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100713: FRAME, EDNA LAURA - The Buffalo Trail
124592: INSTITUT DE FRANCE - Dictionnaire de L'académie Française
111863: FRANCE] - France Via French Line
128532: FELTER, ROBERT K.; WEST, FRANCES AND ASSOCIATES - Surgical Nursing (Third Edition)
104728: FRANCHERE, GABRIEL - Journal of a Voyage on the North West Coast of North America During the Years 1811, 1812, 1813 and 1814; The Journal of Gabriel Franchere.
119192: LAKE FRANCIS, BONNIE DOON, GRASSFIELD, GLENNIE - Along the Mission Trail; Lake Francis, Bonnie Doon, Grassfield, Glennie
202692: FRANCIS, W.W. - W.W. Francis; Tributes from His Friends on the Occasion of the Thirty-Fifth Anniversary of the Osler Society of McGill University
118950: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; KITZAN, CHRIS (EDITORS) - The Prairie West As Promised Land
113076: FRANCIS, RENE - The Story of the Tower of London
112578: FRANCIS, DICK - Break In
123861: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; PALMER, HOWARD (EDITORS) - The Prairie West; Historical Readings
127024: LAKE FRANCIS, BONNIE DOON, GRASSFIELD, GLENNIE - Along the Mission Trail; Lake Francis, Bonnie Doon, Grassfield, Glennie
109303: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Frank R. Underhill: Intellectual Provocateur
116951: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Discovery of the North: The Exploration of Canada's Arctic
122759: FRANCIS, DANIEL - Discovery of the North; The Exploration of Canada's Arctic
126082: FRANCIS, DICK - Hot Money
126081: FRANCIS, DICK - Bolt
104731: FRANCIS, DANIEL; MORANTZ, TOBY - Partners in Furs; a History of the Fur Trade in Eastern James Bay 1600-1870
104732: FRANCIS, E.K. - In Search of Utopia; the Mennonites in Manitoba
104733: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS - Images of the West; Changing Perceptions of the Prairies, 1690-1960
104735: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; PALMER, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Prairie West; Historical Readings
104736: FRANCIS, R. DOUGLAS; PALMER, HOWARD (EDITOR) - The Prairie West; Historical Readings
127775: BOURZAT, FRANCOISE; WITH HUNTER, KRISTINA - Consciousness Medicine; Indigenous Wisdom, Entheogens, and Expanded States of Consciousness for Healing and Growth
116803: FRANICS, R.D.; GANZEVOORT, H. (EDITOR) - The Dirty Thirties in Priairie Canada
114415: CASSIDY, FRANK AND ROBERT L. BISH - Indian Government: Its Meaning and Practice
123480: REMPEL, FRANK WITH CULY MARTIN M. - About Our Father's Business; An Autobiography
124643: DUFFY, FRANK ET AL. - The Edge Futures
114134: BELL-FRANKEN, MARCIA - Tangled Flames
121798: FRANKENFIELD, HENRY - Block Printing with Linoleum
126964: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN - Frankenthaler: This Is Not a Book
126966: FRANKENTHALER, HELEN; TYLER, KENNETH E. (TEXT) - Helen Frankenthaler; Reflections; A Series of Twelve Lithographs
118400: FRANKL, PAUL - Gothic Architecture
124451: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Journey to the Polar Sea
202968: FRANKLIN, JOHN; DAVIS, RICHARD C. - Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence; Franklin's First Arctic Land Expedition 1819 - 1822 and Franklin's Second Arctic Land Expedition 1825 - 1827
111668: FRANKLIN, WAYNE - Discoverers, Explorers, Settlers; the Diligent Writers of Early America
111306: FRANKLIN, JOHN; DAVIS, RICHARD C. - Sir John Franklin's Journals and Correspondence: The Second Arctic Land Expedition 1825-1827
119859: FRANKLIN, R.M. OF - R.M. Of Franklin Turns a Century 1883 - 1983
128002: FRANKLIN, GEORGE CORY - Pancho
115232: FRANKLIN, JOHN - Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea in the Years 1825, 1826 and 1827
127976: FRANKLIN, GEORGE CORY - Indian Uprising
127779: FRANKO, J. - The Frankos in Canada 'a Family History'
128890: FRANKO, IVAN - The Painted Fox a Fable
104741: FRANSEN, P.B. - Face of My People
104742: FRANTZ, DONALD G. - Blackfoot Grammar
121508: FRASER, KEATH - As for Me and My Body: A Memoir of Sinclair Ross
121674: FRASER, SANDRA; SLATE FINE ART GALLERY - Zachari Logan; A Strange Cultivation
118979: FRASER, JOHN - Historic Canadian Ground; The la Salle Homestead of 1666 and Other Old Landmarks of French Canada on the Lower Lachine Road
118681: FRASER, SANDRA; LONG, TIMOTHY; BOVEY, PATRICIA - David Thauberger: Parcours Et Autres Déviations
118680: FRASER, SANDRA; LONG, TIMOTHY; BOVEY, PATRICIA - David Thauberger: Road Trips & Other Diversions
111612: FRASER, GEORGE MACDONALD - McAuslan in the Rough; and Other Stories
116591: FRASER, MORRIS - The Death of Narcissus
114706: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114705: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114704: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
114703: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
115493: FRASER, C. MCLEAN - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc.; Part I: Hydroids
115461: FRASER, MALCOLM - Extract from a Manuscript Relating to the Siege of Quebec in 1759
104744: FRASER, ESTHER - The Canadian Rockies; Early Travels and Explorations
104745: FRASER, ESTHER - Wheeler
104751: FRASER, SIMON. LAMB, W. KAYE (EDITOR) - The Letters and Journals of Simon Fraser, 1806-1808
104753: FRASER, W.P.; RUSSELL, R.C. - An Annotated List of the Plants of Saskatchewan
112622: FRAYNE, TRENT - The Queen's Plate
200661: FREAR, MARY DILLINGHAM - Hawaiian Days and Holidays and Days of Long Ago
118219: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
118220: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
115794: BRUEMMER FRED - Seasons of the Eskimo, a Vanishing Way of Life
115240: TIBBOTT, FRED AND REX, GEORGE - The Land of Yesterday: Waltz Ballad
116308: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116307: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116017: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
116016: FREDERIKSEN, THOMAS - Eskimo Diary
102844: FREEDMAN, JIM; BARKOW, JEROME H. - Proceedings of the Second Congress, Canadian Ethnology Society
200665: FREELING, NICOLAS - The Pretty How Town
125625: FREEMAN, MINI AODLA - Life Among the Qallunaat
126327: THE FREEMASONS - The "Standard" Ritual of Scottish Freemasonry; First Degree, Second Degree, Third Degree (3 Volumes)
200666: FREILICH, MORRIS (EDITOR) - Marginal Natives: Anthropologists at Work
122666: FREKE, TIMOTHY - Shamanic Wisdomkeepers; Shamanism in the Modern World
124425: FREMONT, DONATIEN; INTRODUCTION BY GILLES LESAGE - Les Francais dans l'ouest Canadien
128268: FRÉMONT, DONATIEN - Les Secrétaires de Riel; Louis Schmidt - Henry Jackson - Philippe Garnot
104765: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Sur le Ranch de Constantin-Weyer
104767: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Monseigneur Provencher et Son Temps
104769: FREMONT, DONATIEN - Les Francais dans l'ouest Canadien
104770: FREMONT, DONATIEN - The Secretaries of Riel; Louis Schmidt, William Henry Jackson, Phillipe Garnot
104768: FRÉMONT, DONATIEN - Les Secrétaires de Riel; Louis Schmidt - Henry Jackson - Philippe Garnot
200059: FRENKEL, VERA - Raincoats Suitcases Palms; the Bar Report
116149: FREUCHEN, PETER - Arctic Adventurer; My Life in the Frozen North
203509: FREUD, SIGMUND - Neue Folge Der Vorlesungen Zur Einfuhrung in Die Psychoanalyse
202694: FREUD, ANNA - Difficulties in the Path of Psychoanalysis: A Confrontation of Past with Present Viewpoints
200667: FREUD, ANNA; BURLINGHAM, DOROTHY T. - War and Children
121217: FREUD, SIGMUND - Civilization and Its Discontents
128287: FREUD, SIGMUND - Civilization and Its Discontents
113900: FREY, CECILIA - The Nefertiti Look
124951: FREY, CECELIA - The Nefertiti Look
126572: FRIBERG, TORA; GRAY, MADI [TRANSLATION] - Everyday Life; Women's Adaptive Strategies in Time and Space
117675: FRIDERES, JAMES S. - Canada's Indians; Contemporary Conflicts
114318: FRIDERES, J.S. - Canada's Indians; Contemporary Conflicts
113972: FRIDMAN, SUSAN A. - Glimpse of the Present: An Invitational Exhibition of Contemporary Alberta Painting
120276: FRIED, FREDERICK - Artists in Wood; American Carvers of Cigar-Store Indians, Show Figures, and Circus Wagons
123912: FRIEDLAND, HADLY LOUISE - The Wetiko Legal Principles; Cree and Ansihinabek Responses to Vilolence and Victimization
127699: FRIEDMAN, DAVID M. - A Mind of Its Own; A Cultural History of the Penis
203864: FRIEDMAN, W. - Legal Theory
109617: FRIEDMANN, W. - Law in a Changing Society
109486: FRIEDMANN, W. - Legal Theory
111819: FRIEND, J.; THRELFALL, D.R. (EDITOR) - Biochemical Aspects of Plant-Parasite Relationships
203797: FRIES, ALFRED - The Blue Book of American Dishes
114012: FRIESEN, RUDY P. - Building on the Past
114637: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
114620: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
124368: FRIESEN, JOHN W.; VERIGIN, MICHEAL M. - The Community Doukhobors: A People in Transition
121663: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
113288: FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL - Where the River Runs
