanding on Modern Native Art
119198: DUFFERIN - The Rural Municipality of Dufferin 1880-1980
100670: DUFFERIN - The Rural Municipality of Dufferin 1880-1980
102463: DUFFY, R. QUINN - The Road to Nunavut: The Progress of the Eastern Arctic Inuit Since the Second World War
106261: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. DUFOUR, GARY - Plates from an Encyclopedia; Paintings by Jack Anderson
129680: DUGAS, GEORGES - Histoire Verdique des Faits Qui Ont Prepare le Mouvement Des Metis a la Riviere-Rouge en 1869
119796: DUGAS, GEORGES - Monseigneur Provencher Et Les Missions de la Riviere-Rouge
104472: DUGAS, GEORGES - The First White Woman in the West
104473: DUGAS, GEORGES - Monseigneur Provencher et les Missions de la Riviere-Rouge
104477: DUGAS, GEORGES - Histoire Verdique Des Faits Qui Ont Prepare le Mouvement Des Metis a la Riviere-Rouge En 1869
200542: DUGMORE, A. RADCLYFFE - African Jungle Life
124316: DUHAMEL, GEORGES - Les Jumeaux de Vallangoujard
117962: DUHAMEL, ROGERQ - The Royal Canadian Mounted Police
202189: DUKE, WILLIAM W. - Oral Sepsis in Its Relationship to Systemic Disease
120045: DUKE, DOROTHY MARY - Agricultural Periodicals Published in Canada, 1836-1960
122771: DUKE, MARGARET BLACKWOOD - Stories for Ages 2 to 92
127732: DUMONT, GABRIEL; COMBET, DENIS [EDITOR, ANNOTATION] - Gabriel Dumont: Memoirs (The Memoirs As Dictated by Gabriel Dumont and Gabriel Dumont's Story) / Gabriel Dumont: Memoires (Les Memoires Dictes Par Gabriel Dumont Et le Recit Gabriel Dumont)
119904: DUMOUCHEL, R.P. PAUL A.; BRACHET, R.P. JOSEPH (EDITORS) - Grammaire Saulteuse
104481: DUNAE, PATRICK A. - Gentlemen Emigrants; from the British Public Schools to the Canadian Frontier
101513: DUNBAR, FREDERICK LORNE - Gravy Train: How Saskatchewan's Taxpayers Are "Ripped Off" by Its Cabinet Ministers and M L A's
110663: DUNBAR, JOHN B. - The White Man's Foot in Kansas; an Address at the Pawnee Village, Republic County, Kansas, September 27, 1906, Celebrating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Flag in Kansas
104483: DUNBAR, MOIRA; GREENAWAY, KEITH R. - Arctic Canada from the Air
104482: DUNBAR, F.L. - Gravy Train; How Saskatchewan's Taxpayers Are "Ripped Off" by Its Cabinet Ministers and M L As!
119268: DUNCAN, ALLAN - Medicine Madams and Mounties: Stories of a Yukon Doctor 1933-1947
112027: DUNCAN, JOY (EDITOR) - Red Serge Wives
116234: DUNCAN, FRANCES - Dragonhunt
104484: DUNCAN, CHESTER - Wanna Fight, Kid?
104485: DUNCAN, D.M. - A History of Manitoba and the Northwest Territories
104486: DUNCAN, D.M. - The Prairie Provinces; a Short History of Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta
104487: DUNCAN, HELEN - Kate Rice - Prospector
104488: DUNCAN, MARK (EDITOR) - Section Lines: A Manitoba Anthology
100672: DUNCAN, DONALD ALBERT - Some Letters and Other Writings of Donald Albert Duncan
100673: DUNDAS, HOWARD - Wrinkled Arrows; Good Old Days in Winnipeg
120929: DUNLAP, JOSEPH R.; BURNE-JONES, EDWARD (ILLUS.) - The Book That Never Was: The Argument; How William Morris and Edward Burne-Jones Attempted to Make of the Earthly Paradise a Big Book with "Lots of Stories and Pictures"; How They Fared in This Endeavor; And How Their Dream, Though It Evaded Them, Has Yet Outlived Them.
