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2669: - Précis Historique des Etats-Généraux.
2542: - Joke upon joke. Or the last packet from the land of festivity and mirth containing a select collection of the best bon-mots, repartees, sprightly sayings, ...
2238: - Istoria della Vita, Crudelta, e Morte di Nerone Imperatore con la Morte de' Santi Pietro, e Paolo.
710: - Book of Martyrs, an Account of Holy Men who died for the Christian Religion.
2443: - A Letter to a Person of Quality, Occasion'd by the News of the ensuing Parliament.
1229: - Le Coran, traduit de l'Arabe, accompagné de notes, et précédé de la Vie de Mahomet, tiré des Ecrivains Orientaux les plus estimés. Par M. Savary.
002945: - Catalogue of the Surgeon General's Office Library: October 23, 1865. [WROTH'S COPY].
1380: - Dainty desserts and confections flavored with Burnett's pure extracts and tinted with Burnett's standard color pastes.
1377: - Art Reference Books - Finely Bound Library Sets - First Editions, Etc.
2160: - Anni Caelestis Dies Mariani cum Devotis Aspirationibus ad B.V. e Propriis Cujus Vis Diei Gestis in Anni Dies Singulos Distributis.
1580: - Almanach des Muses, ou Choix des Poésies fugitives de 1776.
1583: - Little Cos.
1595: - Les grands maîtres de la Renaissance. Les arts en Italie. Iconographie des chefs-d'oeuvre de la peinture, la sculpture, et l'architecture italienne par ... le Marquis de Baldassini, C. J. Cavallucci, G. Lafenestre, ... P. Mantz ... Avec 45 eaux-fortes, 2
1596: - Le cantique des cantiques.
002846: - Railroad Bibliographies - A Trial Check-List, August 1938.
1866: - Typographer: Dedicated to the Memory of Frederic W. Goudy 1865 - 1947.
2466: - Kort begrip van 't leven en daaden, val alle de Engelsche koningen, waar in mede dat van Jacobus de Tweede, tegenwoordig regeerende, met eenige bysondere en gewightbaare aanmerking op sijn daaden. Uyt 't Engels vertaalt.
1306: - Delle Rime Piacevoli del Borgogna, Ruscelli, Sansovino, Doni, Lasca, Remigio, Anguillara, Sansedonio, e d'altri viuac'ingegni, mentre hanno scritto sue inuentioni, capricci, fantasie, e ghiribizzi, non meno festevole, che leggiadramente.
2156: - Zehn Jahre Arbeit in Erez Israel.
2158: - Parecbolae sive excerpta e Corpore Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis. Accedunt articuli religionis XXXIX. in Ecclesia Anglicana recepti: nec non juramenta fidelitatis & suprematus.
1672: - The Beauties of the Press: with an appendix, containing the Speech of Arthur O'Connor, on the Catholic Question, . May 4, 1795: also, his Letter to Lord Castlereagh.
1675: - Ali Baba: ... Arabski Prikazki.
711: - Cheap Repository. Husbandry moralized; or, Pleasant Sunday reading for a farmer's kitchen. Part I.
002937: - Free Speech. "Devoted to the cause of right generation, health, and progressive ethics." "Comrade Gilbert Taylor."
1954: - Description du mausolée et de la pompe Funèbre ... Pour ... princesse Marie-Magdelaine de Portugal, roi et reine d'Espagne.
1955: - Description du Catafalque ... Pour ... Princesse Marie-Amalie de Saxe, reine d'Espagne et des Indes.
1875: - Original Leaf from the Kleine Print Bybel c. 1750.
850: - La Saincte Bible, Contenant Le Vieil Et Novveav Testament: traduicte de Latin en François; Auec les Argvmens sur chacun liure, declarans sommairement tout ce que y est contenu.
1951: - Curiöse Beschreibung der auserlesnesten Merckwürdigkeiten, so in denen dreyen Welt-Theilen Asia, Africa und America zu Finden, ...
1677: - Dedovoto Monichence: Narodna prikazka; Prerazkazana. Violino Primo.