113276: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Sayings of the Elders
118702: FRIESEN, GERALD; POTYONDI, BARRY - A Guide to the Study of Manitoba Local History
114824: FRIESEN, ELEANOR PALMER - From Soul to Soul; Five Generations of Palmer Geaology
111527: BLUMENFELD. PETKAU, IRENE FRIESEN & PETER A. - Blumenfeld: Where Land and People Meet
117752: FRIESEN, E.A. (CHAIRMAN) - Grace Mennonite Church; 20th Anniversary Yearbook
125182: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Interim: Essays and Meditations
119994: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Flicker and Hawk
124900: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Rediscovering the First Nations of Canada
117258: FRIESEN, PAUL - A Rabbit Is Not a Ferrari
117121: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
116882: FRIESEN, VICTOR CARL; HARRIOT, TREVOR - Forever Home; Good Old Days on the Farm
116879: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Interim; Essays & Meditations
116328: FRIESEN, JOHN W. - Mennonite Through the Centuries from the Netherlands to Canada
122858: FRIESEN, LEONARD - Cows, Cowboys, Cattlemen, & Characters; A History of the Calgary Stockyards, 1903-1989
104780: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Bluebottle
104781: FRIESEN, PATRICK - Unearthly Horses
104776: FRIESEN, GERALD; POTYONDI, BARRY - A Guide to the Study of Manitoba Local History
104777: FRIESEN, GERALD - The Canadian Prairies: A History
104778: FRIESEN, GERALD - River Road; Essays on Manitoba and Prairie History
104779: FRIESEN, PATRICK - The Lands I Am
116242: FRIESSEN, JOSEPHINE - Three Generations of Mennonite Women in the Canadian West
126179: TIJUANA BIBLES; FRIGEM - Pvt. A. Fair
126166: TIJUANA BIBLES; FRIGEM - Killer!; Beetle Bailey's Buddy 4
200671: FRIIS, ACHTON - Im Gronlandeis Mit Mylius-Erichsen: Die Danmark Expedition 1906-1908
116264: FRIMER, LINDA SPANER DAYAN - A Wilderness Journey
127134: FRISBIE, CHARLOTTE JOHNSON - Kinaalda; A Study of the Navaho Girl's Puberty Ceremony
112660: FRITZ, FLORENCE - The Unknown Story of Sanibel and Captiva (Ybel Y Cautivo)
101564: FROBISHER (EDITOR) - Frobyshire to Frobisher
125896: FROEHLE, VIRGINIA ANN, R.S.M. - Called into Her Presence; Praying with Feminine Images of God
128199: FROM, JOEL L. - In Plain Site; A Biography of the R.A.F. Airbase at Caron, Saskatchewan
127497: FROMHOLD, JOACHIM - The Western Cree (Pakisimotan Wi Iniwak); Ethnography: Index (3rd
129158: ANTI-IMPERIALLIST FRONT - Anti-Imperialist Front Summer Commissions; Labour Relations, Foreign Investment in Canada, Combat Bourgeois Ideas, Racial Oppression & Response, Commission on Women, Commission on Indians
112754: FROST, ROBERT - A Further Range
124899: FROST, ROBERT - You Come Too; Favourite Poems for Young Readers
129363: FROST, DIANA - Colouring It Forward; Cree Nation Art & Wisdom Colouring Book
128067: FROST, ROBERT - In the Clearing
115250: FROST, ROBERT - A Further Range
123106: FROUD, BRIAN; JONES, TERRY - The Goblin Companion; A Field Guide to Goblins
123483: GRAY FRS, HENRY - Gray's Anatomy; The Classic Collector's Edition
120348: FRY, PHILIP (CURATOR) - Manitoba Mainstream; People's Art/Fine Art / le Grand Courant Du Manitoba; Arts Populaires/Beaux Arts
109049: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. FRY, PHILIP - The Legend of Asessippi: Space Drawings by the Opthalmia Co. Of Inglis, Manitoba
122050: FRY, CHARLES RAHN (EDITOR) - Art Deco Designs in Color; 119 Designs and Motifs
200676: FRYE, NORTHROP - By Liberal Things; Address by H. Northrop Frye, M.A., F.R.S.C., Ll.D., D.D. On the Occasion of His Installation As Principal of Victoria College University of Toronto October 21, 1959
200675: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Educated Imagination
200673: FRYE, NORTHROP (EDITOR) - Design for Learning: Reports Submitted to the Joint Committee of the Toronto Board of Education and the University of Toronto
125308: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Great Code; The Bibles and Literature
128273: FRYE, NORTHRUP - The Double Vision; Language an Meaning in Religion
129529: FRYE, NORTHROP - The Great Code; The Bible and Literature
129536: FRYE, NORTHRUP; POLK, JAMES (EDITED, WITH A PREFACE, BY) - Divisions on a Ground; Essays on Canadian Culture
114758: FRYE, NORTHROP - Words with Power: Being a Second Study of the Bible and Literature
203210: FRYER, JANE EAYRE - The Mary Frances First Aid Book; with Ready Reference List of Ordinary Accidents and Illnesses, and Approved Home Remedies
117791: FRYER, MARY BEACOCK; HUMBER, CHARLES J. (EDITORS) - Loyal She Remains: A Pictorial History of Ontario
117739: FUCHS, VIVIAN - Antarctic Adventure; The Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, 1955-1958
200679: FUERTES, LOUIS AGASSIZ; BROOKS, ALLAN - Portraits of New England Birds
114380: FUGLEM, KARILEE - Cumulous
200680: FULLER, CYNTHIA - Man's Moment: Poems Provoked by Francyn's Paintings
119395: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Critical Path
126544: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Education Automation; Freeing the Scholar to Return to His Studies
128258: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Operating Manuel for Spaceship Earth
129648: FULLER, R. BUCKMINSTER - Utopia or Oblivion
129559: FULTON, GORDON - House Roots Discovering Your Old House in Moose Jaw
200682: FULTON, FRANCIS I. SIMS - To and Through Nebraska: By a Pennsylvania Girl
104792: FUMOLEAU, RENE - As Long As This Land Shall Last. A History of Treaty 8 and Treaty 11, 1870-1939
119111: FUNG, AMY (CURATOR) - They Made a Day Be a Day Here
117716: FUNG, KA-IU (DIRECTOR AND EDITOR), BARRY, BILL - Atlas of Saskatchewan
116565: FUNG, KA-IU; GAGE, STUART H. - Atlas of Saskatchewan Agriculture
121837: FUNK, JACK - Outside, the Women Cried
124389: FUNK, JACK - I Was Younger When I Was a Boy
124241: FUNK, WES - Dead Rock Stars
118662: FUNK, JACK - Outside, the Women Cried
112480: FUNK, JACK; LOBE, GORDON (EDITOR) - And They Told Us Their Stories; A Book of Indian Stories
118428: FUNKE, CORNELIA - Inkspell
102243: SOUTHMINSTER, FURNESS & RUGBY - South from Lloydminster: A History of Southminster, Furness, and Rugby School Districts
104795: FURNIVAL, G.M. - Cypress Lake Map-Area, Saskatchewan
202970: FUSTER, CHARLES - Sonnets
124775: MARDON, ERNEST G. & MARDON, AUSTIN A. - Alberta Ethnic Mormon Politicians 1880s - 1990s: A Mormon Contribution to Canadian Democracy
202315: K.W.G. - Aig Tigh Na Beinne
114441: TRIGGER, BRUCE G. ET AL - Natives and Newcomers: Canada's "Heroic Age" Reconsidered
109243: ALEXANDER, DAVID G. ET AL. (EDITOR) - Atlantic Canada and Confederation: Essays in Canadian Political Economy
119524: [WILSON, G. AND TOPLEY, W.W.C.]; WILSON, G.S.; MILES, A.A. - Topley and Wilson's Principles of Bacteriology and Immunity
122213: MARDON, ERNEST G. AND MARDON, AUSTIN A. - Alberta Mormon Politicians
104796: GADACZ, RENE R.; ASCH, MICHAEL I. - Thesis and Dissertation Titles and Abstracts on the Anthropology of Canadian Indians, Inuit and Metis from Canadian Universities. Report 1, 1970-1982
129816: GADD, DAVID - The Loving Friends; A Portrait of Bloomsbury
126571: GADON, ELINOR W. - The Once & Future Goddess; A Symbol of Our Time
116089: FORT NORMANDEAU; GAETZ, R.L. - The Story of Fort Normandeau
100377: RED DEER. GAETZ, ANNIE L. - Trails of Yesterday; Folklore of the Red Deer District
128585: GAETZ, DAYLE CAMPBELL - Taking the Reins
122802: GAFFIELD, CHAD - Language, Schooling, and Cultural Conflict; The Origins of the French-Language Controversy in Ontario
104797: GAGAN, DAVID P. - Prairie Perspectives; Papers of the Western Canadian Studies Conference
104798: GAGAN, ROSEMARY R. - A Sensitive Independence; Canadian Methodist Women Missionaries in Canada and the Orient, 1881-1925
125003: W.J. GAGE & CO., LIMITED; THOMAS NELSON & SONS LTD. - The Highroads Manual; Grades IV, V, and VI
125002: W.J. GAGE & CO., LIMITED; THOMAS NELSON & SONS LTD. - The Highroads Manual; Grades IV, V, and VI
127708: GAGE, MATILDA JOSLYN - Woman, Church & State; The Original Expose of Male Collaboration Against the Female Sex
111316: GAHAGAN, ALVINE CYR - Yes Father; Pioneer Nursing in Alberta
101779: MCCONNELL, GAIL ET AL - Legacy: A History of Saskatchewan Homemakers' Clubs and Womens' Institutes 1911-1988
129229: GAINES, ERNEST J. - Mozart and Leadbelly; Stories and Essays
119975: GAINES, JEREMY; JÄGER, STEFAN - A Manifesto for Sustainable Cities; Think Local, Act Global
129233: GAINES, ERNEST J. - A Lesson Before Dying
111178: GALBRAITH, JOHN S. - The Little Emperor; Governor Simpson of the Hudson's Bay Company
104803: GALBRAITH, JOHN S. - The Little Emperor; Governor Simpson of the Hudson's Bay Company
104802: GALBRAITH, JOHN S. - The Hudson's Bay Company As an Imperial Factor, 1821-1869
202698: GALDSTON, IAGO (EDITOR) - Man's Image in Medicine and Anthropology; Monograph IV
125417: GALERIE - Galerie; Book of Artistic Pictures / Livre de Tableaux D'Art (Various Volumes)
104804: GALLAGHER, JOHN - To Kill the Crow