203649: DUNLOP, JOHN COLIN; WILSON, HENRY - History of Prose Fiction
112227: DUNLOP, DURHAM - The Philosophy of the Bath, with a History of Hydro-Therapeutics and of the Hot-Air Bath from the Earliest Ages
119940: DUNLOP, W.C. "BILL - My Life with the Caribou People
200554: DUNN, JACOB PIATT - Massacres of the Mountains; a History of the Indian Wars of the Far West, 1815-1875
200553: DUNN, DOUGLAS - The Happier Life
128406: DUNN, WILLIE; LIGHT IN THE ATTIC (LITA) - Willie Dunn Notes; Creation Never Sleeps, Creation Never Dies LITA 164 (Spring 2021)
115843: DUNN, CAROLINE - Jacob Piatt Dunn: His Miami Language Studies and Indian Manuscript Collection
104497: DUNN, JACK - The Alberta Field Force of 1885
102838: DUNN, JOHN ASHER - A Reference Grammar for the Coast Tsimshian Language
102466: DUNN, JOHN ASHER - A Practical Dictionary of the Coast Tsimshian Language
109496: DUNNE, LEE - Goodbye to the Hill
129812: DUNNING, ALAN - Billy Budd's Stammer; The Structure of the New Defence
129643: DUNNING, ALAN - Green House
129793: DUNNING, ALAN - Mother
129811: DUNNING, ALAN - The Grey
104499: DUNNING, C.A. - Les Droits du Francais en Saskatchewan; Discours prononce a la Legislature de Regina, le 19 Decembre 1918
102467: DUNNING, R.W. - Social and Economic Change Among the Northern Ojibwa
118537: DUNNINGER, JOSEPH - Dunninger's Book of Magic
122665: DUNNINGER, JOSEPH - Dunninger's Complete Encyclopedia of Magic
200555: DUNSANY, LORD - Alexander and Three Small Plays
123922: DUNSMORE - Six by Dunsmore: Blazingly Intimate Short Stories
119086: DUNTON, A. DAVIDSON (CO-CHAIRMAN); LAURENDEAU, ANDRÉ (CO-CHAIRMAN) - Report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. Book I: General Introduction; The Official Languages
128636: DUNTON, A. DAVIDSON (CO-CHAIRMAN); LAURENDEAU, ANDRÉ (CO-CHAIRMAN) - Report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism. Book I: General Introduction; The Official Languages
119669: DUNTON, A. DAVIDSON (CO-CHAIRMAN); LAURENDEAU, ANDRÉ (CO-CHAIRMAN) - A Preliminary Report of the Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism
122872: DUNWICH, GERINA - Wicca Love Spells; How to Attract a Lover, Make a Former Lover Return to You... And Much, Much More
123668: DUPÂQUIER, J.; HÉLIN, E.; LASLETT, P.; LIVI-BACCI, M.; SOGNER, S. (EDITORS) - Marriage and Remarriage in the Populations of the Past / Mariage Et Remariage Dans Les Populations Du Passé
113800: DURHAM, VICTOR G - The Submarine Boys Trial Trip
104502: DURIEUX, MARCEL; MOTUT, ROGER; LEGRIS, MAURICE (EDITOR) - Ordinary Heroes; the Story of a French Pioneer in Alberta by Marcel Durieux
104505: DURKIN, DOUGLAS LEADER - The Magpie
104506: DURKIN, DOUGLAS LEADER - The Magpie
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128746: EVANS, GARY - John Grierson and the National Film Board; The Politics of Wartime Propaganda
124127: EVANS, RON - Coming Home; Saskatchewan Remembered
118864: EVANS, RON - Coming Home; Saskatchewan Remembered
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200594: EVELYN, JOHN - Fumifugium: Or, The Inconvenience of the Aer, and Smoake of London Dissipated Together with Some Remedies Humbly Proposed..
102735: HUANG, EVELYN WITH LAWRENCE JEFFERY - Chinese Canadians: Voices from a Community
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106397: EWART, JOHN S. - The Manitoba School Question: A Reply to Mr. Wade
106389: MANITOBA SCHOOL QUESTION. EWART, JOHN S - The Manitoba School Question, Being a Compilation of the Legislation, the Legal Proceedings, the Proceedings Before the Governor-General-In-Council; an Historical Account of the Red River Outbreak in 1869 & 1870, Its Causes and Its Success As Shewn in the Treaty - the Manitoba Act, and a Short Summary of Protestant Promises
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203871: EWING, JULIANA HORATIA - Jackanapes; the Story of a Short Life; Daddy Darwin's Dovecot
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115842: EWING, WILLIAM A. - The Body; Photographs of the Human Form
123353: EXCELSIOR - History of Rural Municipality of Excelsior No. 166; 1910 - 1967
101860: MUSIC. WORLD'S GRAIN EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE - Thaviu and His World's Presentation; in a Cycle of Hits
111311: CANADIAN NATIONAL EXHIBITION - Catalogue; British Painting and Sculpture, Canadian Painting and Sculpture, British and Canadian Water Colours, British and Canadian Graphic and Applied Art, International Photography
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122790: FAIRBAIRN, BRETT - Living the Dream; Membership and Marketing in the Co-Operative Retailing System
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104634: FAIRBAIRN, GARRY - Will the Bounty End? The Uncertain Future of Canada's Food Supply
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112823: FAIRBANK, JANET AYER - Rich Man Poor Man
116782: FAIRBANKS, CAROL - Farm Women on the Prairie Frontier: A Sourcebook for Canada and the United States
104635: FAIRFAX, DICK - So Soon Forgotten
202619: FAIRLEY, BARKER - A Study of Goethe
200604: FAIRLEY, BARKER - Goethe As Revealed in His Poetry
200602: FAIRLEY, BARKER - Barker Fairley Anniversary Number
200603: FAIRLEY, BARKER - A Study of Goethe
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116030: GILLIS, KIM FAIRLEY; AND AYER, SILAS HIBBARD III - Boreal Ties; Photographs and TWP Diaries of the 1901 Peary Relief Expedition
101769: MARYFIELD AND FAIRLIGHT - Across Border and Valley: The Story of Maryfield and Fairlight and Surrounding Districts Vol. I and II.
