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114370: BELL, LYNNE; HILDA STEWART - An Essay in Retrieving History / Un Essai D'histoire Retablie
113532: BELL, CHARLES NAPIER - The Selkirk Settlement and the Settlers. A Concise History of the Red River Country.
113410: BELL, W.A. - Illustrations of Canadian Fossils: Upper Creatceous and Paleocene Plants of Western Canada
113409: BELL, W.A. - Geological Survey of Canada: Uppermost Cretaceous and Paleocene Floras of Western Alberta.
113070: BELL, JULIA M.A., M.R.C.P. - The Treasury of Human Inheritance: Eugenics Laboratory Memoirs XXIV: Nettleship Memorial Volume; Part III Blue Sclerotics and Fragility of Bone
110673: BELL, W.A. - Lower Cretaceous Floras of Western Canada; Illustrations of Canadian Fossils
115562: KENDERDINE GALLERY; BELL, KEITH; HOLMLUND, MONA - Shifts: Art and Art History at the University of Saskatchewan
103269: BELL, NANCY - Five from the Fringe; a Selection of Five Plays First Performed at the Fringe Theatre Event
119807: METIS SETTLEMENTS APPEAL TRIBUNAL; BELL, CATHERINE E. - Contemporary Metis Justice; The Settlement Way
116108: BELL, MICHAEL - Painters of Western Life
116109: BELL, MICHAEL - Painters in a New Land; From Annapolis Roayl to the Klondike
103271: BELL, WADE - The North Saskatchewan River Book
103263: BELL, CATHERINE E. - Alberta's Metis Settlements Legislation: An Overview of Ownership and Management of Settlement Lands
119108: BELL, LYNNE; MILROD, LINDA (DIRECTOR) - Ann Newdigate Mills; Look at It This Way
200141: BELL, ALEXANDER GRAHAM - Lectures upon the Mechanism of Speech
203691: BELL, DON - Pocketman
103272: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Looking Backward
121057: BELLAMY, EDWARD - Looking Backward, 2000-1887
103274: BELLAN, RUBEN - Winnipeg First Century: An Economic History
103273: BELLAN, RUBEN - Winnipeg First Century: An Economic History
113456: BELLEVILLE, ONTARIO - Historic Belleville
119336: BELLOW, SAUL - The Actual
119337: BELLOW, SAUL - Him with His Foot in His Mouth & Other Stories
112210: BELMORE, H.W. - Rilke's Craftsmanship; An Analysis of His Poetic Style
117600: BANANA BELT, BURKE, GARVOCH, GULLY, WIRRAL - South of the Gully
121494: BELTON, DORIS (MILES) - The History of Rosemont United Church; Regina, Saskatchewan 1914-1989
119546: BELYEA, BARBARA - A Year Inland; The Journal of a Hudson's Bay Company Winterer
113019: BEMISTER, MARGARET - Thirty Indian Legends of Canada
110525: BENARD, G. - La Telephonie Domestique; Essais Pose Et Raparation Des Appareils
200145: BENCHLEY, ROBERT C. - Love Conquers All
200147: BENDER, TODD K. - Gerard Manley Hopkins: The Classical Background and Critical Reception of His Work
119995: BENEDICT, PINCKNEY - Town Smokes
121599: ST. BENEDICT - REYNAUD DISTRICT - Treasured Memories
114268: BENEVOLO, LEONARDO - The Architecture of the Renaissance (In Two Volumes)
114308: BENGER, JOANNE - A Farm Wife's Almanac
200149: BENGOUGH, J.W. - Motley: Verses Grave and Gay
203822: BENGOUGH, J.W. - The Grip Cartoons Vols. I & II May, 1873, to May, 1874
117605: BENHAM, MAENETTE K.P.; WAYNE J. STEIN (EDITORS) - The Renaissance of American Indian High Education; Capturing the Dream
101263: WINNIPEG. BENHAM, MARY LILE - Once More Unto the Breach: St. George's Anglican Church, Winnipeg, First Century 1883-1983
117423: BENHAM, MAENETTE K.P.; WAYNE J. STEIN (EDITORS) - The Renaissance of American Indian High Education; Capturing the Dream
112596: BENJAMIN, LES; WARREN, JOHN - Rolling in the Grass Roots
102812: BENMOUYAL, JOSEPH - Etude Archeologique de Sites Eskimo aux Iles Belcher, T.N.O
121414: BENNET, RICHARD E., ET AL (COMPILED BY) - A Guide to the Major Holdings of the Department of Archives and Special Collections, the University of Manitoba Libraries
115184: BENNETT, JOHN; ROWLEY, SUSAN - Uqalurait: An Oral History of Nunavut
118251: BENNETT, JOHN W. - Northern Plainsmen; Adaptive Strategy and Agrarian Life
116974: BENNETT, CAROL - Eganville, Jewel of the Bonechere 1825-1991
103277: BENNETT, JOHN W. - Northern Plainsmen; Adaptive Strategy and Agrarian Life
103276: BENNETT, JOHN W. - Hutterian Bretheren: The Agricultural Economy and Social Organization of a Communal People
103280: BENOIT, JOSEPH PAUL AUGUSTIN - Vie de Mgr. Tache, Archeveque de St.-Boniface
101371: BENSON - Toil, Tears and Thanksgiving. R.M. Of Benson
103281: BENSON, NATHANIEL A. - None of It Came Easy: The Story of James Garfield Cardiner
118513: BENT, MIKE - Mike Bent's Zero Gravity; The Ultimate Close-Up Levitation
115521: BENTHAM, DOUGLAS; RING, DAN; GRAFF, TERRY - Douglas Bentam Resonance
114571: BENTLEY, CAROL M. - Regina: Pride of the Prairies
116076: BENTLEY, TOM - Blind Man's Drum
110210: BENY, ROLOFF; THWAITE, ANTHONY; PORTER, PETER - Roloff Beny in Italy
115804: BENY, ROLOFF; THWAITE, ANTHONY; PORTER, PETER - Odyssey; Mirror of the Mediterranean
114698: BENY, ROLOFF - To Every Thing There Is a Season
110141: BERCUSON, DAVID JAY - Confrontation at Winnipeg: Labour, Industrial Relations, and the General Strike
117092: BERCUSON, DAVID JAY - Fools and Wisemen: The Rise and Fall of the One Big Union
202651: BERENS, CONRAD (EDITOR) - The Eye and Its Diseases; by 82 International Authorities
120289: BERESINER, YASHA - British County Maps; Reference and Price Guide
102688: BERG, WESLEY - From Russia with Music: A Study of the Mennonite Choral Singing Tradition in Canada
118403: BERGDOLL, BARRY; DICKERMAN, LEAH - Bauhaus 1919-1933: Workshops for Modernity
116800: BERGEN, HILDA LOHRENZ; BERGEN, JOHN J. - Hilda's Pilgrimage
201973: VON BERGENROTH, ALEXANDER FREIHERR - Publii Virgilii Maronis Bucolica, Georgica, Et Aeneis
115879: BERGER, THOMAS R. - Village Journey; The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission
114622: BERGER, MR JUSTICE THOMAS R. - Northern Frontier, Northern Homeland; The Report of the MacKenzie Valley Pipeline Inquiry (Volume One)
112273: BERGER, THOMAS R. - Village Journey; The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission
203513: DIAMANT-BERGER, LUCIEN - Prisons Tragiques Prisons Comiques Prisons Grivoises
112142: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. BERGMAN, H. ERIC; DILLOW, NANCY E. - Transformation of Vision; The Works of H. Eric Bergman
113859: BERGREN, MYRTLE - Tough Timber: The Loggers of British Columbia
113907: BERKE, JOSEPH; CALVIN C. HERNTON - The Cannabis Experience
200153: BERKELEY, GRANTLEY F. - The English Sportsman in the Western Prairies
103289: BERLO, JANET CATHERINE - The Early Years of Native American Art History; the Politics of Scholarship and Collecting