002910: - Final Report on the Rules for Descriptive Cataloging in the Library of Congress. American Library Association, Division of Cataloging and Classification, Committee on Descriptive Cataloging. Adopted at the Annual Business Meeting of the Division at the Atlantic City Conference, June 16, 1948. [WROTH'S COPY].
002829: - Library of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. Fifty Books Exhibited for the Roxburghe Club. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002942: - American Library Association. Twenty-First General Meeting, Atlanta, GA., May 8, 1899. [WROTH'S COPY].
1576: - The Sheep and Lambs.
1376: - Reference Books on Engravers, Etchers, Painters of Books, Etc.
1649: - Cake.
002821: - Friends of the National Libraries. Anniversary Exhibition, 1931-1951, in the King's Library of the British Museum. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
2129: - The Boston Almanac and Business Directory, 1882, Vol. 47.
1358: - Nouveau dictionnaire de l'Académie françoise Dedié av roy ...
1342: - Les annales amusantes. Première suite contenant les mois de mai, juin, juillet, août et septembre 1741.
2533: - The biographical magazine; or, complete historical library. A work replete with instruction and entertainment, and accompanied with such embellishments as have not hitherto appeared in any publication of Europe. By a Society of Gentlemen ...
002958: - Seventh Annual Report of the Toronto Public Library. [WROTH'S COPY].
002843: - Cambridge University Library, 1400-1934. With a Description of the New Building opened by His Majesty the King, 22 October 1934, and an Account of the New Science Buildings of Agriculture, Botany, Physiology and Zoology. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002844: - Western Books 1975.
003066: - The tryals of Thomas Walcot, William Hone, William Lord Russell, John Rous & William Blagg. For high-treason, for conspiring the death of the King, and raising a rebellion in this kingdom: at the Sessions-House in the Old-Baily, London, on a commission of oyer and terminer held there for the City of London, and county of Middlesex, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, July 12, 13, and 14. 1683.
2029: - Sculptura-historico-technica: or The history and art of ingraving.
003021: - The peruvian; a comic opera, in three acts. As performed at the Theatre Royal Covent-Garden. By a lady. The music chiefly Composed by Mr. Hook.
1946: - The Chinese Traveller containing a Geographical, Commerical and Political History of China.
002949: - Catalogue of the Lee Memorial Library, Keeseville, New York, 1902. [WROTH'S COPY].
002941: - American Library Association. Announcements of the Eleventh General Meeting, to be held at Fabyans, N.H., September 9-13, 1890. [WROTH'S COPY].
1399: - Xiling Collection.
002881: - Theodore Sizer: A Bibliography of his writings published on the occasion of his 70th birthday, 19 March 1962, by the Art Gallery Associates and the Department of the History of Art at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. [WROTH'S COPY (?)].
1679: - Spadkodumna Baba: Narodni Prikazkni Prerazkazd Edin Pdin.
2694: - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and Other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, According to the Use of The Church of England; together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, Printed as they are to be sung or said in Churches.
327: - Vite de' santi per ogni giorno dell'anno con ritratti in rame e meditazioni sul Vangelo corrente.
2696: - An address to Junius, upon the subject of his letter in the Public Advertiser, December 19, 1769.
1858: - Alphabets through the Ages.
1956: - Description du Mausolée de très-haute, très-puissante & très-excellente Princesse, Marie-Charloote-Sophie-Felicité Leszczynska, Reine de France.
1279: - Les Princes Rivaux.
771: - A vindication of the memory of Mr. Chubb, from the scurrilous and groundless calumnies suggested by a late infamous libel. In two genuine letters to the scandalous libeller.
1928: - Atlas Elementar. metodo nuevo, breve, facil y demostrativo para aprender la Geografia por si mismo, ó enseñarla aun á los Niños.
567: - An historical dictionary of England and Wales. In three parts.
2242: - Liber Precum Publicarum, seu Ministerii Ecclesiasticae Administrationis Sacramentorum, aliorumque Rituum, & Caeremoniarum, in Ecclesia Anglica.