117879: FAIRMAN, BRUCE - Moose Jaw: The Early Years 1882-1903
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129490: TOTH FAMILY - Toth Family Re-Union
117040: DECKER FAMILY - The Decker Family Heritage Book
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104188: CREE. FARIES, R. (TRANS) - A Collection of Hymns Translated into the Dialect of the Cree Indians of Western Hudson's Bay Northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan
126461: FARIS, JOHN T. - Seeing Canada
116620: FORREST FARM - Echoes from the Past. St. Matthew's Forrrest Farm 1895-1980
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123972: FARNOL, JEFFERY - The Chronicles of the Imp; A Romance
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110408: FARRAR, JOHN / ELIZA. WARE ROTCH - The Adventures of Congo in Search of His Master; an American Tale. Containing a True Account of a Shipwreck, and Interspersed with Anecdotes Founded on Facts
122470: FARRELL, KIRBY - Cony-Catching
120701: FARYON, CYNTHIA J. - The Dream; W.P. Davidson & the Davidson Era
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123187: FAUCHON, JOSEPH JEAN - The Metis Alphabet Book
124350: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Light in August
124342: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - The Reivers; A Reminiscence
122610: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Go Down, Moses
122611: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Absalom, Absalom!
122608: FAULKNER, WILLIAM - Selected Short Stories of William Faulkner
104649: FAULKNOR, CLIFF - Turn Him Loose! Herman Linder, Canada's Mr. Rodeo
104648: FAULKNOR, CLIFF - Turn Him Loose! Herman Linder, Canada's Mr. Rodeo
200610: FAUTEUX, AEGIDIUS - The Introduction of Printing into Canada
118178: FEARS, JERRY - Boom, Cash and Balderdash
114949: FEAVER, WILLIAM - When We Were Young: Two Centuries of Children's Book Illustrations
123974: FEDER, NORMAN [CURATOR]; THE BROOKLYN MUSEUM - Art of the Eastern Plains Indians; The Nathan Jarvis Collection
127954: FEDER, NORMAN - American Indian Art
118995: CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH FEDERATION. - Regina Manifesto / (Programme of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation, Adopted at First National Convention Held at Regina, Sask., July 1933)
127162: EPHEMERA; CORPORATIONDES ENSIGNANTS (C.E.Q.) / QUEBEC TEACHERS' FEDERATION - Our Schools Serve the Ruling Class; L'ecole Au Service de la Class Dominate
125057: CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH FEDERATION. - Regina Manifesto / (Programme of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation, Adopted at First National Convention Held at Regina, Sask., July 1933)
125302: CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH FEDERATION. - 1956 Winnipeg Declaration of Principles of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation / Parti Social Democratique Du Canada
125059: CO-OPERATIVE COMMONWEALTH FEDERATION. - 1956 Winnipeg Declaration of Principles of the Co-Operative Commonwealth Federation / Parti Social Democratique Du Canada
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118094: FEJES, CLAIRE - Villagers, Athabaskan Indian Life Along the Yukon River
117987: FEJES, CLAIRE - People of the Noatak
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109962: FELKAY, ANDREW - Hungary and the U S S R, 1956-1988; Kadar's Political Leadership
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122574: FENNIAK, PAUL (ARTIST); HOPKINS, TOM (TEXT) - Recent Work Paul Fenniak Oeuvres Recentes
118467: FENSKE, HAROLD J. - Riverlore; The Headwaters of the Assiniboine Will Always Be Home
114314: FENSKE, HAROLD J. - Riverlore; The Headwaters of the Assiniboine Will Always Be Home
120342: FENTON, TERRY (TEXT / GUEST CURATOR) - Dorothy Knowles: Land Marks; Biography
120926: FENTON, TERRY (DIRECTOR); WILKIN, KAREN (CHIEF CURATOR) - September - October 1976
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113317: FENTON, TERRY, KAREN WILKIN - Modern Painting in Canada
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107046: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA. FENTON, TERRY - Watercolour Painters from Saskatchewan
122821: FENTON, TERRY - About Pictures
123608: FENWICK, CATHERINE RIPPLINGER - Telling My Sister's Story
112599: [CHEMINS DE FER] - Grand Trunk Railway of Canada. Second Report of the Select Committee of Share and Bondholders, Appointed at the Meeting of the Company Held at the London Tavern on 2nd January, 1861, to Confer with the Directors Concerning All the Affairs of the Company, Including Specific Proposals for Removing the Present Embarrassments, and Permanently Reorganizing the Management of the Company
115863: DREBERT FERDINAND - Alaska Missionary
115864: DREBERT FERDINAND - Alaska Missionary
113809: MENDEL ART GALLERY. FERGUSON, BRUCE - Eric Fischl - Paintings
121480: FERGUSON, MICHELLE - Why Here?