203429: GALLANT, MAVIS - In Transit
111587: GALLANT, MARC GREGORY - More Fun with Dick and Jane
122259: GALLANT, MAVIS - Across the Bridge
113634: KENNEDY GALLERIES - Print Review
122070: CHARLES E. SLATKIN GALLERIES - Antoine Bourdelle; An Exhibition of Sculptures / Drawings
114061: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Contemporary Studio Ceramics
129211: MENDEL ART GALLERY; THE PHOTOGRAPHERS GALLERY - New Vintage; Selected Works from the Permanent Collection of The Photographers Gallery
113975: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - The Winnipeg Perspective
113964: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - The Beauty of Silver
113965: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - The Development of English Porcelain
113930: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Selections from the Mendel Collection
113861: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Port Harrison / Inoucdjouac
124413: RANKIN INLET; WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Rankin Inlet / Kangirlliniq
113813: SUSAN WHITNEY GALLERY - Susan Whitney Gallery: Tenth Anniversary
113807: CURT VALENTIN GALLERY - Picasso 1920 - 1925
113810: DUNLOP ART GALLERY - Beauparlant / Posyniak: A Collaboration
113811: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Obsessions Rituals Controls
113812: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Jack L. Cowin
113798: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Jack Severson: Peace Able Kingdom
113791: UNIVERSITY OF LETHBRIDGE ART GALLERY - Roloff Beny - Painter, Printmaker
113782: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Five Manitoba Photographers
113757: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - The French As Seen Through Their Art 1600 - 1925
113745: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Sculpture on the Prairies
113672: DALHOUSIE ART GALLERY - The Very Thing
113664: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Sheila Butler / Wendy Coad: Figurative Paintings
113665: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Canadian Group of Painters: Exhibition '60
113667: MENDEL ART GALLERY - E. Lindner: Drawings 1969 - 1972
113655: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - The Illustration of Books for Children: An Historical Sampling
113659: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Bill Vazan; Recent Land and Photo Works
113633: ALBERTA COLLEGE OF ART GALLERY - 1st Canadian Biennale of Prints and Drawings
113552: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Gerd Winner
113553: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Andre Derain in North American Collections
113551: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - James Ensor, Edvard Munch, Emil Nolde
113544: BURNABY ART GALLERY - Jewel Point; Gisele Amantea
129791: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - SCAN '74 (Survey of Canadian Art Now)
113446: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Douglas Bentham: Getting to Now
113434: ROSEMONT ART GALLERY - Regina High Tea
124065: LONDON ART GALLERY - London Saskatoon Exchange; Between the Saskatoon Gallery and Conservatory & the London Art Gallery
120237: EDMONTON ART GALLERY - Three Alberta Sculptors: Ken Macklin, Isla Burns, Clay Ellis
112761: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - New Histories; The Manitoba Studio Series 1989-1992
112267: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - The Coming and Going of the Shaman; Eskimo Shamanism and Art
112224: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Saskatchewan Paper; New Works on Paper by Saskatchewan Artists, a Community Programme Exhibition
110406: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Rielisms
114776: DUNLOP ART GALLERY - David Thauberger; Prairie Pictures
120050: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Mannersm; A Theory of Culture
109059: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Artists' Prints and Multiples
109048: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - 150 Years of Art in Manitoba; Struggle for a Visual Civilization
109053: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Christiane Pflug 1936-1972
109056: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Tascona: Lacquer on Aluminum and Mixed Media
117337: HENRY GALLERY - Northwest Craftsmen's Exhibition
117309: EDMONTON ART GALLERY - Department of Art and Design; University of Alberta; Staff Exhibition
117159: MENDEL ART GALLERY - Just My Imagination
106730: MENDEL ART GALLERY - The Mendel Collection; Sixty-Five Paintings Personally Selected by Mr. Mendel for the Opening of the Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Canada
106734: MENDEL ART GALLERY - L.G. Saunders: A Memorial Photographic Exhibition
106735: MENDEL ART GALLERY - Antique Canadian Glass from the John McGowan Collection
106736: MENDEL ART GALLERY - Alice Macredie: Watercolours
126838: BEAVERBROOK ART GALLERY - Beaverbrook Art Gallery; Paintings
126768: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY, PHILLIPS, CAROL A. (CURATOR) - Making Marks : An Exhibition of Current Canadian Drawing
114708: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - New Work by a New Generation
126715: THE NEW GALLERY - My Country Is Winter; Mon Pays C'est L'hiver
116294: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Images for a Canadian Heritage
116277: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Vancouver Art Gallery First Annual Art Auction, December 3, 1985
116283: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Brocken Muse
116285: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Vancouver Collects
121423: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Group of Seven
106247: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - The Saskatchewan Arts Board Collection
106245: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. - Grassroots Saskatchewan
116162: NATIONAL GALLERY - Fontainebleau; Art in Frace
115861: MENDEL ART GALLERY - L.G. Saunders: A Memorial Photographic Exhibition
114231: NATIONAL GALLERY - Tutankhamen Treasures 1964-1965
129365: MENDEL ART GALLERY; NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Eleven (11) Saskatchewan Artists
122720: ALBERTA COLLEGE OF ART GALLERY - 1st Annual Wild West Show; June 24-July 31
126132: NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - American Painting 1955 to 1976; Twenty-Five Selections from the Collection of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York
128065: VANCOUVER ART GALLERY - Art and Photography
129368: HENDERSON, JAMES; SASKATOON GALLERY AND CONSERVATORY CORPORATION - An Exhibition of Paintings by James Henderson, 1871-1951
126136: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Belcher Islands / Sanikluaq
119625: REGINA. DUNLOP ART GALLERY - Dag Volumes: No.1 (2012)
115370: GROUP OF SEVEN; NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Around the Group of Seven : An Exhibition of the Group of Seven and Their Contemporaries
115367: NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - University of Regina Department of Visual Arts Faculty Show. Includes: Bruce Anderson, Jack Cowin, Victor Cicansky, Dennis J. Evans, Arthur Handy, Ray Hearn, Andre´ Jodoin, Marsha Kennedy, John Noestheden, Rick Pottruff, Leesa Streifler, Jack Sures
128951: THE KATONAH GALLERY - Bloomsbury Artists at Charleston; Paintings from the Reader's Digest Collection
129336: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Ten Years of Collecting 1987 -1997
122325: NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery; December 1970
122318: ROSEMONT ART GALLERY - Saskatchewan: A Sense of Place
104534: EDMONTON ART GALLERY - West '71
125729: MENDEL ART GALLERY; NORMAN MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - 11 Saskatchewan Artists '67
115252: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Out of the Mainstream: Contemporary Ceramics by Manitoba Artists
122091: SOUTHERN ALBERTA ART GALLERY; - Seven Ceramic Sculptors; Cicansky, Fafard, Gilhooley, Heisler, Thauberger, Thornsbury, Yuristy
129289: MENDEL ART GALLERY - From Regionalism to Abstraction: Mashel Teitelbaum and Saskatchewan Art in the 1940s
122081: MENDEL ART GALLERY - From Regionalism to Abstraction: Mashel Teitelbaum and Saskatchewan Art in the 1940s
122068: EDMONTON ART GALLERY - Emily Carr: Oil on Paper Sketches
122058: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Woman As Viewer; An International Women's Year Project Independently Presented by the Committee for Women Artists, Winnipeg
122062: DAVID AND ALFRED SMART GALLERY - Abstract Expressionism: A Tribute to Harold Rosenberg; Paintings and Drawings from Chicago Collections
119476: REGINA. DUNLOP ART GALLERY - Dag Volumes: No 2 (2013)
115061: THE ART GALLERY - Graphics Atlantic
115072: THE BEAVERBROOK ART GALLERY - Wallace S. Bird Memorial Collection
115024: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Selected European Works C. 1850 - 1923