002802: - Catalogue. The Rowfant Club Annual Auction. December 17 1910.
002956: - Catalogue of books in the Library of Parliament. [WROTH'S COPY].
2479: - Reasons for a Generall Assemblie.
002974: - 1607-1907: A Descriptive Catalogue of the Massachusetts Exhibit of Colonial Books at the Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition. [WROTH'S COPY].
535: - The world as it goes: exemplified in the characters of nations, states, princes, peers, judges, counsellors, senators, gamblers, poets, players, pimps, and Parasites.
574: - Bibliothèque Germanique, Ou Histoire Littéraire De L'Allemagne, De La Suisse, et des Pays Du Nord. Année MDCCXXXIX, Tome XLV.
002975: - A List of Christmas Books in the Princeton University Library. [WROTH'S COPY].
1397: - Man and Machine. Photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson.
1390: - Galerie du Palais Royal: graveìe d'apreÌs les tableaux des differentes ecoles qui la composent: avec un abreìgeì de la vie des peintres & une description historique de chaque tableau.
2444: - An important crisis, in the Callico and Muslin Manufactory in Great Britain, explained.
2507: - Delle rime piaceuoli del Berni, Casa, Mauro, Varchi, Dolce, et d'altri auttori; li quali sopra varij soggetti capricciosi hanno mostrato la bellezza de gl'ingegni loro. Parte prima.
002935: - A Catalogue of the Napoleon Collection Formed By William Henry Hoffman 1867-1916. Given to Brown University in 1921 by Mira H. Hoffman. [WROTH'S COPY].
1958: - Le dodici gemme dell'antico Efod sacerdotale e le virtu in esse simboleggiate e riscontrate ...
1496: - Geraldina: a novel founded on a recent event: in two volumes.
1688: - Collection of 32 "Books about Books" Catalogues.
002801: - The Rydal Press Miscellany. Number 2, January 1938.
002781: - 100 Library Years in Canada 1851-1951. A Picture Book of Libraries. [WROTH'S COPY].
002782: - An illustrated souvenir of the Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library, Watertown, New York. [WROTH'S COPY].
002839: - Wordsworth and His Circle: Books and Manuscripts from the Cornell Wordsworth Collection exhibited at the Pierpont Morgan Library in honor of the Centennial of Cornell University, 1965. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
1999: - A new and general biographical dictionary; containing an historical and critical account of the lives and writings of the most eminent persons in every nation; particularly the British and Irish; from the earliest accounts of time to the present period.
2262: - Biblos tes demosias euches kai teleseos mysterion kai ton allon thesmon kai teleton tes ekklesias kata to ethos tes Anglikanes Ekklesias pros [de] toutois typos k[a]i tropos tes katastaeos xeirotinias kai kathieroseos episcopon presbyteron k[a]i Diakonon.
2357: - The Holy Bible.
2358: - The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.
2316: - Articles concerning the surrender of Newark to the Commissioners of both kingdoms: and sent from Colonel General Poyntz to the Honorable William Lenthal Esq; Speaker of the Honorable House of Commons, by Lieutenant Colonel Carleton, his adjutant general.
2690: - The Whole Book of Psalms, Collected into English Metre.
2709: - Corpus Statutorum Universitatis Oxoniensis: sive pandectis constitutionum academicarum, e libris publicis et regestis Universitatis consarcinatus.
2380: - Friendship's Offering: a Christmas, New Year, and Birthday Present, for MDCCCLIII.
002947: - Catalogue of the Groton Public Library with the by-laws and regulations. [WROTH'S COPY].
002948: - Catalogue of the James Library, South Scituate, Mass. [WROTH'S COPY].
002804: - Catalogue. The Rowfant Club Annual Auction. March 13 1915.
700: - The beggarly boy. A religious parable. [Cheap Repository. Sunday Reading.].
1420: - Bibliotheca Regia, or, The Royal Library, containing a collection of such of the papers of His late Maiesty King Charles, the second monarch of Great Britain, as have escaped the wrack and ruines of these times., Not extent in the Reliquiae Carolinae,...