128876: FERGUSON, BARRY; WARDHAUGH, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Manitoba Premiers of the 19th and 20th Centuries
120318: FERGUSON, B. W. (DIRECTOR) - Decorated Nova Scotia Furnishings
127526: FERGUSON, TED - Sentimental Journey; An Oral History of Train Travel in Canada
118791: MENDEL ART GALLERY. FERGUSON, BRUCE - Eric Fischl - Paintings
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118179: FERGUSON, JUDY - Blue Hills, Alaska's Promised Land
123830: FERGUSON, R.T. - We Stand on Guard
123671: FERGUSON, R.T. - We Stand on Guard; Before You Vote Read This Book
120597: FERGUSON, BRUCE - On Track; An Exhibition of Art in Technology / Une Exposition de L'art À L'heure de la Technologie
116960: FERGUSON, IAN - Village of the Small Houses
119899: FERGUSON, BARRY GLEN - Athabasca Oil Sands; Northern Resource Exploration, 1875-1951
116663: FERGUSON, BRUCE - Conceal / Reveal
120567: FERGUSON, GERALD (ARTIST); MILROD, LINDA (CURATOR / TEXT) - Gerald Ferguson; Landscapes
126430: FERGUSON, WILL - Beauty Tips from Moose Jaw; Travels in Search of Canada
104883: GLENBOW-ALBERTA INSTITUTE; FERGUSON, BRUCE - New Paintings by Otto Rogers
104655: FERGUSON, BARRY (EDITOR) - The Anglican Church and the World of Western Canada 1820-1970
104656: FERGUSON, G.V. - John W. Dafoe
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102719: FERGUSON, TED - A White Man's Country: An Exercise in Canadian Prejudice
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127819: FERNS, H.S.; OSTRY, B. - The Age of MacKenzie King; The Rise of a Leader
124455: FERNS, S.J; FERNS, H.S. - Eighty-Five Years in Canada
126483: FERNS, HENRY; OSTRY, BERNARD - The Age of MacKenzie King
100702: FERNS, S.J; FERNS, H.S. - Eighty-Five Years in Canada
112869: FERNUIK, W.H. - Chokecherry Wine
104661: FERRIER, THOMPSON - Indian Education in the North West
127733: FERTIG, MONA; RHENISCH, HAROLD (EDITOR) - Rocksalt; An Anthology of Contemporary BC Poetry (New Poetry & Poetics)
117248: COMMITTEE OF THE UKRAINIAN FESTIVAL - Pysanks '77; 4th Annual Canadian Showcase of Ukrainian Culture
115077: DOMINION DRAMA FESTIVAL - The Curtain Call
113402: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS (EDITED BY) - Documents in Canadian Art
128226: FETHERLING, DOUGLAS (EDITOR) - Best Canadian Essays 1990
119574: FETHERLING, DOUG - Moving Towards the Vertical Horizon
116024: FEWSTER, ERNEST P. - My Garden Dreams
121246: FFOLKES, EDWARD G.E. (SUPPOSED AUTHOR) - Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba
111100: FFOLKES, EDWARD G.E. (SUPPOSED AUTHOR) - Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba
104666: FFOLKES, EDWARD G.E. (SUPPOSED AUTHOR) - Letters from a Young Emigrant in Manitoba
112308: FICHERA, GAETANO (EDITOR) - Trends in Applications of Pure Mathematics to Mechanics; A Collection of Papers Presented at a Conference at the University of Lecce, Italy, in May 1975
128389: FICHTER, GEORGE S. (ADAPTED BY) - How to Build an indian Canoe
200614: FIEDLER, LESLIE A. - Being Busted
120382: FIEGUTH, MENNO - Saskatchewan
120381: FIEGUTH, MENNO - Saskatchewan
104672: FIEGUTH, MENNO - Saskatchewan; A Celebration
200616: FIELD, HENRY (EDITOR) - Contributions to the Anthropology of the Soviet Union
200615: FIELD, EUGENE - Christmas Tales and Christmas Verse
101542: FIELDING, LILAC, MAYMONT, RUDDELL - From Sod to Solar
126297: FIELDING, HENRY - The History of the Adventures of Joseph Andrews and His Friend Mr. Abraham Adams
122113: FIELDING, XAN; MULLEY, CLARE (INTRO.) - Hide and Seek; The Story of a Wartime Agent
118510: FIELDS, SEAN - Explicit Content
202426: FIFE, DUNCAN - Scarlet Blue and Green; a Book of Sporting Verse
118541: FIFE, CONNIE - Speaking Through Jagged Rock
113287: FIFFER, STEVEN - Tyrannosaurus Sue
102720: FIGLER, BERNARD - Lillian and Archie Freiman: Biographies
203314: FILLMORE, PARKER H. - The Hickory Limb
125475: FILLMORE, NICHOLAS - Maritme Radical: Life & Times of Roscoe Fillmore
203181: FINCH, ROBERT; WADDINGTON, MIRIAM; SOUSTER, RAYMOND; CRAWLEY, ALAN (ED.) - Contemporary Verse; A Canadian Quarterly
111503: FINCH, ROBERT - Poems
128808: FINCH, CLAUDE - Living Skies and Saskatoon Pies; Stories and Rhymes of bygone times
200620: FINCH, JOHN B. - The People Versus the Liquor Traffic; the Great Speeches of Hon. John B. Finch
117525: FINCH, CLAUDE - Spirit of Saskatchewan
116857: FINCH, DAVID - Hell's Half Acre; Early Days in the Great Alberta Oil Patch
114353: FINCH, CHRISTOPHER - The Art of Walt Disney from Mickey Mouse to the Magic Kingdom
101544: FINDLATER - From Oxcart to Microwave
123267: FINDLATER - From Oxcart to Microwave
119236: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Telling of Lies
119235: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Inside Memory: Pages from a Writer's Workbook
119234: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Piano Man's Daughter
119232: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Journeyman; Travels of a Writer