115040: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Canvas, Quill, Brush and Hide: An Exploration of Manitoba Indian Art
115044: GLENBOW-ALBERTA ART GALLERY - N.C.E.C. (National Ceramcs Exhibition Calgary)
114997: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY - Ivan Eyre: Large Paintings (1974-1982)
102058: REGINA. DUNLOP ART GALLERY - 1st Biennial, Saskatchewan Craft Council
128688: HOLLAND TOWNSHIP; GAMBLE, MARILYN (EDITOR) - The Paths That Led to Holland (Volume II only)
124835: GAMBONE, PHILIP - The Language We Use Up Here and Other Stories
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126427: "GANPAT" (M.L.A. GOMPERTZ) - Snow Rubies
124495: GANZ, EDWIN (ARTIST) - Two (2) Prints - Soldat D'infanterie de Ligne [And] Soldat Du Régiment Des Grenadiers
120302: GÃNZL, KURT - The Blackwell Guide to the Musical Theatre on Record
122002: GARCIA, GENARO; MAUDSLAY, A. P. (TRANS., INTRO., NOTES) - Bernal Diaz Del Castillo; The Discovery and Conquest of Mexico, 1517-1521
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125753: GARDINER, FREDERICK, M.D. - Handbook of Skin Diseases
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104810: GAREAU, LAURIER; BLACKBURN, NICOLE - Le Defi de la Radio Francaise en Saskatchewan
121894: GAREN, NANCY - Tarot Made Easy; Get Immediate, Specific Answers to Your Most Pressing Questions with This Amazingly Simple New Method
113628: GARIS, ROGER - My Father Was Uncle Wiggily
113605: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Make Believe Tarts or Uncle Wiggily Plays Storekeeper and Uncle Wiggily Fools the Bad Chaps Also Uncle Wiggily's Corn Roast
203916: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily on the Farm
203887: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Tuftoo the Clown
202450: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Uncle Wiggily's Fishing Trip; or, The Good Luck He Had with the Clothes Hook and How the Pip and Skee Were Stuck by the Chestnut Burrs. Also the Good Time at the Marshmallow Roast
116332: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Goat
116330: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Pony
116331: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Deer
116329: GARIS, HOWARD R. - Teddy and the Mystery Dog
118818: KILLARNEY. GARLAND, AILEEN - Trails and Crossroads to Killarney; the Story of Pioneer Days in the Killarney and Turtle Mountain District
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112883: GARNER, HUGH - Author, Author
112534: GARNER, WILLIAM - The Andra Fiasco
119931: GARNER, HUGH - One Damn Thing After Another
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203645: GARNETT, LUCY M.J.; STUART-GLENNIE, J.S. (EDITOR) - Greek Folk Poesy: Annotated Translations, from the Whole Cycle of Romaic Folk-Verse and Folk-Prose. Edited with Essays on the Science of Folklore, Greek Folkspeech, and the Survival of Paganism
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126974: GARON, PAUL - Blues and the Poetic Spirit
125584: GARRARD, LEWIS H. - Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail
101798: MILESTONE. GARRATT, A.W - History of Milestone - 1893-1910
124210: MILESTONE. GARRATT, A.W - History of Milestone - 1893-1910
127083: MILESTONE. GARRATT, A.W - History of Milestone - 1893-1910
127082: MILESTONE. GARRATT, A.W - History of Milestone - 1893-1910
121962: GARRATTT, A.J. (BERT) - Abernethy Commemorates One Hundred Years
104814: GARRIOCH, ALFRED CAMPBELL - The Far and Furry North; a Story of Life and Love and Travel in the Days of the Hudson's Bay Company
104816: GARRIOCH, ALFRED CAMPBELL - The Correction Line
125477: GARROD, STAN - Sam Steele
119968: HASLER, GARY; ET AL - Design Guidelines for Historic Residences in Brandon
203881: GASKELL, (MRS. ELIZABETH C.) - Cousin Phillis
200695: GATES, CHARLES MARVIN (EDITOR) - Readings in Pacific Northwest History: Washington 1790-1895
126428: GATES, MAC BURNEY - The Black Pirate
126771: GATTINGER, MONICA - The Roots of Culture the Power of Art; The First Sixty Years of the Canada Council for the Arts
200697: GATTY, MRS. ALFRED - Aunt Judy's Yearly Volume for Young People
102398: GAUDREAU, LOUIS - "On the Banks of the Blue River" Is the Life of the Merry-Go-Round Man
110597: GAUGUIN, PAUL - Noa Noa; My Voyage to Tahiti
120911: DE GAULLE, CHARLES - Vers L'armée de Métier
110102: GAULT, CONNIE - Inspection of a Small Village
128799: GAULT, CONNIE - Some of Eve's Daughters
104823: GAULT, CONNIE - Some of Eve's Daughters
127793: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The Impressionists with 108 Plates in Full Colour
114846: GAUNT, WILLIAM - The World of William Hogarth
113107: GAUTHIER, DAVID A. - The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan; A Living Legacy
128993: GAUTHIER, HENRI, (P.S.S.); CURE DE ST-JACQUES - Sulpitiana
122962: GAUTHIER, DAVID A. - The Encyclopedia of Saskatchewan; A Living Legacy
115581: GAUTHIER, DAVID A.; LAFON, ALBERTO; HOTH, JURGEN; WIKEN, ED - Grasslands; Pastizales; Prairies; Towards a North American Conservation Strategy
118331: GAVIN, CATHERINE - Madeleine
200698: GAVIN, THOMAS - King Kill
126541: GAVIN, S.J., JOSEPH B. - Teachers of a Nations; Jesuits in English Canada 1842-2013; Volume 1 in the Jesuit History Series
128538: MR. GAY (JOHN) - The Beggar's Opera Written by Mr. Gay to which is prefixed the musick to each song
129533: GEBHARDT, ROBERT; JOHNSON, HARVEY; WILKINSON, JACK; HODGINS, JOAN - Field Checklist for Plants of the Whitemud Southwest Saskatchewan
118144: GEDALOF, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Paper Stays Put, a Collection of Inuit Writing
118082: GEDALOF, ROBIN (EDITOR) - Paper Stays Put, a Collection of Inuit Writing
112159: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
111744: GEDDES, GARY - Letter of the Master of Horse
116705: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
104826: GEDDES, GARY - ...War & Other Measures
104828: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
121514: GEDDES, GARY - Changes of State
111870: GEGGIE, MARY; WHALLEY, PETER - Northern Blights; More Than Anyone Needs to Know About Canadian Poetry and Painting
117562: GEIGER, BERNARD; HALASI-KUN, TIBOR; KUIPERS, AERT H.; MENGES, KARL H. - Peoples and Languages of the Caucasus; A Synopsis
121570: GEISEL, THEODOR SEUSS - The Secret Art of Dr. Seuss
104310: DE GELDER, WILLEM - The Letters of Willem de Gelder, 1910-13; a Dutch Homesteader on the Prairies
126758: GELINAS, CECILE - Un Art Pas Si Bete; L'art Populaire En Gaspesie
203272: GELSEMA, EDZARD S.; KANAL, LAVEEN N. - Pattern Recognition in Practice II; Proceedings of an International Workshop Held in Amsterdam, June 19-21, 1985
200700: GENET, JEAN - Miracle of the Rose
127989: GENOVESE, EUGENE D. - From Rebellion to Revolution; Afro-American Slave Revolts in the Making of the New World
116712: GENTILCORE, LOUIS, EDITOR - Ontario; Studies in Canadian Geography
116568: GENTILCORE, R. LOUIS (EDITOR) - Canada's Changing Geography
120506: GENTILCORE, R. LOUIS; HEAD, C. GRANT - Ontario's History in Maps
110431: GENUIST, MONIQUE (EDITOR) - Sous Les Mats Des Prairies; Anthologie Litteraire Fransaskoise Et de L'ouest Canadien
129170: UNION OF SOCIALIST GEOGRAPHERS (U.S.G.) - U.S.G. (Union of Socialist Geographers) Newsletter Aug - Sept 1978 Vol. 4 No. 1
127822: CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC - Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada; Indigenous Canada; First Nations; Inuit; Metis (4 Volume Set)
128572: CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC - Indigenous Peoples Atlas of Canada; Indigenous Canada; First Nations; Inuit; Metis (4 Volume Set)
128405: CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC - Atlas of Canada; The Story of a Country through maps, photographs, history and culture
112367: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Sketch of the Life of John Tanner, a Famous Manitoba Scout; A Border Type
112271: GEORGE, HENRY - A Perplexed Philosopher; Being an Examination of Mr. Herbert Spencer's Various Utterances on the Land Question, with Some Incidental Reference to His Synthetic Philosophy
117540: ST. GEORGE, MARIE ELYSE - Once in a Blue Moon
127004: GEORGE, NELSON - The Death of Rhythm & Blues
108328: ST. GEORGE, ELYSE YATES - White Lions in the Afternoon
126924: GEORGE, NELSON - Buppies, B-Boys, Baps & Bohos; Notes on Post-Soul Black Culture
116137: SPENDLOVE; F. ST. GEORGE - The Face of Early Canada
128136: ST. GEORGE, MARIE ELYSE - Once in a Blue Moon
105287: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Notes and Comments on Harmon's Journal 1800-1820
105307: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Sketch of the Life of John Tanner, a Famous Manitoba Scout; A Border Type
105317: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Older Geology of the Red River and Assiniboine Valleys
105318: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Seven Oaks: ... The Circumstances Which Led Up to It; A Description of the Contestants; The Events of the Conflict, Including the Death of Gov. Semple & His Followers ...