553: - D.N. Jesu Christi Novum Testamentum, sive foedus.
707: - Sunday reading, part 1. On the religious advantages of the present inhabitants of Great Britain.
002960: - Thirty-Ninth Annual Report of the Mechanics' Institute of Montreal, with an abstract of proceedings of annual meeting, 2nd December, 1878. [WROTH'S COPY].
002961: - Thirty-Eighth Annual Report of the Mechanics' Institute of Montreal, with an abstract of proceedings of annual meeting, 3rd December, 1877. [WROTH'S COPY].
698: - Seven Irish Tales.
2484: - Some particular matter of fact relating to the administration of affairs in Scotland under the Duke of Lauderdale. Humbly offered to your Majesties consideration, in obedience to your royal commands.
002797: - The John Carter Brown Library Conference. A Report of the Meeting held in the Library at Brown University on the Early History of the Americas.
002796: - A List of the Printed Productions of George Watson Cole 1870-1936. With Comments by Friends.
002793: - A Catalogue of the Publications of Six American Book Clubs: Offered for sale, for a period of sixty days, to members of the following participating clubs: The Grolier Club, The Club of Odd Volumes, The Caxton Club, The Carteret Book Club, The Book Club of Texas, The Book Club of California: May First to June Thirtieth, 1934.
002933: - Recent Canadian Books. Canadian Book Week, 1922. [WROTH'S COPY].
002940: - American Library Association. [WROTH'S COPY].
002939: - American Library Association. Draft of Amended Constitution and By-Laws, 1892. [WROTH'S COPY].
184: - Handlist of Books in the Library of the Bibliographical Society.
1905: - The playhouse pocket-companion, or Theatrical vade-mecum: ...
2695: - New version of the Psalms of David, fitted to the tunes used in churches. By N. Brady, D.D. chaplain in Ordinary, and N. Tate, Esq. Poet-laureat, to His Majesty.
002870: - Preliminary Finding List of Writings on the Kentucky Book Trade. [STREETER'S COPY].
002954: - Eleventh Annual Report of the Mercantile Library Association of Montreal. [WROTH'S COPY].
002955: - First supplement to the catalogue of the Northern Branch Circulating Library, arranged alphabetically, 1891. [WROTH'S COPY].
002819: - The Eagle: A Magazine supported by Members of St. John's College, Cambridge. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002944: - Catalogue of Public Library, Stratford, Ont., 1899. [WROTH'S COPY].
2485: - The column, called the monument, described, erected to perpetuate the dreadful fire of London in the year 1666; of the rebuilding the city, under the inspection of that great architect Sir Christopher Wren, Knt.
002805: - Catalogue. The Rowfant Club Annual Auction. March 25 1916.
002807: - The Canadian North West: a Bibliography of the Sources of Information in the Public Reference Library of the City of Toronto, Canada in regard to the Hudson's Bay Company, the Fur Trade and the Early History of the Canadian North West.
2584: - L'Innocente justifiee: Histoire de Grenade.
2683: - Nürnbergisches schönbart-buch und gesellen-stechen. Aus einem alten manuscript zum druck befördert.
2687: - The Whole Book of Psalms.
181: - A Catalogue of Books Belonging to the Library Company of Philadelphia.
2693: - Daniel in the Den of Lions. [Cheap Repository. Sunday Reading.]
2698: - An apology for the life of Mr. T --- C ---, comedian. Being a proper sequel to the Apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, Comedian. With An Historical View of the Stage to the Present Year. Supposed to be written by himself.
2725: - The lover's cabinet: a collection of poems: containing, I. The fair Circassian. A dramatic performance. By a gentleman of Oxford. II. The midsummer wish. By the same. ...
2726: - The loves of Mirtil Son of Adonis a pastoral.
2746: - Windsor, and its environs. Containing the curiosities of the town and palace, the Royal chapel of St. George, and the seats in the neigbourhood of Windsor. With a particular account of the ceremonies of the installation of the Knights of the Garter.