119233: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Spadework
119230: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Stillborn Lover
119225: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Dust to Dust; Stories
125179: FINDLEY,TIMOTHY - Pilgrim
114760: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Butterfly Plague
128167: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Not Wanted on the Voyage
129426: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - You Went Away
129427: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Elizabeth Rex
129428: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Headhunter
129429: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Pilgrim
126101: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Wars
129530: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - From Stone Orchard a Collection of Memories
122500: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - The Telling of Lies; A Mystery
122499: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Not Wanted on the Voyage
122498: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - From Stone Orchard; A Collection of Memories
119507: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Famous Last Words
119506: FINDLEY, TIMOTHY - Famous Last Words
109296: FINGARD, JUDITH - Jack in Port; Sailortowns of Eastern Canada
118969: FINK, BOB - Alienation and Art
113459: FINK, HOWARD - Canadian National Theatre on the Air, 1925-1961
119649: FINK, BOB - The Social Brain
104675: FINKEL, ALVIN - The Social Credit Phenomenon in Alberta
108250: SOCIAL CREDIT. FINLAY, JOHN L. - Social Credit: The English Origins
116059: FINNIE, RICHARD - Canada Moves North
116060: FINNIE, RICHARD - Canada Moves North
104677: FINNIGAN, JAMES T. - Tipi Rings and Plains Prehistory; a Reassessment of Their Archaeological Potential
124147: FINNIS, BILL - Captain James Cook; Seaman and Scientist
128242: FIOLA, CHANTAL - Returning to Ceremony; Spirituality in Manitoba Metis Communities
111117: FIRBANK, RONALD - The New Rythum; and Other Pieces
127672: PRAIRIE FIRE - The Prairie Fire; Volume 3, Number 2, November 2-16, 1971
126493: FIRESTONE, O.J. - Canada's Economic Development 1867 - 1953 with Special Reference to Changes in the Country's National Product and National Wealth
124685: JACK FIRST, INC. - Gun Parts Book 13, Volume 1: Handgun Parts; Volume 2: Rifle Parts; Volume 3: Shotgun Parts and Accessories [3 Volume Set]
117224: PRINCE ALBERT; FIRTH, JOAN - Treatise of a Society
119439: PRINCE ALBERT; FIRTH, JOAN - Treatise of a Society
124861: FISCHER, GEORGE; FAFARD, JOE [INTRODUCTION] - Saskatchewan; Spirit of the Heartland / L'esprit Des Prairies
128627: FISH, DANIEL W. (EDITOR) - The Progressive Higher Arithmetic, for Schools, Academies, and Mercantile Colleges
202686: FISHBEIN, MORRIS (EDITOR) - Medical Uses of Soap: A Symposium
127654: FISHER, JOAN - Exploring Felting
111516: FISHER, A. HUGH - Poems
114397: FISHER, BUD - Big Book
114194: FISHER, ROBIN - Contact and Conflict
125892: FISHER, DAVID; GARVEY, WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Wild Blue; Stories of Survival from Air and Space
129306: FISHER, M.F.K. - How to Cook a Wolf
128770: FISHMAN, JOSHUA A. - Yiddish in America: Socio-Linguistic Description and Analysis
129455: FITCH, SHEREE - Kiss the Joy As It Flies
120510: FITE, EMERSON D.; FREEMAN, ARCHIBALD - A Book of Old Maps Delineating American History; From the Earliest Days Down to the Close of the Revolutionary War
114710: FITZGERALD, MONSIGNOR WALTER P. - The Exhilarating Years; The Church on a Roll
126673: FITZGERALD, F. SCOTT - The Last Tycoon; An Unfinished Novel
104681: FITZGERALD, C.E.T.; HARRIS, J.T.; DUNN, E.L. - Synoptic Digest of Cases Reported in the Western Weekly Reports from Its Inception in 1911 to the End of 1923
125523: FITZGERALD, PITT L. - The Trail of the Ragged Fox
104683: FITZGIBBON, MARY - A Trip to Manitoba; or, Roughing It on the Line
104684: FITZGIBBON, MARY - A Trip to Manitoba; or, Roughing It on the Line
125758: FITZHARRIS, TIM - Wildflowers of Canada
119618: RIEHL-FITZSIMMONS, B.; MCDOUGALL, F.; CYR-STEENKAMP, T. (COMPILED BY) - Sifting Through Time; A History of the Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
118218: FLAHERTY, ROBERT - Nanoopk of the North
120162: O'FLAHERTY, PATRICK - The Rock Observed; Studies in the Literature of Newfoundland
115289: FLAIG, LLOYD (DONNA GALLANT - ILLUSTRATOR) - The Three Faces of Zook
117065: FLAMAN, BERNARD - Architecture of Saskatchewan; A Visual Journey, 1930-2011
123289: FLAMAN, BERNARD; HURTIG, ANNETTE; MCLUHAN, DR. ELIZABETH [INTRODUCTION] - The Sun Never Sets; Victoria Park in Context
104688: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Metis Lands in Manitoba
113393: FLANAGAN, TOM - First Nations? Second Thoughts
129274: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Louis 'david' Riel: 'prophet of the New World' (Revised Edition)