112462: BERMAN, LOUIS - The Glands Regulating Personality; A Study of the Glands of Internal Secretion in Relation to the Types of Human Nature
110054: BERMAN, R. (EDITOR) - Physical Properties of Diamond
120193: BERMAN, HAROLD - Bronzes; Sculptors & Founders, 1800-1930 [4 Volumes]
202652: BERMAN, LOUIS - The Glands Regulating Personality; a Study of the Glands of Internal Secretion in Relation to the Types of Human Nature
113580: BERNAL, RICHARD - The Ants Go Marching One by One
120103: BERNARD, CLAUDE; GREENE, HENRY COPLEY (TRANS.); HENDERSON, LAWRENCE (INTRO) - An Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine
112365: BERNARD, ANTOINE - La Gaspesie au Soleil
107227: PALMER, BERNARD & MARJORIE - Beacon on the Prairies: The Men God Uses in Building the Briercrest Bible Institute
103290: BERNARD, ANTOINE - Nos Pionniers de l'Ouest
106404: BERNARD, P. - Un Manifeste Libéral; M. L.-O. David et le Clergé Canadien [together with] Deuxieme Partie: La Question des Écoles du Manitoba
103295: BERNIER, T. ALFRED - Manitoba, Champ d'Immigration
103293: BERNIER, NOEL - Fannystelle; une Fleur de France Enclose en Terre Manitobaine
103292: BERNIER, JOSEPH - L'Instruction Obligatoire au Manitoba: Discours Prononce par M. Joseph Bernier, Depute de Saint-Boniface...
117276: DE BERNIÈRES, LOUIS - Birds without Wings
112670: BERNSTEIN, JACOB - How to Profit in Precious Metals
120095: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. BERRY, VIRGINIA G. - A Boundless Horizon: Visual Records of Exploration and Settlement in Manitoba Region, 1624-1874
109061: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY. BERRY, VIRGINIA G. - A Boundless Horizon: Visual Records of Exploration and Settlement in Manitoba Region, 1624-1874
115954: BERRY, S. STILLMAN; DALL, WILLIAM HENRY - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc.; Part B: Cephalopoda, Pteropoda
115492: BERRY, S. STILLMAN; DALL, WILLIAM HEALEY - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc.; Part B: Cephalopoda; Petropoda
118626: BERRYMOOR. - Forests to Grainfields
119920: BERTON, PIERRE - The Klondike Quest, 1897-1899; A Photographic Essay
117977: BERTON, LAURA B., WOODWARD, LUCY BERTON - Johnny in the Klondike
115268: BERTON, LAURA B. - I Married the Klondike
118285: BERTON, PIERRE - The Wild Frontier; More Tales from the Remarkable Past
114375: BERTON, PIERRE - The Mysterious North
113293: BERTON, PIERRE - Prisoners of the North
103298: BERTON, PIERRE - The Great Depression 1929-1939
103297: BERTON, PIERRE - The Promised Land: Settling the West 1896-1914
115798: BERTON, PIERRE - The Mysterious North
114355: BERTON, PIERRE - The Great Railway Illustrated
118146: BERTON, PIERRE - The Arctic Grail, the Quest for the Northwest Passage and the North Pole 1818-1909
116105: BERTON, LAURA B. - I Married the Klondike
121257: BERTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
200159: BERTON, PIERRE - The Cool Crazy Committed World of the Sixties
202653: BERTWISTLE, A.P. - The Role of Chemiotaxis in Bone Growth
120878: BESANT, DEREK MICHAEL (ARTIST); GRABURN, RICHARD (DIR.); DAY, PETER (INTR.) - Derek Michael Besant / Diagrams
120892: BESANT, DEREK (ARTIST) - Besant De-Composition
203479: BESANT, WALTER - Fifty Years Ago
103299: BESSAI, DIANE (EDITOR) - Prairie Performance: An Anthology of Short Plays
116696: HUXLEY, ALBERTA; VANOVER, BESSIE ET AL. - A History of the Huxley Area
103300: BEST, KEITH F.; BUDD, A.C. - Common Weeds of the Canadian Prairies; Aids to Identification by Vegetative Characters
200160: BEST, CHARLES H. - Selected Papers of Charles H. Best
111085: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert at Rocky Bay
111084: BESTALL, ALFRED - Rupert in Mysteryland
110530: VOLTAIRE; BESTERMAN, THEODORE (EDITOR) - The Complete Works of Voltaire: Correspondence and Related Documents
118948: BETCHERMAN, LITA-ROSE - The Little Band; The Clashes Between the Communists and the Canadian Establishment, 1928-1932
103302: BETHUNE, W.C. (EDITOR) - Canada's Western Northland: Its History, Resources, Population and Administration
101373: BETHUNE - Wagon Trails to Blacktop
202654: BETT, W.R. - The Infirmities of Genius
103304: BETTISON, DAVID G.; KENWARD, JOHN K.; TAYLOR, LARRIE - Urban Affairs in Alberta
115535: BEUG, LORNE; MOPPETT, GEORGE - Lorne Beug; Glass Architecture, Cultured Stones
118867: BEUHLER, CJ - We Are Still Here
120754: MOLIÈRE; SAINTE-BEUVE, M. - Oeuvres de Molière; Précédées D'une Notice Sur Sa Vie Et Ses Ouvrages
118672: BEVAN, R. T. - Songs for Young Canadians; Book One
110579: BEVIS, MARGARET - The Insects of Southern Africa; an Introduction to the Study of Entomology
118849: BEZEAU, RANDY N. - The Fallen Feather; Indian Industrial Residential Schools and Canadian Confederation
203011: BIAGGI, VIRGILIO - Las Aves de Puerto Rico
104166: CREE. BIBLE. - The New Testament in the Cree Language - Title in Syllabics
104168: CREE. BIBLE. - The Bible, Translated into the Language of the Knisteneaux, Kristeneaux or Crees of North America, by William Mason and Others - Ttile in Syllabics
110859: TIJUANA BIBLE] - Smitty in Thrillin Moments
119951: BIBLE. - The Red Letter New Testament
200162: BIBLE - The New English Bible: New Testament
100837: LAC LA BICHE - Lac la Biche; Yesterday and Today
103307: BICKERSTETH, J. BURGON - The Land of Open Doors: Being Letters from Western Canada 1911-13
112794: BIDDLE, NICHOLAS - The Journals of the Expedition Under the Command of Cats. Lewis and Clark to the Sources of the Missouri, Thence Accross the Rocky Mountains and Down the River Columbia to the Pacific Ocean, Performed During the Years 1804-5-6 by Order of the Government of the United States. (2 Volumes)
120239: BIEDERMAN, CHARLES - The New Cezanne
120248: BIEHL, F.C. - Stories Old and New [Level Five]
109257: BIEMAN, ELIZABETH - Plato Baptized; Towards the Interpretation of Spenser's Mimetic Fictions
100538: BIGELOW, W.A. - Forceps, Fin and Feathers; the Memoirs of Dr. W.A. Bigelow
115487: BIGELOW, HENRY B. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VIII: Mollusks, Echinoderms, Coelenterates, Etc.; Part H: Medusae and Ctenophora
114290: H.P. BIGGAR, B. LITT - The Voyages of Jacques Cartier; Published from the Originals with Translations, Notes and Appendices
112448: BIGGERS, EARL DERR - Seven Keys to Baldpate
118616: BIGGS, LESLEY; STOBBE, MARK (EDITORS) - Devine Rule in Saskatchewan; A Decade of Hope and Hardship
200166: BIGLAND, JOHN - A Topographical and Historical Description of the County of York; Containing an Account of Its Towns, Cathedrals, Castles, Antiquities, Churches, Monuments...