1781: - [FORE-EDGE PAINTING - PHILADELPHIA HARBOR] The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments; translated out of the original tongues: and with the former translations diligently compared & revised, by His Majesty's Special Command.
399: - Catalogue of the Monroe, Wakeman, and Holman Collection of the Pequot Library Southport, Connecticut Deposited in the Yale University Library.
2438: - A vindication of the conduct of the English forces, employed in the late war, under the command of Brigadier General Mathews, against the Nabob Tippoo Sultaun.
2407: - The Violet, A Christmas and New Year's Gift.
2404: - Studies in Religion. By the Author of "Words in a Sunday School."
2391: - The Ladies Wreath, a Souvenir for all Seasons.
2390: - The Knickerbocker Gallery: a testimonial to the editor of the Knickerbocker magazine [i.e. Lewis Gaylord Clark] from its contributors. With forty-eight portraits on steel ... engraved expressly for this work.
2389: - Kirchen=Gesangbuch für Evangelisch-Lutherische Gemeinden ungeänderter Augsburgischer Confession.
2375: - Evangelisches Gesangbuch.
2376: - The Evergreen. A Christmas, New Year, and Birthday Gift.
2373: - Evang.-Lutherisches Gesangbuch.
2374: - Evangelisches Gesangbuch, oder eine Sammlung Geistreicher Lieder zum Gebrauch der Evangelischen Gemeinschaft und aller heilsuchenden Seelen.
2366: - Companion Poets: Whittier's National Lyrics, Bryant's Voices of Nature, Holmes's Humorous Poems.
2367: - The Christian Liturgy, and Book of Common Prayer; containing the Administration of the Sacraments, and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Apostolic Catholic, or Universal Church of Christ.
2359: - The English Version of the Polyglott Bible: containing the Old and New Testaments.
2349: - Traicté dv divorce par l'advltère, sçauoir, s'il est permis à l'homme ou à la femme en ce cas de se remarier.
2339: - Imprisonment for debt considered. With respect to the bad policy, inhumanity, and evil tendency of that practice. Translated from the Italian.
2330: - L'Anchre de la Paix. Svr le retovr de Messieurs les Princes Ducs de Vendosme, de Neuers & de Mayence. Discours au Roy compose par vn ieune Escolier, pratiquant l'Art de l'Autheur de l'abrege des longues estudes.
2325: - A very lively portraytvre of the most reverend arch-bishops, the right reverend bs. of the Church of England: set forth in XX irrefragable positions, concerning their authority, power, and practise, as they onely are our diocesan lord bishops, ...
2322: - Constitutions and Canons Ecclesiasticall; treated upon by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, Presidents of the Convocations for the respective Provinces of Canterbury and York.
2269: - Psalterion tou Dabid: Kata tous Hebdomekonta; eis ta tmemata, ta en te tes Anglikanes Ekklesias leitourgia nomizomena, dieremenon.
2261: - The Book of Common Prayer Printed by Whitchurch 1552. Commonly called The Second Book of Edward VI.
1313: - The sportsman's dictionary: or, The country gentleman's companion, in all rural recreations : with full and particular instructions for hawking, ... Extracted from the most celebrated English and French authors, ancient and modern: with large Improvements
1230: - [DOUBLE FORE-EDGE PAINTING] La Sainte Bible contenant l'ancien et le nouveau testament: accompagnée de nombreux renvois, aux passages les plus importants et les plus remarquables.
1225: - Carmina Quinque Illustrium Poetarum; quorum Nomina in sequenti Pagina continentur. Additis nonnullis M. Antonii Flaminii Libellis Nunquam autea impressis.
1218: - "Byblis;" miroir des arts du livre et de l'estampe.
1079: - Novelle Di Vari Autori Per Far Piangere Le Brigate.
1029: - Louis B. Wright: a Bibliography and Appreciation.
1014: - A Catalogue of the Collection of Prints from the Liber Studiorum of Joseph Mallord William Turner formed by the late Francis Bullard of Boston Massachusetts and bequeathed by him to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.