123819: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Riel and the Rebellion; 1885 Reconsidered
117668: FLANAGAN, TOM; ALCANTARA, CHRISTOPHER; LE DRESSAY, ANDRÉ - Beyond the Indian Act; Restoring Aboriginal Property Rights
116785: FLANAGAN, ROBERT - The Full Round
122446: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Louis 'david' Riel; Prophet of the New World
104687: FLANAGAN, THOMAS - Riel and the Rebellion: 1885 Reconsidered
104693: FLATT, W.D. - The Making of a Man
110953: FLAXCOMBE - Little Town in the Valley; History of Flaxcombe and Surrounding School Districts
129079: FLEMING, PATRICIA; CARPENTER, THOMAS (EDITORS) - Traditions in Wood; A History of Wildfowl Decoys in Canada
113257: FLEMING, PATRICIA; CARPENTER, THOMAS (EDITORS) - Traditions in Wood; A History of Wildfowl Decoys in Canada
123919: FLEMING, IAN - The Man with the Golden Gun
112322: FLEMING, PATRICIA LOCKHART - Upper Canadian Imprints, 1801-1841: A Bibliography
121067: FLEMING, IAN - Octopussy
105449: HUDSON'S BAY RECORD SOCIETY. FLEMING, R. HARVEY (EDITOR) - Minutes of Council, Northern Department of Rupert Land, 1821-31
129809: FLEMING, IAN - You Only Live Twice
115211: FLEMING, ARCHIBALD LANG - Archibald the Arctic: The Flying Bishop
120524: FLEMING, JOHN A.; CHAMBERS, JAMES A. (PHOTOGRAPHS) - The Painted Furniture of French Canada, 1700-1840
120658: FLERAS, AUGIE; ELLIOTT, JEAN LEONARD - Unequal Relations; An Introduction to Race, Ethnic, and Aboriginal Dynamics in Canada
115857: STANWELL-FLETCHER, THEODORA C. - The Tundra World
119407: FLEURY, NORMAN - Michif Dictionary 2013
121146: FLEXMAN, S. D. ELAND - Wings and Tails
125565: FLEXMAN, S. D. ELAND - Wings and Tales
120540: FLEXNER, JAMES THOMAS - That Wilder Image; The Painting of America's Native School from Thomas Cole to Winslow Homer
124306: FLINT, AUSTIN - Practical Treatise on the Diagnosis, Pathology, and Treatment of the Diseases of the Heart
116322: FLINT, DAVID - The Hutterites; A Study in Prejudice
203361: FLITTON, MARILYN G. (EDITOR) - An Index to the Canadian Monthly and National Review and to Rose-Belford's Canadian Monthly and National Review 1872-1882
104700: FLOCK, ELIZABETH BURNETT - Wild Flowers of the Prairie Provinces
203472: FLOMEN, MICHAEL - Still Life Draped Stone
123976: BEARDY, FLORA AND COUTTS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Voices from Hudson Bay; Cree Stories from York Factory
126422: BEARDY, FLORA AND COUTTS, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Voices from Hudson Bay; Cree Stories from York Factory (Second Edition)
124276: DE FLORENTIIS, JOSEH - Histoire Du Pistolet
127536: FLURY, KAY - Let's Go to the Fair; A History of the Weyburn Agricultural Society 1908-1968
102352: WEYBURN. KAY FLURY ET AL - Hey Seeds!
127269: GATT-FLY - Sugar: Who Pays the Price?
129006: FOBES, FRANCIS H. - Philosophical Greek an Introduction
122141: FOIK, PAUL J. - Pioneer Catholic Journalism
113766: FOLEY, DOROTHY C. - When Our Ship Comes In
128893: FOLEY, RT. REV. B.C. - Some People of the Penal Times (Chiefly 1688-1791); Aspects of a Unique Social and Religious Phenomenon (1688 - 1791) a Brief Account of some English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh Confessors
128211: FOLK, JULIE - The Wascana Since 1911
115943: FOLSOM, JUSTUS W. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume III: Insects; Part A: Collembola; Sothern Party 1913-16
118405: FONER, PHILIP S. - American Labor Songs of the Nineteenth Century
126560: FONER, PHILIP S. - Women and the American Labor Movementfrom World War I to the Present
200631: FONTAINE, JEAN DE LA - Selected Fables
128195: FONTANIE, RICHARD P. - Eternal Unfolding; A Journey That Turned into a Different Kind of Love Story
129450: FOOKS, GEORGIA GREEN - Prairie Prisoners; POWs in Lethbridge during two world conflicts
123693: FORAN, JILL - Mary Schäffer; An Adventurous Woman's Exploits in the Canadian Rockies
121816: FORAN, TIMOTHY P. - Defining Metis; Catholic Missionaries and the Idea of Civilization in Northwestern Saskatchewan 1845-1898
116932: FORAN, MAX - Trails & Trails
128122: FORAN, MAX (EDITOR) - Icon, Brand, Myth: The Calgary Stampede
113612: FORBES, EDWARD - A History of British Starfishes, and Other Animals of the Class Echinodermata
127231: FORBES, JACK - Red Blood
122852: FORBES, ALEXANDER - Northernmost Labrador Mapped from the Air; American Geographical Society; Special Publication; No. 22
104706: FORBES, JOSEPH C. - History of Manitoba Agricultural Extension Staff 1913-70
115603: FORBIS, RICHARD G. - Cluny: An Ancient Fortified Village in Alberta
104707: FORBIS, R.G.; DAVIS, L.B.; CHRISTENSEN, O.A.; FEDIRCHUK, G. (EDITOR) - Post-Pleistocene Man and His Environment on the Northern Plains: Proceedings of the First Annual Paleo-Environmental Workshop of the University of Calgary Archeological Association
104708: FORBIS, RICHARD G. - The Old Women's Buffalo Jump, Alberta
114053: FORD, ROBERT - Thistledown: A Book of Scotch Humour Character, Folk-Lore Story & Anecdote.