109790: BIGU, J. (EDITOR) - The Journal of Research in Psi Phenomena; Vol.1, No.1, May 1976
116314: BILASH, RADOMIR B.; MILANI, GARY - Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village
114822: WAISER, BILL AND JOHN PERRET - Saskatchewan: A New History
118225: BILLMAN, ESTHER - Eskimo Bulletin Set, Number 1-5
114969: BILY, LILA - Barnardo Home Russell, Manitoba
113117: BINDLOSS, HAROLD - Masters of the Wheat-Lands
117782: BINGAMAN, SANDRA - Breaking 100; A Century of Women's Golf in Saskatchewan
103318: BINGHAM, NEIL - A Study of the Church Buildings in Manitoba of the Congregational, Methodist, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada.
200168: BINHAMMER, KATHERINE - She Wields a Pen: An Exhibition of Women's Literary History
103319: BINNEY, GEORGE - Hudson Bay in 1928
120190: BINYON, LAURENCE - English Water-Colours
119981: BIRCH, EUGÉNIE L. (EDITOR) - The Urban and Regional Planning Reader
113428: BIRCHMAN, DORIS - Where Blue Grama Grows
119269: BIRCHWATER, SAGE - Chiwid
116867: BIRD, F.C.C. - Nickel Trip; A Second World War Bomber Pilot from Boissevain, Manitoba Shares His Experiences with Youngest Son.
118335: BIRD, WILL R. - This Is Nova Scotia
119818: BIRD, JOHN; LAND, LORRAINE; MACADAM, MURRAY (EDS.) - Nation to Nation; Aboriginal Sovereignty and the Future of Canada
113015: BIRD, J. BRIAN - Southampton Island; Department of Mines and Technical Surveys
103327: BIRD, RALPH D. - Ecology of the Aspen Parkland of Western Canada in Relation to Land Use
113432: BIRD, MICHAEL - Canadian Folk Art; Old Ways in a New Land
109985: BIRD, MICHAEL - Canadian Folk Art; Old Ways in a New Land
102689: BIRD, MICHAEL; KOBAYASHI, TERRY - A Splendid Harvest: Germanic Folk and Decorative Arts in Canada
120354: BIRD, MICHAEL S. - Ontario Fraktur; A Pennsylvania-German Folk Tradition in Early Canada
203442: BIRD, WILL R. - To Love & to Cherish
119005: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Russlander
111301: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Night Travellers
103330: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Missing Child; a Novel
103328: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Night Travellers
103329: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Ladies of the House
119485: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Russlander
111337: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Russlander
116007: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Russlander
120971: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - The Chrome Suite
121355: BIRDSELL, SANDRA - Children of the Day
200172: BIRGE, JULIUS C. - The Awakening of the Desert
202656: BIRKETT, JOHN - The Diseases of the Breast, and Their Treatment
203867: BIRKS, MICHAEL - Gentlemen of the Law
112254: BIRNEY, EARLE - The Cow Jumped Over the Moon; The Writing and Reading of Poetry
111512: BIRNEY, EARLE - Down the Long Table
115156: BIRNEY, EARLE - Rag & Bone Shop
118617: BIRNIE, HOWARD H. - Return to Willows; Celebrating the Centenary of the Prairies
100678: EDEN-BIRNIE - East of the Mountains; Eden-Birnie Story. Wards 2 and 5, Rural Municipality of Rosedale, Manitoba, 1877-1984
103331: BIRRELL, AGUSTUS J. - Into the Silent Land: Survey Photography in the Canadian West, 1858-1900; a Public Archives of Canada Travelling Exhibition.