002840: - Bibliotheca Radcliviana 1749-1949. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002836: - Wordsworth Commemoration. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002831: - Tennyson Research Bulletin. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002813: - The Bibliotheck: A Journal of Bibliographical Notes and Queries Mainly of Scottish Interest. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY WITH CORRESPONDENCE AND TYPESCRIPT BY HIM].
002809: - The Friends of the Dallas Public Library present Words that changed the World: Dallas Public Library, November 18-December 31, 1963.
002808: - List of Publications and Exhibition Catalogues 1884-1916. [The Grolier Club].
002803: - Catalogue. The Rowfant Club Annual Auction. March 21 1914.
002798: - The Book-Fool: Bibliophily in Caricature.
002791: - Six Hundred Years of Sport. A Catalogue of an Exhibition held at The Grolier Club December 12, 1940 through February 4, 1941.
002783: - Bibliographical list of references to Canadian railways, 1829-1938. [WROTH'S or STREETER'S COPY].
002780: - The Ian Fleming Collection of 19th-20th century source material concerning Western civilization: together with the originals of the James Bond-007 tales. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY].
002891: - Proceedings at the Dedication of the Building for the Public Library of the City of Boston. [WROTH'S COPY] [PRESENTATION FROM EDWARD EVERETT TO W. H. BOGART, DATED 9 NOV, 1861].
2360: - The Book of Common Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Church, according to the Use of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America together with the Psalter or Psalms of David.
002950: - Act of Incorporation: and Rules and regulations, of the Mercantile Library Association of Montreal. [WROTH'S COPY].
862: - To the most Reverend Fathers in God, William Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of all England and Metropolitan, and John Lord Archbishop of York Primate of England and Metropolitan.
002953: - Dominion of Canada. St. John, New Brunswick. Two-page flyer to promote "a free public library." [WROTH'S COPY].
002952: - Catalogue of the library of the Canadian Institute. [WROTH'S COPY].
728: - Diplomata et Statuta Regalis Societatis Londini Pro scientia naturali promovenda. Jussu praesidis et concilii edita.
002951: - Catalogue of Articles in Memorial Hall: the Historical Building of the Niagara Historical Society; founded in 1895. Collected since May 1896. Building erected 1906, formally opened June 4th, 1907. [WROTH'S COPY].
2088: - Report Of The Wisconsin State Council Of Defense. April 12, 1917-June 30, 1919 .
002964: - Supplement to the Alphabetical catalogue of the Library of Parliament: containing the books and pamphlets added to the library from March 1st, 1876, to 25th January, 1877. [WROTH'S COPY].
002962: - Selected List of the Best Biographies in English. From the Point of View if a Canadian Public Library. [WROTH'S COPY].
002963: - Supplement of the Alphabetical catalogue of the Library of Parliament: containing the books and pamphlets added to the library from March 1st, 1873, to 1st March, 1874. [WROTH'S COPY].
1252: - Description des Appareilz, Arcs Triumphaux, Figures & Portraictz dressez en l'Honneur du Roy, au Iour de son Entrée en la Ville de Paris, le Sixième jour de mars, M.D.LXXI.
2152: - Sheet Music - 1850-1870.
1336: - Observations sur le spectacle de Rouen.
1331: - Acts of Assembly, passed in the Charibbee Leeward Islands. From 1690, to 1730.
1333: - Agéanax; ou, l'Amour voyageur. Fiction érotique tirée de quelques auteurs anciens, principalement des auteurs grecs.
732: - Vocabularius utriusq[ue] iuris: difficillimas quasq[ue] voces iuxta receptos iuris interpretes edisserens: nu[n]c demum exactissima cura recognitus ...
520: - Catalogue of the books belonging to the Mercantile Library Association of the City of New York: to which are prefixed, the Constitution, and the Rules and regulations.
964: - Opusculum Multarum Bonarum Rerum refectum. Ut. Sunt; D. Augustini Meditationes, Soliloquia & Manuale.
965: - The Pagan Mythology of Ancient Greece and Rome, versified, accompanied with Philosophical Elucidations of the Probable latent meaning of some of the Fables of the Ancients.