202888: FORD, FORD MADOX - Great Trade Route
113525: FORD, CATHY - Stray Zale
112411: FORD, RICHARD - Women with Men; Three Stories
120203: FORD, J.E. - Fact, Fun and Fiction for Auctioneers
200635: FORD, RICHARD - Wildlife
200634: FORD, FORD MADOX - The Good Soldier; a Tale of Passion
109300: FORD, ROBERT A.D. - Our Man in Moscow; a Diplomat's Reflections on the Soviet Union
104711: FORER, MORT - The Humback
124946: DE FOREST, ROY - A Journey to the Far Canine Range and the Unexplored Territory Beyond Terrier Pass
200471: DE FOREST, ROY - A Journey to the Far Canine Range and the Unexplored Territory Beyond Terrier Pass
123358: DE FOREST, ROY; GIBBON. JOHN FITZ [ESSAY] - Roy de Forest
112388: FORESTER, THOMAS (EDITOR) - The Chronicle of Henry of Huntingdon. Comprising the History of England, from the Invasion of Julius Caesar to the Accession of Henry II. Also, the Acts of Stephen, King of England and Duke of Normandy
200636: FORESTER, C.S. - The Bedchamber Mystery
200637: FORESTER, C.S. - The Bedchamber Mystery
124909: FORESTER, C.S. - Commodore Hornblower
101549: FORGET, HEWARD, STOUGHTON AREA - Tecumseh on the Prairies; Including Forget, Heward, Stoughton & Area
124813: FORGET, HEWARD, STOUGHTON AREA - Tecumseh on the Prairies; Including Forget, Heward, Stoughton & Area Volume 1 Only
118682: FORMOSA, GERALD - The Pleasure of Seeing; Architectural Sculpture & Decorative Art in Vancouver
129194: FORREST, JONATHAN - Jonathan Forrest Recent Paintings
127437: FORSMAN, MICHAEL R.A. - The Archeology of Victoria Post 1864 - 1897
129770: FORSTER, E.M. - A Letter to Madan Blanchard
202889: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton 1797-1887; a Domestic Biography
200640: FORSTER, E.M. - The Hill of Devi
200642: FORSTER, E.M. - Marianne Thornton: A Domestic Biography
126581: FORSTER, MARGARET - Significant Sisters; The Grassroots of Active Feminism
104715: FORSTER, J.R.; SCLATER, PHILIP LUTLEY - An Account of the Birds Sent from Hudson's Bay; With Observations Relative to Their Natural History; And Latin Descriptions of Some of the Most Uncommon
200644: FORSYTH, FREDERICK - The Odessa File
129432: FORTIER, MICHEL (EDITOR); THE OBLATES FATHERS - 100 Years of Marion Echoes; Our Lady of Lourdes St. Laurent, Sask. 1879 - 1979
129042: FORTIER, NORMAND - Guide to Oral History Collections in Canada / Guide des fonds d'histoire orale au Canada
119712: FORTIN, JEAN-MARIE - Notre Position Au Canada
100708: FORTIN, L. ALPHONSE - L'Ame de ma Soeur, Henriette Fortin; Cinquante Annees des Souvenirs Intimes
100709: FORTIN, OCTAVE; CARRUTHERS, C. - Sixty Years and After; an Historical Sketch of Holy Trinity Parish, Winnipeg 1868-1928
115067: PERIODICAL CANADIAN FORUM, APRIL-MAY 1970: 50TH, 1920-1970 (MAGAZINE) - Periodical Canadian Forum, April-May 1970: 50th, 1920-1970
101557: FOSSTON - Fosston Flashbacks
117402: FOST, H.R. (DESIGNER); BLANC, H. (POET) - Fète Des Vignerons: Vevey-1955
121299: FOSTER, ANNIE H.; GRIERSON, ANNE - High Days and Holidays in Canada: A Collection of Holiday Facts for Canadian Schools
202691: FOSTER, MICHAEL - Claude Bernard
202690: FOSTER, CHARLES - Once upon a Time in Paradise; Canadians in the Golden Age of Holywood
118393: FOSTER, HAL; KRAUSS, ROSALIND; BOIS, YVE-ALAIN; BUCHLOH, BENJAMIN H.D. - Art Since 1900; Modernism, Antimodernism, Postmodernism
101558: FOSTER, THELMA HOFSTRAND - Wild Daisies
120197: FOSTER, J.J.; FOSTER, ETHEL M. (EDITOR) - A Dictionary of Painters of Miniatures (1525-1850); With Some Account of Exhibitions, Collections, Sales, Etc., Pertaining to Them
117999: FOSTER, CORAM - Rear Admiral Byrd and the Poplar Expediations
200651: FOSTER, W. GARLAND - The Mohawk Princess; Being Some Account of the Life of Tekahion-Wake (E. Pauline Johnson)
123673: FOSTER, CECIL - A Place Called Heaven; The Meaning of Being Black in Canada
116842: FOSTER, PETER - From Rigs to Riches; The Story of Bow Valley Industries Ltd.