105327: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, GEORGE - Sketch of the Life and Discoveries of Robert Campbell, Chief Factor of the Hon. Hudson's Bay Co
105329: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. BRYCE, MRS. GEORGE - Historical Sketch of the Charitable Institutions of Winnipeg
101980: REAMSBOTTOM, GEORGE & BILL MACDOUGALL - People at Work: Small Town Industry in Saskatchewan
128494: GEORGEL, PIERRE - The Musée de L'orangerie
105337: HISTORICAL AND SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY OF MANITOBA. DUGAST, GEORGES - The First Canadian Woman in the Northwest; The Story of Marie Anne Gaboury, Wife of John Baptiste Lajimoniere, Who Arrived in the Northwest in 1807, and Died at St. Boniface at the Age of 96 Years
104832: GERBRANDT, H.J. - Adventure in Faith; the Background in Europe and the Development in Canada of the Bergthaler Mennonite Church of Manitoba
120520: GERDTS, WILLIAM H. - American Impressionism
104834: GEREIN, FRANK - Larger School Units in Saskatchewan
102060: REGINA. GEREIN, FRANK - Outline History of the Archdiocese of Regina; 1911-1961
122313: GERLOVINA, RIMMA; GERLOVIN, VALERIY - Still Performances
114493: ST. GERMAIN, JILL - Indian Treaty-Making Policy in the United States and Canada, 1867 - 1877
122423: GERMAIN, VICTORIN - Catéchisme Pittoresque; À L'usage Des Commençants de Leurs Parents Et de Leurs Maîtres
118063: GERMAN, TONY - Tom Penny
104835: GERMANO, GIOVANNI - The Italians of Western Canada; How a Community Centre Is Born
104838: GERSHAW, F.W. - The Short Grass Area; a Brief History of Southern Alberta
200704: GERSTAECKER, FREDERICK - Frank Wildman's Adventures on Land and Water
203729: GERSTER, ARPAD G. - The Rules of Aseptic and Antiseptic Surgery; a Practical Treatise for the Use of Students and the General Practitioner
128487: GERVAIS, C,H. - The Rumrunners; A Prohibition Scrapbook
123588: GERVAIS, KEN - Autumn Leaf
117194: GERVAIS, WARREN A. - Treaties and Legislation; Assessing Impacts of Canada's Indian Policy
112091: GETTINGS, FRED - Arthur Rackham
114466: GETTY, IAN A.L.; LUSSIER, ANTOINE S. (EDITORS) - As Long As the Sun Shines and Water Flows; A Reader in Canadian Native Studies
114311: GETTY, IAN A.L.; LUSSIER, ANTOINE S. (EDITORS) - As Long As the Sun Shines and Water Flows; A Reader in Canadian Native Studies
114943: GEUER, JUAN - Investigating Chaos
104840: GHAN, LINDA - A Gift of Sky
202598: GHENT, PERCY - John Reade and His Friends
123808: GHOSH, AMITAV - The Shadow Lines
104844: GIBBON, JOHN MURRAY - Steel of Empire; The Romantic History of the Canadian Pacific, the Northwest Passage of Today
128669: GIBBON, EDWARD - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (6 Volumes)
102845: GIBBONS, ROY W. - The C C F C S Collection of Musical Instruments: Volume One: Aerophones; Volume Three: Chorodophones.
127626: GIBBS, LEN; GIBBS, BETTY - The Art of Len Gibbs
125395: GIBBS, LEN; GIBBS, BETTY - The Art of Len Gibbs
126735: GIBRAN, KAHLIL - Spiritual Sayings of Kahil Gibran
129393: GIBSON, MARIE A. - Picture Appreciation Grades V and VI - Course 'A'
127349: GIBSON, NANCY (EDITOR) - Pimatziwin: A Journal of Aboriginal and Indigenous Community Health; Volume 1, Number 1
118801: GIBSON, KATHERINE - Ted Harrison; Painting Paradise
118535: GIBSON, WALTER - The Master Magicians; Their Lives and Most Famous Tricks
200708: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion
123629: GIBSON, MARIE A. - Art Appreciation (Course B)
106377: MANITOBA RECORD SOCIETY. GIBSON, FREDERICK W.; ROBERTSON, BARBARA (EDITOR) - Ottawa at War: The Grant Dexter Memoranda, 1939-1945
122612: GIBSON, GRAEME - Perpetual Motion
125118: GIBSON, ROBIN - Painting the Century; 101 Portrait Masterpieces 1900-2000
104848: GIBSON, DALE; GIBSON, LEE; HARVEY, CAMERON - Attorney for the Frontier; Enos Stutsman
104849: GIBSON, JIM - Fishery Resources of the Plains; Utilization and Management
104847: GIBSON, DALE; GIBSON, LEE - Substantial Justice; Law and Lawyers in Manitoba 1670-1970
119477: GIBSON, KATHERINE - Ted Harrison; Painting Paradise
129606: GIDLUCK, LYNN - A Hail of a Century - 100 Years of Battling the Great White Combine; The Story of the Saskatchewan Municipal Hail Insurance Association
122447: GIDNEY, R. D.; MILLAR, W. P. J. - Inventing Secondary Education; The Rise of the High School in Nineteenth-Century Ontario
127523: GIEDION, S. - Space, Time and Architecture; The Growth of a New Tradition; Third Edition, Revised and Enlarged
100724: GIESBRECHT, C.U - The Illustrated Mind: Or Games Dreamers Play
112630: GIESHARDT, T. WILLIAM - Some Very Aryan Deaths
118706: GIFFEN, P.JAMES - Rural Life; Portraits of the Prairie Town, 1946
124580: GIGUÈRE, DIANE; GREEN, PETER (TRANS.) - Innocence
102479: GILBERG, AAGE - Eskimo Doctor
203363: GILBERT, A.G. - From Montreal to the Maritime Provinces and Back..
112762: GILBERT, SIR W.S - The Pinafore Picture Book; The Story of H.H.S Pinafore
112406: GILBERT, W.S.; SULLIVAN, ARTHUR - Songs of Two Savoyards
110301: WESTERN CANADA ART CIRCUIT; GILBERT, HERBERT - A One-Man Exhibition Being Circulated ... April 1960 to April 1961
109753: GILBERT, A.C. - Erector Instruction Book
126743: GILBERT, MAJOR VIVIAN - The Romance of the Last Crusade; With Allenby to Jerusalem
126716: GILBERT, SYLVIE [CURATOR] (EDITOR) - White Bones
104854: GILBERT, LOUIS - La Saskatchewan: Essai de Monographie Provinciale Canadienne
104855: GILBOY, C.F. - Aspects of the Numismatics of North America; Proceedings of a Symposium Held in Regina, Saskatchewan, 16 July 1985
117775: GILCHRIST, MARY (EDITOR) - Western People; A Scrapbook of Memories
104856: GILCHRIST, MARY L. - Western People; a Scrapbook of Memories
122131: GILKERSON, WILLIAM - The Scrimshander; The Nautical Ivory Worker & His Art of Scrimshaw Historical and Contemporary; A New Edition with Many Revisions
113449: GILL, SAM D., IRENE F. SULLIVAN - Dictionary of Native American Mythology
118357: GILL, SAM D. - Native American Traditions; Sources and Interpretations
117020: GILL, JOHN (EDITOR) - New American and Canadian Poetry
119596: GILL, ERIC - Autobiography
104857: GILL, E.A. WHARTON - Love in Manitoba
121926: GILL, BRYAN NASH - Woodcut
121479: GILLAN, DR. JAMES GRAHAM - Through Northern Eyes
120142: GILLETT, CHARLES RIPLEY (EDITOR) - Catalogue of the McAlpin Collection of British History and Theology [5 Volumes]
127705: GILLETTE, MARIS BOYD - Between Mecca; Modernization and Consumption Among Urban Chinese Muslims
118783: TYVAN. GILLIES, ENID - Memories of Tyvan
116958: GILLIES, MAJORIE - Street of Dreams; The Story of Broadway, Western Canada's First Boulevard
117398: GILLILAND, HAP - Teaching the Native American
106121: M'GILLIVRAY, DUNCAN. MORTON, A.S. (EDITOR) - The Journal of Duncan M'Gillivray
121328: GILLMORE, DON - The Desire of Every Living Thing
200712: GILLMORE, PARKER - All Round the World: Adventures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America
124432: GILMAN, CAROLYN - Where Two Worlds Meet; The Great Lakes Fur Trade
113250: GILMORE, MELVIN R. - The Song of the Pasque Flower (A Dakota Gift)
120023: GILMOUR, DAVID - Back on Tuesday
116730: GILMOUR, MARGARET - Ameliaranne at the Circus
113498: GILPIN, JOHN F. - Quenching the Prairie Thirst
200713: GILPIN, WILLIAM - Guide to the Kansas Gold Mines at Pike's Peak, Describing the Routes, Camping Places, Tools, Outfits &C
123107: GILPIN, JOHN F. - Century of Enterprise; The History of the Edmonton Chamber of Coomerce
113247: GILROY, DOUG - An Album of Prairie Birds
126106: GILROY, DOUG - Prairie Wildlife; The Best of Doug Gilroy's Nature Photography
104861: GILROY, DOUG - An Album of Prairie Birds
104862: GILROY, DOUG - Prairie Birds in Color
104863: GILROY, DOUG - Parkland Portraits; Some Natural History of the Prairie Parklands
119970: GILSON, J.C.; NESBITT, J.M.; TYLER, E.J. - Report of the Manitoba Commission on Farm Organizations
121351: GINGERICH, ORLAND - The Amish of Canada
118519: GINN, DAVID - Nearly Unpublished; Another Unusual Conglomeration of Comedy and Magical Stuff
118518: GINN, DAVID - Almost Unpublished; An Unusual Conglomeration of Comedy and Magical Stuff
124721: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Cosmopolitan Greetings; Poems 1986-1992
128069: GINSBERG, ALLEN - Reality Sandwiches 1953 - 60
113948: GINSBURG, MIRRA - The Kaha Bird
112866: GINZBURG, RALPH - Avant Garde
121987: GINZBURG, RALPH - Avant Garde
123380: GIRARD, CYNTHIA; CACHIA, AMANDA (CURATOR) - The Black Glove and the Peacock
113631: GIRAUD, S. LOUIS - The Daily Express Children's Annual
127396: GIRAUD, MARCEL - The Metis in the Canadian West
104870: GISCARD, GASTON - Dans la Prairie Canadienne: On the Canadian Prairie
119870: GISLASON, I. - Prairie Panorama; A Brief Study of the Prairie Provinces
104871: GISLASON, GORDON S.; MACMILLAN, JAMES A.; CRAVEN, JACK W. - The Manitoba Commercial Freshwater Fishery; an Economic Analysis
104872: GISLASON, I. - Prairie Panorama; a Brief Study of the Prairie Provinces
116676: GISVOLD, PER - A Survey of the Law of Water in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba
127391: GIVENER, EMILY - A Heart in Port
100730: GLADSTONE - Beyond Third Crossing