966: - Le Parnasse Erotique du Xve Siècle.
1068: Aboab, Yitzhak. - Menorat Ha'Maor.
1392: Addison, Joseph. - Cato. A tragedy.
1683: Addison, Joseph. - Cato; a tragedy, By Mr. Addison. As performed at the Theatres Royal. Regulated from the promet-books, by permission of the managers.
1687: Addison, Joseph. - The drummer; or, the haunted house a comedy. As it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. By Mr. Addison.
1684: Addison, Joseph. - The drummer; or, The haunted house. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. By Mr. Addison.
1366: Aesopus. - Aesopi Phrygis fabulae, elegantissimus iconibus veras animalium species ad vivum adumbrantes Aesopus.
2219: Aesopus. - Vita di Esopo frigio, prudente, et faceto fauolatore.
276: Aesopus. - The Fables of Aesop Paraphras'd in Verse: Adorn'd with Sculpture and Illustrated with Annotations. By John Ogilby, Esq; Master of His Majesties Revells in the Kingdom of Ireland. Æsopics: or a Second Collection of Fables, Paraphras'd in Verse.
1510: Agostini, Antonio. - Dialoghi di D. Antonio Agostini Arcivescovo di Tarracona; sopra le Medaglie, Iscrizioni, e altre Antichita; tradotti da lingua Spagnuala in Italiana da Dionigi Ottaviano Sada.
1403: Alamanni, Luigi. - Opere Toscane di Luigi Alamanni al Christianissimo Re Francesco Primo.
1334: Albani, Angelo. - Innamoramento di due fedelissimi amanti Paris, e Vienna. Composto in ottava rima da A.A. Orvietano detto il Pastor Poeta diviso in otto Canti, con suo i Argomenti. Rime belle, dilettevoli, oneste e piacevoli.
999: Albérès, R.-M. - L'Aventure Intellectuelle du XXe Siècle.
1907: Sainte Albine, Remond de, Pierre. - Le Comédien. Ouvrage divisé en Deux Parties.
828: Alciatus, Andrea. - Emblemi di Andrea Alciato Huomo Chiarissimo dal Latino nel Vulgare Italiano Ridotti Contenenti il Fiore et la Sostanza de' più Scelti Scrittori ...
1368: Alciatus, Andrea. - Emblemata cum Commentariis.
1518: Alciatus, Andrea. - Andreae Alciati I.V.C. Emblemata.
2475: Alexander, ab Alexander. - Andreae Tiraquelli Regii in Curia Parisiensi Senatoris. Semestria in Genialium Dierum Alexandri ab Alexandro Iurisperiti Neapolitani, Lib. VI.
2031: Sharaf al-Din 'Ali, Yazdi. - Histoire de Timur-Bec, connu sous le nom du grand Tamerlan, empereur des Mogols & Tartares: en forme de journal histoique de ses victoires & conquêtes dans l'Asie & dans l'Europe.
2313: Allacci, Leone. - Socratis, Antisthenis, et aliorum Socraticorum epistolae. Leo Allatius hactenus non editas primus GraeceÌ vulgauit; LatineÌ vertit; notas adiecit; dialogum, de scriptis Socratis, praefixit.
1037: Allen, Edward Weber. - Jean François Galaup De Lapérouse. A Check List.
2172: Allestree, Richard. - The Necessity of Caring for the Soul.
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2284: Gother, John. [COLLECTION OF CATHOLIC CONTROVERSY PAMPHLETS]. - Good advice to the pulpits, deliver'd in a few cautions for the keeping up the reputation of those chairs, and preserving the nation in peace. Published with allowance.
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1982: Hanway, Jonas. - An Historical Account of the British Trade over the Caspian Sea: With the Author's Journal of Travels from England Through Russia into Persia; and back, etc., etc.
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1984: Hawkesworth, John. - An account of the voyages undertaken by the order of His present Majesty for making discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere, and successively performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis, Captain Carteret, and Captain Cook, in the Dolphin, the Swallow, ...