116361: BIRTLE, MANITOBA - The Birdtail Country; Birtle Town / Rural Centennial Souvenir
100540: BISHOP, GURNEY - Davidson of Manitoba; Cancer Pioneer
120268: BISHOP, IAN COURTNEY - The Gibson Guitar from 1950
121409: BISHOP, HEATHER - My Face Is a Map of My Time Here; The Art of Heather Bishop
200178: BISHOP, RICHARD E. - Bishop's Wildfowl
203055: BISHOP, AMASA S. - Project Sherwood: The U.S. Program in Controlled Fusion
106253: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. BISMANIS, MAIJA - Early Domestic Architecture in Regina; Presentation Drawings and Plans
115324: BISMANIS, MAIJA - Canada Collects the Middle Ages. Le Moyen Age Au Travers Des Collectgions Canadiennes
112760: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. BISMANIS, MAIJA - Marilyn Levine; A Retrospective
106251: MACKENZIE ART GALLERY. BISMANIS, MAIJA - The Continental Clay Connection
109259: BISSELL, CLAUDE - Ernest Buckler Remembered
115148: BISSETT, DON - Northern Baffin Island: An Area Economic Survey
121151: BISSETT, BILL - Yu Can Eat It at the Opening
119324: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Doing the Heart Good
200179: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - A Casual Brutality
200180: BISSOONDATH, NEIL - Digging Up the Mountains: Selected Stories
102690: BISZTRAY, GEORGE - Hungarian Canadian Literature
117171: BITNER, RUTH (EDITOR) - Dalmeny Bible Church 1904 - 2004
118297: BITTERNOSE, KATHLEEN SUSAN - Factors Influencing the Site Selection for Saskatchewan's Reserves After the Signing of Treat No.4
120257: BITTNER, HERBERT - Kaethe Kollwitz; Drawings
113406: BIZARDEL, YVON - American Painters in Paris
113058: BJORNSON, HJALMAR (NAME ON COVER) - The Summer Minnesotan
120274: BLACK, MARY; LIPMAN, JEAN - American Folk Painting
103337: BLACK, NORMAN FERGUS - A History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
119369: BLACK, NORMAN FERGUS - A History of Saskatchewan and the Old North West
113300: BLACK, GAVIN - Suddenly at Singapore
200181: BLACK, WILLIAM - A Princess of Thule
202469: BLACK, WILLIAM - A Princess of Thule
110675: BLACKADAR, R.G. - Basic Intrusions of the Queen Elizabeth Islands, District of Franklin
110674: BLACKADAR, R.G. - Geological Reconnaissance North Coast of Ellesmere Island, Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories
110757: BLACKADAR, R.G. - Geological Reconnaissance of Admiralty Inlet, Baffin Island, Arctic Archipelago, Northwest Territories (Report, Map, and Stratigraphic Sections)
109419: STONE-BLACKBURN, SUSAN - Robertson Davies, Playwright: A Search for the Self on the Canadian Stage
103339: BLACKBURN, JOHN H.; ARCHER, JOHN (EDITOR) - Land of Promise
114059: BLACKIE - A Book of Beasts & Birds
114058: BLACKIE - My Merry Pictures
114054: BLACKIE - Thrilling Stories for Girls
120429: BLACKIE'S - Blackie's Little Ones' Annual
118002: BLACKMAN, MARGARET B. - Upside Down, Seasons Among the Nunamiut
116790: BLACKMAN, MARGARET B. - Sadie Brower Neakok; An Inupiaq Woman
200182: BLACKMAN, MARGARET B. - Sadie Brower Neakok: An Inupiaq Woman
116008: BLACKSTOCK, MARGARET (EDITOR) - One Day at a Time: The Autobiography of Robert John Renison
121284: BLACKWELL, BASIL (EDITED BY HARDEN, ARTHUR) - La Vie de Seint Auban: An Anglo-Norman Poem of the Thirteenth Century
118568: [BLAIN, DOMINIQUE]; LUSSIER, RÉAL (CURATOR) - Dominique Blain
113274: BLAIRMORE - Blairmore, Alberta
117286: BLAIS, MARIE-CLAIRE - The Wolf
200186: BLAISE, CLARK - Tribal Justice
103349: BLAKE, HERBERT W. - The Era of Streetcars in Winnipeg 1881 to 1955
103350: BLAKE, HERBERT W. - The Era of Interurbans in Winnipeg, 1902-1939. Suburban Rapid Transit Co. 1902-1930. Winnipeg Selkirk & Lake Winnipeg Railway Co., 1904-1939
103346: BLAKE, EDWARD - Speech of Hon. Mr. Blake, M.P., On the North-Western Coal and Navigation Company, Ottawa, June 11th, 1885
103351: BLAKE, HERBERT W. - The Era of Streetcars and Interurbans in Winnipeg 1881 to 1955
117779: BLAKENEY, ALLAN - An Honourable Calling: Political Memoirs
112675: BLANCHARD, JIM (EDITOR) (EDITOR) - A Thousand Miles of Prairie; The Manitoba Historical Society and the History of Western Canada
103354: BLANCHET, G. H. - Keewatin and Northeastern MacKenzie; A General Survey of the Life, Activities and Natural Resources of This Section of the Northwest Territories, Canada
100547: BLANSHARD - History of Blanshard Municipality; Volume 2, 1884-1970
102204: SASKATOON. BLASHILL, LORRAINE - From a Little Stone School...; The Story of Saskatoon Public Schools
200189: BLASINGAME, IKE - Dakota Cowboy: My Life in the Old Days
103355: BLAY, JACQUELINE. - L'Article 23; les Peripeties Legislatives et Juridiques du Fait Francais au Manitoba 1870-1986
120468: BLEWETT, JEAN (EDITOR) - Hearts of Gold; Being Chronicles of Heroism in Canadian History
202196: BLEWETT, GEORGE JOHN - The Study of Nature and the Vision of God: With Other Essays in Philosophy
203704: BLIXEN, KAREN; DINESEN, ISAK - Den Afrikanske Farm
200190: BLODGETT, JEAN - Grasp Tight the Old Ways: Selections from the Klamer Family Collection of Inuit Art
203453: WINNIPEG ART GALLERY; BLODGETT, JEAN; BOUCHARD, MARIE - Jessie Oonark; A Retrospective
118204: BLOM, HANS-LUDWIG - The Voice of the Natives, the Canadian North and Alaska
109260: BLOM, MARGARET HOWARD; BLOM, THOMAS E. (EDITOR) - Canada Home: Juliana Horatia Ewing's Fredericton Letters, 1867-1869
100548: BLOM, ROSE R. - Tache Rural Municipality 1880-1980
200191: BLOOM, HAROLD - Yeats
119377: BLOORE, RONALD; MACKENZIE ART GALLERY - Ronald Bloore: Fragments of Infinity
103362: BLOWER, JAMES (EDITOR) - Gold Rush. A Pictorial Look at the Part Edmonton Played in the Gold Era of the 1890's
117603: BLUCHER - Blucher Builders;
103363: BLUE, JOHN - Alberta, Past and Present, Historical and Biographical
119841: NORTH STAR - LUND - PINE BLUFF - KURIKO CREEK - Memoirs We Treasure; North Star - Lund - Pine Bluff
113467: BLUMENSTEIN, J.H. - National Problems of Canada; The Taxation of Corporations in Canada
103364: BLUMSTOCK, ROBERT (EDITOR) - Bekevar: Working Papers on a Canadian Prairie Community
110812: BLUNDEN, EDMUND - Winter Nights
100549: BLYTHE, ALEATA E. - Where the Spruce Trees Leaned Against the Sky: (A History of Sandy Ridge)
100550: BLYTHE, ALEATA E. - A Bit of Yesterday
112942: BOAG, REV. JOHN - The Imperial Lexicon of the English Language Exhibiting the Pronounciation, Etymology, and Explanation of Every Word Usually Employed in Science, Literature, and Art.