123998: GLADSTONE, M.J. - A Carrot for a Nose; The Form of Folk Sculpture on America's City Streets and Country Roads
116721: COMUNN GAILIG GHLASCHO; GAELIC SOCIETY OF GLASGOW - Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Glasgow; Volume 2 1891-94
110016: GLASS, ANDREW - Scottish Legends
200717: GLASSCO, JOHN - The Deficit Made Flesh
129203: GLASSER, MILTON - The Milton Glasser Poster Book
122801: GLASSFORD, LARRY A. - Reaction & Reform; The Politics of the Conservative Party Under R.B. Bennett 1927-1938
121564: GLASSIE, JOHN - Bicycles Locked to Poles
110743: GLAY, GEORGE ALBERT - Beggars Might Ride
117839: GLAZEBROOK, G.P. DE T. - A History of Canadian External Relations
128647: GLAZEBROOK, G. P. DET. - A History of Canadian External Relations; Revised Edition, Volume I, The Formative Years to 1914
128648: GLAZEBROOK, G. P. DET. - A History of Canadian External Relations; Revised Edition, Volume II, in the Empire and the World 1914-1939
202911: GLAZIER, RICHARD - A Manual of Historic Ornament; Treating upon the Evolution, Tradition, and Development of Architecture & the Applied Arts; Prepared for the Use of Students and Craftsmen
126984: GLEASON, RALPH J. - Celebrating the Duke, and Louis, Bessie, Billie, Bird, Carmen, Miles, Dizzy & Other Heroes
123430: GLEAVE, T. B. (THOMAS BARWELL) - Beckoning Hills
115543: GLENN, GEORGE; MOPPETT, GEORGE - George Glenn; The Space Between Doors
122300: GLENN, JACK - Once upon an Oldman: Special Interest Politics and the Oldman River Dam
124992: GLENNIE, STU - Observing Strangers and Other Short Stories
100731: GLENORA - Gleanings of the Past
117452: SOURIS AND GLENWOOD - The People of Souris and Glenwood from the Earliest Beginnings to the Present
115019: GLIER, MIKE - The Alphabet of Lilli
128963: GLINSKI, WALDEMAR; JABLONSKI, ALEKSANDER MACIEJ - Polish Canadians Contribution to Canada / Wktad Polonii dla Kanady; Commemorating Canada's 150th Anniversary
117329: GLOVER, PATRICIA E. - Manitoba Etchings 1910 to 1940; The Winnipeg Art Gallery; April 1 to May 31, 1973
104889: GLOVER, DOUGLAS - Dog Attempts to Drown Man in Saskatoon
115960: GLUBOK, SHIRLEY - The Art of the Eskimos
115961: GLUBOK, SHIRLEY - The Art of the Eskimos
127121: EPHEMERA; GLYDE, H.G. - Christmas Card
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128143: GODWIN, TED - Messages from the Real World; A Professional Handbook for the Emerging Artist
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113368: GOODERHAM, KENT (EDITED BY) - I Am an Indian
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129715: GORDON, P. H. - Fifty Years in the Canadian Red Cross
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120396: GORMLEY, JOHN - Left Out; Saskatchewan's NDP and the Relentless Pursuit of Mediocrity
117773: GORMLEY, JOHN - Left Out; Saskatchewan's NDP and the Relentless Pursuit of Mediocrity
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127736: GOUGH, BARRY - First Across the Continent: Sir Alexander MacKenzie
127801: GOULD, JOAN - Spinning Straw into Gold; What Fairy Tales Reveal About the Transformations in a Woman's Life
113270: GOULD, ALLAN - The Great Wiped Out North
111390: GOULD, GLENN - The Latecomers; Sound Documentary
127042: GOULD, CHESTER - Dick Tracy in Chains of Crime
123626: GOULD, JIM - Wolf; A True Story of the Northern Blackeyed Pup
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121638: GOULD, ROBERT FREKE - The History of Freemasonry; Its Antiquities, Symbols, Constitutions, Customs, Etc.
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101580: GOVAN - Last Mountain Echoes; A Family and School History of Govan & District
123000: GOVAN - Last Mountain Echoes; A Family and School History of Govan & District
125316: ALBERTA GOVERNMENT, PUBLICITY BRANCH - Alberta Through the Years
112161: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Between Men
111895: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Going Through the Motions
111473: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Random Descent
104933: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Hearts of Flame
104934: GOVIER, KATHERINE - The Immaculate Conception Photography Gallery; and Other Stories
104931: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Going Through the Motions
104932: GOVIER, KATHERINE - Between Men
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121250: GRACE, SUSAN ANDREWS - Water Is the First World
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111091: GRAFF, TOM - You Have to Believe It to See It
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202237: CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R.B. - Notes on the District of Menteith for Tourists and Others
124039: GRAHAM, DOROTHY - Great Days and Holidays
110532: CUNNINGHAME GRAHAM, R.B. - Brought Forward
120086: GRAHAM, COLIN (DIRECTOR) - Permanent Collection
117338: GRAHAM, JIM - Metropolis
125790: CHARLES E. GRAHAM & CO. - Little Animals ABC
125100: GRAHAM, BRANDON - King City
127986: GUEST. GRAHAM - The Smoke Jumpers; A Northern Saskatchewan Claim to Fame
123405: GRAHAME, KENNETH - The Wind in the Willows
203690: GRAHN, JUDY - The Common Woman
110622: GRAMATTE, WALTER - Walter Gramatte 1897-1929; 71 X Selbst; Aquarelle, Zeichnungen, Druckgraphik
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122464: GRANATSTEIN, J.L. - The Politics of Survival; The Conservative Party of Canada, 1939-1945
128374: GRANDMAISON, MIKE (PHOTOGRAPHS); VOLNEY, JOHN (TEXT) - Mike Grandmaison's Prairie and Beyond
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112217: GRANDVILLE, J.J. - Comical People
112218: GRANDVILLE, J.J. - Petites Miseres de la Vie Humaine, par Old Nick et Grandville
104947: GRANGE, HERBERT - An English Farmer in Canada and a Visit to the States; Being Notes and Observations by a Practical Farmer and Commercial Man on Canada As a Field for British Capital and Labour
119266: R. C. M. GRANT - The Story of Martintown: A Pioneer Village
118863: GRANT, AGNES - Finding My Talk; How Fourteen Native Women Reclaimed Their Lives After Residential Schools
101640: HUMBOLDT. GRANT, ROBERT W. - The Humboldt Story 1903-1953
127247: GRANT, CHARLES L. - Tales from the Underside
200739: GRANT, DANIEL - Home Politics: Or the Growth of Trade Considered in Its Relation to Labour, Pauperism & Emigration
200741: GRANT, ROBERT - Jack in the Bush: Or a Summer on a Salmon River
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126796: GRANT, JOHN; DISNEY, WALT - Encyclopedia of Walt Disney's Animated Characters
106439: MANITOBA. H.C. GRANT - The Commercial Fishing Industry of Manitoba
124686: GRANT, MADISON - Powder Horns and Their Architecture and Decoration As Used by the Woodsman, Soldier, Indian, Sailor and Traders of the Era
124678: GRANT, MADISON; ELIISII, TOM [LINE DRAWINGS] - The Knife in Homespun America and Related Items; Its Construction and Material As Used by Woodsmen, Farmers, Soldiers, Indians and General Population
104960: GRANT, J.C. BOILEAU - Anthropometry of the Beaver, Sekani and Carrier Indians
104958: GRANT, J.C. BOILEAU - Anthropometry of the Cree and Salteaux Indians in Northeastern Manitoba
104959: GRANT, J.C. BOILEAU - Anthropometry of the Chipewyan and Cree Indians of the Neighbourhood of Lake Athabaska
104955: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean; Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872. Being a Diary Kept During a Journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the Expedition of the Engineer-In-Chief of the Canadian Pacific and Intercolonial Railways
104950: GRANT, BILL - I Have a Suggestion for the Flag, Sir.
104954: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean; Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872
128668: GRANT, GEORGE - Lament for a Nation; The Defeat of Canadian Nationalism
121910: GRANT, GEORGE M. - Ocean to Ocean; Sanford Fleming's Expedition Through Canada in 1872. Being a Diary Kept During a Journey from the Atlantic to the Pacific with the Expedition of the Engineer-In-Chief of the Canadian Pacific and Intercolonial Railways
122672: GRANZOW, CARL, INTRODUCTION - The University of Lethbridge Sculpture Competition, Phase II
113482: GRASS, GUNTER - The Meeting at Telgate
126797: YELLOW GRASS - Yellow Grass; Our Prairie Community
122973: GRASS, GUNTER - Peeling the Onion; A Memoir
122974: GRASS, GUNTER - Show Your Tongue
122972: GRASS, GUNTER - Two States - One Nation?
122971: GRASS, GUNTER - The Call of the Toad
122969: GRASS, GUNTER - The Flounder
122968: GRASS, GUNTER - The Plebeians Rehearse the Uprising; A German Tragedy
119465: GRASS, GUNTER - Cat and Mouse
121704: GRAU, SHIRLEY ANN - The Keepers of the House
119897: GRAVEL, LUCIENNE - Les Gravel
126721: GRAVEL, REV. L.P. (EDITOR) - Little Manual of St. Philomena; Arranged for St. Philomena's Societies
104962: GRAVEL, LOUIS JOSEPH PIERRE - Canada: Its History, Its Resources, Its Development
101759: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Addition to Gravelbourg; Plan of the Subdivision...
101760: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Gravelbourg; Being a Subdivision of Part of...