116504: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - My Old Kentucky Home
116505: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - The Swanee-River
116503: FOSTER, STEPHEN C. - Nelly Was a Lady
104717: FOSTER, JOHN E. - The Developing West; Essays on Canadian History in Honor of Lewis H. Thomas
104720: FOSTER, PETER - The Sorcerer's Apprentices; Canada's Super-Bureaucrats and the Energy Mess
102843: FOSTER, MICHAEL K. (EDITOR) - Papers in Linguistics from the 1972 Conference on Iroquoian Research
125443: FOTHERGILL, ROBERT A. - Private Chronicles; A Study of English Diaries
104721: FOULDS, JOAN (EDITOR) - Research Review
114596: FOULKS, EDWARD H. - The Arctic Hysterias of the North Alaskan Eskimo
127543: ABORIGINAL HEALING FOUNDATION - Addictive Behaviours Among Aboriginal People in Canada
127542: ABORIGINAL HEALING FOUNDATION - A Compendium of Aboriginal Healing Foundation Research
123221: SASKATCHEWAN HERITAGE FOUNDATION - "For Valour"; Saskatchewan Victoria Cross Recipients
122983: LEGACY OF HOPE FOUNDATION - Hope and Healing; The Legacy of the Indian Residential School System
129302: ABORIGINAL HEALING FOUNDATION - Final Report of the Aboriginal Healing Foundation: Volume I: A Healing Journey: Reclaiming Wellness; Volume II: Measuring Progress: Program Evaluation; Volume III: Promising Healing Practices in Aboriginal Communities
129303: ABORIGINAL HEALING FOUNDATION - Response, Responsibility, and Renewal Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Journey
129304: ABORIGINAL HEALING FOUNDATION - From Truth to Reconciliation Transforming the Legacy of Residential Schools
127997: MASSEY FOUNDATION - Report of the Massey Foundation Commission on the Secondary Schools and College of the Methodist Church of Canada 1921
129388: NEW FOUNDATIONS - New Foundations Volume 1, Number 3 May 1977
200653: FOUNTAIN, PAUL - The Great North-West and the Great Lake Region of North America
124428: FOURNIER, SUZANNE; CREY, ERNIE - Stolen from Our Embrace; The Abduction of First Nations Children and the Restoration of Aboriginal Communities
203844: FOURNIER, LUCIEN - Comment Voyagent Nos Depeches; Hier, Aujourd'hui, Demain
124176: FOWKE, EDITH - Folklore of Canada; Tall Tales, Songs, Stories, Rhymes, Legends, and Jokes from Every Corner of Canada
200654: FOWKE, EDITH; GLAZER, JOE - Songs of Work and Freedom
117510: FOWKE, V.C. - The Myth of the Self-Sufficient Canadian Pioneer
117512: FOWKE, VERNON C. - National Policy and Western Development in North America
117509: FOWKE, VERNON C.; MCINTOSH, L.F. (INTO.) - In the Matter of an Application by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company for the Establishment of a Rate Base and Rate of Return Before the Board of Transport Commissioners for Canada on January 5, 1953. Evidence Tendered by Dr. Vernon C. Fowke on Behalf of the Respondaents: The Province of British Columbia; The Province of Alberta; The Province of Saskatchewan; The Province of Manitoba; The Maritimes Transportation Commission
104722: FOWKE, VERNON C. - Canadian Agricultural Policy. The Historical Pattern
104723: FOWKE, VERNON C. - Canadian Agricultural Policy: The Historical Pattern
104724: FOWKE, VERNON C. - The National Policy and the Wheat Economy
104726: FOWKE, VERNON C. - The National Policy and the Wheat Economy
112731: FOWLER, O.S. - Woman on the American Frontier
104727: FOWLER, MARGUERITA - The Story of St. Faith's
200656: FOWLES, JOHN - Poems
115412: FOWLES, JOHN - The Ebony Tower
113104: FOX, REV. JOHN - The Book of Martyrs. Or: The Acts and Monuments of the Christian Church. Being a Complete History of Martyrdom from the Commencement of Christianity to the Present Time. Revised and Improved by the Rev. John Malham. Embellished with Engravings.
129724: FOX, BEVANN - Abstract Love
109302: FOX, WILLIAM T.R. - A Continent Apart; The United States and Canada in World Politics
126793: FOX, BEVANN - Genocidal Love; A Life After Residential School
122549: FOX, CHARLEY; MOPPETT, RON - Alberta Works in Wood
114127: FOX, GAIL - Houses of God
102721: FOX, CH. L. - 100 Years of Yiddish and Hebrew Literature in Canada
200659: FRAENKEL, MICHAEL - Death in a Room; Poems, 1927-1930

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