110921: BOAM, HENRY J.; BROWN, ASHLEY G. (EDITOR) - British Columbia; Its History, People, Commerce, Industries and Resources
119010: ALBERTA. SOCIAL CREDIT BOARD - Annual Report of the Social Credit Board for the Year Ending December 1945; Presented to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Alberta at Its Ordinary Session, 1946
117806: SASKATCHEWAN WORKERS' COMPENSATION BOARD - The Story of Workers' Compensation in Saskatchewan
110515: SASKATCHEWAN ARTS BOARD - Saskatchewan Writing 2; Prize-Winning Entries in the Saskatchewan Arts Board Literary Competitions, 1963
107910: SASKATCHEWAN ARTS BOARD - 5 from Saskatchewan: Bornstein, Fafard, Knowles, Lindner, Rogers
107907: SASKATCHEWAN ARCHIVES BOARD - Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory: Supplement 1964-1977
107908: SASKATCHEWAN ARTS BOARD - Vision 80: A "Festival 80" Exhibition of Original Prints by Saskatchewan Artists
107906: SASKATCHEWAN ARCHIVES BOARD - Saskatchewan Executive and Legislative Directory 1905-1970
107905: SASKATCHEWAN ARCHIVES BOARD - Guide des Sources Historiques des Francophones aux Archives de la Saskatchewan.
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117794: BOYDEN, JOSEPH - The Orenda
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110723: BOZYK, PANTELEMON - Tserkov Ukrayintsiv V Kanadi [Church of the Ukrainians in Canada]
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110724: BRACKEN, JOHN - Crop Production in Western Canada
110725: BRACKEN, JOHN - Dry Farming in Western Canada
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203896: BRADBY, VIOLET - Matthew & the Miller
120015: BRADEN, WILLIAM - The Private Sea; LSD & the Search for God
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115298: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - Like Being a Millionaire
103427: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - Why Shoot the Teacher
115405: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - Lusty Winter
116634: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - A Privilege and a Pleasure
116567: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - Mcgrubber's Folly
118292: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - The Commodore's Barge Is Alongside
120777: BRAITHWAITE, MAX - Like Being a Millionaire
117967: CANADIAN CITIZENSHIP BRANCH - Notes on the Canadian Family Tree
118053: CANADA. NATURAL RESOURCES INTELLIGENCE BRANCH - Saskatchewan, Canada: Its Development and Opportunities
120816: CANADA. MEDICAL SERVICES BRANCH. - Native Foods and Nutrition; An Illustrated Reference Manual
110024: LACCO BRAND - Black and Colored Leather Sample Book; Latest Finish and Shades
121369: BRAND, DIONNE - Land to Light On
112902: BRENDER A BRANDIS - Wood, Ink and Paper
121292: BRANDIS, MARIANNE - The Tinderbox
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103436: BRANDT, DI - Questions I Asked My Mother
113635: ART GALLERY OF BRANT - Graphex 7
116515: BRANT, ONTARIO; GATEMAN, LAURA M. - The History of the Township of Brant 1854-1979
103437: BRAROE, NIELS WINTHER - Indian & White: Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community
119139: BRAROE, NIELS WINTHER - Indian & White: Self-Image and Interaction in a Canadian Plains Community
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121288: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - An Unfortunate Woman: A Journey
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200224: BRAUTIGAN, RICHARD - Rommel Drives on Deep into Egypt
120473: BRAY, LYS DE - The Art of Botanical Illustration; The Classic Illustrators and Their Achievements from 1550 to 1900
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200225: BREBNER, JOHN BARTLETT - North Atlantic Triangle: The Interplay of Canada, the United States and Great Britain
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103440: BREDNICH, ROLF WILH - Mennonite Folklife and Folklore: A Preliminary Report
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120723: WHITEFIELD AND BREEZELAWN - A History of Our Districts
117842: BREGGIN, PETER R. - Toxic Psychiatry; Why Therapy, Empathy, and Love Must Replace the Drugs, Electroshock, and Biochemical Theories of the "New Psychiatry"
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103446: BRENNAN, J. WILLIAM (EDITOR) - Building the Co-Operative Commonwealth; Essays on the Democratic Socialist Tradition in Canada
116073: BRENNAN,BRIAN - Scoundrels and Scallywags; Characters Form Alberta's Past
121044: BRERETON, LT.-COLONEL F. S. - With Rifle and Bayonet; A Story of the Boer War
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103455: BRETON, PAUL EMILE - Monseigneur Grandin Vous Parle... Extraits des Plus Belles Lettres de Mgr. Vital Grandin O.M.I. Premier Eveque de l'Alberta a sa Famille 1829-1902
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103452: BRETON, PAUL EMILE - Blacksmith of God
103458: BREUER, MICHAEL; NEERING, ROSEMARY - Historic Alberta
112882: BREWERTON, GEORGE DOUGLAS - Overland with Kit Carson: Annarative of the Old Spanish Trail in '48
116843: BRGHA, FRANCOIS - Bob Blair's Pipleine
118045: O'BRIAN, JOHN; WHITE, PETER (EDITORS) - Beyond Wilderness: The Group of Seven, Canadian Identity, and Contemporary Art
116118: BRIDGES, MARJORIE LISMER - A Border of Beauty; Arthur Lismer's Pen and Pencil
103461: BRIDGMAN, WELLINGTON - Breaking Prairie Sod: The Story of a Pioneer Preacher in the Eighties with a Discussion of the Burning Question of Today, "Shall the Alien Go?"
115195: PERIODICAL BRIDLE AND GOLFER (VOL.I, NO. 3) (MAGAZINE) - Periodical Bridle and Golfer (Vol.I, No. 3)
109501: BRIDLE, PAUL (EDITOR) - Documents on Relations Between Canada and Newfoundland
120250: O'BRIEN, JOHN A. - The New More Streets and Roads [Cathedral Edition]
114724: O'BRIEN, MIKE; FORWARD BY SHARON BUTALA - Calling the Prairies Home; Origins, Attitudes, Quirks and Curiosities
120288: O'BRIEN, RICHARD - The Story of American Toys; From Puritans to the Present
201435: O'BRIEN, MICHAEL J. - A Hidden Phase of American History; "Ireland's Part in America's Struggle for Liberty"
203474: O'BRIEN, KEVIN - Oscar Wilde in Canada; an Apostle for the Arts
121547: NEW BRIGDEN - From Buffalo Chips to Natural Gas: An Account of the Lives and Times of the People of New Brigden and Area; 1910-1983
117911: BRIGGS, JEAN L. - Never in Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family
117910: BRIGGS, JEAN L. - Never in Anger: Portrait of an Eskimo Family
119722: BRIGGS, RAYMOND - Fungus the Bogeyman; Plop-Up Book
110014: BRIGGS - Ain't It a Grand and Glorious Feeling?