101761: MAP. GRAVELBOURG - Compiled Plan of Gravelbourg
101586: GRAVELBOURG - Croquis Historiques des Paroisses du Diocese de Gravelbourg, Sask.; A l'Occasion de son Jubile d'Argent 1930-1955
128969: GRAVES, ROBERT - Mock Beggar Hall
200745: GRAVES, ROBERT - Catacrok!: Mostly Stories, Mostly Funny
126339: GRAVES, ROBERT - Goodbye to All That
125546: GRAVES, DONALD E. - South Albertas; A Canadian Regiment at War
102158: SASKATCHEWAN WAR MEMORIAL MUSEUM. GRAVES, DONALD E. - Organization of Military Museums of Canada. 1978-9 Journal VII
110790: GRAVIER, GABRIEL - Les Voyages de Giovanni Verrazano Sur Les Cotes D'amerique ... 1524-1528
110775: GRAVIER, GABRIEL - Decouvertes Et Etablissements de Cavelier de la Salle de Rouen Dans L'amerique Du Nord
114056: GRAY, WILLIAM S.; ARTLEY, A. STERL; ARBUTHNOT, MAY HILL - The New More Streets and Roads
127803: GRAY, CHARLOTTE - Canada; A Portrait in Letters 1800 - 2000
104966: GRAY, JAMES H. - Men Against the Desert
124126: GRAY, JAMES H. - Booze; the Impact of Whisky on the Prairie West
120247: GRAY, WILLIAM S. (ET AL) - The New Days and Deeds
120246: GRAY, WILLIAM S. (ET AL) - The New People and Progress
119906: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
120189: GRAY, BASIL - The English Print
109310: GRAY, J.M. - Thro the Vision of the Night: A Study of Source, Evolution and Structure in Tennyson's "Idylls of the King"
119948: GRAY, JAMES H. - Red Lights on the Prairies
116893: GRAY, EARLE - The Last and First Eskimos
114736: GRAY, JAMES H. - Men Against the Desert
128920: GRAY, HAROLD - Little Orphan Annie and Chizzler
115468: GRAY, JAMES H. - Men Against the Desert
104978: GRAY, JOHN MORGAN - Lord Selkirk of Red River
104972: GRAY, JAMES H. - Boomtime; Peopling the Canadian Prairies
104973: GRAY, JAMES H. - Bacchanalia Revisited; Western Canada's Boozy Skid to Social Disaster
104975: GRAY, JAMES H. - Talk to My Lawyer!: Great Stories of Southern Alberta's Bar and Bench
104976: GRAY, JAMES H. - R. B. Bennett; the Calgary Years
104970: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Roar of the Twenties
104965: GRAY, JAMES H. - The Winter Years; the Depression on the Prairies
104969: GRAY, JAMES H. - Booze; the Impact of Whisky on the Prairie West
121960: GRAY, JENNIE - Long Ago Was Yesterday; Volume 1
127781: GRAYLING, A.C. - The Good Book; A Humanist Bible
123573: GRAYSON, VAUGHAN; SMITH, HEATHER [CURATOR] - Adventures of an Artist in the Canadian Rockies
123572: GRAYSON, VAUGHAN; SMITH, HEATHER [CURATOR] - Adventures of an Artist in the Canadian Rockies
122618: GRAYSON, VAUGHAN - Les Adventures D'une Artiste Dans Les Roscheuses Canadiennes
104982: GRAYSON, ETHEL KIRK - Unbind the Sheaves; a Prairie Memoir
200749: GRAZZINI, A.F.; LAWRENCE, D.H. - The Story of Doctor Manente Being the Tenth and Last Story from the Suppers of A.F. Grazzini Called Il Lasca.
102725: GREAVES, IDA - The Negro in Canada
121258: GREEN, JIM - Beyond Here
203910: EVERETT-GREEN, EVELYN - Little Lady Val; a Tale of the Days of Good Queen Bess
203537: GREEN, FREDERICK C. - French Novelists from the Revolution to Proust
113520: GREEN, JIM - Beyond Here
112458: EVERETT-GREEN, E. - After Worcester; The Story of a Royal Fugitive
117921: GREEN, JIM - North Book
110039: GREEN, JACOB - A Text Book of Chemical Philosophy; on the Basis of Dr. Turner's Elements of Chemistry; in Which the Principal Discoveries and Doctrines of the Science Are Arranged in a New Systematic Order
104997: GREEN, DAVID - The Saskatchewanians
104998: GREEN, JIM - Beyond Here
121006: GREEN, JIM - North Book
128299: GREEN, ROSS GORDON - Justice in Aboriginal Communities; Sentencing Alternatives
119157: GREENAWAY, KATE - Marigold Garden
121735: GREENBERG, JOANNE - A Season of Delight
102280: SWIFT CURRENT. GREENBLAT, JIM - "Those Were the Days" in Swift Current; a Saskatchewan "71 Homecoming Event" - 50 Years of Reminiscence of the Frontier City and District
123736: GREENBURG, DAN - Porno-Graphics; The Shame of Our Art Museums
119368: GREENE, ALMA (FORBIDDEN VOICE) - Reflections of a Mohawk Indian
114828: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Captain and the Enemy
112615: GREENE, HUGH (EDITOR) - The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes
117692: GREENE, ALMA (FORBIDDEN VOICE) - Reflections of a Mohawk Indian
114273: GREENE, GRAHAM - The Honorary Consul
121164: GREENE, D.; GREENE, K. - Three Plays for Juniors
115276: GREENE, GRAHAM - Doctor Fischer of Geneva or the Bomb Party
119503: GREENFIELD, ROBERT - Timothy Leary; A Biography
202479: GREENGO, ROBERT E. - Issaquena: An Archaeological Phase in the Yazoo Basin of the Lower Mississippi Valley
124308: GREENHILL, WILLIAM ALEXANDER - Treatise on the Small-Pox and Measles
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109311: GREENHILL, PAULINE - True Poetry: Traditional and Popular Verse in Ontario
115307: GREENHILL, PAULINE - Lots of Stories: Maritime Narratives from the Crieghton Collection
109312: GREENLEE, JAMES G. - Sir Robert Falconer; a Biography
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127343: GREENSLADE, FRANCES; WILSON, PAUL (EDITOR) - The Neighbouring Heart: Writing from Cathedral Village
110634: GREENWOOD, J. ARTHUR; HARTLEY, H.O. - Guide to Tables in Mathematical Statistics
119922: GREER, GERMAINE - The Female Eunuch
119923: GREER, GERMAINE - Sex and Destiny; The Politics of Human Fertility
200761: GREG, W.W. - The Variants in the First Quarto of "King Lear": A Bibliographical and Critical Inquiry
124794: GREGG, JOSIAH; MOORHEAD, MAX L. [EDITOR] - Commerce of the Prairies
105005: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba
105003: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba 1: Red River to 1897
105004: GREGOR, ALEXANDER; WILSON, KEITH - The Development of Education in Manitoba 2: 1897-1982
113776: GREGORY, KENNETH (COMPILED BY) - Your Obedient Servant
200763: GREGORY, JACKSON - Mysterious Rancho
102726: GREIG, HUGH - The Hope and the Promise
122234: GREKUL, LISA - Kalyna's Song
113473: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Labrador Looks at the Orient
102484: GRENFELL, WILFRED T. - Labrador: The Country and the People
116711: GRENIER, FERNAND, EDITEUR (EDITOR) - Quebec; Studies in Canadian Geography
129800: 49TH PARALLEL; GRENVILLE, BRUCE (CURATOR) - Active Surplus
120334: GRENVILLE, BRUCE - Mapping the Surface; The Process of Recent Toronto Sculpture
129801: MENDEL ART GALLERY; GRENVILLE, BRUCE (CURATOR) - Toward a History of the Found Object
114911: AGNES ETHERINGTON ART CENTRE; GRENVILLE, BRUCE - The Allegorical Image of Recent Canadian Painting
120901: GRESCHNER, DONNA (CHIEF COMMISSIONER) - Renewing the Vision: Human Rights in Saskatchewan; Report of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission, 1996
120737: GRESCHNER, MARK; HAVERSTOCK, LYNDA M. (FOREWORD) - Mark Greschner: One Hundred Years of Heart
118015: GRESSLEY, EVERETT G. - Alaska Trails 'N' Tales
119194: GRETNA, ENNS, F.G. - Gretna; Window on the Northwest
116687: EARL GREY, SK - Harvest of Memories; Earl Grey and District
118602: GREY, ZANE - King of the Royal Mounted and the Ghost Guns of Roaring River
111521: GREY, ZANE - The Vanishing American
200771: GREY, ZANE - To the Last Man
200770: GREY, ZANE - Arizona Ames
200769: GREY, ZANE - The Shepherd of Guadaloupe
200768: GREY, ZANE - To the Last Man
125766: GREY, EDWARD; GIBBINGS, ROBERT; LANDON, RICHARD [EDITOR] - Gibbings & Grey and the Charm of Birds; Twenty Wood Engravings Printed from the Original Blocks with Accompanying Text
115267: GREY, ZANE - Wanderer of the Wasteland
116449: GRIERSON, HARRIET - A Willing Victim
118963: GRIES, GOODMAN - Preparation for a Death Trip
124618: GRIESHABER, HAP (ARTIST); FUERST, MARGOT (INTRO.) - Hap Grieshaber - Woodcuts
101599: GRIFFIN. SCARROW, MARY, AND CHARLTON, MABEL - Griffin Prairie Wool; 1900-1967
116547: GRIFFIN,D.L. - The Devonian Slave Point, Beaverhill Lake and Muskwa Formations of Northeastern British Columbia and Adjacent Areas
202898: GRIFFIS, WILLIAM ELLIOT - Japanese Fairy Tales
203825: GRIFFITH, JERRY; MINER, L.E. (EDITOR) - The First Lincolnland Conference on Dialectology
109313: GRIFFITHS, FRANKLYN (EDITOR) - Politics of the Northwest Passage
116466: GRIFFITHS, RUDYARD; CARDINAL, TANTOO; HIGHWAY, TOMSON; JOHNSTON, BASIL; - Our Story; Aboriginal Voices on Canada's Past
119867: GRIFT, EDWARD (EDITOR) - Heritage of the Grift Family 1846 - 1985
124444: GRIGSON, GEOFFREY - Wild Flowers in Britain
127809: GRIMAL, PIERRE - The Dictionary of Classical Mythology
126755: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Deer Leap
126745: GRIMES, MARTHA - The Dirty Duck
114847: GRINNEL, JOSEPH - Gold Hunting in Alaska