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1255: Herrey, Robert [+ ONE More Work]. - Two Right Profitable & Fruitfull Concordances, or large and ample Tables Alphabeticall. The first conteining the interpretation of the Hebrue, Caldean, Greeke, and Latine wordes and names scatteringly dispersed throughout the whole Bible, ...
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1773: Hoadly, Benjamin. - The suspicious husband. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. By Dr. Hoadly.
2721: Hoadly, Benjamin. - The thoughts of an honest Tory upon the present proceedings of that party. In a letter to a friend in town.
1762: Hoadly, Benjamin. - The suspicious husband. A comedy. As it is acted at the Theatres-Royal in Drury-Lane and Covent-Garden. By Dr. Hoadly.
821: Hodges, Leigh Mitchell. - The Great Optimist and Other Essays.
1894: Hodson, William. - Arsaces: a tragedy.
1443: Hoffmann, E. T. A [Ernst Théodor Amadeus]. - Contes Fantastiques.
1988: Hogarth, William. - Zergliederung der Schönheit, die schwankenden Begriffe von dem Geschmack festzusetzen.
745: Holcroft, Thomas [Vincent, William]. - A plain and succinct narrative of the late riots and disturbances in the cities of London and Westminster, and Borough of Southwark. Containing, particulars of the burning of Newgate, the King's Bench, the Fleet, and New Bridgewell prisons.
1989: Homann, heirs of. - Carte du Cercle de Budissin dans la Margaffin de la Haute Lusace.
1990: Homann, heirs of. - Carte du Cercle de Goerlitz dans la Margaffin de la Haute Lusace.
2047: Home, John. - Douglas. A tragedy. By John Home. Adapted for theatrical representation, as performed at the Theatres-Royal Drury-Lane and Covent Garden. Regulated from the prompt-books, by permission of the managers.
2050: Hoole, John. - Cleonice, princess of Bithynia: a tragedy. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
2458: Hoole, John. - Cyrus: a Tragedy. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
2459: Hoole, John. - Cleonice, Princess of Bithynia: a tragedy. As it is performed at the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden.
2722: Hopkins, Charles. - Pyrrhus King of Epirus. A tragedy, acted at the New Theatre, in Little Lincoln's-Inn-Fields, by His Majesty's servants.
2592: Horatius, Quintus Flaccus. - Quintus Horatius Flaccus.
1991: Horatius, Quintus Flaccus. - Quinti Horatii Flacci Carmina, detersis recentibus plerumque maculis, nitori restituta.
2675: Horatius, Quintus Flaccus. - Nicolai Perotti libellus non infrugifer de metris Odarum Horatianarum.
2540: Horatius, Quintus Flaccus. - Ad lectiones probatiores diligenter emendatus, et interpunctione nova saepius illustratus.
002825: Horrocks, Sidney, editor. [A.N.L. MUNBY'S COPY]. - Reference Library Subject Catalogue Section 094: Private Press Books.
1445: Hottinger, Johann Heinrich. - Historia orientalis quae ex variis orientalium monumentis collecta, agit De Muhammedismo...De Saracenismo, seu religione veterum Arabum. De Chaldaismo, seu superstitione Chaldæorum, Nabatæor. &c. De statu Christianorum & Judæorum tempore orti ...
2098: Houston, James D. - Three Songs For My Father.
2689: [WITH ILLUSTRATIONS BY FREDERICK HENDRICK VAN HOVE, 17TH CENTURY DUTCH ENGRAVER WHO WORKED IN ENGLAND] - The book of common prayer, and administration of the sacraments, and other rites and ceremonies of the church, according to the use of the Church of England: Together with the Psalter or Psalms of David, pointed as they are to be sung or said in churches.
1822: Hovey, Richard. - Along the Trail.
2385: Howe, Elias. - The Language of Flowers, Poetically Expressed; Being a Complete Flora's Album.
2593: Howell, James. - Epistola Ho-Elianæ. Familiar Letters Domestic and Forren. A New Volume of Familiar Letters and Additional Letters ... By the Same Author.

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