116874: BRIGHT, DAVID - The Limits of Labour; Class Formation and the Labour Movement in Calgary in Calgary, 1883-1929
200228: BRIGHT, ELIZABETH S. - A Word Geography of California and Nevada
117068: BRIGHTMAN, ROBERT - Acadohkiwina and Acimomina: Traditional Narratives of the Rock Cree Indians
115705: BRINGHURST, ROBERT - Prosodies of Meaning; Literary Form in Native North America
103469: BRINK, JACK - Archaeology in Alberta 1981
103468: BRINK, JACK - Archaeology in Alberta, 1980
103465: BRINK, JACK; CALDER, JIM - Archaeology in Southern Alberta: Archaeological Investigations at Writing-On-Stone, Alberta
103467: BRINK, JACK, MILT WRIGHT, BOB DAWE, (WITH GLAUM DOUG.) - Final Report of the 1984 Season at Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, Alberta
202494: BRINKLEY, F. - Japan; Its History, Arts, and Literature
115546: MENDEL; BRISTOL, JOANNE; DUVALL, LINDA; STASESON, RAE;RING, DAN - Antipathies & Correspondences
104991: GREAT BRITAIN - Acts of the Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain & Ireland, Passed in the Sessions Held in the 32nd and 33rd, 33rd & 34th and 35th, and 35th and 36th Years of the Reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, Being the First, Second, Third and Fourth Sessions of the Twentieth Parliament of the United Kingdom
104989: GREAT BRITAIN - An Act for Enabling Her Majesty to Accept a Surrender upon Terms of the Lands, Privileges, and Rights of "The Governor and Company of Adventurers of England Trading into Hudson's Bay" and for Admitting the Same into the Dominion of Canada
117507: BRITNELL, G.E.; FOWKE, V.C. - Development of Wheat Marketing Policy in Canada
119012: BRITNELL, G.E.; FOWKE, V.C. - Development of Wheat Marketing Policy in Canada
103475: BRITNELL, GEORGE E.; FOWKE, VERNON C. - Canadian Agriculture in War & Peace 1935-1950
103473: BRITNELL, GEORGE E. - The Wheat Economy
119635: BRITNELL, GEORGE; FRIEDMAN, MILTON; STYKOLT, STEFAN - The University of Chicago Round Table: Dollars Across the Border / Including President Eisenhower's Message to Congress on Foreign Economic Power
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203318: CARLYON-BRITTON, RAYMOND - An Unpublished Variety of Groat of the First Coinage of Henry VIII
203319: CARLYON-BRITTON, P.W.P. - The Winchcombe Mint
111591: BRIZINSKI, PEGGY - Knots in a String; an Introduction to Native Studies in Canada
200232: BROADBENT, UNA - Perilous Grain
103479: BROADFOOT, BARRY - My Own Years
103480: BROADFOOT, BARRY - Next-Year Country; Voices of Prairie People
103477: BROADFOOT, BARRY - Ten Lost Years 1929-1939. Memories of Canadians Who Survived the Depression
103478: BROADFOOT, BARRY - The Pioneer Years 1895-1914: Memories of Settlers Who Opened the West
119728: BROADFOOT, BARRY; NICHOLS, MARK (EDITORS) - Memories; The Story of Imperial's First Century As Told by Its Employees & Annuitants
101397: BROADVIEW - Broadview, Oakshela, Percival, 1882-1982, Centennial Tribute
114086: BROCK, VERONICA EDDY - The Valley of Flowers
121107: BROCK, VERONICA EDDY - The Valley of Flowers
118600: BROCKIE, WILLIAM (PSEUDONYM OF ) - Tales of the Mounted
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118138: BROVALD, KEN C. - Alakka's Wilderness Rails, from Taiga to the Tundra
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200271: BURROUGHS, EDGAR RICE - Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar
112104: BURROWS, G. EDMOND - Canadian Clocks and Clockmakers
103581: BURRS, MICK (EDITOR) - The Waking Image Bedside Companion
103579: BURRS, MICK - The Blue Pools of Paradise
103578: BURRS, MICK - Children on the Edge of Space
103576: BURRS, MICK (STEVEN MICHAEL BERZENSKY) - Game Farm; Poems for Interreflection 1967-1975
121273: BURRS, MICK - The Blue Pools of Paradise
121543: BURRS, MICK - Dark Halo
120752: BURSTOW, HENRY - Reminiscences of Horsham, Being Recollections of Henry Burstow. The Celebrated Bellringer & Songsinger with Some Account of the Old Bell Foundry of the Horsham, of the Horsham Parish Church Bells, and of Famous Peals Rung by Horsham Ringers. Together with a List of the 400 and Odd Songs He Sings from Memory.
103582: BURT, A.L. - The Romance of the Prairie Provinces
100586: BURT, A.L - Manitoba High School Civics
120743: BURT, MURRAY - Winnipeg's Ladies from Hell; How the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada Fought, Remembered and Grew in the Regiment's First Century of War and Peace
119966: BURTON, JOHN - Potash; An Inside Account of Saskatchewan's Pink Gold
118175: BURTON, PIERRE - Drifting Home
110412: BURTON, W.E. - The Literary Souvenir, a Christmas and New Year's Present for Mdcccxl
117943: BURTONSHAW, GEOFF - A Metis Newsletter (Vol. 1-38)
200272: BURWASH, DOROTHY - English Merchant Shipping 1460-1540
200273: BUSBY, ROGER; HOLTHAM, GERALD - Main Line Kill
109746: BUSCH, WILHELM - Was Beliebt Ist Auch Erlaubt
109265: BUSCH, BRITON COOPER - The War Against the Seals: A History of the North American Seal Fishery
118498: BUSCH, RICHARD - Peek Performances
120671: BUSH, JACK (ARTIST); WILKIN, KAREN (CURATOR) - Jack Bush: Works on Paper
111893: BUTALA, SHARON - Fever
103595: BUTALA, SHARON - Harvest: A Celebration of Harvest on the Canadian Prairies
103593: BUTALA, SHARON - Upstream: le Pays d'en Haut
103594: BUTALA, SHARON - The Fourth Archangel
103590: BUTALA, SHARON - Luna
103591: BUTALA, SHARON - Fever
103589: BUTALA, SHARON - The Gates of the Sun
103588: BUTALA, SHARON - Queen of the Headaches
112678: BUTALA, SHARON - The Gates of the Sun
103596: BUTALA, SHARON - The Perfection of the Morning: An Apprenticeship in Nature
114862: BUTALA, SHARON - Old Man on His Back: Portrait of a Prairie Landscape
116011: BUTALA, SHARON - Wild Stone Heart; An Apprentice in the Fields
121438: BUTALA, SHARON - Lilac Moon
121539: BUTALA, SHARON - The Girl in Saskatoon
103599: BUTCHER, DENNIS L.; MACDONALD, CATHERINE; MCPHERSON; SMITH; WATTS (EDITOR) - Prairie Spirit: Perspectives on the Heritage of the United Church of Canada in the West
114790: BUTLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America
109812: BUTLER, JACK - K J B: Works, 1977-1981
103605: BUTLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - The Wild North Land: Being the Story of a Winter Journey, with Dogs Across Northern North America.