113268: GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD - When Buffalo Ran
110072: GRINNELL, IOWA - The Grinnell Cyclone
116154: GRINNELL, GEORGE BIRD - Alaska 1899; Essays from the Harriman Expedition
112301: GRIOLI, GIUSEPPE - Mathematical Theory of Elastic Equilibrium (Recent Results)
112243: GRISWOLD, DON L.; GRISWOLD, JEAN HARVEY - The Carbonate Camp Called Leadville
110523: BAILLIE-GROHMAN, WILLIAM A. - Sport in Art; an Iconography of Sport During Four Hundred Years from the Beginning of the Fifteenth to the End of the Eighteenth Centuries
121770: GROOM, PERCY - Trees and Their Life Histories
123714: GROSE, R.E. (CHAIRMAN) - Manitoba to 1980; Report of the Commission on Targets for Economic Development
106442: MANITOBA. GROSE, R.E. (EDITOR) - Industrial Resources of Manitoba
124726: GROSS, PAUL S. - The Hutterite Way; The Inside Story of the Life, Customs, Religion and Traditions of the Hutterites
105014: GROSS, PAUL S. - The Hutterite Way; The Inside Story of the Life, Customs, Religion and Traditions of the Hutterites
105015: GROSS, RENIE - Dinosaur Country; Unearthing the Badlands' Prehistoric Past
200776: GROSZ, GEORGE - Uber Alles die Liebe
200777: GROSZ, GEORGE - 30 Drawings and Watercolors
105017: GROUARD, EMILE JEAN BAPTISTE MARIE - Souvenirs de mes Soixante Ans d'Apostolat dans l'Athabaska-Mackenzie
129387: CHURCHILL RIVER BASIN GROUP - Churchill River Basin Group March 20
127382: WOLSELEY WRITERS GROUP - Woven Words an Anthology Volume 4 Fall, 2012
127380: WOLSELEY WRITERS GROUP - Woven Words Volume 2
127381: WOLSELEY WRITERS GROUP - Woven Words Volume 3 Fall, 2009
113394: WASCANA WRITERS GROUP - Short Grass; Scintillating Stories, Sparkling Poems
117953: WARMAN AND DISTRICT CONCERNED CITIZENS GROUP - Why People Say No to a Uranium Refinery at Warman, Saskatchewan
110140: RURAL DEVELOPMENT ADVISORY GROUP - Report of the Rural Development Advisory Group
126488: ROSETOWN AND DISTRICT WRITER'S GROUP - Prairie Pens (Rosetown 1983; Book Four)
125256: REGINA. SENIORS' UNIVERSITY GROUP - Remembering One-Room School Days
102075: REGINA. SENIORS' UNIVERSITY GROUP - Fibs, Facts & Fancies
102074: REGINA. SENIORS' UNIVERSITY GROUP - Remembering One-Room School Days
113614: THE PROVINCIAL COMMITTEE ON MIORITY GROUPS - Between Her Majesty, Queen Victoria and the Indians of British North America
124525: GROUSSET, RENÉ; LÉONARD, ÉMILE G. (UNDER THE DIRECTION OF) - Histoire Universelle I; Des Origines À L'islam
119206: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND - Frederick Philip Grove
111948: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Turn of the Year
111241: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND - Frederick Philip Grove
111238: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - It Needs to Be Said
111240: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP; PACEY, DESMOND (EDITOR) - The Letters of Frederick Philip Grove
116171: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - A Search for America
105030: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - In Search of Myself
105029: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - The Master of the Mill
105027: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Fruits of the Earth
105021: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - Over Prairie Trails
105026: GROVE, FREDERICK PHILIP - It Needs to Be Said
112830: GROVER, EULALIE OSGOOD - The Sunbonnet Babies' Primer
127622: GROVES, EDITH LELEAN; TAMBLYN, BERTHA LOUISE - We Are Seven; Seven Little Songs for Children and Grown-Ups (Encore Songs)
200780: GRUBE, A.W. - Ch. Oeser's Briefe an Eine Jungrau uber die Hauptgegenstande der Aesthetik; Ein Weihgeschent fur Frauen und Jungfrauen
123656: GRUBER, HOWARD E. (AUTHOR); DARWIN, CHARLES (NOTEBOOKS) - Darwin on Man; A Psychological Study of Scientific Creativity; Together with Darwin's Early and Unpublished Notebooks
200781: GRUELLE, JOHNNY - Johnny Gruelle's Golden Book
114643: GRUENDING, DENNIS (INTRODUCTION BY) - The Middle of Nowhere; Rediscovering Saskatchewan
120367: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Promises to Keep; a Political Biography of Allan Blakeney
117607: GRUENDING, DENNIS (INTRO.) - The Middle of Nowhere
105037: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Promises to Keep; a Political Biography of Allan Blakeney
105036: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Emmett Hall; Establishment Radical
105035: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Gringo. Poems and Journals from Latin America
122367: GRUENDING, DENNIS - Great Canadian Speeches; Selected and Edited by Dennis Gruending
120502: GRUENDING, DENNIS - The First Ten Years
105039: GRUHN, RUTH - Archaeological Research at Calling Lake, Northern Alberta
122038: GRUNWALD, FELA; NEMIROFF, DIANA - New Directions: Toronto / Montreal
121019: GRUSKIN, EDWARD I. - Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland; The Story of Their Rise to Fame and Fortune in the Movies
105040: GRYBA, EUGENE M. - Sibbald Creek; 11,000 Years of Human Use of the Alberta Foothills
105041: GRYZ, DR. ZBIGNIEW JAN - Heritage Preservation Among Ethnocultural Communities
126569: GRZETIC, BRENDA - Women Fishes These Days
122851: THE EARL OF KERRY; GUEDALLA, PHILLIP (EDITOR) - The Secret of the Coup D'etat; An Unpublished Correspondence of Prince Louis Napoleon, Mm. De Morny, de Flahaut, and Others, 1848 to 1852
102853: GUEDON, MARIE-FRANCOISE; HATT, D.G. (EDITOR) - Canadian Ethnology Society: Papers from the Sixth Annual Congress, 1979.
115922: GUEDON, MARIE FRANCOISE - Shamans and Spirits; Myth and Medical Symbolism in Eskimo Art
115942: GUEMPLE, LEE - Inuit Adoption
101600: GUENTER, JACOB G. - "Men of Steele": Saskatchewan Valley Mennonite Settlers and Their Descendants
119530: GUENTER, J.G. (EDITOR); BOLDT, KATHERINE E. (INTRODUCTION) - Osler...The Early Years and the One Room School #1238, (1905-1947); Reminiscences Past and Present
127807: GUENTHER, BRUCE L. - The Altester; Herman D.W. Friesen, a Mennonite Leader in Changing Times
122728: GUENTHER, BRUCE [CURATOR] - 50 Northwest Artists; A Critical Selection of Painters and Sculptors Working in the Pacific Northwest
109959: "HELIOTYPIES"; GUERINET, ARMAND (EDITOR) - L'Architecture Francaise; le Chateau de Chambord (59 Planches); le Chateau de Chaumont-Sur-Loire (Pl.60 a 72); le Chateau de Maucreux (Pl.73 a 76), Restaures Par M. Samson, Architecte a Paris. Exterieurs - Interieurs - Details de Sculpture, Phototypies D'apres Nature
118319: GUEST, EDNA M.; CHAPMAN, ETHEL - An Experiment in Applied Nutrition for Canadian Communities; Summary Report of the Swift Fellowship
115392: GUEVARA, CHE - Guerrilla Warfare
203382: GUIART, JEAN - L'Organisation Sociale et Politique du Nord Malekula; Rapport General d'une Mission aux Nouvelles-Hebrides Effectuee au Cours de l'Ete 1950-1951
114379: GUIART, JEAN - Oceanie
106535: GUICHON, SOEUR MAY - Developpement des oeuvres des Soeurs Grises au Manitoba depuis leur fondation a Saint-Boniface, 1844-1944
125196: THE COUNTRY GUIDE AND NOR'-WEST FARMER [PERIODICAL] - The Country Guide and Nor'-West Farmer; August, 1940
113699: BROMSGROVE GUILD - The Blessed Jeanne D'arc Maid of Orleans
202482: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Life in the County of York
109314: GUILLET, EDWIN C. - Pioneer Travel in Upper Canada
121030: GUIZOT, [FRANÇOIS PIERRE GUILLAUME]; HAZLITT, WILLIAM (TRANSLATOR) - History of the English Revolution of 1640: From the Accession of Charles I. To His Death.
200783: GULLETT, D.W. - A History of Dentistry in Canada
110782: GUNDY, H. PEARSON - Early Printers and Printing in the Canadas
128823: GUNN, C. CHAN - Treating Myofascial Pain: Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS) for Myofascial Pain Syndromes of Neuropathic Origin
109315: GUNN, J.A.W. - Beyond Liberty and Property: The Process of Self-Recognition in Eighteenth-Century Political Thought
128640: GUNN, WILLIAM T. - His Dominion
122736: GUNN, GENNI - Tracing Iris
121344: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Exiles Among You
121298: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - The Prowler
124237: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Exiles Among You
119710: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Zero Hour
122857: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - The Axe's Edge
105049: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Settlement Poems 1
105050: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - Settlement Poems 2
105053: GUNNARS, KRISTJANA - The Prowler
110451: GUNTER, ARCHIBALD CLAVERING - Mr. Potter of Texas; a Novel

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