103602: BUTLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America
110308: BUTLER, K.J. (JACK) - Art / Science Tables; March 21 - April 7, 1983
109558: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras; with Dr. Grey's Annotations
101413: BUTLER, H.K.W - The Barr Colony (1903)
119382: BUTLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America
119383: BUTLER, WILLIAM FRANCIS - The Wild North Land: Being the Story of a Winter Journey, with Dogs Across Northern North America.
120021: BUTLER, ROBERT OLEN - The Deuce
121036: BUTLER, SAMUEL - Hudibras [Three Parts Bound in One]
121210: BUTLER, W. F. - The Great Lone Land: A Narrative of Travel and Adventure in the North-West of America.
117197: CENTRAL BUTTE - Our Heritage; A View from the Butte - Two Volumes
119539: CENTRAL BUTTE - Our Heritage; A View from the Butte - Volume 1
120704: BUTTERFIELD, DAVID; BUTTERFIELD, MAUREEN DEVANIK - If Walls Could Talk; Manitoba's Best Buildings Explored & Explained
118669: BUTZ, A.R. - The Hoax of the Twentieth Century
109266: BYERS, MARY; MCBURNEY, MARGARET - The Governor's Road; Early Buildings and Families from Mississauga to London
120119: BYERS, MARY; MCBURNEY, MARGARET - The Governor's Road; Early Buildings and Families from Mississauga to London
120141: BYNUM, W.F.; PORTER, ROY (EDITORS) - Companion Encyclopedia of the History of Medicine
117975: BYRD, RICHARD E. - Skyward, Man's Mystery of the Air...
113493: BYRNE, ED - Poems 1968-1970
103613: BYRNE, WILLIAM J. - The Archaeology and Prehistory of Southern Alberta As Reflected by Ceramics
103612: BYRNE, M.B. VENINI - From the Buffalo to the Cross: A History of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Calgary
103614: BYRNE, WILLIAM J. - Archaeology in Alberta, 1977
102820: BYRNE, W. J. - Archaeological Salvage Projects 1972
102821: BYRNE, W. J. - Archaeological Salvage Projects 1973
109567: BYRON, R. (EDITOR) - The King's Royal Rifle Corps Chronicle
109531: BYRON, JOHN; GALLAGHER, ROBERT E. (EDITOR) - Byron's Journal of His Circumnavigation 1764-1766
116736: BYRUM, ISABEL C. - Our Darlings' ABC Book
119000: C.L.C. - C.C.F. JOINT NATIONAL COMMITTEE - A Political Party for Canada; Labour - Farmers - CCF - Liberally Minded Individuals; Why Is It Needed? What Can It Do? What Should Its Program Be? How Should It Be Organized?
115115: WOLFART, H.C. AND FREDA AHENAKEW (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Ana Kâ-Pimwêwêhahk Okakêskihkêmowina / the Counselling Speeches of Jim Kâ-Nîpitêhtêw.
114761: CAWLEY, A.C. AND STEVENS, MARTIN - The Towneley Cycle: A Facsimile of Huntington MS HM 1
117035: WOLFART, H.C. AND FREDA AHENAKEW - The Student's Dictionary of Literary Plains Cree (Based on Contemporary Texts)
104569: ELLIS, J.G.; ACTON, D.F.; MOSS, H.C.; ET AL - The Soils of the Rosetown Map Area 72-0 Saskatchewan
100821: KILLARNEY AND TURTLE MOUNTAIN. NORRIS, FRED C. (EDITOR) - Then and Now; Stories from Early Days of Killarney and Turtle Mountain - a Condensed History of Turtle Mountain Municipality and the Town of Killarney Marking Their 75th and 50th Anniversaries July 11th to 14th, 1957
101480: CRATH, PAUL C. & KIRKCONNELL, WATSON - Prince Ihor's Raid Against the Polovtsi
115114: WOLFART, H.C. AND FREDA AHENAKEW (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Ana Kâ-Pimwêwêhahk Okakêskihkêmowina / the Counselling Speeches of Jim Kâ-Nîpitêhtêw.
115113: WOLFART, H.C. AND FREDA AHENAKEW (EDITED AND TRANSLATED BY) - Âh-Âyîtaw Isi Ê-Kî-Kiskêyihtahkik Maskihkiy / They Knew Both Sides of Medicine: Cree Tales of Curing and Cursing Told by Alice Ahenakew
200279: CABELL, JAMES BRANCH - Quiet, Please
110638: CACOULLOS, T. (EDITOR) - Discriminant Analysis and Applications
114930: CADIEUX, GENEVIEVE - Xliv Biennale Di Venezia
120384: CAFIK, NORMAN (MINISTER OF STATE, MULTICULTURALISM) - Multiculturalism and the Government of Canada / Multiculturalisme Et le Gouvernement Du Canada
117786: CALDER, ALISON; WARDHAUGH, ROBERT (EDITORS) - History, Literature, and the Writing of the Canadian Prairies
114372: CALDER, RITCHIE - Men Against the Frozen North
116953: CALDER, FRANK W. - History and Stories of Springville, Pictou County, Nova Scotia
117022: CALDERISI, MARIA - Music Publishing in the Canadas, 1800-1867;L'edition Musicale Au Canada, 1800-1867
114836: CALDWELL, J.R. - Guide to Saskatchewan Marsh Plants
111036: CALDWELL, JOHN - English Keyboard Music Before the Nineteenth Century
103620: CALGARY - Calgary, Sunny Alberta, the Industrial Prodigy of the Great West, Her Phenomenal Progress, Thriving Industries and Wonderful Resources...
100068: CALGARY - They Gathered at the River
106455: MAP. CALGARY - Harrison and Ponton's Map of the City of Calgary
109267: CALIN, WILLIAM - A Muse for Heroes: Nine Centuries of the Epic in France
119043: CALKIN, JOHN B. - A History of the Dominion of Canada
118433: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Fine and Private Place
111079: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Rigmarole
114763: CALLAGHAN, BARRY - The Hogg Poems and Drawings
116452: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - The Varsity Story
120905: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Strange Fugitive
200282: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Passion in Rome
200283: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Morley Callaghan's Stories
200284: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - The Many Colored Coat
200286: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - A Native Argosy
202621: CALLAGHAN, MORLEY - Luke Baldwin's Vow
114765: CALLAWAY, NICHOLAS (EDITED BY) - One Hundred Flowers
115498: CALMAN, W.T. - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume VII: Crustacea: Part C: Cumacea
117251: CREE. LE CALVEZ, VICTOR [O.M.I.] - Ayamihemasinahikanis
112859: CAMEHL, ADA WALKER - The Blue China Book
119320: CAMERON, ELSPETH - Irving Layton; A Portrait
116885: CAMERON, DONALD - The Impossible Dream
116414: CAMERON, E.M. - A Geological Method of Correlation for the Lower Cretaceous Strata of Alberta
117528: CAMERON, DONALD - Education and Government; Address Given to the 50th Anniversary Dinner of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts, Edmonton, November 20, 1958
113752: CAMERON, W.J. - The Ford Sunday Evening Hour Talks
111280: CAMERON, IAN - The Midnight Sea
115476: CAMERON, JOHN (PSEUDONYM OF A. G. MACDONELL) - Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18, Volume XII; The Copper Eskimo, Part C: Osteology of the Western and Central Eskimos, Southern Party 1913-1916
119500: CAMERON, DUNCAN (DIRECTOR) - The Spirit Sings; Artistic Traditions of Canada's First Peoples
113527: CAMERON, JIM - Carry on; Reflections from a War
118645: CAMERON, ANNE - Daughters of Copper Woman
110692: CAMERON, JAMES R. - Motion Pictures with Sound
109268: CAMERON, ELSPETH - Hugh MacLennan: A Writer's Life
103626: CAMERON, ELSPETH - Earle Birney; a Life
117330: CAMERON, ANN. - Art in Winnipeg 1955-1959
118644: CAMERON, ANNE - Daughters of Copper Woman
120210: CAMERON, JAMES C.; YOUNG, F. J. L. - The Status of Trade Unions in Canada
203056: CAMERON, A.T. - Radiochemistry
203212: CAMERON, (LUCY) - Margaret Whyte; or, The Life and Death of a Good Child
113892: VAN CAMP, RICHARD - The Lesser Blessed
120173: CAMPBELL, JAMES D. - The Asymmetric Vision; Philosophical Intuition and Original Experience in the Art of Yves Gaucher
116746: CAMPBELL, J.F.; MACKAY, J.G. - The Six Little Bannocks and Other Easy Gaelic Fairy Tales; Na SE Bonnaich Bheaga
110829: CAMPBELL, ANNE - Death Is an Anxious Mother
119585: CAMPBELL, ANNE - Angel Wings All Over
112648: CAMPBELL, BRUCE - The Mystery of the Iron Box
111940: CAMPBELL, DON - The Sins of the Lion
111506: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Wayzgoose; a South African Satire
109871: CAMPBELL, ROY - The Flaming Terrapin
100196: GRANDE PRAIRIE. CAMPBELL, ISABEL M. - Grande Prairie: Capitol (Sic) of the Peace
103640: CAMPBELL, MARIA - Halfbreed
110830: CAMPBELL, J.B.; LODGE, R.W.; BUDD, A.C. - Poisonous Plants of the Canadian Prairies
103650: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - The Silent Song of Mary Eleanor
103641: CAMPBELL, MARIA - People of the Buffalo; How the Plains Indians Lived
103644: CAMPBELL, MARJORIE WILKINS - The Soil Is Not Enough
103637: CAMPBELL, J.B.; LODGE, R.W.; BUDD, A.C. - Poisonous Plants of the Canadian Prairies
103633: CAMPBELL, ANNE - Death Is an Anxious Mother
103634: CAMPBELL, ANNE - Red Earth, Yellow Stone
103632: CAMPBELL, ANNE - No Memory of a Move
102693: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - The Scotsman in Canada
114570: BEUG, LORNE, ANNE CAMPBELL AND JEANIE MAH (EDITORS) - Regina's Secret Places; Love and Lore of Local Geography
111136: CAMPBELL, WILFRED - Sagas of Vaster Britain; Poems of the Race, the Empire and the Divinity of Man
117425: CAMPBELL, ROBERT - A History of the Scotch Presbyterian Chruch; St. Gabriel Street, Montreal.
121478: CAMPBELL, ANGUS R. - The Grand Vision: A History of the Bureau on Alcoholism and the Saskatchewan Alcoholism Commission
200288: CAMPBELL, ELIZABETH BETHUNE - Where Angels Fear to Tread
200289: CAMPBELL, FRANK W. - Canada Post Offices 1755-1895
203322: CAMPBELL, ROY - Pomegranates; a Poem
116940: CAMPEY, LUCILLE H. - The Silver Chief
115734: CAMPONI, LINDA - Maps of Indian Reserves and Settlements in the National Map Colection; Volume 2 Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territory
103654: CAMSELL, CHARLES - An Exploration of the Tazin and Taltson Rivers North West Territories
200293: CAMUS, ALBERT - Resistance, Rebellion and Death
119023: CANADA - Report of the Surveyor General of Dominion Lands, for the Year 1880
116426: GOVERNMENT OF CANADA - Canadian Government Publications Mines Branch: Sectional Catalogue 12; Biliography 12
117648: LAW REFORM COMMISSION OF CANADA - Report 34: Report on Aboriginal Peoples and Criminal Justice; Equality, Respect and the Search for Justice / Rapport 34: Rapport Sur Les Peuples Autochtones Et la Justice Pénale; Égalité, Respect Et Justice À L'horizon
112989: CANADA, ABORIGINAL TREATIES - Copy of the Treaty Made October 31, 1923 Between His Majesty the King and the Chippewa Indians of Christian Island, Georgian Island and Rama
112991: CANADA, ABORIGINAL TREATIES - Treaty No. 4 Between Her Majesty the Queen and the Cree and Salteaux Tribes of Indians at Qu'appelle and Fort Ellice
112993: CANADA, ABORIGINAL TREATIES - Treaty No. 8 Made June 21, 1899 and Adhesions, Reports, Etc.
117804: THE NEW DEMOCRATIC PARTY OF CANADA - T.C. Douglas; A Biographical Essay
103759: GOVERNMENT OF CANADA - Fifty Years of Progress on Dominion Experimental Farms. 1886-1936
116292: NATIONAL GALLERY OF CANADA - The Bronfman Gift of Drawings
115217: INDIAN AND NORTHERN AFFAIRS CANADA - The Evolution of Public Governments in the North and the Implications for Aboriginal Peoples
119714: SOLICITOR GENERAL CANADA - A Vision of the Future of Policing in Canada: Police-Challenge 2000; Discussion Paper / Une Vision de L'avenir de la Police Au Canada: Police-Défi 2000; Document de Réflexion
118441: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CANADA - Annual Report of the National Museum of Canada for the Fiscal Year 1948-1949
118442: NATIONAL MUSEUM OF CANADA - Annual Report for 1927
118445: CANADA, MINISTÈRE DE L'INTÉRIEUR - Rapport Annuel Du Ministère de L'intérieur Pour L'année 1898
118476: CANADA. - Journals of the House of Commons of the Dominion of Canada / from the 4th February to the 8th April, 1875, Both Days Inclusive / in the Thirty-Eighth Year of the Reign of Our Sovereign Lady, Queen Victoria. Being the 2nd Session of the 3rd Parliament of Canada / Session, 1875.

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